March 2024 crime & mystery catalogue

Mar2024 Crime&Mys new releases


Lady Codebreaker
Alden, K D
Grace Smith has never been one to conform to society’s expectations. She flees small-town Indiana, to seek adventure – and finds more than she bargained for when she’s hired by an eccentric millionaire to learn codebreaking. Soon she’s using those skills to help head the government’s fledgling cryptanalysis unit. During Prohibition, Grace takes up the fight against rumrunners – not to mention Al Capone, himself. And as the country careens from one Great War to another, it’s Grace who must crack the secrets of foreign governments, catch spies, and derail saboteurs… before it’s too late. With wry wit and sheer grit, she forges her own path as a codebreaker, wife, mother. She’s spent a lifetime going up against powerful men and winning. But as war rages and the stakes grow impossibly high, Grace faces a truly impossible choice: her family or her country?
Historical suspense | TP | $45.95

A Smoking Bun (Bakeshop mysteries)
Alexander, Ellie
The mountains are calling in Ashland, Oregon, where pastry chef turned amateur sleuth, Jules Capshaw, is baking up a bevy of spiced curry buns and chai cookies for a moonlit snowshoe tour. Ramiro’s family is visiting from Spain and Jules can’t wait to take them up to her beloved Mount A with its charming and rustic lodge, backcountry trails, and star-filled skies that stretch for miles. Their winter wonderland adventure is nothing short of magical and the merry party opts to return to the slope the next day for the Downhill Dummy. The annual competition is a favourite amongst snow lovers. Contestants strap makeshift dummies to skis and send them hurling down a death-defying ski jump in hopes of catching big air. The team at Torte is in the mix, this year, with their own replica of a tiered cake and a baker who closely resembles their fearless leader. It’s a fun and festive atmosphere as dummies sail past the crowd to huge cheers and applause. Until one of the dummies takes a deadly detour and lands atop Fitz Baskin. Fitz is a guide on the mountain and his icy dealings have made for frosty relationships with everyone he encounters. Suddenly, there are more suspects than snowdrifts as Jules dives into the investigation. She unearths a web of secrets and motives that threaten to shake the rustic mountain lodge to its core. Can she catch the killer before they strike again, or will the truth be buried forever under fluffy layers of fresh snow?
Mystery | PBK | $26.95

Body of Lies (DS Gemma Woodstock series)
Bailey, Sarah
A car crash victim is rushed to hospital, clinging to life; but can’t be saved. Hours later, her corpse is stolen from the morgue. No one knows who the dead woman was, or why her body was taken. Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock is back in her hometown of Smithson, on maternity leave, when the bizarre incident occurs. She is intrigued by the case but reluctant to get involved, despite the urging of her journalist friend, Candy Fyfe. But in the days after the body goes missing, the town is rocked by another shocking crime, and Gemma can’t resist joining the investigation. Candy and Gemma follow the clues the dead woman left behind. As they attempt to discover the identity of the missing woman, Gemma uncovers devastating secrets about the people she thought she knew best. The closer Gemma gets to the truth, the more danger she is in. She desperately needs to confide in someone – but is there anyone she can trust? A gripping, white-knuckle thriller from the bestselling Australian author of The Dark Lake and The Housemate (PBK, $22.99 each).
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Old God’s Time
Barry, Sebastian
Tom Kettle, a retired policeman, and widower, is settling into the quiet of his new home in Dalkey, overlooking the sea. His solitude is interrupted when two former colleagues turn up at his door to ask about a traumatic, decades-old case. A case that Tom never quite came to terms with. And his peace is further disturbed when his new neighbour, a mysterious young mother, asks for his help.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Refusal Camp: Stories (collection)
Benn, James R
In his first-ever collection, the award-winning author of the Billy Boyle World War II mysteries presents an eclectic mix of new and previously-published mystery stories, rife with historical detail and riveting wartime storytelling. ‘The Horse Chestnut Tree’ explores betrayal and murder during the American Revolution. In the speculative work ‘Glass’, an atomic supercollider and the breakdown of the time-space continuum change the lives of two cousins devoured by greed. ‘Vengeance Weapon’, a historical thriller about an enslaved Jewish labourer working at the Dora concentration camp, looks at how far someone will go to get revenge. And for his Billy Boyle fans, Benn delivers ‘Irish Tommy’, a police procedural set in 1944 Boston, featuring Billy’s father and uncle. Full of terror, action, amusement, and bliss, The Refusal Camp is a must-have collection from a crime fiction veteran at the height of his career.
Historical mystery | TP | $36.99

