June 2024 media-related & humour catalogue


The End and the Death: Volume II (Horus Heresy: Siege of Terra)
Abnett, Dan
Terra is besieged. Humanity’s salvation lies on a knife edge. The Warmaster Horus’ bloody seven-year crusade has led to this: the cradle of mankind, where he is to kill his father, the Emperor. With the war at this critical juncture, Sanguinius, primarch of the loyalist Blood Angels, braves the horrors of the Warmaster’s flagship, The Vengeful Spirit, with a single purpose in mind: to slay his brother Horus, decapitate the Heresy once and for all, and stop the forces of Chaos from taking Holy Terra. But at the whim of a Warmaster fallen so far from grace, the Dark Gods will not make Sanguinius’ task an easy one, and as the war edges towards its explosive, bloody conclusion, events are about to unfold that could either save humanity, or plunge it headlong into an eternity of darkness.
Black Library | PBK | $27.00

Meridian Divide (Halo)
Clarke, Cassandra Rose
It’s been three months since the colony world of Meridian was invaded by the alien theocratic alliance known as the Covenant. Under the close watch of the military, teenagers Evie, Dorian, Saskia, and Victor have been put into an accelerated training program with ONI, the Office of Naval Intelligence. And to the quartet’s surprise, ONI has a mission for them: return to their hometown on Meridian and monitor the Covenant’s efforts to retrieve an ancient Forerunner artefact of untold power. But what seems like a simple job quickly spirals out of their control. With the artefact at risk of falling into Covenant hands, the stakes are raised, and ONI tasks the teens and their team of militia fighters with extracting the artefact for study. After a series of missteps with command, the group must take matters into their own hand, journeying far behind enemy lines and into the heart of the war zones on a ravaged Meridian.
Halo | PBK | $22.99

Battle Born (Halo)
Clarke, Cassandra Rose
Saskia, Dorian, Evie, and Victor aren’t exactly friends at their small high school on the middle-of-nowhere colony world of Meridian. Each has their own problems, from absent parents to supporting their family, getting into a good college to making the next hit holo-film. But those problems were nothing next to the threat, now, facing their world: The alien alliance known as the Covenant is laying siege to Meridian, for reasons that aren’t so easily explained. With their village in flames, the four teens find themselves stuck above ground, locked out of the town shelter where the rest of the survivors are gathered. Together, Saskia, Dorian, Evie, and Victor are thrust into battle with nothing but a few scavenged weapons and an injured Spartan, one of the UNSC’s super-soldiers. What’s forged from the destruction will determine the fate of Meridian and tilt the battle for humanity’s survival.
Halo | PBK | $22.99

Epitaph (Halo)
Gay, Kelly
Stripped of armour and might, the Forerunner warrior known as the Didact was torn free from the physical world following his epic confrontation with the Master Chief, and sent reeling into the mysterious depths of a seemingly endless desert wasteland. His mind ravaged, he has no recollection of who he is or where he came from. This once powerful and terrifying figure is now a shadow of his former self – gaunt, broken, desiccated, and alone. But this wasteland is not as barren as it seems, as a blue light glints from the apex of a thin spire in the far distance…
Halo | PBK | $22.99

Temptation of the Force (Star Wars: High Republic)
Gratton, Tessa
For over a year, Jedi Masters Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann were kept apart by the Nihil’s Stormwall. After Avar makes a daring escape from inside the Occlusion Zone, the star-crossed Jedi are reunited. But while the physical distance between them has evaporated, their shared grief over their failure to protect the galaxy from the Nihil threat still remains. To rally the Jedi Order, and the Republic, Avar and Elzar cling to their belief in serving Light and Life. Working together they lead a daring mission into Nihil space to liberate the planet of Naboo, and show those trapped behind the Stormwall that the Jedi will never abandon them. Now, back within close orbit of one another, the two Jedi Masters can no longer deny the bond that has always drawn them back together, and made them stronger. After finally embracing their true desires and imbued with renewed purpose, Avar and Elzar devise a plan to turn the tide of the conflict with the Nihil once and for all. Accompanied by Jedi Knights Bell Zettifar, Burryaga, and Vernestra Rwoh, the Jedi will have to survive the Nameless terrors that they have thus far been powerless to stop.
Star Wars | TP | $34.99

