May 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

May2024 Crime&Mys new releases


Paper Cuts (Secret, Book & Scone Society mysteries)
Adams, Ellery
Nora escaped her past a decade ago. So, it feels like a visit from another world, when Kelly Walsh – the woman her ex-husband left her for – walks through the door of Miracle Books, along with her son. Kelly hasn’t come to gloat, though. As it turns out, she’s been dumped too. She’s also terribly ill, and all she wants from Nora is forgiveness. Shockingly, however, this woman who’s been the victim of so much misfortune is about to become a murder victim. Who would do such a thing? Certainly, not Nora, but that doesn’t stop the gossip and suspicion – especially after Kelly’s brother claims that he saw the two women arguing. In seeking justice for Kelly, The Secret, Book, and Scone Society joins forces with the sheriff’s department, but they’ve barely begun their probe when life throws another wrench. After serving a 20-year sentence, Estella’s father returns to Miracle Springs. And when his past comes back to haunt him, it might be more, than the four friends can handle.
Mystery | TP | $36.99

Dead on Target (Agatha Raisin mysteries)
Beaton, M C & Green, R W
A visit to the local village fete for a spot of fun and relaxation turns into a nightmare for Agatha Raisin when she discovers the body of the local landowner in the woods – with an arrow in his chest and his trousers round his ankles. At first, her old adversary, Detective Chief Inspector Wilkes, declares the death a tragic accident, believing the victim has been hit by a stray arrow from an archery demonstration. Agatha is convinced the man was murdered and is shocked when Wilkes eventually agrees… particularly, as he considers her to be his prime suspect! Determined to clear her name and find the real killer, Agatha launches her own investigation, quickly becoming involved with a family at war, an unscrupulous gangster – and a murderer who is determined to make her the next victim…
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Death of a Traitor (Hamish Macbeth mysteries)
Beaton, M C & Green, R W
A missing person report is not usually something that Hamish Macbeth sees as cause for undue distress. Should a child or a vulnerable person vanish, it’s an urgent matter that needs to be treated seriously – but, in Macbeth’s experience, most other people who go missing tend to turn up again before long. So, when Kate Hibbert disappears, after having last been seen struggling along the road with a heavy suitcase, he is convinced she has gone travelling and reluctantly goes through the motions of investigating. Interviewing those who were closest to her, Macbeth is perplexed by their apparent lack of concern but sees no reason to suspect foul play. When Hibbert does eventually resurface, however, a storm of lies, intrigue and scandal threatens Macbeth’s tranquil village of Lochdubh. Torn between loyalty to his local community and his responsibilities as a police officer, he begins threading his way through a maze of deceit, quickly finding himself on the trail of a ruthless, treacherous murderer. If he catches the killer, peace can return to the village. If he fails, he will lose everything – his job, his home, and the life he so loves in Lochdubh.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Last Dance (Detective Miller series)
Billingham, Mark
Meet Detective Miller: unique, unconventional, and criminally underestimated… He’s a detective, a dancer, he has no respect for authority – and he’s the best hope Blackpool has for keeping criminals off the streets. Meet Detective Declan Miller. A double murder in a seaside hotel sees a grieving Miller return to work to solve what appears to be a case of mistaken identity. Just why were two completely unconnected men taken out? Despite a somewhat dubious relationship with both reality and his new partner, can the eccentric, offbeat Miller find answers where his colleagues have found only an impossible puzzle? ‘Funny, moving, and full of surprises… an absolute treat’ – Mick Herron. The Last Dance introduces the first new Billingham series in 20 years; now in paperback.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Night Flight to Paris (Kate Rees WWII series)
Black, Cara
Three missions. Two cities.One shot to win the war.
October 1942: It’s been two years, since Kate Rees was sent to Paris on a British Secret Service mission to assassinate Hitler. Since then, she has left spy-craft behind, to take a training job as a sharpshooting instructor in the Scottish Highlands. But her quiet life is violently disrupted when Colonel Stepney, her former handler, drags her back into the fray for a risky three-pronged mission in Paris. Each task is more dangerous than the next: Deliver a package of forbidden biological material. Assassinate a high-ranking German operative whose knowledge of invasion plans could turn the tide of the war against the Allies. Rescue a British agent who once saved Kate’s life – and get out. Kate will encounter sheiks and spies, poets and partisans, as she races to keep up with the constantly shifting nature of her assignment, showing every ounce of her Oregonian grit in the process. A sequel to Three Hours in Paris (TP, $27.99).
Historical suspense | TP | $29.99

Blotto, Twinks and the Conquistadors’ Gold (Blotto, Twinks mysteries)
Brett, Simon
The civil war – torn republic of Jalapeno, in Mexico… But how did they ever get to such a foreign and distant land, in the first place? For Twinks, it was an easy decision – to escape her mother’s match – making attempts, she sets out to visit her old friend, Begonia Guiteras, who lives in Jalapeno, which is fortuitously on the doorstep of an Aztec dig, Twinks wants to work on. Unfortunately, her visit coincides with the War for Jalapeno Independence, headed by Colonel Henriquez Guiteras, Begonia’s father. At the same time, Twinks’ excavation of the Aztec site is revealing the exciting prospect of a hoard of Conquistadors’ gold – but will taking it away from the burial ground unleash the dreaded Curse of Attatotalloss? Into this confusion stumbles Blotto, who only comes to Mexico as he’s missing his sister. On being reunited with Twinks, they then discover Begonia has been kidnapped by Mexican government forces and both set out to rescue her. This leads to many chases and challenges, across the Mexican countryside, resulting in the capture of the twins where death by firing squad seems inevitable… but will trusty chauffeur Corky Froggett, as so very often in past adventures, be able to save the day?
Historical mystery | PBK | $24.99

Birnam Wood
Catton, Eleanor
Birnam Wood is on the move…
A landslide has closed the Korowai Pass in New Zealand’s South Island, cutting off the town of Thorndike, leaving a sizeable farm abandoned. The disaster presents an opportunity for Birnam Wood, a guerrilla gardening collective that plants crops wherever no one will notice. But they hadn’t figured on the enigmatic American billionaire Robert Lemoine, who also has an interest in the place. Can they trust him? And, as their ideals and ideologies are tested, can they trust each other? A propulsive literary thriller from the Booker Prize-winning author of The Luminaries (PBK, $24.99), Birnam Wood is Shakespearean in its wit, drama, and immersion in character. It is a brilliantly constructed tale of intentions, actions and consequences, and an unflinching examination of the human impulse to ensure our own survival.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

The Thirteen Problems
Christie, Agatha
A weekly dinner party… Ten amateur sleuths… The Tuesday Club murders…
On a quiet Tuesday in St Mary Mead, a group of friends gather for dinner. A policeman, a clergyman, a solicitor, an author, an artist, and an unassuming lady with a shrewd gaze – Miss Jane Marple. Conversation naturally turns to crime. Each recounts a seemingly unsolvable mystery. Each thinks they know the answer. But it’s the one, they least expect, who understands the true nature of each wicked act… Never underestimate Miss Marple. A lovely new edition in the series of collectable Miss Marple hardbacks – the first time, all 14 Marple books have had their own uniform hardback series.
Christie | HC | $32.99

Miss Marple’s Final Cases
Christie, Agatha
Nine intriguing tales… One unequalled storyteller…
An unknown wounded man in a church. A fatal riding accident. A corpse and a tape measure. Whether in St Mary Mead or further afield, there is always much wickedness lurking below the surface, should, like Jane Marple, you have the eyes to see it. Published posthumously, this collection of tales – seven of them featuring Agatha Christie’s much-loved Miss Marple – plus two standalone stories, is a treasure trove. Never underestimate Miss Marple. This lovely new hardback edition completes the series of collectable Miss Marple hardbacks – the first time all 14 Marple books have had their own uniform hardback series.
Christie | HC | $32.99

Autumn Chills (special edition)
Christie, Agatha
An all-new collection of autumn-themed mysteries, from the master of the genre. Autumn is the season of misty mornings and cosy nights in, but as the leaves begin to fall the nights get longer and the shadows grow darker… Secluded cottages, eerie manors, ghostly hauntings, and cursed tombs abound in this collection of 12 supernatural mysteries and murderous plots – featuring Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Agatha Christie’s other favourite detectives. Includes the stories: ‘Murder in the Mews’; ‘The Case of the Rich Woman’; ‘While the Light Lasts’; ‘Triangle at Rhodes’; ‘Death by Drowning’; ‘The Bird with the Broken Wing’; ‘The Lemesurier Inheritance’; ‘The House of Lurking Death’; ‘Tape-Measure Murder’; ‘The Voice in the Dark’; ‘Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds’; ‘Witness for the Prosecution’.
Christie | HC | $32.99