A Death in Diamonds (HM the Queen Investigates)
Bennett, S J
1957. A young woman is found dead in a mews house – a mile from Buckingham Palace – wearing only silk underwear and a diamond tiara. An older man is discovered nearby, garrotted and pierced through the eye with a long, sharp implement. According to the police, a high-society card game was going on downstairs, that night. One of the players surely committed the murders, but each of them can give the others an alibi. When someone very close to her is implicated, the young Queen is drawn in to the investigation… This highly-original and delightfully-clever crime series – in which Queen Elizabeth II secretly solves crimes, while carrying out her royal duties – begins with The Windsor Knot (PBK, $24.99). Perfect for fans of Richard Osman and Agatha Christie.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen (Royal Spyness mysteries)
Bowen, Rhys
Georgie is excited for her first Christmas as a married woman, in her lovely new home. She suggests to her dashing husband, Darcy, that they have a little house party; but when Darcy receives a letter from his aunt Ermintrude, there is an abrupt change in plans. She has moved to a house on the edge of the Sandringham estate, near the royal family, and wants to invite Darcy and his new bride for Christmas. Aunt Ermintrude hints that the queen would like Georgie nearby. Georgie had not known that Aunt Ermintrude was a former lady-in-waiting and close confidante of her royal highness. The letter is, therefore, almost a royal request, so Georgie, Darcy, and their Christmas guests: Mummy, Grandad, Fig, and Binky all head to Sandringham. Georgie, soon, learns that the notorious Mrs Simpson, mistress of the Prince of Wales, will also be in attendance. It is, now, crystal clear to Georgie that the Queen expects her to do a bit of spying. There is tension in the air, from the get-go, and when Georgie pays a visit to the queen, she learns that there is more to her request than just some simple eavesdropping. There have been a couple of strange accidents at the estate, recently. Two gentlemen of the royal household have died in mysterious circumstances, and another has been shot by mistake during a hunt. Georgie begins to suspect that a member of the royal family is the real target; but her investigation will put her new husband and love of her life, Darcy, in the crosshairs of a killer. A reissue.
Historical mystery (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

The Last Mrs Summers (Royal Spyness mysteries)
Bowen, Rhys
Lady Georgiana Rannoch is just back from her honeymoon with dashing Darcy O’Mara when a friend in need pulls her into a twisted Gothic tale of betrayal, deception and, most definitely, murder… I am a bit at loose ends at the moment. My cook, Queenie, is making my new role, as mistress of Eynsleigh, something akin to constant torture; as Darcy is off on another one of his top-secret jaunts. And Grandad is busy helping wayward youths avoid lives of crime. So, when my dearest friend, Belinda, inherits an old cottage in Cornwall and begs me to go with her to inspect the property, I jump at the chance. After a heart-stopping journey in Belinda’s beast of a motorcar, we arrive at the creaky old cottage called White Sails and quickly realise that it is completely uninhabitable. Just when I’m starting to wonder if I would have been better off trying to get Queenie to cook a roast that hasn’t been burnt beyond all recognition, we meet Rose Summers, a woman Belinda knew as a child when she spent time in Cornwall. Rose invites us to stay at Trewoma Hall, the lovely estate now owned by her husband, Tony. Belinda confesses that she never liked Rose and had a fling with Tony, years ago; so, staying with them is far from ideal but beggars can’t be choosers as they say. Trewoma is not the idyllic house Belinda remembers. There’s something claustrophobic and foreboding about the place. Matters aren’t helped by the oppressively-efficient housekeeper Mrs Mannering, or by the fact that Tony seems to want to rekindle whatever he and Belinda once had right under his wife’s nose. Our increasingly-awkward visit soon turns deadly, when a member of the household is found murdered and all clues point to Belinda as the prime suspect. I soon learn that some long-buried secrets have come back to haunt those in residence at Trewoma Hall and I’ll need to sift through the ruins of their past so Belinda doesn’t lose her chance at freedom in the present… A reissue.
Historical mystery (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

All That Is Hidden (Molly Murphy mysteries)
Bowen, Rhys & Broyles, Clare
New York, Autumn 1907: Former private detective Molly Murphy Sullivan is happy with her place in the world. She and her policeman husband, Daniel, have built quite a life for themselves in Greenwich Village, in their modest, yet beautiful, home in Patchin Place; filled with family, friends, and laughter. Molly and Daniel have a good marriage, a true partnership where they value each other’s opinions in all things. So, when he tells her they’re moving to a fancy home on Fifth Avenue – and that he’s running for the sheriff of New York – Molly is left reeling. Daniel begs Molly to trust him, but why would he run for sheriff on the Tammany ticket? A party known more for kickbacks and quid pro quo, than anything else, it used to be everything Daniel despised. So, what’s changed? And why didn’t he discuss it with her beforehand? Molly can’t help but wonder what Daniel’s got himself tangled up in… and whether he needs her help to get out.
Historical mystery | TP | $39.95