The Darkness Over Arkham (Arkham Horror Investigators Gamebook)
Green, Jonathan
You are an Arkham Investigator – your choices will decide the outcome of a terrible murder mystery and a sinister plot threatening Arkham – in this brand-new gamebook adventure, in the world of Arkham Horror. When a renowned professor is found dead, his body melted, it’s up to the Investigators of Arkham to discover what occult horrors were behind his fate. Pick your path, Investigator, and collect allies along the way to hunt down his killer, before they strike again. However, Arkham is full of mysteries, with many wishing to keep the truth buried, and who are hungry to usher in a new era, full of death and darkness to devour the world you know it. Can you stop it before it is too late?
Arkham Horror | TP | $24.99

Vainglorious (Warhammer 40,000)
Mitchell, Sandy
Continue the epic tales of Ciaphas Cain…
When the flow of desperately-needed weapons for the Astra Militarum slows to nothing from a newly-founded forge world, there’s only one man able and (un)willing to investigate… Ciaphas Cain, Hero of the Imperium. With Cain’s desperately sought-after retirement on the line, the Imperium’s most reluctant commissar must navigate insidious assassination attempts against his person, legions of mutinous skitarii, heresy within the upper echelons of the Adeptus Mechanicus, itself… and a hidden foe, pulling the strings, with an agenda that could threaten the future of Imperial rule in the Damocles Gulf.
Black Library | PBK | $22.99

Moorcock’s Multiverse, volume 02 (Michael Moorcock Library, graphic novel)
Moorcock, Michael; et al
The concluding chapter of Michael Moorcock’s seminal ground-breaking multiverse spanning graphic novel saga, illustrated by one of the true masters of the comic arts, Walt Simonson; also featuring artwork by fan favourite John Ridgway, and Mark Reeves. Collecting the final six issues of the Multiverse series. The story sees diverse heroes from Moorcock’s sprawling Eternal Champion series united in a common quest to stop the criminal mastermind Silverskin from destroying the multiverse.
Moorcock’s Multiverse | HC | $54.99

Lunar Abundance Mini Moon Lamp (mini kit)
Spencer, Ezzie
Connect to the moon’s cycles and add lunar beauty to your space with this gift set including a laser-engraved mini moon lamp, stand, mini book, and USB cable. Abundance guidebook: The accompanying full-colour illustrated 48-page mini book (two and a half by three inches) outlines author Ezzie Spencer’s Lunar Abundance practice with profiles of the eight moon phases, tips on how to create New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies, and more.
Lunar abundance | KIT | $27.99

Yndrasta: The Celestial Spear (Warhammer: Age of Sigmar)
Van Nguyen, Noah
The nomadic sled-city of Riika-Min glides endlessly along the icy tundra of Ghur, its denizens’ existence entwined with the rhythm of the realm. But something is disrupting the balance of the Realm of Beasts, and when a kraken suddenly attacks, Sigmar sends his master tracker, Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear, to hunt it down. In Riika-Min, Yndrasta meets Njda, trying to guide her people to safety. Njda is, at once, fearful and in awe of the golden-clad warrior from the sky, and soon learns how dangerous it can be to get between a hunter and her quarry. Because Yndrasta, for all her fearsome beauty, is just as deadly as the beast they seek. As they close in on their target, Njda must teach Yndrasta the ways of the Realm of Beasts, and she soon finds herself wondering who the real monster is: the leviathan lurking in the deep, or the Celestial Spear sent down from the heavens?
Black Library | PBK | $18.00

The Rose in Darkness (Warhammer 40,000)
Ware, Danie
Opal: a gleaming shrine world of saints and soldiers, beloved of the Emperor, Himself. Sent to retrieve the skull of the revered Saint Veres, Sister Superior Augusta of the Order of the Bloody Rose and her squad find themselves in the midst of the Capital’s holiest festival, a time of reverence and celebration. But all is not well – despite what its planetary leaders would have Augusta believe, political danger bubbles under the surface, and rebel attacks gnaw away at the city’s outskirts. The greatest threat, however, is yet to come. As it becomes horrifyingly apparent that a genestealer cult has its claws under the planet’s skin, the Sisters realise that can mean only one thing: a hive fleet is on its way to Opal, and with it, the planet’s doom.
Black Library | PBK | $22.99

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