Nobody’s Angel (Hard Case Crime)
Clark, Jack
Two killers stalk the streets of Chicago – can one taxi driver corner them both? Eddie Miles is one of a dying breed: a Windy City hack who knows every street and back alley of his beloved city and takes its recent descent into violence personally. But what can one driver do about a killer, targeting streetwalkers; or another, terrorising cabbies? Precious little – until the night he witnesses one of them in action… ‘My favourite fiction novel this year was written by a taxi driver who used to hand it out to his passengers. It’s a terrific story and character study of a cabbie in Chicago during a time when a serial killer is robbing and murdering cabbies. Kudos to Hard Case Crime for publishing Mr Clark’s book.’ – Quentin Tarantino.
Hardboiled | PBK | $19.99

The Eyes of the Queen (Agents of the Crown series)
Clements, Oliver
After centuries locked in an endless cycle of poverty, persecution, and barbarity, Europe has finally emerged into the Age of Enlightenment. Scientists, philosophers, scholars, and poets alike believe this to be a new era of reason and hope for all. But the forces of darkness haven’t completely dissipated, as Spain hunts and butchers any who dare to defy its ironclad Catholic orthodoxy. Only one nation can fight the black shadow that threatens this new age, and that is Britain, now ruled by a brilliant young Queen Elizabeth I. But although she may be brave and headstrong, Elizabeth knows she cannot win this war, simply by force of arms. Elizabeth needs a new kind of weapon, forged to fight a new kind of war, in which stealth and secrecy, not bloodshed, are the means. In this tense situation, Her Majesty’s Secret Service is born – with the charismatic John Dee at its head. A scholar, a soldier, and an alchemist, Dee is loyal only to the truth and to his Queen. And for her, the woman he’s forbidden from loving, he is prepared to risk his life… In this first novel of the Agents of the Crown series, the man who will become the original MI6 agent protects England and Queen Elizabeth I, from Spain’s nefarious plan to crush the Age of Enlightenment.
Historical suspense | TP | $34.99

The Queen’s Men (Agents of the Crown series)
Clements, Oliver
As she travels through Waltham Forest, Queen Elizabeth I is ambushed by masked gunmen, who leave her carriage riddled with holes before disappearing into the night. Knowing that the perpetrators have the Queen’s carriage route, her Private Secretary, Sir Francis Walsingham, must find the mystery assailants before they can strike again. While Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council debates how to best secure the throne in the wake of the attack and Catholic Spain’s further intrusion into the Low Countries, the queen herself searches for the ultimate weapon to protect her country and throne: Greek fire, the recipe of which disappeared with the collapse of the Byzantine Empire. She orders her friend John Dee – scientist, philosopher, and spy – to rediscover this vital secret, despite his misgivings. For he understands that, in a world fraught with coded messages, ruthless adversaries, and deadly plot, his mission to secure his nation’s future may prove impossible, unless he deploys the most effective weapon of all: intelligence. The sequel to The Eyes of the Queen (TP, $34.99).
Historical suspense | TP | $34.99

Munich Wolf
Clements, Rory
Munich, 1935. The Bavarian capital is a magnet for young, aristocratic Britons who come to learn German, swim in the lakes and drink beer in the cellars. What they don’t see – or choose to ignore – is the brutal underbelly of the Nazi movement which considers Munich its spiritual home. When a high-born English girl is murdered, Detective Sebastian Wolff is ordered to solve the crime. Wolff is already walking a tight line between doing his job and falling foul of the political party, he abhors. Now, Hitler is taking a personal interest in the case. Followed by the secret police and threatened by his own son, a fervent member of the Hitler Youth, the stakes have never been higher. And when Wolff begins to suspect that the killer might be linked to the highest reaches of the Nazi hierarchy, he fears his task is simply impossible – and that he might become the next victim. A standalone pre-WW2 crime novel from bestselling Rory Clements – set in Munich in the early 1930s. Highly recommended.
Historical mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Think Twice (Myron Bolitar series)
Coben, Harlan
How can a man, who’s already dead, be wanted for murder? This is the question sports agent Myron Bolitar asks himself – when two FBI agents visit him in New York. The man – they are looking for – is Myron’s former client and rival, Greg Downing. Greg’s DNA has been found at the scene of a high-profile, double murder, and he is now the FBI’s main suspect. But Greg died, three years previously, Myron says. He went to his funeral and gave the eulogy. The FBI are disbelieving, and Myron knows he has to find some answers – and quickly. Could Greg Downing still be alive? The more Myron and his close friend Win dig into what really happened, the more dangerous their world becomes…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Three Fudges and a Baby (Candy-Coated mysteries)
Coco, Nancy
April is not only the start of ‘fudgie’ season on picturesque Mackinac Island, it’s when Allie’s BFF Jenn Carpenter is due. Jenn wants to have her baby on the island, so she’s lined up a midwife and a doula. But she’s two weeks overdue – and if one more person tells her she looks ready to pop, she’s going to go bananas. If there was a list of what not to expect when you’re expecting, right at the top would be coming upon your doula holding a gun over the body of her fiancé. Clearly in shock, Hannah Riversbend claims not to have shot him. Jenn asks Ally to prove the doula’s innocence before her special delivery arrives. The clock is ticking as Ally races to solve the murder, in time for Jenn’s bun to come out of the oven…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

A Death in the Parish (Canon Clement mysteries)
Coles, Richard
It’s been a few months since murder tore apart the community of Champton apart. As Canon Daniel Clement tries to steady his flock, the parish is joined with Upper and Lower Badsaddle, bringing a new tide of unwanted change. But church politics soon become the least of Daniel’s problems. His mother – headstrong, fearless Audrey – is obviously up to something, something she is determined to keep from him. And she is not the only one. And then all hell breaks loose when murder returns to Champton in the form of a shocking ritualistic killing… The sequel to the wonderful Death Before Evensong (PBK, $22.99), now in paperback. Recommended.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Instruments of Darkness (Charlie Parker series)
Connolly, John
In Maine, Colleen Clark stands accused of the worst crime a mother can commit: the abduction and possible murder of her child. Everyone – ambitious politicians in an election season, hardened police, ordinary folk – has an opinion on the case, and most believe she is guilty. But most is not all. Defending Colleen is the lawyer Moxie Castin, and working alongside him is the private investigator Charlie Parker, who senses the tale has another twist, one involving a husband too eager to accept his wife’s guilt, a disgraced psychic seeking redemption, and an old crooked house deep in the Maine woods, a house that should never have been built. A house, and what dwells beneath.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

All the Sinners Bleed
Cosby, S A
A black sheriff. A serial killer. And a small town ready to combust.
Titus Crown is the first Black sheriff in the history of Charon County, Virginia. In recent decades, Charon has had only two murders. After years of working as an FBI agent, no one knows better than Titus that while his hometown might seem like a land of moonshine, cornbread, and honeysuckle, secrets always fester under the surface. But a year to the day after Titus’ election, a school teacher is killed by a former student. The student is then fatally shot by Titus’ deputies. As Titus investigates the shootings, he unearths terrible crimes, and a serial killer who has been hiding in plain sight, haunting the dirt lanes and woodland clearings of Charon. With the killer’s possible connections to a local church and the town’s harrowing history weighing on him, Titus tries to project confidence about closing the case while concealing a painful secret from his own past. At the same time, he also has to contend with a far-right group that wants to hold a parade in celebration of the town’s Confederate history. Charon is Titus’ home and his heart. But where faith and violence meet, there will be a reckoning.
Noir | PBK | $24.99

