April 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

Apr2024 Crime&Mys new releases


Death in a Lonely Place (Jake Jackson mysteries)
Abell, Stig
Detective Jake Jackson moved to the countryside for a quieter life. And he finally seems to have his wish – spending his days immersed in nature, and his evenings lazing by the fire. But the return of an old case shatters the calm; and pulls him into the shadowy world of a secretive group, serving the extravagant whims of the elite. As the web around Jake tightens, he must determine who he can really trust in his small community. Or else he will learn just how far the elite will go to protect their secrets.
‘Abell is a skilled storyteller and it’s easy to fall into the pages of Death in a Lonely Place. Highly recommend’ – Karin Slaughter.
The sequel to Death Under a Little Sky (TP, $32.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Where Sleeping Girls Lie
Abike-Iyimide, Faridah
This was a mistake, the voice in her head whispered. You should never have come… Sade Hussein is the new girl at the prestigious Alfred Nobel Academy. She has no idea what to expect of her mysterious new boarding school – an institution steeped in tradition and secrets. But she certainly didn’t imagine her roommate, Elizabeth, to go missing on her first night. Or for people to think Sade had something to do with it. Suddenly, everyone is talking about Sade, including the Unholy Trinity: the three most popular girls at school. Swept up in their circle, Sade can’t shake the sense that there’s more to Elizabeth’s disappearance – especially as the teachers don’t seem to care. And then a student is found dead. It’s clear there’s more to Alfred Nobel Academy and its students than Sade could have imagined – and she must race to uncover the truth. But secrets lurk around every corner and beneath every surface… secrets that rival even her own.
Perfect for fans of Dark Academia.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

Deep Harbour (High Coast series)
Alsterdal, Tove
As the spring warmth melts the ice, divers search the wreckage at the bottom of the Angermanland River – but the murdered man, they recover, was put there much more recently than the historic artefacts they were seeking. Local Detective Eira Sjodin – newly pregnant and not talking about it – is proud to be put in charge of the investigation; until she discovers the man’s identity, and the evidence begins to point towards her own family. As Eira works to piece together the truth from the long-buried evidence and her mother’s fragmented memories, she isn’t sure she is prepared for the revelations this truth might unleash.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $24.99

Someone is Always Watching
Armstrong, Kelley
Their lives are a lie. Their memories may not be real.
Blythe and her friends – Gabrielle, and brother and sister Tucker and Tanya – have always been a tight friend group, attending a local high school and falling in and out of love with each other. But an act of violence has caused a rift between Blythe and Tucker… and unexpected bursts of aggression and disturbing nightmares have started to become more frequent in their lives. The strange happenings culminate in a shocking event at school: Gabrielle is found, covered in blood, in front of their deceased principal, with no memory of what happened. Cracks in their friendship, as well as in their own memories, start appearing, threatening to expose long-forgotten secrets which could change the group’s lives forever. How can Blythe and her friends trust each other when they can’t even trust their own memories?
A new, young adult, psychological thriller by bestselling author, Kelley Armstrong.
YA thriller | PBK | $19.99

Speculations in Sin (Below Stairs mysteries)
Ashley, Jennifer
Kat Holloway is distressed to learn that Samuel Millburn, husband of the woman who looks after her daughter, has been accused of embezzling funds from the bank where he works as a clerk. The accusation is absurd, and Samuel’s wife fears that her husband will not only lose his post but be imprisoned. Kat vows to uncover the truth. When she discovers the bank is involved in shockingly murky business dealings, Kat realises she’s treading in dangerous waters. She turns to her confidante and handsome suitor, Daniel McAdam, for help. To exonerate Samuel, Kat and Daniel may have to expose the unseemly financial dealings of prominent aristocrats and government officials, and even those working to bring down the royal family. Kat will risk everything to protect the man who has sacrificed so much for her daughter, even if it means endangering herself and the friends she has come to love.
Historical mystery | TP | $36.99

Murder Most Antique (Stamford mysteries)
Bateman, E C
Who knew a harmless town fair could be so polarising – or, so deadly? When auctioneer Felicia Grant’s best friend, Stamford Mayor Cassandra Lane, talked her into helping with the town’s annual Georgian Fair, she expected the worst, she’d have to endure, was the corset. But when the fair’s headline speaker turns up dead in the hook-a-duck pool, and more murders follow in quick succession, she finds herself investigating a serial killer, for the second time in less than a year – and, this time, the stakes are even higher…
Don’t miss the brand-new instalment in the fantastic Stamford Mysteries series; the first is Death at the Auction (PBK, $22.99). Perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Richard Osman.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Bekono, Simone Atangana
Salomé Atabong is the 16-year-old daughter of a Cameroonian father and a Dutch mother, living in the Netherlands. She arrives at a juvenile detention centre, to start a six-month sentence for a violent crime, which she did commit, but does not regret. Expected to visit with a racist psychologist, and perform her apologies, Salomé refuses to atone. But even if Salomé could get home, it would be no refuge: her father has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer, and her elder sister Miriam’s main preoccupation is to get out of the village as soon as possible. After months in the prison system, she realises she must come to terms with the real reason behind her rage.
Mystery/suspense | HC | $32.99

Rhythm and Clues (Record Shop mysteries)
Blacke, Olivia
It’s been five whole months, since the last murder in Cedar River, Texas, and Juni Jessup and her sisters Tansy and Maggie have been humming along, when disaster strikes again. Their struggling vinyl records shop/coffee nook, Sip & Spin Records, is under pressure from predatory investors, though the Jessup sisters aren’t ready to face the music and admit defeat. But the night after their meeting, the sketchy financier is killed outside their shop during a torrential Texas thunderstorm that washes out all the roads in and out of town. Now, the sisters find themselves trapped in Cedar River with a killer, and Juni is determined to solve the case. When the river spits out an unexpected surprise, Detective Beau Russell asks for Juni’s help, never predicting her investigation will spin her into danger. Up until now, the Jessup sisters have been playing it by ear, but with the whole town watching, can they catch a killer before he strikes again?
Mystery | PBK | $26.95

Double Grudge Donuts (Deputy Donut mysteries)
Bolton, Ginger
When the Fallingbrook Arts Festival rolls into town, weeks before she’s set to tie the knot, Emily expects talent and friendly competition at the week-long summer series to go together like coffee and double fudge. But the fun crumbles fast, after a lively bagpiper takes first place on day one and turns heads for the wrong reasons – all before Emily and her tabby cat find him dead in a clear case of murder. Along with a distinctive weapon at the crime scene, several strategically placed items leave disturbing clues about the killer’s identity, including a broken piece of a Deputy Donut mug… While detectives aren’t sure who silenced the bagpiper’s music, they don’t trust Emily or her family to tell the truth. With her nuptials and career on the line, Emily launches an unsettling investigation to save herself from trouble and bring a dangerous figure to justice. The search not only brings too many suspects into the picture, but also leads to a strange discovery on Deputy Donut’s rooftop. A discovery that tells Emily, she better get cooking, because someone may be watching her every move… and carefully plotting to turn a wedding into a funeral!
Mystery | TP | $36.99

Death on the Beach (Retired Detectives Club series)
Broadribb, Steph
The brand-new Shimmering Sands retirement community is a beachfront paradise – until realtor Jessie Beckton plunges to her death from the penthouse suite she’s selling. When the cops rule out foul play, the Retired Detectives agree to step in. They’re certain Jessie was murdered – but how can they prove it when the apartment was locked from the inside? As the gang pursue their investigation, a host of potential suspects emerge who all have secrets to hide. But, just as they seem to be closing in on a culprit, a shocking second murder sends them back to square one. Meanwhile, former CSI Lizzie’s marriage to ex-DCI Philip suffers a fateful blow. And their partners in crime solving – Rick and Moira – find their new romance tested when a mystery woman from Rick’s past appears… with a child in tow. The team must put aside their differences and join forces with a former adversary, if they’re to solve the case. But in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, can they lure the killer into the open before one of them pays the ultimate price?
Mystery | TP | 29.99

Hiss and Tell (Mrs Murphy mysteries)
Brown, Rita Mae
Christmas is coming and Harry’s to-do list is a mile long. The days are filled with delivering holiday baskets to neighbours in need, chopping down the perfect tree with her best friend, Susan Tucker, and hunting for that elusive special gift for her beloved husband, Pharamond ‘Fair’ Harristeen. Harry also decides to try her hand at dog showing, enrolling her handsome Irish Wolfhound puppy Pirate in classes to prepare for a future exhibition. Through it all, holiday cheer – and plenty of treats for Pirate – keep spirits high. But the holidays aren’t cheerful for everyone. Harry’s friend on the police force, Cynthia Cooper, warns that the season can bring an uptick in crime. Her words prove tragically prescient when Harry and Susan discover the body of a man by the side of the road, dead, without any clues to his identity. One suspicious death is bad enough, but when Cooper reports that two more bodies have been found, also unidentified, Harry knows trouble is afoot. The autopsies for all three bodies reveal the presence of a deadly drug. Could their deaths have been accidental, or is a devious killer on the prowl? With help from her feline sidekicks, Mrs Murphy and Pewter – as well as Tee Tucker the corgi, and Pirate – Harry vows to find the answers and stop the spate of deaths so that all of Crozet can have a very merry Christmas.
Mystery | TP | $39.95