The Murder After the Night Before
Brent, Katy
Something bad happened last night. My best friend Posey is dead. The police think it was a tragic accident. I know she was murdered. I’ve woken up with the hangover from hell, a stranger in my bed, and I’ve gone viral for the worst reasons. There’s only one thing stopping me from dying of shame. I need to find a killer. But, after last night, I can’t remember a thing…
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Flags on the Bayou
Burke, James Lee
In the fall of 1863, the Union Army is in control of the Mississippi River and much of Louisiana, including New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The retreating Confederate army is being replaced by Red Legs, irregulars commanded by a maniacal figure, and enslaved men and women are beginning to glimpse freedom. When Hannah Laveau, an enslaved woman working on the Lufkin plantation, is accused of murder, she goes on the run with Florence Milton, an abolitionist schoolteacher, dodging the local constable and the slavecatchers that prowl the bayous. Wade Lufkin, haunted by what he observed – and did – as a surgeon on the battlefield, has returned to his uncle’s plantation to convalesce, where he becomes enraptured by Hannah. A novel set in Civil War-era Louisiana, as the South transforms and a brilliant cast of characters – enslaved and free women, plantation gentry, and battle-weary Confederate and Union soldiers – are caught in the maelstrom.
Historical noir | PBK | $22.99

Death Among the Ruins (Lucy Campion mysteries)
Calkins, Susanna
London, 1668. Printer’s apprentice Lucy Campion is suspicious when she meets a young ragpicker who claims to have fine clothes to sell from a lady of quality. Are the garments stolen… or a sign of something worse? Her suspicions are soon realised when the clothes are identified as belonging to a recently deceased elderly aristocrat. Young Mercy Sykes has robbed a grave! Mercy is arrested, and it’s only thanks to Lucy’s intervention that the ragpicker, who’s struggling to support her family, isn’t locked up. Lucy doesn’t expect to see Mercy again, but their meeting soon has unexpected consequences. For when Mercy finds a dead woman in the ruins of Christchurch, dressed in unexpected finery, it’s to Lucy who she turns for help…
Historical mystery | TP | $42.95

Under the Storm
Carlsson, Christoffer
On a cold November night, a farmhouse burns to the ground. Inside a young woman is found dead – not from the fire, but murdered. To the people in the rural community of Marbäck, this becomes a reference point: a before and after. For 10-year-old Isak Nyqvist, it sets in motion something he cannot control, igniting his future into an unpredictable inferno. The police focus their attention on Edvard Christensson, the boyfriend of the murdered woman and Isak’s beloved uncle. After a quick investigation, Edvard is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison and Marbäck believes it can return to its innocence. Vidar Jörgensson, the rookie officer who first responded to the fire, prides himself on helping solved the murder. Little does he know this will become the defining case of his career and that it will drive him to the brink of professional and personal disaster – and link his fate to young Isak’s.
Mystery | TP | $42.95

The Best Way to Bury Your Husband
Casale, Alexia
Four new friends. Four dead bodies. One big problem…
In this darkly-funny story with a big heart, meet the four women who have two things in common: one, they were all pushed too far in their abusive relationships; and, two, they all have a corpse to dispose of… Sally never meant to cave her husband’s head in with a skillet. Or, at least, she didn’t until suddenly, she did. But Sally isn’t the only woman, in town, reaching breaking point. When coincidence brings four strangers together, a surprising friendship is formed. So, can they find the best way to bury their husbands – and get away with it?
Mystery | TP | $34.99

The Secret (Jack Reacher series)
Child, Lee & Andrew
Chicago, 1992. A hospital patient wakes to find two strangers by his bed. They show him a list of names and ask a simple but impossible question. Minutes later, he falls to his death from his 12th-floor window – a fall which generates some unexpected attention. That attention comes from the Secretary of Defence, who calls for an interagency task force to investigate. Jack Reacher, recently demoted from Major, is assigned as the Army’s representative. If he gets a result, great. If not, he’s a convenient fall guy. Reacher may be an exceptional military investigator, but office politics aren’t what gets him up in the morning. As he races to identify a cold-blooded killer and uncover a secret that stretches back 23 years, he must navigate around his new partners. Will Reacher bring the bad guys to justice, the official way… or his way?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Lemon Curd Killer (Tea Shop mysteries)
Childs, Laura
Tea shop entrepreneur Theodosia Browning has been tapped to host a fancy Limón Tea in a genuine lemon orchard, as a rousing kick off to Charleston Fashion Week. But as fairy lights twinkle and the scent of lemon wafts among the tea tables, the deadly murder of a fashion designer puts the squeeze on things. As the lemon curd begins to sour, the murdered woman’s daughter begs Theodosia to help find the killer. Tea events and fashion shows must go on, however, which puts Theodosia and her tea sommelier, Drayton Conneley, right in the thick of squabbling business partners, crazed clothing designers, irate film producers, drug deals, and a disastrous Tea Trolley Tour.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Raging Storm (Two Rivers mysteries)
Cleeves, Ann
When Jem Rosco – sailor, adventurer, and legend – blows in to the local pub, The Maiden’s Prayer, in the middle of an autumn gale, the residents of Greystone are delighted. The whole place has a strange, unreal quality: the village that time forgot. Backed by a worked-out quarry, with a shingle beach and a north-facing quay, there’s little to recommend it to tourists. When Rosco disappears again, they think nothing of it; that’s the sort of man he is. Until the lifeboat is launched to a hoax call-out and his body is found in a dinghy, anchored off Scully Cove, a place with legends of its own. This is an uncomfortable case for Venn. Greystone is a stronghold of the Barum Brethren, and he came here as a child. Faith and superstition mix as another body is found in Scully, and Matthew finds his judgement clouded. The wind continues to howl, and he realises that his own life is in danger. This most recent of Cleeves’ mystery series – Two Rivers – begins with The Long Call (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Big Bundle (Heller) (Hard Case Crime)
Collins, Max Allan
A millionaire’s son is kidnapped, and private eye Heller is called in to help. But when half of the record $600,000 ransom goes missing, Heller must wade through a morass of deception and depravity to blow the lid off a notorious crime – whose consequences reach into the corridors of power in Washington DC, where Bobby Kennedy works tirelessly, to take down crooked union boss Jimmy Hoffa… Nathan Heller, star of MWA Grandmaster Max Allan Collins’ most acclaimed series of novels (more than 1 million copies sold to date!), comes to Hard Case Crime for the first time in an all-new thriller, drawn from the pages of history.
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.99