Finlay Donovan Jumps the Gun (Finlay Donovan series)
Cosimano, Elle
Finlay Donovan is ready to bite the bullet. She’s done with her accidental life of crime. But, first, there’s the small matter of her debt to the Russian mob. Her task should be simple: locate a rogue hitman before the cops do. The catch? This killer might be a cop himself. From inside the citizens’ police academy, run by distractingly hot Detective Nicholas Anthony, Finlay needs to sleuth out her target – and some fresh ideas for her new crime novel. Can she get to her edits, and the hitman, in time? She’ll give it her best shot.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Witless Protection Program (Catering Hall mysteries)
Dirico, Maria
A strong, independent woman and respected entrepreneur, Mia never imagined she’d pine for a marriage proposal. Yet, lately, with her beloved Shane, she’s on tenterhooks. It’s especially surprising, considering Mia’s first husband, Adam, was a philandering grifter, assumed lost at sea, after a boating disaster. But everyone knows what happens when you assume… While working a huge wedding expo in Manhattan, Mia is shocked to spot the man who nearly destroyed her life. The one who’s supposed to be sleeping with the fishes. But she loses him in the crowd. And when it happens again the next day, it’s time for an emergency meeting with the family – and the Family. Because if Adam is alive, Mia is still married… Everyone wants Adam dead. Everyone except Mia. She’s dealt with enough police for a lifetime. Mia needs to be a divorcée, not a widow. But someone out there disagrees, and if Mia doesn’t discover who, she may never be free to marry Shane – or anyone else…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Watching the Ghosts (Joe Plantagenet mysteries)
Ellis, Kate
Boothgate House is a recently-converted apartment building with a sinister past. Once an asylum for the insane, known as Havenby Hall, it was where serial killer Peter Brockmeister was sent on his release from prison. Detective Inspector Joe Plantagenet is drawn into the house’s history when the daughter of a solicitor, who was investigating Havenby Hall’s closure, is kidnapped. Joe wonders whether there may be a connection between the case and the building’s disturbing past. But as secrets come to light, Joe is forced to face an evil that threatens those closest to him. A reissue, with new cover art, of the fourth mystery in the DI Joe Plantagenet crime series set in North Yorkshire.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

Walking by Night (Joe Plantagenet mysteries)
Ellis, Kate
Taking a short cut home beneath the ruined abbey in the Yorkshire city of Eborby, a teenage girl reports stumbling across a body. But with the body nowhere to be found, her inebriated state and troubled history leaves the police sceptical of her story. Only Detective Joe Plantagenet is inclined to believe her. Meanwhile, Joe finds himself caught in the midst of an investigation into a production of The Devils at the local Playhouse when a young girl is reported missing. Could the play, with its shocking religious and sexual violence, have something to do with her disappearance? And could it explain the mysterious sighting of the body beneath the abbey? A reissue, with new cover art, of the fifth mystery in the DI Joe Plantagenet crime series set in North Yorkshire.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

Kissing the Demons (Joe Plantagenet mysteries)
Ellis, Kate
Thirteen Torland Place was the scene of five terrible murders in the 19th century, and also related to the disappearances of two teenage girls. When a student living in the house is found to be brutally murdered, Detective Inspector Joe Plantagenet is left wondering whether her death has anything to do with the house’s grim history. As other similar deaths come to light, Joe fears a ruthless killer may be on the prowl – a killer who deprives each victim of one of their five senses. Each of the tragic events seem to have a connection to Obediah Shrowton, an executed murderer whose presence still seems to linger in the house. Could he be the source of evil, or is there an even more sinister explanation yet to be unearthed? A reissue, with new cover art, of the third mystery in the DI Joe Plantagenet crime series set in North Yorkshire.
Mystery (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

Thrilling Cities: Fourteen Cities Seen Through the Eyes of Ian Fleming, the Creator of James Bond
Fleming, Ian
A captivating journey around the world from the creator of James Bond.
Ian Fleming’s world travels and interests, as well as his journalism and wartime experiences, lent authority to everything he wrote. In 1959, the Sunday Times commissioned Fleming to write a series of dispatches from the world’s most beguiling locales. The result was Thrilling Cities, a masterpiece of well-observed travelogue that stands ably, alongside the author’s Bond canon. From Hong Kong to Honolulu, New York to Naples, he left the bright main streets for the back alleys, abandoning tourist sites in favour of underground haunts, and mingling with celebrities, gangsters, and geishas. The result is a series of vivid snapshots of a mysterious, vanished world, from a 20th century Western perspective. Just like his most famous fictional creation, Ian Fleming was a well-travelled man of the world who knew where to go to find excitement, adventure… and danger. In Thrilling Cities, he takes us along on a journey of international intrigue worthy of James Bond.
Travelogue | TP | $42.95

All Good People Here
Flowers, Ashley
Everyone from Wakarusa, Indiana, remembers the infamous case of January Jacobs, who was discovered in a ditch hours after her family awoke to find her gone. Margot Davies was six at the time, the same age as January – and they were next-door neighbours. In the 20 years since, Margot has grown up, moved away, and become a big-city journalist. But she’s always been haunted by the feeling that it could’ve been her. And the worst part is, January’s killer has never been brought to justice. When Margot returns home to help care for her uncle after he is diagnosed with early-onset dementia, she feels like she’s walked into a time capsule. Wakarusa is exactly how she remembers – genial, stifled, secretive. Then news breaks about five-year-old Natalie Clark from the next town over, who’s gone missing under circumstances eerily similar to January’s. With all the old feelings rushing back, Margot vows to find Natalie and to solve January’s murder, once and for all. But the police, Natalie’s family, the townspeople – they all seem to be hiding something. And the deeper Margot digs into Natalie’s disappearance, the more resistance she encounters, and the colder January’s case feels. Could January’s killer still be out there? Is it the same person who took Natalie? And what will it cost to finally discover what truly happened that night, 20 years ago?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Death Knells and Wedding Bells (Lighthouse Library mysteries)
Gates, Eva
Lucy and Connor planned for the perfect Outer Banks wedding – and that’s exactly what they got. Aside from typical rumblings of familial tensions, the late spring weather allowed for a beautiful day, the food was delicious, and everyone had a good time, until one of the guests goes missing. Before Lucy can look forward to the rest of her life in Nags Head and the work she does at the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library, she gets a phone call from her boss, Bertie James. Eddie, Bertie’s friend, never made it back home after the reception. Initially, Lucy doesn’t think anything of it – sometimes wedding guests simply have a little too much fun. But this quickly turns to something darker when she discovers the body of a wedding guest strangled in a locked closet, and the police immediately start asking questions about Eddie. Lucy must figure out if the two are connected before it’s too late – both for Bertie’s friend and the rest of her wedding guests. With the Classic Novel Reading Club reading the Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe – Lucy wonders if the master of the macabre can assist her investigation or if the hunt for the killer’s identity will remain as nothing more than an unsolved mystery.
Mystery | TP | $39.99

The Fine Art of Uncanny Prediction (Kodaka Detective Agency series)
Goddard, Robert
Umiko Wada never set out to be a private detective, let alone become the one-woman operation behind the Kodaka Detective Agency. But, so, it has turned out, thanks to the death of her former boss, Kazuto Kodaka, in mysterious circumstances. Keen to avoid a similar fate, Wada chooses the cases she takes very carefully. A businessman who wants her to track down his estranged son offers what appears to be a straightforward assignment. Soon, she finds herself pulled into a labyrinthine conspiracy with links to a 27-year-old investigation by her late employer and to the chaos and trauma of the dying days of the Second World War. As Wada uncovers a dizzying web of connections between then and now, it becomes clear that someone has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep the past buried. Soon those she loves most will be sucked into the orbit of one of the most powerful men in Tokyo. And he will do whatever it takes to hold on to his power… Another tour de force from the cunning mind of master storyteller Robert Goddard. Spanning 70 years, it takes the reader on a head-spinning journey of twist and counter-twist which keep you guessing until the final pages.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Death on the Lusitania (Peter Gallagher mysteries)
Graham, R L
The ship was doomed before it ever left port. His fate was sealed before he ever stepped on board. Welcome on board the Lusitania’s final voyage…
New York, 1915. RMS Lusitania, one of the world’s most luxurious ocean liners, departs for war-torn Europe. Among those on board is Patrick Gallagher, a civil servant in His Majesty’s government, tasked with escorting a British diplomat back to England. When a fellow passenger is believed to have shot himself in his cabin, Gallagher is asked by the captain to investigate the scene… but one crucial detail doesn’t fit. The man’s body was discovered in a locked cabin with the key inside and no gun to be found. Was it really suicide? Or murder? Gallagher believes one of the passengers is a deadly killer – one who could strike again at any moment. And all the while, the ship sails on towards Europe, where enemy submarines patrol dark waters… An immersive WWI historical novel set aboard the ill-fated ocean liner.
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

