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Here are our top tens of each of Science Fiction & Fantasy and Crime & Mystery.

Our bestseller lists may not look like any other bookshop’s. With us – it’s not just new releases. When we love books – we recommend them to our customers. And we’ll keep recommending them – year after year – because we believe others will love them as much as we do.

So, it’s a fairly eclectic list – but there are a lot of gems here. Take note – and enjoy!


May 2024

May2024 bestsellers

May 2024 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

May 2024 crime & mystery bestsellers


April 2024

Apr2024 bestsellers

April 2024 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

April 2024 crime & mystery bestsellers


March 2024

Mar2024 bestsellers

March 2024 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

March 2024 crime & mystery bestsellers


February 2024

Feb2024 bestsellers

February 2024 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

February 2024 crime & mystery bestsellers


January 2024

Jan2024 bestsellers

January 2024 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

January 2024 crime & mystery bestsellers


2023 (full year)

2023 bestsellers

2023 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

2023 crime & mystery bestsellers


December 2023

Dec2023 bestsellers

December 2023 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

December 2023 crime & mystery bestsellers


November 2023

Nov2023 bestsellers

November 2023 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

November 2023 crime & mystery bestsellers


October 2023

Oct2023 bestsellers

October 2023 science fiction & fantasy bestsellers

October 2023 crime & mystery bestsellers


September 2023

Sep2023 bestsellers


August 2023

Aug2023 bestsellers


July 2023

Jul2023 bestsellers


June 2023

Jun2023 bestsellers


May 2023

May2023 bestsellers


March 2023

Mar2023 bestsellers


February 2023

Feb2023 bestsellers


January 2023

Jan2023 bestsellers


2022 (full year)

2022 bestsellers


December 2022

Dec2022 bestsellers


November 2022

Nov2022 bestsellers


October 2022

Oct2022 bestsellers


September 2022

Sep2022 bestsellers


August 2022

Aug2022 bestsellers


July 2022

Jul2022 bestsellers


June 2022

Jun2022 bestsellers


May 2022

May2022 bestsellers


April 2022

Apr2022 bestsellers

You may have noticed we haven’t posted bestseller lists, the last few months. It didn’t seem worth it as the first couple of months this year we were in the shadow of Omicron, then the deluge(s) – the city was very quiet – and we were operating on limited hours. So, we weren’t selling very much and the whole idea of our ‘bestseller list’ was moot.

But – by April we seemed to be in a period that feels like some sort of (new-ish?) normal? Watch this space…


2021 (full year)

Year2021 bestsellers


September 2021

Sep2021 bestsellers


August 2021

Aug2021 bestsellers


July 2021

Jul2021 bestsellers


June 2021

Jun2021 bestsellers


May 2021

May2021 bestsellers


April 2021

Apr2021 bestsellers


March 2021

Mar2021 bestsellers


February 2021

Feb2021 bestsellers


January 2021

Jan2021 bestsellers


2020 (full year)

2020 bestsellers


October 2020

Oct2020 bestsellers


September 2020

Sep2020 bestsellers


August 2020

Aug2020 bestsellers
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