Murder on the Menu (Old Forge Café mysteries)
Coombs, Alex
Chef Charlie Hunter’s arrival in the beautiful Chilterns is the fulfilment of a long-held dream: to open her own restaurant in an idyllic countryside location. The Old Forge sits on the village green (complete with duck pond and flint-faced houses) and seems just the place for the high-quality cooking she wants to be known for. But instead of rural peace and a chance to lick her wounds, Charlie finds something ugly stirring under the chocolate box perfection. When a prominent local builder is found dead in suspicious circumstances, Charlie the outsider becomes a suspect. And the only way to clear her name seems to be to find out who the real killer is. Luckily, she has allies: her student waitress, a kitchen porter making up in muscles what he lacks in brain and a briskly efficient clairvoyant. Using all the craft Charlie’s learned in kitchens – discipline, timing, preparation and grim determination – she will be as relentless in her quest to bring a murderer to justice as she is in creating the perfect meal. The first in a series.
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.99

Tina, Mafia Soldier (Nathan Active mysteries)
Cutrufelli, Maria Rosa
Sicily, 1980s: When she was just eight years old, Tina watched as her father, a member of Cosa Nostra, was murdered in cold blood. Now a teenager, she terrorises her hometown of Gela, having made it her mission to join the mafia, an organisation traditionally forbidden to women as made members. Nicknamed ‘a masculidda’, or ‘the tomboy’’, Tina has taken charge of her own gang, and is notorious for her cruelty and reckless disregard for societal expectations. When a news article is published about Tina’s latest crimes, a teacher living in Rome feels compelled to write a novel about her – even though, it means returning to her native Sicily to gather material. She and Tina circle around each other in a dangerous dance of obsession and violence until their first, and last, explosive meeting. A classic of Italian feminist mafia literature – about a gender-bending mafiosa, and the writer who becomes obsessed with telling her story.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $36.99

A Twisted Love Story
Downing, Samantha
Wes and Ivy are madly in love. It’s the kind of romance people write stories about. But what kind of story? Because when it’s good, it’s very, very good. But when it’s bad, it’s bad. But their breakneck cycle of catastrophic vengeful breakups and head-over-heels reconnections needs to end fast. Because, suddenly, Wes and Ivy have a common enemy – and she’s a detective. One wrong move will be fatal – so if Wes and Ivy can’t stick together, this breakup might just be their last.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Two Bottles of Relish: The Little Tales of Smethers and Other Stories (Collins’ Crime Club)
Dunsany, Lord
Lord Dunsany mixes reality with fantasy in this forgotten collection of modern detective stories. Some are macabre, others have a lighter and more amusing touch, but every story stimulates the imagination and reveals the acknowledged master of the short story at his very best.
Smethers is a travelling salesman for Numnumo, who make a relish for meats and savouries. He shares a flat with an Oxford graduate called Linley, who fancies himself as a detective and to whom Scotland Yard is inclined to turn, if they encounter a particularly challenging mystery. When a pretty young girl disappears and her lodger is suspected of murdering her, two bottles of Numnumo relish are the only clues, and Smethers is sent to gather more information…
Amongst the hundreds of fantasy stories for which the Irish dramatist, poet and writer Lord Dunsany became deservedly famous, there was one solitary little book of detective stories. Selected by Ellery Queen as an ‘unequivocal keystone’ in the history of crime writing, this quirky collection is a mixture of the masterful and the macabre, a book that lovers of detective stories and tales of the unexpected will want to savour.
Classic mystery | PBK | $22.99