Code 6
Grippando, James
Aspiring playwright, Kate Gamble, is struggling to launch a script she’s been secretly researching her entire life, mostly at the family dinner table. Her father is Christian Gamble, CEO of Buck Technologies, a private data integration company whose clients include the CIA and virtually every counter-terrorism organisation in the Western World. Kate’s father adores her, and a play about the dark side of Big Data would be the ultimate betrayal in his eyes. But Kate is compelled to tell this story – not only as an artist exploring the personal information catastrophe that affects us all, but as a daughter trying to understand her mother’s apparent loss of purpose, made even more disturbing by the suicide note she left behind:
I did it for Kate.
Then Patrick Battle comes back into her life, changing everything she has ever thought about her play, her father, and her mother’s tragic death. Patrick is a childhood friend, but he is now Buck’s golden boy with security clearance to the company’s most sensitive projects. When Buck comes under investigation by the Justice Department and Patrick suddenly goes missing, Kate doesn’t know who to trust. A phone call confirms her worst nightmare: Patrick has been kidnapped, and the ransom demand is ‘Code 6’ – the most secret and potentially dangerous technology her father’s company has ever developed. Kate’s fight to bring Patrick home safely reveals a conspiracy and cover up that may implicate one of the most powerful executives in the tech industry, while the development of Kate’s play unleashes family secrets and the demons behind her mother’s cryptic final note. The two paths converge in explosive fashion, leading to a shocking and terrifying discovery that puts Kate and Patrick in the crosshairs of forces who will stop at nothing to control Code 6.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $36.99

Clock Stopped Dead (Liz, Pat & Thelma mysteries)
Hall, J M
Retired schoolteachers and amateur sleuths Liz, Pat, and Thelma are giving up their coffee morning for a brand-new mystery. Retired teachers Pat, Liz, and Thelma are happiest whiling away their hours over coffee, cake and chat at the Thirsk Garden Centre café. But when their good friend tells them about an unsettling experience she had in a sinister-feeling charity shop, they simply can’t resist investigating… Because the entire shop has vanished into thin air. Before long, our trio of unlikely sleuths find themselves embroiled in a race against the clock to get to the bottom of this mystery – but who has a secret to hide and how far will they go to keep it concealed? Only time will tell… The first of these charming mysteries is A Spoonful of Murder (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Last Victim
Hall, Tracy & Land, Summer
In 2017, Tracy Hall’s life went from fact to fiction, overnight, when she discovered the man she’d been dating for nearly two years, Max, was actually one of Australia’s most prolific con men – Hamish McLaren. Also known as Hamish Watson. Also known as Hamish Maxwell. Suddenly, ‘Max’ was gone, along with the $317,000 in life savings Tracy had given him to invest. As for her ability to trust? Hamish had stolen that too. Through speaking with investigators and playing an instrumental role in The Australian’s hit podcast – Who the Hell is Hamish? – Tracy would soon discover she was not Hamish’s only victim – just his last. Hamish, and his Colgate-commercial-worthy smile, had been honing his confidence game for decades. The Last Victim shares the full story of what happened before, during, and after Tracy unknowingly swiped right on a man who’d reportedly swindled people around the world out of an estimated $70 million through investment and business scams. Fast-paced and empowering, The Last Victim is in many ways a warning siren because, as Tracy shows, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, how you were raised and educated, or how intuitive you think you are – anyone can fall victim to a scam. At the same time, it’s searing, defiant proof that it is possible to create an even better life after experiencing the ultimate emotional and financial betrayal.
True crime | TP | $34.99

The Seminarian
Hanson, Hart
Xavier ‘Priest’ Priestly is a snarky former seminarian, turned private investigator. Dusty Queen is a hard-as-nails professional stuntwoman and freelance bodyguard. When Dusty’s girlfriend suddenly disappears, a woman in a strange blue wig tries to assassinate Priest, and a 12-year-old boy shows up claiming to be his son, the two friends are thrown into a maelstrom of intrigue and high-stakes violence that’s as convoluted and dangerous as it is hilarious. Thankfully, Priest and Dusty don’t have to navigate these tangled mysteries, alone. Aided by a lawyer who’s underwhelmed by their extra-legal methods, a strait-laced detective who doesn’t trust them as far as he can throw them, and Priest’s father, a notorious bank robber, they are well equipped to deal with potential kidnapping and attempted murder. But whether Priest is up to the challenge of a son with a gun, a backpack full of weed, and a major attitude problem… well, that’s a different story. A twisty murder mystery, perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $37.95

Ghosts of Honolulu: A Japanese Spy, a Japanese American Spy Hunter, and the Untold Story of Pearl Harbor
Harmon, Mark & Carroll, Leon
A US naval counterintelligence officer working to safeguard Pearl Harbor; a Japanese spy ordered to Hawaii to gather information on the American fleet. On December 7, 1941, their hidden stories are exposed by a morning of bloodshed that would change the world forever. Scrutinising long-buried historical documents, NCIS star Mark Harmon and co-author Leon Carroll, a former NCIS Special Agent, have brought forth a true-life NCIS story of deception, discovery, and danger.
Hawaii, 1941. War clouds with Japan are gathering and the islands of Hawaii have become battlegrounds of spies, intelligence agents, and military officials – with the island’s residents caught between them. Toiling, in the shadows, are: Douglas Wada, the only Japanese American agent in naval intelligence, and Takeo Yoshikawa, a Japanese spy sent to Pearl Harbor to gather information on the US fleet. Douglas Wada’s experiences in his native Honolulu include posing undercover as a newspaper reporter, translating wiretaps on the Japanese Consulate, and interrogating America’s first captured POW of World War II, a submarine officer found on the beach. Takeo Yoshikawa is a Japanese spy operating as a junior diplomat with the consulate who is collecting vital information that goes straight to Admiral Yamamoto. Their duelling stories anchor Ghosts of Honolulu’s gripping depiction of the world-changing cat and mouse games played between Japanese and US military intelligence agents (and a mercenary Nazi) in Hawaii before the outbreak of the second world war. Also caught in the upheaval are Honolulu’s innocent residents – including Douglas Wada’s father – who endure the war’s anti-Japanese fervour and a cadre of intelligence professionals who must prevent Hawaii from adopting the same destructive mass internments as California. Ghosts of Honolulu depicts the incredible high stakes game of naval intelligence and the need to define what is real and what only appears to be real.
True crime | TP | $44.99

What Cannot Be Said (Sebastian St Cyr mysteries)
Harris, C S
July 1815: The Prince Regent’s grandiose plans to celebrate Napoléon’s recent defeat at Waterloo are thrown into turmoil, when Lady McInnis and her daughter Emma are found brutally murdered in Richmond Park, their bodies posed in a chilling imitation of the stone effigies once found atop medieval tombs. Bow Street magistrate Sir Henry Lovejoy immediately turns to his friend Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin, for help with the investigation. For as Devlin discovers, Lovejoy’s own wife and daughter were also murdered in Richmond Park, their bodies posed in the same bizarre postures. A traumatised ex-soldier was hanged for their killings. So, is London now confronting a malicious copyist? Or did Lovejoy help send an innocent man to the gallows? Aided by his wife, Hero, who knew Lady McInnis from her work with poor orphans, Devlin finds himself exploring a host of unsavoury characters from a vicious chimney sweep to a smiling but decidedly lethal baby farmer. Also coming under increasing scrutiny is Sir Ivo McInnis, himself, along with a wounded Waterloo veteran – who may, or may not, have been Laura McInnis’ lover – and a charismatic young violinist who moonlights as a fencing master and may have formed a dangerous relationship with Emma. But when Sebastian’s investigation turns toward man about town Basil Rhodes, he quickly draws the fury of the Palace, for Rhodes is well known as the Regent’s favourite illegitimate son. Then, Lady McInnis’ young niece and nephew are targeted by the killer, and two more women are discovered murdered and arranged in similar postures. With his own life increasingly in danger, Sebastian finds himself drawn inexorably toward a conclusion far darker and more horrific than anything he could have imagined.
Historical mystery | HC | $65.00

Sherlock Is a Girl’s Name (anthology)
Harris, Narrelle M & Merrick, Atlin (editors)
What would the great detective be like, if Sherlock Holmes was a woman? In the tall tales of Sherlock is a Girl’s Name we answer this question, following Sherlock into deep space, 1990s’ Russia, Victorian London, contemporary USA, worlds of magic, and more. Holmes’ Watsons include ghosts, robots, a teenage tuba player, a little boy, with the detecting duo doing what they do best: solving crimes and having adventures! Authors include Tansy Rayner Roberts, Eugen Bacon, Sarah Tollok, Verity Burns, Dannye Chase, Kenzie Lappin, J D Cadmon, Stacy Lawhorne, Karen J Carlisle, Millie Billingsworth, Katya de Becerra, Narrelle M Harris, and Atlin Merrick.
Sherlockiana | TP | $33.95