The Fellowship of Puzzlemakers
Burr, Samuel
Clayton Stumper is an enigma.
He might be 25 years old, but he dresses like your grandad, and drinks sherry like your aunt. Abandoned at birth, on the steps of the Fellowship of Puzzlemakers, he was raised by the sharpest minds in the British Isles and finds himself amongst the last survivors of a fading institution. When the esteemed crossword compiler, Pippa Allsbrook, passes away, she bestows her final puzzle to him: a promise to reveal the mystery of his parentage and prepare him for his future. Yet, as Clay begins to unpick the clues, he uncovers something even the Fellowship have never been able to solve – and it’s a secret that will change everything…
Sometimes, finding your place in the world is the greatest puzzle of all…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Five Furry Familiars (Kitchen Witch mysteries)
Cahoon, Lynn
To keep her cooking school and catering business, Mia’s Morsels, afloat, Mia’s handed off oversight to her boyfriend Trent’s mother, while she focuses on earning a steady paycheque. Too bad, her mean-spirited boss at the lodge keeps the misery flowing as steadily as the money. At least, her roommate, Christina, is still dedicated to Mia’s Morsels – though she’s also distracted, thanks to her clingy mother’s constant demands. And the distraction only grows when Christina’s old flame shows up in Magic Springs, Idaho, in his Escalade, claiming out of the blue to be her fiancé. The arrival of some homeless kittens, as well as Trent’s new familiar, a cute little Maltese, brings more chaos – as well as a strange spiritual energy that seems to emanate from the animals. But before Mia can figure out what kind of paranormal pets she has on her hands, she finds herself with a murder to solve – when a dead body is found in the lodge rental of Christina’s suddenly attentive ex…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Mastering the Art of French Murder (American in Paris mysteries)
Cambridge, Colleen
As Paris rediscovers its joie de vivre, Tabitha Knight, recently arrived from Detroit for an extended stay with her French grandfather, is on her own journey of discovery. Paris isn’t just the City of Light; it’s the city of history, romance, stunning architecture… and food. Thanks to her neighbour and friend, Julia Child – another ex-pat, who’s fallen head over heels for Paris – Tabitha is learning how to cook for her Grandpère and Oncle Rafe. Between tutoring Americans in French, visiting the market, and eagerly sampling the results of Julia’s studies at Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, Tabitha’s sojourn is proving thoroughly delightful. That is, until the cold December day they return to Julia’s building and learn that a body has been found in the cellar. Tabitha recognises the victim as a woman she’d met only the night before, at a party given by Julia’s sister, Dort. The murder weapon found nearby is recognisable too – a knife from Julia’s kitchen. Tabitha is eager to help the investigation, but is shocked when Inspector Merveille reveals that a note, in Tabitha’s handwriting, was found in the dead woman’s pocket. Is this murder a case of international intrigue, or something far more personal? From the shadows of the Tour Eiffel at midnight, to the tiny third-floor Child kitchen, to the grungy streets of Montmartre, Tabitha navigates through the city hoping to find the real killer before she or one of her friends ends up in prison… or worse.
The first in a new series.
Historical mystery | TP | $36.99

Death of a Foreign Gentleman
Carroll, Steven
Cambridge, UK, 1947. Martin Friedrich, a German philosopher, is cycling through an intersection – on his way to give a lecture – when a speeding car strikes and kills him. Shortly afterwards, Detective Sergeant Stephen Minter, an Austrian-born cockney Jew, whose parents were interned during the war as enemy aliens, stands over the body of Friedrich, contemplating the age-old question – who did it? Friedrich might be one of the finest minds of his age, but he’s problematic: arrogant and a womaniser; he was also, in the 1930s, a member of the Nazi Party. As Stephen is soon to discover, there is no shortage of suspects. Friedrich was hated by almost everybody, even those who loved him. Is there any sense to his death or was it just a case of rotten, random luck? Has the universe spoken? Or are there more sinister factors at work?
A playful, poignant and absorbing literary crime novel – with shades of The Third Man and Brighton Rock – which examines the question of how to live a meaningful life, in an indifferent, random, post-God world; from one of Australia’s finest, most critically-acclaimed writers.
Historical mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The Detective (Kamil Rahman mysteries)
Chowdhury, Ajay
On the verge of a four-billion-dollar deal, a tech entrepreneur from Shoreditch is found dead in a construction site, which leads to the discovery of three skeletons over 100 years old. But as fresh bodies turn up, can Detective Kamil – along with his friend Anjoli – prevent another murder? Desperate to solve his first case for the Met, will Kamil put his reputation on the line… then cross it?
‘A vivid romp through the Londoner’s London, seen through the sharp eyes of a recent arrival…’ – Alex Marwood.
The first in this series is The Waiter (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Murder Is Easy (TV tie-in edition)
Christie, Agatha
In a quiet English village, a killer is about to strike. Again, and again. Luke Fitzwilliam found it hard to credit Miss Pinkerton’s wild allegation that a multiple murderer was at work, in the quiet English village of Wychwood – or her speculation that the local doctor was next in line. But within hours, Miss Pinkerton had been found dead. Crushed by a passing car. Mere coincidence? Luke was inclined to think so – until another victim is found dead.
Agatha Christie’s ingenious murder mystery, now a sensational two-part BBC thriller. Starring David Jonsson as Fitzwilliam, alongside Morfydd Clark as Bridget; Penelope Wilton as Miss Pinkerton, Tom Riley as Lord Whitfield, Douglas Henshall as Major Horton, Mathew Baynton as Dr Thomas, Mark Bonnar as Reverend Humbleby, and Tamzin Outhwaite as Mrs Pierce.
Christie | PBK | $22.99

A Fatal Encounter in Tuscany (Miss Ashford Investigates)
Conroy, Vivian
When novice detective Atalanta Ashford is whisked away to Italy by her friend, race car driver Raoul Lemont, she anticipates a happy holiday under the Tuscan sun. But a chance meeting, on the Orient Express, with Italian heiress Catharina Lanetti leads to a party invitation… and front row seats for a mysterious murder! With their new friend under suspicion Atalanta and Raoul set to work, trying to discover who really murdered Catharina’s father. But with more than half a dozen suspects – all with compelling motive – Atalanta may just be facing her toughest case, yet!
The first of these charming historical mysteries is Mystery in Provence (PBK, $22.99). Get your passports ready, to travel with her, to some of the most sought-after destinations on the continent…
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

Death on the Tiber (Flavia Albia mysteries)
Davis, Lindsey
Rome is in chaos. The empire of a mobster chief is falling apart following his death. Rivals, fearsome relatives, and associates are taking up position to vie for the spoils. With hideous murders in the streets of Rome, a lone female traveller arrives with an agenda of her own. But when her corpse is dragged out of the river, bearing signs of foul play, Flavia Albia is drawn in – concerned about her fellow Briton’s fate. Albia’s quest to find the killer becomes deeply personal, when she discovers a man at the centre of the plot is an old adversary of hers. Will she be obsessed by revenge? Can she let the past go, or will it consume her?
The brilliant new novel in the must-read, laugh-out-loud Flavia Albia series.
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

In the Fog (Library of Congress Crime Classics)
Davis, Richard
On the evening following the great fog of 1897, four strangers are dining at the exclusive gentleman’s club The Grill, while a fifth – Sir Andrew – is just finishing the last few pages of a pulp mystery novel, before he hurries back to the House of Commons to advocate on behalf of an unpopular naval spending bill. As Sir Andrew rises to leave, the visiting American diplomat announces to the others at the table that on the previous evening, he stumbled upon the scene of a double murder which has left Scotland Yard detectives baffled. Sir Andrew checks his watch, and excitedly asks the American to quickly relate the details. When the American has finished, Sir Andrew again makes to leave for his appointment, until a second man chimes in with what he knows of the murder victims. Sitting back down, Sir Andrew listens raptly as each diner in turn each adds his own bits of background, and theories about who could have killed the Russian princess, and the young British adventurer (who, as it turns out, is from a well-known and prominent family, and had just returned from a year in Africa, the very day he was murdered). Of course, Sir Andrew misses his appointment, but two clever twists will have readers themselves feeling as though they, too, have been wandering in the fog.
Classic mystery | TP | $34.99

A Relative Murder (Medlar mysteries)
Deveraux, Jude
Bestselling novelist Sara Medlar is skilled at sharing stories about other people, but she hoped the truth about her own family would never surface. Her home in Lachlan, Florida, is her refuge and she loves having her niece Kate and dear friend Jack Wyatt together under her roof. The Medlar Three, as they are known around town, have sworn off getting involved in any more murder investigations. When the sheriff unexpectedly leaves on vacation, Jack is surprised to find himself appointed as deputy. So, when Kate stumbles upon a dead body, while visiting a friend, the Medlar Three are back in the sleuthing game. Kate also has a charming new real estate client with a mysterious past. He seems to be followed by trouble and that makes Sara and Jack uneasy. It doesn’t take long to discover that the murder and the new man in town are somehow related – the question is how. When the stranger’s true identity is revealed, Sara realises her carefully-crafted story is about to unravel and she fears she’ll lose Kate and Jack forever. But she desperately hopes that love and honesty will win out over years of lies and deceit. And, besides, family is family – even if you sometimes want to kill them.
Mystery | PBK | $26.95

Disher, Garry
Grace is a thief: a good one. She was taught by experts and she’s been practising since she was a kid. She specialises in small, high-value items – stamps, watches – and she knows her Jaeger-LeCoultres from her Patek Philippes. But it’s a solitary life, always watchful, always moving. It’s not the life she wants. Lying low, after a run in with an old associate, Grace walks into Erin Mandel’s rural antiques shop and sees a chance for something different. A normal job. A place to call home. But someone is looking for Erin. And someone’s looking for Grace, too. And they are both, in their own ways, very dangerous men.
A new standalone novel from the international bestselling author of the Hirsch series. Recommended!
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Brewery Murders (Yorkshire Murder mysteries)
Ellis, J R
An award-winning beer worth killing for. Can DCI Oldroyd find the killer before last orders? Steeped in a history of award-winning Yorkshire ale, the town of Markham boasts not one but two breweries. Richard Foster runs one; his sister, Emily, along with her partner, Janice, runs the other. And not without some resentment. The unwelcome return of the town’s former bad boy, Brendan Scholes, threatens to ignite the sibling rivalry further. Scholes claims to have found the long-lost secret recipe to the beer that made Richard and Emily’s father famous, and he wants money. But it isn’t long before Scholes’ body is found floating in a fermentation tank at one of the breweries, his head caved in by a hammer. DCI Oldroyd and Andy Carter are called in to investigate the murder, and there’s no shortage of suspects. As rumours of the possible existence of a recipe for the famous beer spread against a backdrop of growing homophobia and misogyny, tempers run high. With Markham’s beer industry at stake, a killer on the loose, and the town’s residents out for blood, Oldroyd needs to solve the murder before someone else is killed…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

