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Easter trading hours

We shall be closed on the public holidays: Good Friday (29 Mar), Easter Sunday (30 Mar) – as normal, and Easter Monday (1 Apr). We will be trading as normal on Saturday (30 Mar) from 9:30am to 2:00pm; and hope to see you!

The caveat is that our building will be carrying out maintenance works on the lift over the long weekend, and it will not be available for use. 🙁 The stairs will be available as usual; if you pass Lifeline at the back of the ground floor arcade and come up the ‘back’ stairs, we’re right at the top.

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March 2024 has been added to our Catalogues page.

September 2023 has been added to our Bestsellers page.

Standing orders – don’t miss out!

Just a reminder – these days we have to be fairly conservative with quantities when we order new titles – especially US and UK imports!

If you have a favourite author(s) – or a series – books that you must have as soon as they’re released – then tell us which edition (hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market paperback, or, simply, ‘first available’); and we can put you on our Standing Orders list.

It means we’ll have ample stock to cover the needs of our regulars – and we’ll let you know as soon as the book(s) arrives. 🙂


Just a reminder…

There’s lots of supply chain issues with the book trade – all over the globe! (This twitter thread is specific to the US. The UK is experiencing similar but different issues.)

So we appreciate your patience if books take a little longer than normal to arrive, or release dates get pushed back, etc.

One more reminder – if there are any must-have books by a particular author or in a particular series that you always grab as soon as they’re out – then let us know and put in a standing order for them. That way, we’ll order enough stock and contact you as soon as it’s in. Makes it all very easy. 🙂

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