Sepulchre Street (Rachel Savernake Golden Age mysteries)
Edwards, Martin
‘This is my challenge for you, Miss Savernake,’ the woman in white said. ‘I want you to solve my murder.’
Rachel Savernake has been invited to a private view of an exhibition at a gallery in London. The artist, Damaris Gethin, known as ‘the Queen of Surrealism’, is debuting a show featuring live models pretending to be waxworks of famous killers. Before her welcoming speech, Damaris asks a haunting favour of the amateur sleuth: she wants Rachel to solve her murder. As Damaris takes to a stage set with a guillotine, the lights go out. There is a cry and the blade falls. Damaris has executed herself. While Rachel questions why Damaris would take her own life – and just what she meant by ‘solve my murder’ – fellow party guest Jacob Flint is chasing a lead on a glamorous socialite with a sordid background. As their paths merge, this case of false identities, blackmail, and fedora-adorned doppelgängers, will descend upon a grand home on Sepulchre Street, where nothing – and no one – is quite what it seems. Rachel Savernake faces her most puzzling murder, yet, in this glamorous gothic mystery from the winner of the CWA Diamond Dagger. This series is highly recommended – the first is Gallows Court (PBK, $19.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

Murder at the Tower of London (Museum mysteries)
Eldridge, Jim
London, 1899. A shocking murder is discovered at the heart of the Tower of London. The dead body of a Yeoman Warder is found inside a suit of armour belonging to Henry VIII, having been run through with a sword, and when details of this outrage are reported to the Prince of Wales, he fears this may be an expression of Republican unrest, striking at the very home of the Crown Jewels. In the hopes of hampering the spread of news about the crime, the prince reluctantly calls upon the services of Daniel Wilson and Abigail Fenton, the museum detectives, to investigate further. As their inquiries proceed, Wilson and Fenton learn about the long and bloody history of the Tower of London, but dark deeds are not confined to the Tower’s shadowy past. More bones will see the light of day and the twists and turns of a dastardly plot will unravel… before the museum detectives’ case is closed.
Historical mystery | PBK | $24.99

I Only Read Murder (Miranda Abbott mysteries)
Ferguson, Will & Ian
A once-famous TV sleuth… An amateur theatre production… An onstage murder… A town full of suspects…
Miranda Abbott, once known for the crime-solving, karate-chopping church pastor she played on network television, has hit hard times. She’s facing ruin when a mysterious postcard arrives, summoning her to Happy Rock, a small town in the Pacific Northwest. But when she gets there, nothing is what she expected. In dire straits, she signs up for an amateur production at the Happy Rock Little Theatre. On opening night, one of the actors is murdered, live, in front of the audience. But no one actually saw what happened. Now, everyone is under a cloud of suspicion, including the town doctor, the high school drama teacher, an oil-stained car mechanic, an elderly gentleman who may have been in the CIA – and Miranda, herself. Clearly, the only way to solve this mystery is for Miranda to summon her skills as television’s Pastor Fran. Because the show must go on! The first in a series.
Mystery | TP | $42.95

End of Story
Finn, A J
‘I’ll be dead in three months. Come, tell my story.’
This is the chilling invitation from Sebastian Trapp, renowned mystery novelist, to his long-time correspondent Nicky Hunter, an expert in detective fiction. Welcomed into his lavish San Francisco mansion, Nicky begins to unravel Trapp’s life story under the watchful eyes of his enigmatic wife and plainspoken daughter. But Sebastian Trapp is a mystery himself. And, maybe – probably – a murderer. Two decades ago, his first wife and son vanished, the case never solved. Is the master of mystery playing a deadly game? If so, who will be the loser? And when a body surfaces in the family’s garden, they all realise the past isn’t buried – it’s waiting.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Crime and Cherry Pits (Farm to Table mysteries)
Flower, Amanda
Shiloh Bellamy can hardly believe it – for the first time in her family farm’s 70-year history, she has managed to score a highly-coveted booth at the Cherry Farm Market in Traverse City, Michigan. It’s a huge win in her master plan to bring the rundown farm back to life… and the fact that her coup has sent her next-door neighbour and organic farming competitor into fits of jealousy doesn’t hurt, either. But the festive atmosphere at the farm market takes a dark turn when a man entered in the famous cherry pit-spitting competition chokes and dies right in front of Shiloh, who is standing near the sidelines as a spectator. When the death turns out to be more suspicious than a cherry pit down the wrong pipe, Shiloh finds herself under local law enforcement’s microscope – she has developed something of a reputation for being unwittingly involved in local murders. And when they discover her cousin Stacey had been secretly dating the man in question – and that he was married to someone else – Shiloh begins to worry that everything she has worked so hard to accomplish with her family’s farm is about to be taken away. It will take all her investigative skills, a tenuous friendship (or is it something more?) with the local sheriff, and some help from Shiloh’s trusty pug, Huckleberry, to prove the cops are barking up the wrong cherry tree and put the real killer behind bars for good.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Hunter
French, Tana
It’s a blazing summer, when two men arrive in the village. They’re coming for gold. What they bring is trouble. Cal Hooper was a Chicago detective, till he moved to the West of Ireland looking for peace. He’s found it, more or less – in his relationship with local woman Lena, and the bond he’s formed with half-wild teenager, Trey. So, when two men turn up with a money-making scheme to find gold in the townland, Cal gets ready to do whatever it takes to protect Trey. Because one of the men is no stranger: he’s Trey’s father. But Trey doesn’t want protecting. What she wants is revenge.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Mystery Writer
Gentill, Sulari
There’s nothing easier to dismiss than a conspiracy theory – until it turns out to be true… When Theodosia Benton abandons her career path as an attorney and shows up on her brother’s doorstep with two suitcases and an unfinished novel, she expects to face a few challenges. Will her brother support her ambition or send her back to finish her degree? What will her parents say when they learn of her decision? Does she even have what it takes to be a successful writer? What Theo never expects is to be drawn into a hidden literary world in which identity is something that can be lost and remade for the sake of an audience. When her mentor, a highly successful author, is brutally murdered, Theo wants the killer to be found and justice to be served. Then the police begin looking at her brother, Gus, as their prime suspect; and Theo does the unthinkable, in order to protect him. But the writer has left a trail, a thread out of the labyrinth in the form of a story. Gus finds that thread and follows it, and in his attempt to save his sister he inadvertently threatens the foundations of the labyrinth, itself. To protect the carefully-constructed narrative, Theo Benton, and everyone looking for her, will have to die. ‘Gentill nimbly balances the plausible with the outlandish in this sly thriller set in the publishing world.’ – Publishers Weekly. From 2023 Edgar Award nominee and bestselling author Sulari Gentill comes a literary thriller about an aspiring writer who meets and falls in love with her literary idol – only to find him murdered, the day after she gave him her manuscript to read.
Mystery | TP | $34.99