The London Bookshop Affair
Fein, Louise
London, 1962: The world is teetering on the brink of nuclear war, but life must go on. Celia Duchesne longs for a career, but with no means or qualifications, passes her time working at a dusty bookshop. The day a handsome American enters the shop, she thinks she might have found her way out of the monotony. Just as the excitement of a budding relationship engulfs her, a devastating secret draws her into the murky world of espionage.
France, 1942: Nineteen-year-old Anya Moreau was dropped behind enemy lines to aid the resistance, sending messages back home to London via wireless transmitter. When she was cruelly betrayed, evidence of her legacy and the truth of her actions were buried by wartime injustices. As Celia learns more about Anya – and her unexpected connection to the undercover agent – she becomes increasingly aware of furious efforts, both past and present, to protect state secrets. With her newly-formed romance taking a surprising turn, and the world on the verge of nuclear annihilation, Celia must risk everything she holds dear, in the name of justice.
Historical suspense | TP | $32.99

Devil’s Kitchen
Fox, Candice
For years, the firefighters of New York’s Engine 99 have rushed fearlessly into hot zones, saving countless lives, and stopping devastating blazes in their tracks. They’ve also stolen millions from banks, jewellery stores, and art galleries. With their inside knowledge and specialist equipment, they’ve become the most successful heist crew on the East Coast. Their newest member, Andrea ‘Andy’ Nearland, is not what she seems either. She’s an undercover operative, hunting the men of Engine 99 for a host of crimes – including the murder of an off-duty cop, and the disappearance of a mother and child. As the clock counts down to the gang’s most daring heist, yet… loyalties begin to fray and mistrust boils over. Andy’s career is all smoke and mirrors, but infiltrating this crew of ‘heroes’ might prove to be her most dangerous job of all…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Fire With Fire
Fox, Candice
Ryan and Elsie Delaney don’t accept the official line that their young daughter drowned on Santa Monica beach. Her body has never been found and their pleas for a proper investigation are rejected. So, now, the desperate pair are raining hellfire on the police. Taking three hostages at the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Centre, they give law enforcement an ultimatum: if Tilly isn’t located in the next 24 hours, they will destroy evidence in several major cases. Detective Charlie Hoskins only just survived five years, embedded with the ruthless gang known as the Death Machines. All his work is in that lab. If the police won’t look for Tilly, he will. Even if that means accepting help from Lynette Lamb, the rookie officer sacked for blowing his cover – and having him thrown to the sharks. Finding Tilly is, now, a matter of life and death – for the Delaneys, for their hostages, for Charlie and Lamb, and for the little girl who, one day, simply vanished…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Dead of Winter: Ten Classic Tales for Chilling Nights (anthology)
Gayford, Cecily (editor)
As the nights draw in, the veil between worlds thins, and all sorts of ghosts and ghouls come tumbling in. In the shadows, under the bed, in wind-whipped, snowy landscapes and in rooms lit by guttering candles, the dead of winter are waiting for us… and their hearts are cold as ice. From the mysterious occupant of an ancient tomb to the Christmas visitor who is troubled by violent dreams, these are 10 ghost stories from the masters of the genre that will chill your blood and haunt your dreams through the darkest months of the year. With stories from Lennox Robinson, M Burrage, Ruth Rendell, E F Benson, Arthur Conan Doyle, H Russell Wakefield, M R James, Margaret Irwin, Algernon Blackwood, and W W Jacobs.
Classic mystery/ghost stories | PBK | $22.99

A High Tide Murder (Cannabis Café mysteries)
George, Emily
What a long, strange trip it’s been, for Chloe. After her dream of becoming a Parisian pastry chef – and a wife – crashed and burned, she returned home to the seaside town of Azalea Bay, California and opened a cannabis café. Despite some residents’ misgivings about how such a business may affect the community’s reputation, Baked by Chloe has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Nothing mellows out people like sweet edibles and frothy drinks with a dash of CBD. But when it comes to surfers, the only high they want to ride is on a wave. The annual summer Azalea Bay Pro Challenger Surf Competition is underway, and fan favourite Aaron Gill is treading water. Plagued by professional and personal pressures, he finds himself no longer a top contender, and everyone is saddened when he takes his own life. But his best friend Ethan Wilson knows that despite Aaron’s difficulties, suicide was not on his mind, and he begs Chloe to investigate. Against her better judgment, Chloe dives in and discovers Aaron was surrounded by people motivated enough to help him wipe out – permanently…
Mystery | TP | $34.99

The Last Guardian (Clayton White series)
Gervais, Simon
Fighting the fentanyl epidemic in the United States is a top priority for President Alexander Hammond, and there’s only one man he trusts – however begrudgingly – to lead the task force: former Secret Service agent and soon-to-be son-in-law Clayton White. Once reckless in his line of work, White is now determined to keep his future in mind. He and his fiancée, Veronica, are expecting their first child, and there are some risks, White is no longer willing to take. But when his investigation into the Red Dragon Triad drug cartel appears to lead to the assassination of the FBI director, White is forced to put his life on the line to find out who is behind the attack and what they’re planning next. Amid a series of secret identities, betrayals, and terrorist plots, Clayton White must join forces with allies he’s not sure he can trust to save the country he’s sworn to protect and the family he’s vowed to love.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

A Cryptic Clue (Hunter & Clewe mysteries)
Gilbert, Victoria
Sixty-year-old Jane Hunter, forced into early retirement from her job as a university librarian, is seeking a new challenge to keep her spirits up and supplement her meagre pension. But as she’s about to discover, a retiree’s life can bring new thrills – and new dangers. Cameron ‘Cam’ Clewe, an eccentric 33-year-old collector, is also seeking something – an archivist to inventory his ever-expanding compendium of rare books and artifacts. Jane’s thrilled to be hired on by Cam and to uncover the secrets of his latest acquisition, a trove of items related to the classic mystery and detective authors. But Jane’s delight is upended when a body is discovered in Cam’s library. The victim, heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, was the last in line of Cam’s failed romances – and, now, he’s suspect number one. Cam vows to use his intelligence and deductive skills to clear his name – but with a slight case of agoraphobia, rampant anxiety, and limited social skills, he’ll need some help. It comes down to Jane to exonerate her new boss – but is he truly innocent?
The first in a new series.
Mystery | TP | $50.00

The Pigeon (Joe the Bouncer)
Gordon, David
Harvard dropout and ex-Special Forces operative Joe Brody is climbing the ranks in the criminal underworld. After successfully executing multiple missions for the various crime syndicates that run New York City, he has come to earn the trust and respect of the city’s most dangerous denizens. Which is why his newest task – retrieving a pet pigeon snatched from a rooftop coop in Brooklyn – has Joe puzzled… until he learns that the bird is valued at close to a million dollars. Joe hatches a plan to sneak into the luxury apartment building where the pigeon is held captive. But the plan takes a deadly turn when he stumbles upon a nest of international war criminals. Fearing that Joe’s entry into the building has, somehow, compromised their nefarious scheme, they put a bounty on his head. In New York, Joe is untouchable, but his new foes come from outside the flock, and he’ll need a wing and a prayer to elude their assassins.
Caper | PBK | $22.99

The Harbour Lights Mystery (Shell House Detectives mysteries)
Hall, Emylia
As the Shell House Detectives try to solve a family mystery, their investigation runs dangerously close to a murder case. Are the two linked? It’s December in Cornwall, and Mousehole harbour is illuminated with its famous Christmas lights. Ally Bright is among the crowd listening to the carol singers – and then to the piercing screams that rip through the darkness. A body has been found, brutally murdered, and dumped in a fisherman’s boat. The victim is chef J P Sharpe and there is no shortage of people who might have wanted him dead. Eager for a new case for the Shell House Detectives, Ally calls ex-cop Jayden, but he’s keen to leave it to the police – until a letter in Sharpe’s pocket draws them into a seemingly unconnected family mystery. As they take on this highly-charged mission, the duo can’t help scrutinising the murder suspects. Who among the close-knit community has reason to kill, and how far will they go to protect themselves? As fear spreads, Ally and Jayden need answers – fast. Could the letter offer a clue to the murder case, or will it reveal a terrible truth? And when a new witness comes to light, Jayden closes in on a desperate killer… but can he warn Ally, in time?
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Household
Halls, Stacey
In a quiet house in the countryside outside London, the finishing touches are being made to welcome a group of young women. The house and its location are top secret, its residents unknown to one another, but the girls have one thing in common: they are fallen. Offering refuge for prostitutes, petty thieves, and the destitute, Urania Cottage is a second chance at life – but how badly do they want it? Nearing the end of her prison term, Josephine Nash accepts an invitation to live at Urania to please the woman she loves, but finds herself arriving alone and heartbroken. There, she meets Martha Gelder, who is eager for a fresh start, but is soon dealt a devastating blow that causes her to question her future. A few miles away in a Piccadilly mansion, millionairess Angela Burdett-Coutts makes a discovery that leaves her cold: her stalker of 10 years has been released from prison, and is intent on revenge… As the three women’s worlds collide in ways they could never have expected, they find that freedom always comes at a price…
Gothic mystery | TP | $32.99

The Cryptic Clue (Tea Ladies mysteries)
Hampson, Amanda
Look who’s back in hot water!
In ZigZag Lane, in the heart of Sydney’s rag-trade district, tea ladies Hazel, Betty, and Irene find themselves in hot water. Having already solved a murder, kidnapping, and arson case, and outwitting an arch criminal, they have proved themselves a useful resource and earned the respect of a local police officer. Now, he needs their help to solve a plot that threatens security. As if that’s not enough, Irene gets a coded message, directing her to the spoils of a bank robbery; which sends the tea ladies on a treasure hunt with an unexpected outcome. There’s also trouble brewing within the walls of Empire Fashionwear, where an interloper threatens not just Hazel’s job, but the very role of tea lady. It’s up to Hazel to convince her friends to abandon their trolleys and take action, to save their livelihoods – before it’s too late.
The highly-anticipated new novel in the Tea Ladies mystery series, a runaway bestseller of the year, following the fabulous The Tea Ladies (PBK, $22.99). Ideal for fans of Richard Osman and Bonnie Garmus. Recommended.
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