Hayder, Mo
Alex Mullins knows she is one of the lucky ones. When a fatal coach crash at her school reunion killed several of her classmates, she was saved from a grisly fate. She is haunted by what she thinks she saw that night – a vision of a skeletal woman, known by the locals as the Bonehead – a woman who brings bad luck to all that see her. Now, a police officer in Gloucestershire, Alex fights to overcome the past by helping other people. But when her path crosses with someone who was there that fateful night, her new life begins to unravel at the seams. What really happened, the night of the crash? And what does she have to do for the petrifying Bonehead to finally leave her be? A new crime thriller from the Queen of Fear – prepare to be terrified, by Bonehead… The final novel from the international bestseller Mo Hayder, with a foreword from Karin Slaughter.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Night Will Find You
Heaberlin, Julia
Vivvy Bouchet saved a boy’s life when she was a child, after a premonition. That boy is, now, a Texas police officer, who has always believed Vivvy is psychic. He convinces her to help him solve a high-profile cold case: three-year-old Lizzie Solomon disappeared in broad daylight from her home and a body was never found. A dangerous meeting of conspiracy theories and our need to believe – and the line between fact and what we can’t explain.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Patricia Highsmith: Her Diaries and Notebooks (1941–1950)
Highsmith, Patricia
The condensed edition of Highsmith’s monumental Diaries and Notebooks, focusing on her formative years in Manhattan. Before Alfred Hitchcock adapted her debut novel, Strangers on a Train, for the big screen; before Thomas Ripley snaked his way into the canon of psychological suspense; before Carol became a cult classic of romantic obsession, who was Patricia Highsmith? Beginning in 1941 and encompassing Highsmith’s adventurous 20s, The New York Years is an intimate self-portrait of a young artist, reading voraciously and honing her craft, intertwined with scenes from her dizzying social life, rife with sleepless nights spent in the queer bars of Greenwich Village. This condensed edition of Highsmith’s monumental Diaries and Notebooks offers all the pleasures of her fiction, along with an unparalleled insight into the life, mind and times of this enigmatic, iconic, trailblazing author.
Writings | PBK | $29.99

Snow Fall (Wisting series)
Horst, Jørn Lier
When the body of an Australian backpacker is found in Spain, a global group of amateur sleuths comes alive in attempting to solve the mystery of her death. Foremost on the message boards is Astri, a young Norwegian woman whose feverish pursuit takes her closer than anyone to solving the case. But just as she makes her claim, she goes offline. No one in the group has heard from her, since. William Wisting is sent to investigate, plunged into a world of unorthodox methods and amateur investigation – and a dangerous case, where nothing is as it seems…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Witch of New York: The Trials of Polly Bodine and the Cursed Birth of Tabloid Justice
Hortis, Alex
On Christmas night, December 25, 1843, in a serene village on Staten Island, shocked neighbours discovered the burnt remains of 24-year-old mother Emeline Houseman and her infant daughter, Ann Eliza. In a perverse nativity, someone bludgeoned to death a mother and child in their home – and then covered up the crime with hellfire. When an ambitious district attorney charges Polly Bodine (Emelin’s sister-in-law) with a double homicide, the new ‘penny press’ explodes. Polly is a perfect media villain: she’s a separated wife who drinks gin, commits adultery, and has had multiple abortions. Between June 1844 and April 1846, the nation was enthralled by her three trials – in Staten Island, Manhattan, and Newburgh – for the ‘Christmas murders’. After Polly’s legal dream team entered the fray, the press and the public debated not only her guilt, but her character and fate as a fallen woman in society. Public opinion split into different camps over her case. Edgar Allen Poe and Walt Whitman covered her case as young newsmen. P T Barnum made a circus out of it. James Fenimore Cooper’s last novel was inspired by her trials. The Witch of New York is the first narrative history about the duelling trial lawyers, ruthless newsmen, and shameless hucksters who turned the Polly Bodine case into America’s formative tabloid trial. An origin story of how America became addicted to sensationalised reporting of criminal trials, The Witch of New York vividly reconstructs an epic mystery from Old New York – and uses the Bodine case to challenge our system of tabloid justice of today.
True crime | HC | $49.99

They Thought I Was Dead: Sandy’s Story (Roy Grace mysteries)
James, Peter
Some will know how it begins… Her name is Sandy. You might know her as the loving wife of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. A woman with a dubious past, a complicated present and an uncertain future. Then she was gone. Some will think they know how it ends… Her disappearance caused a nationwide search. Even the best detective on the force couldn’t find her. They thought she was dead. But nobody knows this… Where did she go? Why did she run? What would cause a woman to leave her whole life behind and simply vanish? For the first time, bestselling author Peter James reveals the truth behind Sandy Grace’s dramatic disappearance. They Thought I Was Dead will thrill fans and new readers, alike, with its gripping story of a woman on the run. This is Sandy’s story.
Mystery | TP | $34.99

Jónasson, Ragnar & Jakobsdottír, Katrín
Iceland, 1956. Fourteen-year-old Lara spends the summer on the small island of Videy, just off the coast of Reykjavík. In early August, the girl disappears without a trace. The mystery becomes Iceland’s greatest unsolved case. What happened to the young girl? Is she still alive? Did she leave the island, or did something happen to her there? Thirty years later, journalist Valur Robertsson begins his own investigation into Lara’s case. But as he draws closer to discovering the secret, it’s soon clear that this is a mystery someone will stop at nothing to keep unsolved… An ice-cold mystery haunts Reykjavík in 1986 – in this heart-stopping new crime novel, co-written by the Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdottir.
Noir | PBK | $22.99

Murdle (Volume 03: Even More Killer Puzzles)
Karber, G T
The third collection of 100 original murder mystery logic puzzles.
Who committed the shocking crime?
What wild weapon did they wield?
Where was the killing committed?

Deductive Logico is ready to kick back and relax, on his long-awaited vacation… but murder doesn’t take time off. In Murdle: Volume 3, these clever and hilarious mini-mystery puzzles will challenge you to find whodunit, how, where, and why. Use your skills of deduction to solve each mystery one by one. Reveal the mastermind behind the SPY secret agency and discover the secret location of TekTopia. Uncover the truth about the evil AI supercomputer, MORIARTY, before it’s too late! Packed with illustrations, codes, and maps, and brimming with wit and intrigue, Murdle: Volume 3 is a thrilling casebook for the armchair detective in everyone.
Mystery puzzles | TP | $32.99

A Botanist’s Guide to Flowers and Fatality (Saffron Everleigh mysteries)
Khavari, Kate
1920s’ London isn’t the ideal place for a brilliant woman with lofty ambitions. But research assistant Saffron Everleigh is determined to beat the odds in a male-dominated field at the University College of London. Saffron embarks on her first research study alongside the insufferably charming Dr Michael Lee, traveling the countryside with him in response to reports of poisonings. But when Detective Inspector Green is given a case with a set of unusual clues, he asks for Saffron’s assistance. The victims, all women, received bouquets filled with poisonous flowers. Digging deeper, Saffron discovers that the bouquets may be more than just unpleasant flowers – there may be a hidden message within them, revealed through the use of the old Victorian practice of floriography. A dire message, indeed, as each woman who received the flowers has turned up dead. Alongside Dr Lee and her best friend, Elizabeth, Saffron trails a group of suspects through a dark jazz club, a lavish country estate, and a glittering theatre, delving deeper into a part of society she thought she’d left behind forever. Will Saffron be able to catch the killer before they send their next bouquet, or will she find herself with fatal flowers of her own?
Historical mystery | TP | $44.99

Happiness Falls
Kim, Angie
‘We didn’t call the police right away.’
The lives of a biracial, Korean-American family in Virginia are upended, when their beloved father and husband goes missing. Mia, the irreverent, hyper-analytical 20-year-old daughter, has an explanation for everything – which is why she isn’t initially concerned when her father and younger brother Eugene don’t return from a walk in a nearby park. They must have lost their phone. Or stopped for an errand somewhere. But, by the time Mia’s brother runs through the front door, bloody and alone, it becomes clear that the father in this tight-knit family is missing and the only witness is Eugene, who has the rare genetic condition, Angelman syndrome, and cannot speak. What follows is both a ticking-clock investigation into the whereabouts of a father and an emotionally rich portrait of a family whose most personal secrets just may be at the heart of his disappearance.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