Fast Charlie (Hard Case Crime)
Gischler, Victor
The Edgar Award finalist for Best First Novel. Victor Gischler’s legendary first novel, originally published as Gun Monkeys, tells the story of Charlie Swift, loyal Mob enforcer to a Central Florida crime boss; who goes ballistic, when a rival gangster murders his crew, his boss goes missing, the FBI swarms the scene, and a cadre of killers come after him with everything they’ve got. No one’s quicker on the trigger than Charlie Swift – but is Charlie fast enough to get himself out alive…?
Now a major motion picture starring Pierce Brosnan, Morena Baccarin, and (in his final role) James Caan, Fast Charlie is a breathless, top-velocity tale of treachery, taxidermy, and family ties.
Hardboiled | PBK | $19.99

The Old Rogue of Limehouse (Insp Ben Ross mysteries)
Granger, Ann
It is the summer of 1871, when Scotland Yard’s Inspector Ben Ross pays a visit to Jacob Jacobus, the old rogue of Limehouse: infamous antiquarian, friend to villains and informer to the police. Ben hopes to glean information about any burglaries that might take place now that the wealthiest echelons of society are back in London for the Season. Little does he realise that an audacious theft has already occurred – a priceless family heirloom, the Roxby emerald necklace, has been stolen from a dressing table in the Roxby residence, and the widowed Mrs Roxby is demanding its immediate return. Ben’s day gets worse when he and his wife Lizzie are interrupted that evening by the news that Jacob Jacobus has been found dead in his room with his throat slit from ear to ear… Surely, the two crimes cannot be connected? But with Ben’s meticulous investigative skills and Lizzie’s relentless curiosity, it is only a matter of time before the tragic truth is revealed…
Historical mystery | PBK | $24.99

Murder at a Scottish Castle (Scottish Shire mysteries)
Hall, Traci
With the summer days getting shorter in the seaside village of Nairn, the annual bagpiping competition at Ramsey Castle promises to be quite the end-of-season blowout. Paisley has snagged a special invitation from the dowager countess, who wants to showcase her cashmere goods in the castle gift shop, and she’s brought her son Brody, Grandpa, and their black Scottish terrier Wallace. There’s a fierce rivalry between Robert Grant, the Earl of Lyon, and last year’s winner Jory Baxter, with Grant loudly vowing to show up the blowhard Baxter and claim clan bragging rights. But the reigning champion has barely put the reed to his lips when he turns red and collapses, soon to take his dying breath. DI Zeffer suspects foul play. With a possible murderer in their midst, the rest of Nairn won’t breathe easy, until Paisley applies her sleuthing skills to make sure justice is served and the killer pays the piper…
Mystery | TP | $36.99