What I Would Do to You
Harper, Georgia
A near-future Australia.
The death penalty is back. But if the victim’s family wants the perpetrator to die, they have to do it themselves. Twenty-four hours alone, in a room with the condemned. No cameras. No microphones. Just whatever punishment they decide befits the crime.
Ten-year-old Lucy was murdered.
Through counselling sessions with their court-appointed psychologist, we learn the stories of her family members: Lucy’s two mothers – Stella and Matisse – her much-older brother and her bookish, teenage sister, who is too young to participate in the execution, but who has plans of her own…
Secrets and grief threaten to break the family.
As the execution date nears, already-struggling Stella remains adamant that she must carry out the punishment. But it becomes clear that, if she steps into that room, the family may lose her too. What would you do?
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Who Cries for the Lost (Sebastian St Cyr mysteries)
Harris, C S
June 1815. The people of London wait, breathlessly, for news as Napoleon and the forces united against him hurtle toward their final reckoning at Waterloo. Among them is Sebastian St Cyr, Viscount Devlin – frustrated to find himself sidelined, while recovering from a dangerous wound he recently received in Paris. When the mutilated corpse of Major Miles Sedgewick surfaces from the murky waters of the Thames, Sebastian is drawn into the investigation of a murder that threatens one of his oldest and dearest friends, Irish surgeon Paul Gibson. Gibson’s lover, Alexi Sauvage, was tricked into a bigamous marriage with the victim. But there are other women who may have wanted the cruel, faithless Major dead. His mistress, his neglected wife, and their young governess who he seduced all make for compelling suspects. Even more interesting to Sebastian is one of Sedgewick’s fellow officers, a man who shared Sedgewick’s macabre interest in both old English folklore and the occult. And then there’s a valuable list of Londoners who once spied for Napoleon that Sedgewick was said to be transporting to Charles, Lord Jarvis, the Regent’s powerful cousin who also happens to be Sebastian’s own father-in-law. The deeper Sebastian delves into Sedgewick’s life, the more he learns about the Major’s many secrets and the list of people who could have wanted him dead grows even longer. Soon, others connected to Sedgewick begin to die strange, brutal deaths and more evidence emerges that links Alexi to the crimes. Certain that Gibson will be implicated, alongside his lover, Sebastian finds himself in a desperate race against time to stop the killings… and save his friends from the terror of the gallows.
The first of these fantastic, original, Regency-set mysteries is What Angels Fear (PBK, $26.95).
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

The Miller Women
Hawkins, Kelli
Does murder run in the family?
When a teenage girl goes missing, Nicola Miller fears for her own daughter. Not for Abby’s mental health or safety, but that she might have had something to do with it. She worries her daughter is a killer. Just like her. Nicola has never told the truth about what happened with Abby’s father. But, now, as the search for Cara continues, Nicola, risks her secret coming to light. And she’s not the only one with something to hide. her mother, Joyce, and her daughter also have secrets of their own.
A stunning, captivating and yet unnerving exploration of how the sins of the fathers – or in this case, the mothers – can echo down the generations.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Zero Kill
Hill, M K
Meet Elsa Zero: Bad neighbour. Single mother. Ex-deep cover agent. And, right now, the most dangerous person on Earth.
When Elsa’s dull but dedicated boyfriend proposes in a packed restaurant, she doesn’t think her evening can get any worse. But as the clock strikes midnight, her world is turned upside down. Suddenly, Elsa is running for her life, trying to keep her children safe, and desperate to discover what the hell is going on. Every intelligence agency in the world wants her dead, because she’s in possession of a deadly secret – she just has to stay alive… long enough to figure out what it is. But this is Elsa Zero, we’re talking about. And it’s a very bad idea to get on her wrong side.
An ex-secret agent must come out of retirement, to save her family, in the new action-packed thriller.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Cat Wears a Noose (American Mystery Classics, Rachel Murdock mysteries)
Hitchens, Dolores
Walking home wearily, from an evening spent poring over the books of the Parchly Heights Methodist Ladies’ Aid searching for a 58-cent error, Miss Jennifer Murdock becomes witness to a terrible scene: A man, stumbling drunk, arrives home – and just as he fumbles with his keys, gunfire erupts and kills him on the spot. Jennifer is determined not to tell her sister, Rachel, anything about it. After all, Rachel considers herself a sleuth, or as Jennifer views it, a busybody who pokes her nose in places it doesn’t belong. What she doesn’t know is Rachel has just had a visit from a member of that same household, a meek 18-year-old taken in, after she was orphaned, and treated like a servant. Young Shirley has been alarmed by a series of nasty pranks – and, now, she’s heartbroken, and even more frightened, after finding her pet bird dead. There’s something awful going on in the house on Chestnut Street, and neither her prim and proper sister nor Det Lt Stephen Mayhew can stop Rachel from finding out what it is…
The Cat Wears a Noose was previously published under the pseudonym D B Olsen.
Classic mystery | TP/HC | $28.95/$49.95

Young Rich Widows
Holahan, Cate; Lillie, Vanessa; Fargo, Layne; Belle, Kimberly
When the four partners of a prominent law firm are killed in a mysterious plane crash, their widows must come together to uncover the truth…
1985, Rhode Island. A private jet carrying four partners of a Providence law firm crashes outside New York City, killing all aboard but leaving behind more questions than answers and setting the stage for four widows to find the truth. Justine: a former fashion model adjusting to suburban life; Camille: a beautiful, young second wife whom some suspect is a gold digger; Meredith: a stripper who was in a relationship with the firm’s only female partner; and Krystle: a founding partner’s wife committed to the firm being a legacy for her sons. While the crash is initially ruled a tragic accident, something’s not adding up: the team wasn’t supposed to be in New York that day, and it’s soon revealed there was a very large sum of cash that burned up with the plane. The scene is as wild as ’80s neon, and the manic chase to uncover the Mafia-laced secrets gives this rip-roaring read a rad vibe that will linger long after the ’80s soundtrack fades and the hairspray falls.
The Audible Original sensation is now in paperback; an explosive, edge-of-your-seat thriller, with an ’80s mafia vibe, co-written by four bestselling authors.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Close to Death (Hawthorne mysteries)
Horowitz, Anthony
Richmond Upon Thames is one of the most desirable areas to live in London. And Riverview Close – a quiet, gated community – seems to offer its inhabitants the perfect life. At least, it does until Giles Kenworthy moves in with his wife and noisy children, his four petrol-guzzling cars, his loud parties, and his plans for a new swimming pool in his garden. His neighbours all have a reason to hate him and are, soon, up in arms. When Kenworthy is shot dead with a crossbow bolt through his neck, all of them come under suspicion; and his murder opens the door to lies, deception, and further death. The police are baffled. Reluctantly, they call in former Detective Daniel Hawthorne. But even he is faced with a seemingly impossible puzzle. How do you solve a murder, when everyone has the same motive?
Mystery | TP | $34.99

Sisters of Fortune: A Novel of the Titanic
Huber, Anna Lee
April 1912: It’s the perfect finale to a Grand Tour of Europe – sailing home on the largest, most luxurious ocean liner ever built. For the Fortune sisters, the voyage offers a chance to reflect on the treasures of the past they’ve seen – magnificent castles and museums in Italy and France, the ruins of Greece and the Middle East – and contemplate the futures that await them. For Alice, there’s foreboding mixed with her excitement. A fortune-teller, in Egypt, gave her a dire warning about traveling at sea. And the freedom she has enjoyed on her travels contrasts with her fiancé’s plans for her return – a cossetted existence she’s no longer sure she wants. Flora is also returning to a fiancé, a well-to-do banker of whom her parents heartily approve, as befits their most dutiful daughter. Yet, the closer the wedding looms, the less sure Flora feels. Another man – charming, exasperating, completely unsuitable – occupies her thoughts, daring her to follow her own desires rather than settling for the wishes of others. Youngest sister Mabel knows her parents arranged this Grand Tour to separate her from a jazz musician. But the secret truth is that Mabel has little interest in marrying at all, preferring to explore ideas of suffrage and reform – even if it forces a rift with her family. Each sister grapples with the choices before her as the grand vessel glides through the Atlantic waters. Until, on an infamous night, fate intervenes, forever altering their lives…
Historical fiction | TP | $36.99