An Assassination on the Agenda (Lady Hardcastle mysteries)
Kinsey, T E
July 1912. Lady Hardcastle and her tenacious lady’s maid, Florence Armstrong, are enjoying a convivial gathering at the home of their dear friends, the Farley-Strouds. The only fly in the idyllic ointment seems to be the lack of musical entertainment for the forthcoming summer party – until, that is, Lady Hardcastle’s brother Harry calls with news of a murder. Harry dispatches them to Bristol on behalf of the Secret Service Bureau, with instructions to prevent the local police from uncovering too much about the victim. It seems an intriguing mystery – all the more so when they find a connection between the killer and an impending visit from an Austrian trade delegation, set to feature a very important guest… Summoned to London to help with some very important security arrangements, the intrepid duo will have to navigate sceptical bureaucrats, Cockney gangsters and shadowy men in distinctive hats in their attempts to foil an explosive – and internationally significant – threat.
Historical mystery | TP | $37.95

Bright Young Woman
Knoll, Jessica
January 1978. Tallahassee. When sorority president Pamela Schumacher is startled awake at 3 am by a strange sound, she’s shocked to encounter a scene of implausible violence – two of her friends dead and two others, maimed. Thrust into a terrifying mystery, Pamela becomes entangled in a crime that captivates public interest, for more than four decades… On the other side of the country, Tina Cannon has found peace in Seattle after years of hardship. When Ruth, her best friend, goes missing from Lake Sammamish State Park in broad daylight, surrounded by thousands of beachgoers on a beautiful summer day, Tina devotes herself to finding out what happened to her. When Tina hears about the tragedy in Tallahassee, she suspects the same man the papers refer to is responsible. Determined to make him answer for what he did to Ruth, she travels to Florida on a collision course with Pamela – and one last impending tragedy.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The River We Remember
Krueger, William Kent
On Memorial Day, 1958, in Jewel, Minnesota, the body of wealthy landowner Jimmy Quinn is found floating in the Alabaster River, dead from a shotgun blast. The investigation falls to Sheriff Brody Dern, a highly decorated war hero who still carries the physical and emotional scars from his military service. Even before Dern has the results of the autopsy, vicious rumours begin to circulate that the killer must be Noah Bluestone, a Native American WWII veteran who has recently returned to Jewel with a Japanese wife. As suspicions and accusations mount and the town teeters on the edge of more violence, Dern struggles not only to find the truth of Quinn’s murder but also put to rest the demons from his own past. Caught up in the torrent of anger that sweeps through Jewel are a war widow and her adolescent son, the intrepid publisher of the local newspaper, an aging deputy, and a crusading female lawyer, all of whom struggle with their own tragic histories and harbor secrets that Quinn’s death threatens to expose. An unflinching look at the wounds left by the wars we fight abroad and at home, a moving exploration of the ways in which we seek to heal, and a testament to the enduring power of the stories we tell about the places we call home.
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

Läckberg, Camilla & Fexeus, Henrik
A young boy is snatched, in broad daylight, outside his Stockholm nursery. He has vanished without a trace. Detective Mina Dabiri calls on her close friend Vincent to help with the investigation. As they uncover links to other missing children, it becomes clear they are up against the clock. Then, Mina and Vincent find themselves caught up in a mysterious cult with terrifying motives. Can they stop them before it’s too late?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Small Mercies
Lehane, Dennis
In the summer of 1974, a heatwave blankets Boston and Mary Pat Fennessey is trying to stay one step ahead of the bill collectors. Mary Pat has lived her entire life in the housing projects of ‘Southie’, the Irish American enclave that stubbornly adheres to old tradition and stands proudly apart. One night, Mary Pat’s teenage daughter Jules stays out late and doesn’t come home. That same evening, a young Black man is found dead, struck by a subway train under mysterious circumstances. The two events seem unconnected. But Mary Pat, propelled by a desperate search for her missing daughter, begins turning over stones, best left untouched – asking questions that bother Marty Butler, chieftain of the Irish mob, and the men who work for him, men who don’t take kindly to any threat to their business. Set against the hot, tumultuous months when the city’s desegregation of its public schools exploded in violence, Small Mercies is a superb thriller, a brutal depiction of criminality and power, and an unflinching portrait of the dark heart of American racism.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

The Wide World (Glorious Years series)
Lemaitre, Pierre
The Pelletiers are a prominent French family living in Beirut, dominated by Louis, who has built a hugely successful business manufacturing artisanal soaps. Louis has three sons, but none seems to have the aptitude for commerce he desires. There’s Jean, the eldest, a feckless man who is both lazy and weak. When his ambitious wife suggests a move to France, he jumps at the chance for escape – for Jean has a secret that no one must ever uncover. Etienne is the youngest son, who travels to Saigon looking for love, and there uncovers financial corruption and violence linked to the very highest officials – evidence that presents a real threat to his own life. François, the middle Pelletier brother, leaves for Paris and becomes a journalist. When he reports a shocking and brutal murder, he realises he’s uncovered the work of a dangerous serial killer, one who may be very close to home. The first in a new series.
Historical fiction | PBK | $26.99

Death of an Author (British Library Crime Classics)
Lorac, E C R
E C R Lorac spins a twisting tale full of wry humour and red herrings, poking some fun at her contemporary reviewers, who long suspected the Lorac pseudonym to belong to a male author. Vivian Lestrange – celebrated author of the popular mystery novel The Charterhouse Case and total recluse – has apparently dropped off the face of the Earth. After he was reported missing by his secretary Eleanor, whom Inspector Bond suspects to be the author herself, crime and murder are afoot when Lestrange’s housekeeper is also found to have disappeared. Bond and Warner of Scotland Yard set to work to investigate a murder, with no body and a potentially-fictional victim. With copies of the first and only edition incredibly rare today, Death of an Author returns to print for the first time since 1935. This edition includes an introduction by CWA Diamond Dagger and Edgar Award-winning author, Martin Edwards.
Classic mystery | TP | $36.95

Queen Macbeth (Darkland Tales)
McDermid, Val
A thousand years ago in an ancient Scottish landscape, a woman is on the run with her three bosom companions – a healer, a weaver, and a seer. If the men hunting her find them, they will kill her because she is the only one who stands between them and their violent ambition. She is no lady: she is the first queen of Scotland, married to a king called Macbeth. Shakespeare fed us the myth of the Macbeths as power-hungry murderous conspirators. But, now, Val McDermid drags the truth out of the shadows, exposing the patriarchal prejudices of history. As the net closes in on the queen, we discover a tale of passion, forced marriage, bloody massacre and the harsh realities of medieval Scotland. At the heart of it, one strong charismatic woman who survived loss and jeopardy to finally outwit the endless plotting of a string of ruthless and ambitious men. Her struggle won her a country. But, now, it could cost her life.
Historical mystery/suspense | HC | $29.99

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies (Vacation mysteries)
Mack, Catherine
Ten days. Eight suspects. Six cities. Five authors. Three bodies. One trip to die for.
Eleanor Dash, author of the Vacation Mysteries series, is on a book tour on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast when she finds life imitating art as her ex-boyfriend is targeted by a killer. Eleanor’s sleuthing skills are about to be put to the ultimate test as, among the literary rivals, rabid fans, a crazed stalker and former flame Oliver, suspicions on tour are flying faster than paperbacks off a bestseller shelf. But who is really trying to get away with murder? The first in an irresistible new series, Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies is The White Lotus meets Only Murders in the Building!
Mystery | TP | $34.99

The Detective Up Late (Sean Duffy series)
McKinty, Adrian
From New York Times bestselling author Adrian McKinty, comes the next thrilling mystery in the Edgar Award-winning Sean Duffy detective series. Slamming the door on the hellscape of 1980s’ Belfast, Detective Inspector Sean Duffy hopes that the 1990s are going to be better for him, and the people of Northern Ireland. As a Catholic cop in the mainly Protestant RUC, he still has a target on his back, and with a steady girlfriend and a child the stakes couldn’t be higher. After handling a mercurial triple agent and surviving the riots and bombings and assassination attempts, all Duffy wants to do now is live. But in his final days in charge of Carrickfergus CID, a missing person’s report captures his attention. A 15-year-old traveller girl has disappeared and no one seems to give a damn about it. Duffy begins to dig and uncovers a disturbing underground of men who seem to know her very well. The deeper he digs the more sinister it all gets. Is finding out the truth worth it if DI Duffy is going to get himself and his colleagues killed? Can he survive one last case before getting himself and his family out over the water? ‘Adrian McKinty is a gifted storyteller I love to read, and Sean Duffy is a character you will never forget.’ – Don Winslow.
This is the direct import of the US trade paperback edition of The Detective Up Late. At this stage, there is no notice of a UK/local edition.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $37.95