Murder at the Blarney Bash (Beacon Bakeshop mysteries)
Hannah, Darci
Lindsey is baking up a storm – shamrock sugar cookies, Guinness chocolate cupcakes, Irish soda bread – for the well-timed grand opening of the Irish import gift shop, the Blarney Stone, owned by her boyfriend’s uncle, Finnigan O’Connor, recently relocated from the Emerald Isle. But it’s Uncle Finn himself who seems full of blarney when he gleefully reveals a pot of real gold, he claims he stole from an actual leprechaun. And Finn’s fortune takes a turn for the worse when he’s arrested for the bludgeoning of a small unidentified man dressed as a leprechaun – the murder weapon alleged to be his now-missing shillelagh. Eccentric Uncle Finn may enjoy believing he’s outwitted a leprechaun, but he would never be so deluded as to clobber one with his walking stick. Now Lindsey will need more than the luck of the Irish to seize a golden opportunity to catch the real killer…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Henkel, Calla
Recently dumped and stuck with the mortgage, artist Esther Ray wants to burn the world, but instead, she reluctantly accepts a scrapbooking job from the deliriously-wealthy Naomi Duncan. The scrapbooks, a secret birthday gift for Naomi’s husband Bryce, trace the Duncan’s 25-year marriage. The conditions: Esther must include every piece of paper she’s been sent, must sign an NDA, and must only contact Naomi using the burner phone provided. Otherwise, she’ll spoil the surprise. As Esther binges true-crime podcasts and works through the nearly 200 boxes of Duncan detritus, she finds herself infatuated with the gilded family – until, mid-project, Naomi dies suspiciously. When Esther becomes convinced, the husband killed her; she uses the scrapbooks’ trove of information to insert herself into the Duncan’s’ lives, to prove it. But the more Esther investigates, the further she is dragged back to the scorched earth of her past and the famous artist who paid her to disappear. Laced with pitch-black humour and conspiratorial unease, Scrap is a razor-sharp examination of wealth and power, art and truth, of the line between justice and revenge – and who gets to cross it.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Secret Hours
Herron, Mick
Two years ago, the Monochrome inquiry was set up to investigate the British secret service. Monochrome’s mission was to ferret out misconduct, allowing the civil servants seconded to the inquiry, Griselda Fleet and Malcolm Kyle, unfettered access to confidential information in the service archives. But with progress blocked at every turn, Monochrome is circling the drain… Until the OTIS file appears, out of nowhere. What classified secrets does OTIS hold that see a long-redundant spy being chased through Devon’s green lanes in the dark? What happened in a newly-reunified Berlin that someone is desperate to keep under wraps? And who will win the battle for the soul of the secret service – or was that decided, a long time ago? Spies and pen pushers, politicians and PAs, high flyers, timeservers, and burnouts… They all have jobs to do in the daylight. But what they do, in the secret hours, reveals who they really are… New, standalone – but kinda set in the Slough House universe (an origin story, of sorts); including a satisfying amount of rage directed at an unnamed, former British PM. Sooo. Good. Highly recommended!
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

A Candle for Christmas and Other Stories (collection)
Hill, Reginald
A fantastic mystery short story collection, the perfect gift for crime fiction lovers.
A beloved detective dies in a fire. Sherlock Holmes takes a trip to Italy. A disastrous case of mistaken identity.
From his well-loved detective duo, DCI Dalziel and DI Pascoe to his own reimagining of Sherlock Holmes, Reginald Hill’s unforgettable characters and unique blend of humour and suspense make him one of Britain’s greatest crime writers. Complete with a foreword by Mick Herron, this collection of short stories showcases the very best of this iconic mystery writer.
Mystery | HC | $39.99

None of This is True
Jewell, Lisa
Celebrating her 45th birthday at her local pub, podcaster Alix Summer crosses paths with an unassuming woman called Josie Fair. Josie is also celebrating her 45th birthday. They are, in fact, birthday twins. A few days later, Alix and Josie bump into each other again, this time outside Alix’s children’s school. Josie has been listening to Alix’s podcasts and thinks she might be an interesting subject for Alix’s series. She is, she tells Alix, on the cusp of great changes in her life. Alix agrees to a trial interview. Josie’s life appears to be strange and complicated, and although Alix finds her unsettling, she can’t quite resist the temptation to keep digging. Slowly, Alix starts to realise that Josie has been hiding some very dark secrets; and, before she knows it, Josie has inveigled her way into Alix’s life – and into her home. Soon, she begins to wonder, who is Josie Fair? And what has she done?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

The Dog Sitter Detective (Dog Sitter Detective series)
Johnston, Antony
Penniless Gwinny Tuffel is delighted to attend her good friend Tina’s upmarket wedding. But when the big day ends with a dead body and not a happily ever after, Gwinny is left with a situation as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. When her friend is accused of murder, Gwinny takes it upon herself, to sniff out the true culprit. With a collection of larger-than-life suspects and two pedigree Salukis in tow, she is set to have a ruff time of it. The first in a series.
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Unnatural History (Alex Delaware series)
Kellerman, Jonathan
When a photographer is found, inside an LA warehouse, slumped in bed – shot to death – it sets in motion a complex and dangerous case for Lieutenant Milo Sturgis and Psychologist Alex Delaware. The victim had just received rave media attention for his latest project – images of homeless people living out their ‘dreams’. But there were many who saw the work as crass exploitation. Did anger turn to homicidal rage? Or do the roots of violence reach down to the victim’s own family? As new murders arise, Alex and Milo must peel back the layers of the case – and will find themselves coming up against in one of the deadliest threats they’ve ever faced…
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $22.99