Fixit (IQ series)
Ide, Joe
Isaiah Quintabe’s first love, Grace, has been kidnapped by maniacal hitman Skip Hanson – who is determined to punish Isaiah for sending him to prison. With Grace’s safety at stake, Isaiah reunites with his old partner, ex-hustler Juanell Dodson, to track down Grace’s whereabouts. Trouble comes in the shape of Winne Hando, a homicide detective with something to prove. Winnie sees Isaiah’s involvement as a potential embarrassment: an unlicensed PI can’t be seen doing a better job, than a police department. As Winnie and Isaiah compete in their increasingly desperate hunt, Isaiah starts to fear that even if he can bring Grace home alive, things between them will never be the same…
The sixth instalment in the critically-acclaimed and beloved series; the first is IQ (PBK, $24.99).
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Hiss Me Deadly (Cat in the Stacks mysteries)
James, Miranda
Charlie Harris remembers Wilfred ‘Wil’ Threadgill as one of the outsiders, during high school in Athena. Although Wil was a couple of years ahead of him and his friend Melba Gilley, Melba had a big crush on Wil, who dropped out after his junior year. An aspiring musician, Wil hit the road for California and never looked back. Wil, eventually, became a star, fronting a band and writing award-winning songs. Coming back to Athena to work for two weeks with students in the college music department, Wil is now the big man on campus. Not everyone is happy to have him back, however. His entourage have been the target of several acts of petty harassment. At first, they are easy for Wil to shrug off, but the incidents escalate and become more troubling. When one of the band members is killed, Charlie worries that Melba – now, deeply involved with the man, at the centre of the attacks – could be in deadly danger. It is up to Charlie and Diesel to find out who hates Wil Threadgill enough to silence his song… forever!
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Helle and Death
Jensen, Oskar
A snowstorm. A country house. Old friends reunited. It’s going to be murder…
Torben Helle – art historian, Danish expat, and owner of several excellent Scandinavian jumpers – has been dragged to a remote snowbound Northumbrian mansion for a 10-year reunion with old university friends. Things start to go sideways when their host, a reclusive and irritating tech entrepreneur, makes some shocking revelations at the dinner table. And when these are followed by an apparent suicide, the group faces a test of their wits… and their trust. Snowed in and cut off, surrounded by enigmatic housekeepers and off-duty police inspectors, not to mention a peculiar last will and testament, suspicion and sarcasm quickly turn to panic. As the temperature drops and the tension mounts, Torben decides to draw upon all the tricks of Golden Age detectives, past – in order to solve the mystery: how much money would it take to turn one of his old friends into a murderer? But he’d better be quick, or someone else might end up dead…
This witty murder mystery puts a modern spin on the classic country house whodunnit. A must-read for fans of Agatha Christie, Richard Osman, and Janice Hallett.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Drowning Place (Detective Lew Kirby mysteries)
Kane, S W
Murder on an abandoned housing development – and a web of dark secrets stretching back decades… Looking for clues about her sister’s death amid the crumbling decay of a derelict and near-deserted London neighbourhood, urban explorer Connie Darke makes a terrifying discovery: William Stark, the estate’s architect and long-time resident, is hanging from the church’s vaulted ceiling. For DI Lew Kirby, there’s no doubt that Stark was lured to his death – but who wanted him dead, and why? As Connie begins a covert investigation, desperate to find a connection to her sister, Kirby soon discovers that the remaining residents have something to hide. Could there be a connection between Stark’s death and the unsolved case of Kevin Shires, a boy who went missing from the estate decades ago? And with Kirby and Connie both digging into the long-buried history of the estate’s darkest corners, what other secrets will be unearthed from the ruins of Grasmere?
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Four
Keel, Ellie
We were always The Four. From our very first day at High Realms. The four scholarship pupils. Outsiders in a world of power and privilege. It would have made our lives a lot easier, if Marta had simply pushed Genevieve out of our bedroom window that day. Certainly, it would have been tragic. She would have died instantly. But Marta didn’t push her, then, or – if you choose to believe me – at any other time. If she had, all of what we went through would not have happened. I’ve told this story as clearly as I could – as rationally as I’ve been able, in the circumstances, to achieve. I don’t regret what we did. And I would do it all again.
Dark academia, perfect for fans of The Secret History (PBK, $24.99) and If We Were Villains (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Four-Alarm Homicide (House-Flipper mysteries)
Kelly, Diane
Carpenter Whitney Whitaker and her cousin Buck are hot for a historical property that has just come on the market – a fire station, in Nashville’s Germantown neighbourhood that was built nearly a century ago. The cousins have just begun the interior demolition work at the fire station when Joanna Hartzell, who lives in a townhouse around the corner, comes by with a plea for help. Joanna owns the right half of her building, which she proudly maintains in perfect condition, while the left side falls into disrepair: the seven adult children who inherited it years ago refuse to lift a finger on repairs. Never one to turn down a challenge, Whitney and Buck manage to acquire the rundown townhouse – though it turns out Joanna is only one of the many neighbours interested in buying the property once they’ve worked their magic. Then, Joanna shows up at the fire station – confused and rambling – then collapses, never to recover. Alarm bells go off for Whitney: she suspects something – and someone – evil could be the real cause. Can she and Collin put the clues together and smoke out a killer?
Mystery | PBK | $26.95

The House of Mirrors
Kelly, Erin
In the sweltering summer of 1997, strait-laced, straight-A student Karen met Biba – a bohemian and impossibly glamorous aspiring actress. A few months later, two people were dead and another had been sent to prison. Having stood by Rex, as he served his sentence, Karen is now married to him; with a daughter, Alice – who runs a vintage clothing company in London. They’re a normal family, as long as they don’t talk about the past, never mention the name Biba, and ignore Alice’s flashes of dark, dangerous fury. Karen has kept what really happened, that summer of ’97, hidden deep inside her. Alice is keeping secrets of her own. But when anonymous notes begin to arrive at Alice’s shop, it seems the past is about to catch up with them all…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Black Wolf
Kent, Kathleen
Minsk, 1990. The Soviet Union is crumbling. The scavengers and predators are gathering, eager to pick the meat off the bones of a dying empire.
The spy: Melvina Donleavy is part of a US trade delegation… and on her first undercover mission with the CIA. Mel has a secret skill: she is a ‘super recogniser’, someone who never forgets a face. She is the CIA’s early warning system, on watch for hostile agents trying to extract fissionable materials from the moribund USSR.
The serial killer: On the streets of Minsk, women are being strangled. Many more have disappeared. The Soviet Union is not a gentle place for women and too many men are capable of such violence, but the truth is worse: just one man is responsible. Worse still, the authorities will never admit to his existence – serial killers, after all, are a symptom of capitalist decadence. And, now, he has a new target…
The spy hunter: Chairman of the USSR’s KGB, recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union medal, the Order of Lenin, the Medal for Valour, the Order of the Patriotic War, and the Order of the Red Star. They say you never hear his footsteps, until he’s carrying your coffin. And, now, he has a new target…
The Cold War may be coming to a close, but Mel is in danger of being obliterated by its fallout. Whichever way she turns, the wolves are gathering. A dazzling new spy thriller about a female CIA agent whose extraordinary powers lead her into the dangerous heart of the collapsing Soviet Union – and the path of a killer that shouldn’t exist.
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Lantern’s Dance (Mary Russell mysteries)
King, Laurie R
September 1925. After their recent adventures in Transylvania, Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes look forward to spending time with Holmes’ son, the famous artist Damian Adler, and his family in the French countryside. But when they arrive at Damian’s house, they discover that the Adlers have fled from a mysterious threat. In the ominously empty house, Russell discovers several crates packed with memorabilia, related to the artist Horace Vernet – including an old journal written in a nearly impenetrable code. Intrigued, Russell sets about deciphering the intricate cryptograph. The secrets of the past appear to be reaching into the present. Could there be things about Holmes’ own history that even the master detective does not perceive?
Sherlockiana | HC | $39.99

Murder in Dublin (Blind Detective mysteries)
Koning, Christina
Dublin, 1939. As the Second World War looms ever closer, blind war veteran Frederick Rowlands travels to the neutral territory of Ireland at the behest of Celia Swift, whose husband, Lord Castleford, has been receiving mysterious death threats. When a body is discovered, Castleford finds himself being accused of a murder he did not commit. As Castleford’s trial begins, Rowlands must fight to save his friend’s reputation – and his neck from the gallows. As a country teeters on the knife-edge of war and a man’s life hangs in the balance, will the Blind Detective identify the true killer in time?
The first in this series is The Blind Detective Series (PBK, $24.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $24.99

No Exit (Inspector Jian)
Lewis, Simon
Inspector Jian and his daughter Weiwei just want to go back to their home in China: but Jian is facing a corruption charge in his absence and risks arrest. Instead, he tries to scrape a living on London’s meanest streets as an illegal immigrant, reduced to hustling Mah Jiang for cash. A bleak future looks to be growing bleaker still – when a triad gang blackmail him into tracking down an unlikely young robber. Jian and Weiwei scramble between London’s grimiest bedsits and its swankiest penthouses, as they penetrate the glittering world of ‘princelings’ – the rich children of the Chinese elite, who treat the city as their playground. Locked in a desperate struggle, with no way out in sight, it will take all their wiles, as well as some lucky gambles, to come out of this latest venture alive.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Showstopper (Detective Peter Diamond mysteries)
Lovesey, Peter
Bath’s top detective, Peter Diamond, doesn’t believe in jinxes. So, when he’s asked to investigate a top TV show plagued by a series of misfortunes, Diamond is unmoved. He’s no fan of the show – which glorifies criminals and mocks the police – and the incidents were spread across six years. It’s clear this is the press making a sensation, out of nothing. So, Diamond puts the junior member of his squad on the case. But when young officer Paul Gilbert goes on location with the TV unit and witnesses another near-death incident, Diamond is forced to take an interest. To make matters worse, the press get wind of his involvement and Diamond his under pressure from all quarters. But his troubles have scarcely started. Devastating traps and surprises make this the most baffling case of his entire career.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Bequest
Margaret, Joanna
Fleeing a disastrous affair with a colleague in Boston, Isabel Henley moves to Scotland to begin a PhD, only to learn upon arrival that her advisor has died mysteriously. Soon afterwards, Isabel is informed that another scholar is about to publish a book on her dissertation topic, leaving her disconcerted and in search of a new subject. After such a rocky start to life overseas, Isabel needs a good friend, and finds one when she reconnects with Rose Brewster, a charismatic former classmate. But when Rose reveals she is in trouble, then goes missing, Isabel’s already unsteady life is sent into a tailspin. A suicide note surfaces, followed by a coded message: Rose is alive but captive, and unless Isabel can complete her friend’s research, both women will be killed. Isabel follows Rose’s paper trail through Genoa, Florence, and Paris. She uncovers family secrets, the legend of an enormous, cursed emerald, and a chain of betrayal and treason lasting centuries. If she can put the pieces together in time, Isabel may solve a 400-year-old mystery… and save her life, and her friend’s, in the process.
Gothic mystery | PBK | $22.99

Shock Waves
McDonald, Fleur
Detective Dave Burrows has longed for the top job in the Stock Squad, but never thought he’d be acting in that role – while his partner and best mate, Detective Bob Holden, is treated for melanoma. Bob is keen to get back on the road and Dave can’t wait to go bush either, expecting the trip will be much the same as usual. But the trip doesn’t play out that way. Multiple bomb blasts in the small country town of Kallygarn send shock waves through the state of Western Australia, and Dave and Bob are, once again, drawn into the criminal underworld.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Mother of the Bride Murder (Lucy Stone mysteries)
Meier, Leslie
When Lucy Stone arrives at a sprawling French chateau with the whole family, it should be the trip of a lifetime – especially because she’s about to watch her oldest daughter marry the man of her dreams. But while navigating the vast countryside estate owned by her impenetrably wealthy in-laws-to-be, the jet-lagged mother of the bride has a creeping feeling that Elizabeth’s fairy-tale nuptials to Jean-Luc Schoen-Rene are destined to become a nightmare… Her maternal instincts are validated the moment a body is pulled from a centuries-old moat on the property. A young woman has dropped dead under mysterious circumstances – possibly at the hands of someone at the chateau – and unflattering rumours about the Schoen-Rene line and their inner circle flow like champagne. With tensions building, personalities clashing, and real dangers emerging at the chateau, Lucy will have to locate the culprit among a list of worldly jilted lovers and potential criminal masterminds, or Elizabeth’s trip down the aisle could end in tragedy…
Mystery | PBK | $24.95