The Birthday Weekend
Miller, Zoe
What happened on holiday was supposed to stay on holiday – but that was before a body was found… Socialite Lucinda Oliver planned a lavish celebration for her 40th birthday – a weekend escape at an Irish coastal town with her sister Stella and her closest friends. The weekend was to end with a blow-out party and a special announcement, one Lucinda had been dropping hints about for weeks. But before Lucinda could reveal her secret, she went missing. And, now, six months later, her car has been found submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. Devastated, Stella decides to gather Lucinda’s friends once more, in that same coastal town – the first time they’ve all been together since her disappearance. But, soon, she starts to suspect that one of the group knows the truth, about Lucinda’s accident. Which one of them is lying? Stella vows to find out, discovering that what happened to her sister links back to another birthday celebration, 10 years ago…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Reckoning (DS Lucy Golden mysteries)
Murphy, Martina
The reckoning is coming… In an isolated house, by Dugort pier, a body is found. DS Lucy Golden is shocked to discover that the victim, Sandra Byrne, is a sister of one of her old school friends. To further complicate matters, Ben Lively, one of Lucy’s colleagues, is the chief suspect. Lucy must put aside her bias in order to uncover the truth. But the deeper she digs into Sandra’s life, the more the past starts to unravel and the less she seems to know. How do you solve a murder when all you have are lies? As Lucy desperately tries to sort out what is true from what is not, Rob, her ex-husband and ex-con, makes a reappearance. And when the reckoning for past mistakes finally arrives, nothing is what it seems.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

With Winter Comes Darkness
Neal, Robbi
1975, Ballarat. Alice is happy in her world and in return for her happiness the world is good to her. She has everything she needs – a lovely house and children, and a devoted husband. Even though her journalism job doesn’t pay much, she doesn’t have to worry about the bills. All is well with her world until a terrible accident rips a child from her, a profound betrayal is uncovered, and things fall apart. On the same day Alice’s world collapses, a man is found brutally murdered on respected teacher Ellery’s farm. Ellery can’t remember what happened but there is blood on his clothes, and he is arrested. Neither Alice nor Ellery realise that their paths in life are about to intertwine and a desperate bargain is about to be made. A bargain that could save or destroy them in their quest to draw some light and fathom the darkness that surrounds them. A terrible accident burns down a family’s life, on the same day a murder is committed. From the ashes of these acts comes revelation, darkness, and the truth. Psychological suspense and profound family drama meet in this heartrending and original Australian novel.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The Sea Cemetery
Nore, Aslak
There is no love lost between the Oslo and Bergen branches of the powerful Falck family. So, when its steely matriarch dies – with no will to be found – the seeds of an inheritance dispute are sown. Yet, her legacy could be more damaging still. A manuscript confiscated by the secret police in the seventies holds devastating secrets about the Falcks’ activities during the war. Her granddaughter Sasha is set on uncovering the truth, whatever the cost, bringing her into conflict with her father, whose family loyalty is matched only by his patriotic fervour. And in the wings waits Hans Falck, war doctor and philanderer, head of the impoverished Bergen branch, who has a few secrets of his own. It all leads back to the sinking of the SS Prinsesse Ragnhild, lost to a British mine in 1940. But can the official verdict be trusted? The shocking truth lies 300 metres under the sea. Part literary thriller, part sweeping family saga, The Sea Cemetery is a dark and dramatic tale of secrets, betrayals and doomed love, drawing on the true story of one of Norway’s most devastating maritime disasters.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Last Devil to Die (Thursday Murder Club mysteries)
Osman, Richard
It’s rarely a quiet day, for the Thursday Murder Club. Shocking news reaches them – an old friend has been killed, and a dangerous package he was protecting has gone missing. The gang’s search leads them into the antiques business, where the tricks of the trade are as old as the objects themselves. As they encounter drug dealers, art forgers, and online fraudsters – as well as heartache close to home – Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim have no idea whom to trust. With the body count rising, the clock ticking down, and trouble firmly on their tail, has their luck finally run out? And who will be the last devil to die? Latest in the outrageously-popular series, now in paperback. Start at the beginning with The Thursday Murder Club (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Pay Dirt (V I Warshawski series)
Paretsky, Sara
Sometimes, time doesn’t heal all wounds… When a young woman named Sabrina disappears without a trace in Kansas, private investigator V I Warshawski knows she must act fast. But when she discovers Sabrina close to death in a drug house, the locals don’t take kindly to her – and Sabrina’s mother becomes suspicious. V I finds herself under the sharp gaze of the FBI – and the men running the county’s opioid distribution. And when a dead body surfaces a few days later, V I is pitched headlong into a battle between the locals – with roots that date all the way back to the American Civil War. The war might be over, but its legacy remains – and V I’s survival depends on keeping one step ahead in a game she doesn’t even know she’s playing…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Trial (Adam Green mysteries)
Rinder, Rob
One murder. One impossible case. Who is guilty? When hero policeman Grant Cliveden dies from a poisoning in the Old Bailey, it threatens to shake the country to its core. The evidence points to one man. Jimmy Knight has been convicted of multiple offences before, and defending him will be no easy task. Not least, because this is trainee barrister Adam Green’s first case. But it will, quickly, become clear that Jimmy Knight is not the only person in Cliveden’s past with an axe to grind. The only thing that’s certain is that this is a trial which will push Adam – and the justice system itself – to the limit… The Secret Barrister (PBK, $22.99) meets Janice Hallett’s The Appeal (PBK, $24.99). A gripping courtroom drama by barrister and broadcaster Rob Rinder; the first title in a new legal thriller series.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Poppy Takes the Lead (Poppy Tale mysteries)
Russell, Leigh
Emily and Poppy are living happily in the quaint village of Ashton Mead, where every household is friendly – with one exception. Unlike the other villagers, Silas Strang and his mother have a bad reputation. Rude and aggressive, they terrorise their neighbours and no one stops them. That is until Silas sets his sights on Emily’s beloved dog Poppy, which Emily won’t stand for. After a public altercation, Silas is mysteriously murdered. To Emily’s dismay, the police view her as their number one suspect. Assisted by her friends, Hannah and Toby, Emily sets out to establish the truth and clear her name… but her enquiries have frightening consequences.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Dark Angel (Letty Davenport series)
Sandford, John
Letty Davenport, the tough-as-nails, adopted daughter of Lucas Davenport, takes on an undercover assignment that brings her across the country and into the crosshairs of a dangerous group of hackers. Letty Davenport’s days working a desk job at are behind her. Her previous actions at a gunfight in Texas – and her incredible skills with firearms – draw the attention of several branches of the US government, and make her a perfect fit for even more dangerous work. The Department of Homeland Security and the NSA have tasked her with infiltrating a hacker group, known only as Ordinary People, that is intent on wreaking havoc. Letty, and her reluctant partner from the NSA, pose as free-spirited programmers for hire and embark on a cross country road trip to the group’s California headquarters. While the two work to make inroads with Ordinary People and uncover their plans, they begin to suspect that the hackers are not their only enemy. Someone within their own circle may have betrayed them, and has ulterior motives that place their mission – and their lives – in grave danger.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $26.95

The Lady Vanishes
Sandy, Alison; Seymour, Bryan; Eeles, Sally; Wright, Marc
A much-loved mother, teacher and friend steps on a plane for an overseas adventure and is never seen again. When Marion Barter disappeared in 1997, police initially dismissed it as the actions of a divorced mother, abandoning her family. In this book, the creators of the addictive global hit podcast The Lady Vanishes detail the winding investigation into Marion’s disappearance, from tentative early police efforts to her daughter’s 27-year search for answers. The Lady Vanishes is an engrossing story of how a small team of seasoned investigative journalists and storytellers, a daughter’s intuition and a team of listener super-sleuths uncovered a web of intrigue spanning nine decades and three continents, and how – after 57 episodes, 20 million downloads and sparking a coronial inquiry – they discovered at the heart of the mystery, a stranger-than-fiction international man of mystery who could hold the key to what really happened to Marion.
True crime | TP | $34.99

