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A post-Delta reminder: that the stock situation with publishers and distributors is a bit all over the place. Airfreight is a little erratic and costs more than it did – so local suppliers like Hachette, Penguin/Random House, and HarperCollins are all trying to keep larger supplies of books in their Australian warehouses – and even print books locally wherever possible. But be aware that restocks of books could take a little longer to arrive than usual in some cases. Because of this, we strongly recommend ordering the books you want in advance and placing standing orders for new books by your favourite authors. If you do this it really helps us order the appropriate quantities on release as we have to be fairly conservative with our order quantities just now. Appreciate it!

From February 2024, each catalogue will be delivered as one long webpage – which will be probably be much more useable (especially on mobile devices). PDFs will still be available at the top of each months’ catalogue pages, to view or download.

June 2024

Jun2024 new releases

June 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

June 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

June 2024 nonfiction catalogue

June 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


May 2024

May2024 new releases

May 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

May 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

May 2024 nonfiction catalogue

May 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


April 2024

Apr2024 new releases

April 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

April 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

April 2024 nonfiction catalogue

April 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


March 2024

Mar2024 new releases

March 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

March 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

March 2024 nonfiction catalogue

March 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


February 2024

Feb2024 new releases

February 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

February 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

February 2024 nonfiction catalogue

February 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


January 2024

Jan2024 new releases

January 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

January 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

January 2024 nonfiction catalogue

January 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


December 2023

Dec2023 new releases


November 2023

Nov2023 new releases


October 2023

Oct2023 new releases


September 2023

Sep2023 new releases


August 2023

Aug2023 new releases


July 2023

Jul2023 new releases


June 2023

Jun2023 new releases


May 2023

May2023 new releases


April 2023

Apr2023 new releases


March 2023

Mar2023 new releases


February 2023

Feb2023 new releases


January 2023

Jan2023 new releases


December 2022

Dec2022 new releases


November 2022

Nov2022 new releases


October 2022

Oct2022 new releases


September 2022

Sep2022 new releases


August 2022

Aug2022 new releases


July 2022

Jul2022 new releases


June 2022

Jun2022 new releases


May 2022

May2022 new releases


April 2022

Apr2022 new releases


March 2022

Mar2022 new releases


February 2022

Feb2022 new releases


January 2022


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