Pheasants Nest
Milligan, Louise
Kate Delaney has made the biggest mistake of her life. She picked the wrong guy to humiliate on a girls’ night out and, now, she is living every woman’s worst nightmare. Kate finds herself brutalised, bound and gagged – in the back of a car, being driven god knows where, by a man whose name she doesn’t know; and she is petrified about what’s in store for her. As a journalist who is haunted by the crimes she’s had to report over her career, Kate is terrifyingly familiar with the statistics about women who go missing – and the fear and trauma behind the headlines. She knows only too well how those stories usually end. Kate can only hope the police will find her, before it’s too late, but she’s aware a random crime is hardest to solve. As the clock ticks down, she tries to keep herself sane by thinking about her beloved boyfriend and friends, escaping into memories of love and happy times together. She knows she cannot give way to despair. As the suspense escalates, Kate’s boyfriend Liam is left behind, struggling with his shock, fear and desperation as the police establish a major investigation. The detectives face their own feelings of anguish and futility as they reflect on the cases they didn’t solve in time and the victims they couldn’t save. They know Kate’s chances of survival diminish with every passing hour.
A gripping, propulsive, and brilliantly-original debut by award-winning investigative journalist and writer Louise Milligan.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Killarney (Dana Gibson mysteries)
Mottram, Nikki
Child protection worker Dana Gibson arrives in the sleepy rural town of Killarney with one goal in mind: locate the whereabouts of foster child Jayden Maloney and return him to care. What she isn’t anticipating is an unexpected attraction to her colleague’s younger brother, Sean; or to become embroiled in their simmering family feud. When criminal allegations surface against a member of the local parish and a police task force discovers an increase in drug trafficking across the border, Dana is forced to consider that Jayden’s disappearance is not simply a case of a teen on the run. To complicate matters further, torrential rain causes the Condamine River to break its banks, and the town gets cut off. As Dana continues to ask questions, tensions peak with the rising flood waters and she soon realises that the tight-knit community is not all that it seems. Long-held secrets start to unravel, and loyalties are questioned, forcing Dana to make a decision about who she can trust and how much she is willing to fight for what she believes in.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Final Appeal
Mróz, Remigiusz
It’s your first day as a lawyer, and you have to defend the country’s most notorious killer…
When criminal justice lawyer Joanna Chylka is tasked with defending the son of Zelasny & McVay’s biggest client, she is stumped for the first time. Assisted by average law graduate and the firm’s newest mentee, Kordian Orynski, they find himself in a maze of tangled evidence. Piotr Langer Junior has been charged with Article 148: murder with exceptional brutality. He is alleged to have sat in his apartment for 10 days with two rotting corpses, before calmly opening the door to the police dressed in a light blue dressing gown, as though nothing had ever happened. Whispers suggest the involvement of a criminal organisation or the mafia, but as soon as Oyrnski and Chylka discover a ruling that might allow for an appeal, Orynski gets brutally attacked out of nowhere. Who attacked Orysnki, and why? Is Piotr Langer really guilty of murdering these two people? And will Orysnki and Chylka ever make their final appeal?
From the biggest-selling author in Poland comes this stunning legal thriller, introducing legendary criminal justice lawyer, Joanna Chylka.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Down a Dark River (Inspector Corravan mysteries)
Odden, Karen
London, 1878. One April morning, a small boat bearing a young woman’s corpse floats down the murky waters of the Thames. When the victim is identified as Rose Albert, daughter of a prominent judge, the Scotland Yard director gives the case to Michael Corravan, one of the only Senior Inspectors remaining after a corruption scandal the previous autumn left the division in ruins. Reluctantly, Corravan abandons his ongoing case, a search for the missing wife of a shipping magnate, handing it over to his young colleague, Mr Stiles. An Irish former bare-knuckles boxer and dockworker from London’s seedy East End, Corravan has good street sense and an inspector’s knack for digging up clues. But he’s confounded when, a week later, a second woman is found dead in a rowboat, and then a third. The dead women seem to have no connection whatsoever. Meanwhile, Mr Stiles makes an alarming discovery: the shipping magnate’s missing wife, Mrs Beckford, may not have fled her house because she was insane, as her husband claims, and Mr Beckford may not be the successful man of business that he appears to be. Slowly, it becomes clear that the river murders and the case of Mrs Beckford may be linked through some terrible act of injustice in the past – for which someone has vowed a brutal vengeance. Now, with the newspapers, once again, trumpeting the Yard’s failures, Corravan must dredge up the truth – before London devolves into a state of panic and before the killer claims another innocent victim.
The first in a series.
Historical mystery | TP | $44.99

Nothing But the Bones
Panowich, Brian
In McFalls County, local crime boss Gareth Burroughs runs everything on the mountain. And Nelson ‘Nails’ McKenna has been his enforcer since he was a teenager, though his heart’s not really in the dirty work. Then one night, in a local roadhouse, Nails goes too far, defending a woman, and even Burroughs’ reach can’t get him out of this one. With a dead body and countless witnesses, Nails and the woman become fugitives on the run, and unlikely partners. But on the road to Jacksonville, where a possible escape awaits, there’s more than one interested party on the pair’s trail, and the glimpse they had – of getting away, scot-free – suddenly, seems elusive. In the end, Nails must make one final stand for his freedom – or pay with both of their lives.
Noir | HC | $62.95

How to Solve Your Own Murder (Castle Knoll Files)
Perrin, Kristen
Frances always said, she’d be murdered. She was right.
In 1965, Frances Adams was told by a fortune teller that one day she’d be murdered. Frances spent the next 60 years trying to prevent the crime that would be her eventual demise. Of course, no one took her seriously – until she was dead. For Frances, being the village busybody was a form of insurance. She’d spent a lifetime compiling dirt, on every person she met… just in case they might turn out to be her killer. In the heart of her sprawling country estate lies an eccentric library of detective work, where the right person could step in and use her findings to solve her murder. When her great-niece Annie arrives from London, and discovers that Frances’ worst fear has come true, Annie is thrust into her great-aunt’s last act of revenge against her sceptical friends and family. Frances’ will stipulates that the person, who solves her murder, will inherit her millions. Can Annie unravel the mystery and find justice for Frances, or will digging up the past lead her into the path of the killer?
A hilarious mystery, with a killer hook. Perfect for fans of Knives Out and Only Murders in the Building.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Sinner’s Mark (Nicholas Shelby mysteries)
Perry, S W
The year is 1600. With a dying queen on the throne, war raging on the high seas and famine on the rise, England is on the brink of chaos. And in London’s dark alleyways, a conspiracy is brewing. In the court’s desperate bid to silence it, an innocent man is found guilty – the father of Nicholas Shelby, physician and spy. As Nicholas races against time to save his father, he and his wife Bianca are drawn into the centre of a treacherous plot against the queen. When one of Shakespeare’s boy actors goes missing, and Bianca discovers a disturbing painting that could be a clue, she embarks on her own investigation. Meanwhile, as Nicholas comes closer to unveiling the real conspirator, the men who wish to silence him are multiplying. When he stumbles on a plan to overthrow the state and replace it with a terrifying new order, he may be forced to make a decision between his country and his heart…
Historical mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

The Last Resort (Harith Athreya mysteries)
Raman, R V
There’s blood in the backwaters of Kerala… Detective Harith Athreya is recuperating in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, when he meets a family of vacationing Bollywood royalty, who ask for his help making a murder mystery film. But the family is not what it seems – there are rumours of major money troubles, links to organised crime, and rivalry between the scions. When one of them is found dead, murdered exactly like a victim in the film, Athreya puts his holiday on hold to solve the case. Is this the work of an angry co-star, or something more sinister?
The first of these charming, contemporary, Indian-set mysteries is A Will to Kill (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Payback in Death (Eve Dallas series)
Robb, J D
Lt Eve Dallas is back and this time she’s investigating the death of one of her own… When a retired police officer is found dead in his home, Lt Eve Dallas and the team are called to the scene to investigate. The victim is Martin Greenleaf, former Captain of Internal Affairs. At first glance, it looks like suicide – but Eve thinks there could be more to this carefully-laid scene than meets the eye. Captain Greenleaf put a lot of cops away, during his 47 years in Internal Affairs. Did the weight of the job finally prove too much for him? Or could this be a case of payback in death…?
Eve Dallas | PBK | $22.99

The Only One Left
Sager, Riley
Now, reduced to a schoolyard chant, the Hope family murders shocked the Maine coast one bloody night in 1929. While most people assume 17-year-old Lenora was responsible, the police were never able to prove it. Other than her denial after the killings, she has never spoken publicly about that night, nor has she set foot outside Hope’s End, the cliffside mansion where the massacre occurred.
Stabbed her father with a knife, Took her mother’s happy life…
It’s now 1983, and home-health aide Kit McDeere arrives at a decaying Hope’s End to care for Lenora, after her previous nurse fled in the middle of the night. In her 70s, and confined to a wheelchair, Lenora was rendered mute by a series of strokes and can only communicate with Kit by tapping out sentences on an old typewriter. One night, Lenora uses it to make a tantalising offer – ‘I want to tell you everything’.
‘It wasn’t me,’ Lenora said. But she’s the only one not dead…
As Kit helps Lenora write about the events leading to the Hope family massacre, it becomes clear there’s more to the tale than people know. But when new details about her predecessor’s departure come to light, Kit starts to suspect Lenora might not be telling the complete truth – and that the seemingly-harmless woman in her care could be far more dangerous, than she first thought.
Gothic mystery | PBK | $22.99