Too Many Cooks (Prudence Bulstrode mysteries)
Shrager, Rosemary
Prudence Bulstrode has fond memories of St Marianne’s School for Girls, the beautiful Cornish school where she boarded as a girl. It was at St Marianne’s that Prudence first learned the joy of cooking, from her dear old Home Economics teacher, Mrs Agatha Jubber. So, when she’s invited back to the school – to lead an Easter holidays course in the fundamentals of cookery – Prudence couldn’t be more delighted. What’s more, it’s a chance to show her grand-daughter Suki the way school used to be… in the good old days. But no sooner has Prudence arrived, at St Marianne’s, a gruesome discovery is made. The builders excavating the old hockey pitch to construct the new dormitories have unearthed human bones – bones dating from Prudence’s own time at St Marianne’s. Soon, Prudence recollects the story of the vanishing schoolmaster, Mr Hubbard, and the rumours that spread like wildfire one summer about his illicit affair with Agatha Jubber. So begins, Prudence’s very first cold case… Traditional crime in the spirit of Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers, and M C Beaton, written by TV celebrity chef Rosemary Shrager. The sequel to The Last Supper (PBK, $24.99).
Mystery | TP | $34.99

The Two Loves of Sophie Strom
Taylor, Sam
Vienna, 1933: Thirteen-year-old Max is orphaned and disfigured in a house fire; and adopted by an Aryan family who change his identity – and his prospects – for the better.
Vienna, 1933: Thirteen-year-old Max saves his parents from a house fire and escapes unharmed, to face life as a Jew in 1930s’ Austria.
In one unforgettable night, Max Spiegelman’s life splits in two. As war looms and Nazism continues to rise, Max is forced into choices that place him and his alter ego on opposing sides of a divided world. Tethered by their dreams, the boys watch helplessly, haunted by visions of what could have been. But in each parallel universe, they share a magnetic bond with an enchanting, grey-eyed girl. The Two Loves of Sophie Strom is a profound story about how tragedy, choice, and life-altering love shape our future.
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

Love Among the Ruins (Barsetshire series)
Thirkell, Angela
It’s the summer of 1947, and peacetime has brought new challenges to Barsetshire. Beliers Priory – once a military hospital, during the War – has now become a flourishing preparatory school for boys run by Leslie and Philip Winter. When Charles Belton is hired as the new school master, six young people are thrown together in a web of flirtations and misunderstandings: Charles and his elder brother, Naval Captain Freddy Belton; Susan Dean, now Red Cross Depot Librarian, and her glamorous sister Jessica, an actress in thrall to the theatre; pragmatic Lucy Marling and her brother Oliver. And with the old social order in ruins, the scene is set for a delicious summer of comic – and romantic – possibilities.
Historical fiction (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

The Fall Between
Tindale, Darcy
Detective Rebecca Giles has just finished interviewing aging petty crim Sticky Pete – over a spate of break-and-enters – when a disturbing new report comes in. Twelve-year-old Kayleen Ellis has vanished from her home in Muswellbrook in the Upper Hunter Valley. Hours later, Giles is a local hero, having apparently solved Kayleen’s case and the spate of jewellery thefts. Yet, the hangover from her celebrations has barely kicked in, when the body of young jillaroo Ava Emmerson is discovered in gruesome circumstances on a nearby farm. Giles is convinced the link between all three cases lies in the town’s tragic history, perhaps even in her own mother’s mysterious drowning 30 years ago. In a place where nothing much changes, suddenly a great deal is happening – and Giles’ life and career are, now, on the line.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Bright Objects
Todd, Ruby
January 1997: In the small town of Jericho, New South Wales, Sylvia Knight is losing hope that the person, who killed her husband, will ever face justice. Since the night of the hit and run, her world has been shrouded in hazy darkness – until she meets Theo St John, the discoverer of a rare comet, soon to be visible above Jericho. As the comet begins to brighten, visitors flock like pilgrims into town. Supermarkets run out of canned goods; campgrounds fill to capacity. And more and more people are drawn into the orbit of Joseph Evans, an enigmatic local – who believes the comet’s arrival is nothing short of a divine message. But Sylvia will soon realise that she isn’t the only one haunted by the past. While everyone else is looking to the night sky for answers, her quest to uncover her husband’s killer will unearth long-held secrets, with far-reaching consequences. A novel about the search for meaning in a bewildering world, the loyalty of love and the dangerous lengths people go to in pursuit of the truth, Bright Objects is a luminous, masterfully-crafted literary thriller.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

A Very Lively Murder (Dahlia Lively mysteries)
Watson, Katy
One murder mystery movie. Three Dahlias. And a whole cast of suspects… Ex child star Posy Starling is finally filming her dream role – Dahlia Lively in The Lady Detective movie. But things take a nightmare turn when a prop weapon is replaced with the real thing – with almost fatal consequences for her fellow Dahlia, Rosalind King. There’s something very wrong on the set of The Lady Detective – which means, it’s time to call in Caro Hooper, so the three Dahlias can investigate. In between filming scenes, signing autographs for locals, photoshoots on set and jetting off to France for an impromptu party, the three Dahlias do what they do best – surreptitiously sleuth. And very soon the evidence starts to point towards one particular co-star… But before they can prove it, a murder rocks the production. And, this time, with a storm raging, the river flooded and the bridge washed out, there are no police to rely on so it’s up to the three Dahlias to stop a murderer in their tracks… before another victim is claimed. The follow-up to Three Dahlias (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Playing It Safe (Electra McDonnell mysteries)
Weaver, Ashley
As the Blitz continues to ravage London, Ellie McDonnell – formerly a safecracking thief, but currently determined to stay on the straight and narrow to help her country – is approached by British Intelligence officer Major Ramsey with a new assignment. She is to travel under an assumed identity to the port city of Sunderland and there await further instructions. In his usual infuriating way, the Major has left her task as vague and mysterious as possible. Ellie, ever ready to aid her country, heads north, her safecracking tools in tow. But before she can rendezvous with the major, she witnesses an unnatural death. A man falls dead in the street in front of her, with a note clutched in his hand. Ellie’s instincts tell her that the man’s death is connected in some way to her mission. Soon, Ellie and the major are locked in a battle of wits and a race against time with an unknown and deadly adversary, and a case that leads them to a possible Nazi counterfeiting operation. With bombs dropping on the city, and a would-be assassin shadowing their every move, it will take all of Ellie’s resourcefulness and Major Ramsey’s fortitude to unmask the spymaster and avert disastrous consequences – for England and for their own lives. The third in the Electra McDonnell series from Edgar-nominated author Ashley Weaver, Playing It Safe is a delightful World War II mystery filled with spies, murder, romance, and wit. Recommended!
This is the direct import of the US trade paperback edition. We expect to have this same edition of Playing It Safe from its Australian distributors later in the year, at a lower price.
Historical mystery | TP | $39.95

The Accidental Medium (Adventures of an Accidental Medium)
Whitwell, Tracy
Tanz is a wine-loving, straight-talking, once-successful TV actress from Gateshead, whose career has shrivelled like an antique walnut. She is still grieving for her friend Frank, who died in a car crash, three years ago, and she has to find a normal job in London to fund her cocktail habit. When she starts work in a ‘new age’ shop, Tanz suddenly discovers that the voices she’s hearing in her head are real, not the first signs of madness, and that she can give people ‘messages’ from beyond the grave. Alarmed, she confronts her little mam and discovers she is from a long line of psychic mediums. Despite an exciting new avenue of life opening up to Tanz, darkness isn’t far away and all too soon there’s murder in the air. The first book in a hilarious series from Tracy Whitwell featuring Tanz, the accidental medium – who, with the help of the dead, is about to become an unwilling crime solver.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Royal Librarian
Wood, Daisy
A royal palace. A closed book. A betrayal that will echo through generations…
Windsor, 1940: Secretly tasked with foiling a suspected plot, Sophie Klein is placed in the Royal Library at Windsor castle, where the princesses reside. But when she learns that Windsor is compromised, Sophie must sacrifice everything she knows to save the future queen of England…
Philadelphia, present day: Looking through her grandmother’s papers, Lacey Jones comes across a mysterious letter stamped with the Windsor Castle crest. But how did it come to be in her family’s possession? And, so begins, a journey that will take Lacey deep into the heart of the oldest inhabited castle in the world, and change her life forever…
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

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