Gone with the Witch (Witch Way Librarian mysteries)
Sanders, Angela M
When human bones are discovered beneath an old outhouse covered in blackberry vines, no one knows who they once belonged to. But elderly Helen Garlington wants Sam the sheriff to test the remains, suspecting they may solve the mystery of her long-vanished husband. It’s not a match, and Helen takes it hard, drowning her disappointment in sherry at the tavern – where she sees a contestant on a game show who, she swears, is her missing spouse, Martin. To ease the woman’s mind, Josie contacts the show to track down the look-alike guest, who kindly agrees to travel to Wilfred – and is then found dead the next morning. Horrified by this fatal turn of events, Josie asks the spellbound books for help, seeking the aid of Sherlock Holmes. But strange things continue to happen – frightening images flash on the screen of a long-abandoned movie theatre and flocks of crows seem to appear wherever she goes. Is Josie about to meet her own Moriarty? It will take all her courage to untangle the twisted vines of this mystery – before this chapter, in the colourful story of Wilfred, claims another life…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Dirt Town
Scrivenor, Hayley
My best friend wore her name, Esther, like a queen wearing her crown at a jaunty angle. We were 12 years old when she went missing.
On a sweltering Friday afternoon in Durton, best friends Ronnie and Esther leave school together. Esther never makes it home. Ronnie’s going to find her, she has a plan. Lewis will help. Their friend can’t be gone, Ronnie won’t believe it. Detective Sergeant Sarah Michaels can believe it. She has seen what people are capable of. She knows more than anyone how, in a moment of weakness, a person can be driven to do something they never thought possible. Lewis can believe it too. But he can’t reveal what he saw – that afternoon, at the creek – without exposing his own secret. Five days later, Esther’s buried body is discovered.
What do we owe the girl who isn’t there?
Character-rich and propulsive, with a breathtakingly original use of voice and revolving points of view, Dirt Town delves under the surface, where no one can hide. With emotional depth and sensitivity, this stunning debut shows us how much each person matters in a community that is at once falling apart and coming together.
Esther will always be a Dirt Town child, as we are its children, still.
‘A heart-wrenching mystery, Hayley Scrivenor’s remarkable sense of place brings Dirt Town to life.’ – Jane Harper. A multiple award-winner, Dirt Town is now in paperback.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Library Thief
Shenjé, Kucheng
The library is under lock and key. But its secrets can’t be contained.
After he brought her home from Jamaica as a baby, Florence’s father had her hair hot combed, to make her look like the other girls. But as a young woman, Florence is not so easy to tame – and when she brings scandal to his door, the bookbinder throws her onto the streets of Manchester. Intercepting her father’s latest commission, Florence talks her way into the remote, forbidding Rose Hall to restore its collection of rare books. Lord Francis Belfield’s library is old and full of secrets – but none so intriguing as the whispers about his late wife. Then one night, the library is broken into. Strangely, all the priceless tomes remain untouched. Florence is puzzled, until she discovers a half-burned book in the fireplace. She realises with horror that someone has found and set fire to the secret diary of Lord Belfield’s wife – which may hold the clue to her fate…
A spellbinding debut, for fans of Fingersmith and The Binding (PBK, $22.99 each).
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

Should I Fall
Shepherd, Scott
When NYPD Detective John Frankel’s ex-wife is discovered murdered in his Manhattan apartment, he instantly becomes the prime suspect. Frankel’s gun is linked to the fatal bullet, he had a motive, and he flees the city, all of which convinces his colleagues of his guilt. But Frankel’s bride-to-be, Rachel, and her father, Austin Grant, a former Scotland Yard detective in London, are certain of his innocence. So, with the police under orders to use whatever force necessary to apprehend Frankel, the duo will have to act fast to save him. The relentless manhunt takes them from the tropical shores of Hawaii to the woods of northern Maine. And as the game, of cat and mouse, unfurls, so too does a complex murder plot with multiple victims…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Bandit Queens
Shroff, Parini
For Geeta, life as a widow is more peaceful than life as a wife… Until the other women in her village decide they want to be widows, too. Geeta is believed to have killed her vanished husband – a rumour she hasn’t bothered trying to correct, because a reputation like that can keep a single woman safe in rural India. But when she’s approached for help in ridding another wife of her abusive drunk of a husband, her reluctant agreement sets in motion a chain of events that will change the lives of all the women in the village…
A darkly-irreverent and fresh take on a feminist revenge thriller, perfect for readers of My Sister the Serial Killer (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Death of a Bookseller
Slater, Alice
Roach – bookseller, loner, and true crime fanatic – is not interested in making friends. She has all the company she needs in her serial killer books, murder podcasts, and her pet snail, Bleep. That is, until Laura joins the bookshop. With her cute literary tote bags and sunny smile, she’s everyone’s favourite bookseller. But beneath the shiny veneer, Roach senses a darkness within Laura, the same darkness Roach possesses. And, as curiosity blooms into morbid obsession, Roach becomes determined to be a part of Laura’s story – whether Laura wants her in it. or not.
Deliciously dark, unsettling, and utterly addictive, Death of a Bookseller is a rollercoaster of suspense that will make your skin crawl and your heart pound. Now in paperback.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons (Millennium series)
Smirnoff, Karin
The untapped natural resources of Sweden’s far north are sparking a gold rush, with the criminal underworld leading the charge. But it’s not the prospect of riches that brings Lisbeth Salander to the small town of Gasskas. Her niece’s mother is the latest woman in the region to have vanished without trace. Two things soon become clear: Svala is a remarkably gifted teenager – and she’s being watched. Journalist Mikael Blomkvist is also heading north. He has seen better days. Millennium magazine is in its final print issue, and relations with his daughter are strained. Worse still, there are troubling rumours surrounding the man she’s about to marry. When the truth behind the whispers explodes into violence, Salander emerges as Blomkvist’s last hope.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Not the Ones Dead (Kate Shugak series)
Stabenow, Dana
What seems a tragic accident soon becomes a murder investigation as Kate is drawn into a case of political intrigue. A midair collision in the Alaskan wilderness, between two small aircraft, leaves 10 people dead. Was it a bird strike, pilot error… or premeditated murder? Then, an 11th body is found in the wreckage: a man shot gangland style, twice in the chest and once in the head. In an investigation that reaches to the highest levels of government, justice may not be served, but Kate Shugak is determined that the truth will out, even at the risk of her life and the lives of those she loves most.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Shadow Key
Stokes-Chapman, Susan
There’s something mysterious about the village of Penhelyg. Will unlocking its truth bring light or darkness?
Meirionydd, 1783. Dr Henry Talbot has been dismissed from his post in London. The only job he can find is in Wales… where he can’t speak the language, belief in myth and magic is rife, and the villagers treat him with suspicion. When Henry discovers his predecessor died under mysterious circumstances, he is determined to find answers. Linette Tresilian has always suspected something is not quite right in the village, but it is through Henry’s investigations that a truth comes to light that will bind her and Henry’s destinies together, in ways neither thought possible.
Gothic mystery | TP | $34.99

The Good, the Bad, and the Aunties (Aunties mysteries)
Sutanto, Jesse
It’s Chinese New Year, a time to celebrate… Fresh from their honeymoon, Meddy and Nathan meet the Aunties in Jakarta, for a family celebration. Amid the festivities, an old flame of Second Aunt’s arrives with extravagant gifts. Unfortunately, not all the presents were meant for them. Not the time to start an all-out war. The most important gift goes missing, putting Meddy and the Aunties in the middle of a feud, between Jakarta’s most powerful business moguls – and in great danger. To save her loved ones, Meddy must organise a search party, a break in, and a kidnapping. It might sound like an impossible mission – but with the Aunties by her side, nothing is impossible… just complicated.
‘Sutanto knows how to write a fabulous crime tale that hits all the right notes and leaves you feeling fulfilled’ – My Weekly Special.
The first in this fun, popular series is Dial A For Aunties (PBK, $19.99)
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Kind Worth Saving (Henry Kimball series)
Swanson, Peter
When private detective and former cop Henry Kimball is hired to investigate a cheating husband, he senses all is not quite what it seems; and, before he knows it, he’s gotten far too close to the other woman. As the case rapidly gets ever more dangerous, he’s forced to turn to the only person he can trust, the sociopathic Lily Kintner, the woman who once stabbed him, but with whom he shares a peculiar bond. Now in paperback.
A follow-up to The Kind Worth Killing (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

The Mystery of the Cape Cod Players (American Mystery Classics, Asey Mayo mysteries)
Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
When the Cape Cod Players roll into towns along the lower Cape, the locals expect a great show, replete with games, magic, and merriment. Of course, they usually have an audience, too. When Boston widow Victoria Ballard, visiting the Cape to recover from a near-fatal bout with pneumonia, comes upon the troupe near her rural convalescent home, she ascertains that someone has played a nasty trick on the players, sending them to a remote destination in the wild backcountry in search of a paying gig. Sympathetic to the plight of the ragtag group, Vic invites them to stay the night with her, but when day breaks to find the lead magician with a bullet in his head, she realises the cruel trick that brought the travellers to her home may have been part of a deadly plot – and that she may have been an unwitting participant. Enter Asey Mayo, Cape Cod’s answer to Sherlock Holmes. Armed only with folksy wisdom, Cape Cod dictums, and plenty of common sense, the jack-of-all-trades is quick to tackle the puzzling case of the murdered performer. But in order to solve the case, he’ll have to confront a curious assortment of clues and suspects odder than any he’s encountered in his long career.
An amusing and atmospheric mystery, set in early 1930s’ Cape Cod – a region still struggling to re-emerge from the Great Depression and, at the same time, carefully guarding itself against the burgeoning tourism industry – The Mystery of the Cape Cod Players is a delightful Golden Age whodunit that glimmers with period detail. Anyone interested in classics of the era, or in Cape Cod history in general, will find plenty to enjoy herein.
Classic mystery | TP/HC | $36.95/$55.00

Heart of the Nile (Barker & Llewelyn mysteries)
Thomas, Will
London, 1893. A volunteer at the British Museum makes a startling discovery. When examining a mummy in the museum’s collection, he discovers there is a giant ruby in the shape of a heart buried in the chest of the mummy. Even more startling, the mummy might well be Cleopatra. The following morning, the volunteer is found floating in the Thames and the ruby has gone missing. Hired by the victim’s wife to learn the truth behind his death, Barker and Llewelyn find themselves in the crosshairs – now, they must avoid a violent street gang, a ruthless collector, and the British Museum itself in order to find the killer and safeguard the gem.
Historical mystery | TP | $42.95

Murder on Bedford Street (Gaslight mysteries)
Thompson, Victoria
Hugh Breedlove is far from the most agreeable client private investigator, Frank Malloy has ever had; but his case is impossible to refuse: his young niece, Julia, has been wrongfully committed to an insane asylum by her cruel and unfaithful husband, Chet Longly. Though, Breedlove and his wife seem more interested in protecting the family reputation than their niece’s safety, Frank and Sarah agree to help for the sake of Julia and the young son she left behind. Frank and Sarah’s investigation reveals a dark secret – a maid at the Longly home died suspiciously under Chet’s watch, and now it seems Julia’s son might also be in danger. The Malloys fear they are dealing with a man more dangerous than they had anticipated, one who will do anything to defame his wife. But all is not as it seems in the Longly family; and, perhaps, another monster is hiding in plain sight…
Historical mystery | TP | $36.99

Death Holds the Key
Thorpe, Alexander
When loathed landholder Fred O’Donnell is found dead in a locked room with a bullet in his chest, rookie Detective Hartley must seek help from a mysterious wanderer to solve the case. And it’s one where everyone, including O’Donnell’s family, has a motive and a secret to keep.
Featuring the mendicant monk from Thorpe’s previous novel, Death Leaves the Station (PBK, $27.99), readers will be drawn into the world of small-town Western Australia in the late 1920s, delighting in the characters as they navigate the strained sensibilities and dark secrets of the past. Full of twists and turns, this seemingly-impossible murder mystery is cosy crime writing, at its finest.
Historical mystery | TP | $29.99

A Discovery in the Cotswolds (Thea Osborne (Cotswold) mysteries)
Tope, Rebecca
Thea Osborne reconnects with her friend Emmy while on a visit to the church in Baunton, near Cirencester with her stepdaughter Stephanie. Emmy, now married to local farmer Nick Weaver, asks Thea to help them find their missing niece, Ginny. But before Thea can get started, she stumbles upon the recently killed body of Alice, a woman they had briefly seen in Cirencester the day before. Stephanie concentrates on searching for Ginny via social media while Thea is diverted into helping the police with the murder investigation. It soon becomes clear that Ginny and Alice are linked in a sinister way.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Last Murder at the End of the World
Turton, Stuart
Outside the island, there is nothing: the world destroyed by a fog that swept the planet, killing anyone it touched. On the island: it is idyllic. One hundred and twenty-two villagers, and three scientists, living in peaceful harmony. The villagers are content to fish, farm, and feast, to obey their nightly curfew, to do what they’re told by the scientists. Until, to the horror of the islanders, one of their beloved scientists is found brutally stabbed to death. And they learn the murder has triggered a lowering of the security system around the island, the only thing that was keeping the fog at bay. If the murder isn’t solved, within 107 hours, the fog will smother the island – and everyone on it. But the security system has also wiped everyone’s memories of exactly what happened the night before, which means that someone on the island is a murderer – and they don’t even know it…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The New Couple in 5B
Unger, Lisa
Rosie and Chad Lowan are barely making ends meet in New York City, when they receive life-changing news: Chad’s late uncle has left them his luxury apartment at the historic Windermere in glamorous Murray Hill. With its prewar elegance and impeccably uniformed doorman, the building is the epitome of old New York charm. One would almost never suspect the dark history lurking behind its perfectly-maintained façade. At first, the building and its eclectic tenants couldn’t feel more welcoming. But as the Lowans settle into their new home, Rosie starts to suspect that there’s more to the Windermere than meets the eye. Why is the doorman ever present? Why are there cameras everywhere? And why have so many gruesome crimes occurred there, throughout the years? When one of the neighbours turns up dead, Rosie must get to the truth about the Windermere before she, too, falls under its dangerous spell.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The Bishop Murder Case (Philo Vance mysteries)
Van Dine, S S
In one of the most well-known classic American puzzle mysteries, amateur detective Philo Vance must solve a baffling series of murders based on nursery rhymes. A series of gruesome murders has left the glittering world of Jazz Age Manhattan in shock. With every new victim, the perpetrator sends a taunting note to the press, simply signed ‘The Bishop’. New York’s District Attorney turns to the only man who can crack the case: the dapper and brilliant detective Philo Vance. With his razor-sharp intellect and impeccable style, Vance sets out to track down the killer before more lives are lost, and soon uncovers a dark pattern to the murders. As the investigation takes him from the mansions of the city’s elite to the seedy underworld of speakeasies and jazz clubs, Vance must use all his wits to stay one step ahead of The Bishop. Will he be able to solve the case in time, or risk becoming the killer’s next victim?
‘Probably, the most asinine character in detective fiction’ – Raymond Chandler.
Classic mystery (reissue) | HC | $32.99

To the Dogs
Welsh, Louise
Jim Brennan is flying high. Against all odds, he is a big man at the university, tipped for the head job and an office at the top of the ivory tower. He has a beautiful, accomplished wife, and two healthy children. Jim drives an Audi, and his dog is a pedigree bichon frise. Not bad… for the son of a hardman who grew up in a room and kitchen. But for every person who’s watched his progress and wanted to hitch a lift, there’s someone else desperate to drag him back down. When his son Elliot is arrested on drugs charges, Jim is approached by men he thought he had left safely in his past. Their demands threaten his family, students, and reputation. As the pressure mounts, Jim discovers he is more like his father than he thought. The question is, how far will Professor Jim Brennan go to save the life he built?
Noir | TP | $32.99

Mrs Morris and the Mermaid (Salem B&B mysteries)
Wilton, Traci
B&B owner Charlene Morris expects Salem’s first annual mermaid parade will make quite a splash, until a high-profile murder threatens to sink the whole event… Charlene and her handsome spectral friend, Dr Jack Strathmore, are thrilled that their Salem, Massachusetts, B&B is overflowing with mermaids in advance of the town’s newest attraction – a mermaid parade! Retired Hollywood actress Trinity Powers has even agreed to appear on the lead float, to commemorate her breakout role as the eponymous mermaid in the blockbuster cult classic, Sirena. The parade also features Trinity’s rival, an up-and-coming ingénue, who stars in the film’s recent (and somewhat controversial) reboot. Though their rabid fan clubs seem ready to tear each other – and the festivities – apart, the vying actresses are keeping it cool, for now… But when Charlene discovers a mermaid murdered, she realises a killer is out to steal the show. With the help of Jack and Detective Sam Holden, Charlene plunges into the case, determined to stop a killer from striking again…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

City in Ruins (City series)
Winslow, Don
Sometimes, you have to become what you hate to protect what you love.
Danny Ryan is rich. Beyond his wildest dreams rich. The former dock worker, Irish mob soldier and fugitive from the law is, now, a respected businessman – a Las Vegas casino mogul and billionaire silent partner in a group that owns two lavish hotels. Finally, Danny has it all: a beautiful house, a child he adores, a woman he might even fall in love with. Life is good. But… then, Danny reaches too far. When he tries to buy an old hotel on a prime piece of real estate with plans to build his dream resort, he triggers a war against Las Vegas power brokers, a powerful FBI agent bent on revenge, and a rival casino owner with dark connections of his own. Danny thought he had buried his past, but now, it reaches up to him from the grave to pull him down. Old enemies surface and, when they come for Danny, they vow to take everything – not only his empire, not just his life, but all that he holds dear, including his son. To save his life and everything he loves, Danny must become the ruthless fighter he once was – and never wanted to be again.
Ranging from the gritty back rooms of Providence, RI to the power corridors of Washington, DC, and Wall Street to the golden casinos of Las Vegas, City in Ruins is an epic crime novel of love and hate, ambition and desperation, vengeance, and compassion. The explosive, impossible-to-put-down conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Don Winslow’s epic, genre-defining crime trilogy – following City on Fire (PBK, $24.99) and City of Dreams (PBK, $24.99; available in June) – and the final book of Winslow’s extraordinary career.
‘Winslow’s the best’ – Stephen King.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Murder in Masquerade (Lady of Letters mysteries)
Winters, Mary
Victorian Countess Amelia Amesbury’s secret hobby – writing an advice column, for a London penny paper – has gotten her into hot water, before. After all, Amelia will do whatever it takes to help a reader in need. But, now, handsome marquis Simon Bainbridge desperately requires her assistance. His beloved younger sister, Marielle, has written Amelia’s Lady Agony column seeking advice on her plans to elope with a man her family does not approve of. Determined to save his sister from a scoundrel and the family from scandal, Simon asks Amelia to dissuade Marielle from the ill-advised gambit. But when the scoundrel makes an untimely exit after a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto, Amelia realises there’s much more at stake than saving a young woman’s reputation from ruin. It’s going to take more than her letter-writing skills to help the dashing marquis, mend the familial bond, and find the murderer. Luckily, solving problems is her specialty!
Historical mystery | TP | $36.99

City Under One Roof
Yamashita, Iris
When a local teenager discovers a severed hand and foot washed up on the shore of the small town of Point Mettier, Alaska, Cara Kennedy is on the case. A detective from Anchorage, she has her own motives for investigating the possible murder in this isolated place, which can be accessed only by a tunnel. After a blizzard causes the tunnel to close indefinitely, Cara is stuck among the odd and suspicious residents of the town – all 205 of whom live in the same high-rise building and are as icy as the weather. Cara teams up with Point Mettier police officer Joe Barkowski, but before long the investigation is upended by fearsome gang members from a nearby native village. Haunted by her past, Cara soon discovers that everyone in this town has something to hide. Will she be able to unravel their secrets before she unravels?
A stranded detective tries to solve a murder in a tiny Alaskan town, where everyone lives in a single high-rise building – in this gripping debut by an Academy Award-nominated screenwriter.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

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