Hades (Blades of Bronze series)
Knowles, Mark
Decades after the voyage of the fabled Argo, the last remaining Argonauts are scattered to the corners of the Greek world, old men living on past glories. The great victory at Troy is naught but a memory. The gods have abandoned Greece. The last vestiges of once-mighty kingdoms are crumbling, and the enemy is nearly at the gates. The Age of Heroes is dead. The Sea People are coming… Only one young man can rise up, channel the spirit of the Argonauts, and inspire and renew the heroism of old: Xandros, callow grandson of the great Jason. His mission is a desperate one, and it may yet be too late. Will the old world crumble and burn, once and for all, or will a new hero rise to victory? The first of these reimagined historical mysteries, set within Greek mythology, is Argo (PBK, $19.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Silver Bone (Kyiv mysteries)
Kurkov, Andrey
Kyiv, 1919. The Soviets control the city, but White armies menace them from the West. No man trusts his neighbour and any spark of resistance may ignite into open rebellion. When Samson Kolechko’s father is murdered, his last act is to save his son from a falling Cossack sabre. Deprived of his right ear instead of his head, Samson is left an orphan, with only his father’s collection of abacuses for company. Until, that is, his flat is requisitioned by two Red Army soldiers, whose secret plans Samson is somehow able to overhear with uncanny clarity. Eager to thwart them, he stumbles into a world of murder and intrigue that will either be the making of him – or finish what the Cossack started. The first in a new series of historical mysteries set amid the chaos of the Russian Revolution. Inflected with Kurkov’s signature humour and magical realism, The Silver Bone takes inspiration from the real-life archives of crime enforcement agencies in Kyiv, crafting a propulsive narrative that bursts to life with rich historical detail.
Historical mystery | TP | $32.99

The Unspeakable Acts of Zina Pavlou
Kyriacou, Eleni
London, 1954. Eva Georgiou has just returned from her shift at the glamorous Café de Paris, when she’s summoned to her second job: Greek interpreter for the Metropolitan Police. There, she is tasked with representing Zina Pavlou, a Cypriot woman who has been accused of the brutal murder of her daughter-in-law who has been bludgeoned, strangled and then set alight. Eva gets to work as Zina’s translator, but her concern grows that the case may be more complicated than it seems. Then Zina changes everything, when she reveals she’s been accused of murder once before, years ago in Cyprus. While Eva’s obsession with the case deepens, so does her bond with Zina. And soon she will discover that when you lend your voice to an accused murderer, it comes at a devastating cost.
Historical mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Things Get Ugly (The Best Crime Fiction of Joe R Lansdale) (collection)
Lansdale, Joe R
Edgar Award winner and bestselling author Joe R Lansdale (the Hap and Leonard series), one of America’s most essential crime writers, heads back to the dangerous woods of East Texas. In his first crime career-retrospective, including previously uncollected work, Lansdale shows exactly why critics continue to compare him to Elmore Leonard, Donald Westlake, Flannery O’Connor, and William Faulkner. In the 1950s, a young small-town projectionist mixes it up with a violent gang. When Mr Bear is not alerting us to the dangers of forest fires, he lives a life of debauchery and murder. A brother and sister travel to Oklahoma to recover the dead body of their uncle. A lonely man engages in dubious acts while pining for his rubber duckie. In this collection of 19 unforgettable crime tales, Joe R Lansdale brings his legendary mojo and gritty, dark humour to harrowing heists, revenge, homicide, and mayhem. No matter how they begin, things are bound to get ugly – and fast.
Noir | TP | $34.99

The Accident
Lowe, Fiona
Freya thought she could relax, when Ryan’s best mate Jamie got engaged to her best friend Hannah. Two couples, four friends – what could be better than that? But a day before the wedding, Freya’s torn between keeping the peace… or, blowing it up. Hannah’s perfect wedding is hours away and she’s daydreaming of a honeymoon in Tahiti and starting the family she longs for, when she hears the first-responder sirens. Is it a grass fire? Worse? And why isn’t Ryan, or Jamie, answering their phones? When a car veers off the road with devastating consequences, the small wheat-belt town of Garringarup is left reeling, but no one’s worlds are more shattered than Hannah’s and Freya’s. As disturbing details surrounding the accident emerge and questions pile up, ugly secrets rise to the surface. Mystery, lies, and scandal – it’s soon obvious, nothing is as it seems in this small town…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Squeaky Clean
McSorley, Callum
Half the Glasgow copshop think DI Alison McCoist is bent. The other half just think she’s a fuck-up. No one thinks much at all about carwash employee Davey Burnet, until one day he takes the wrong customer’s motor for a ride. One kidnapping later, he’s officially part of Glasgow’s criminal underworld, working for a psychopath who enjoys playing games like ‘Keep Yer Kneecaps’ with any poor bastard who crosses him. Can Davey escape from the gang’s clutches with his kneecaps and life intact? Perhaps, this polis Ally McCoist who keeps nosing around the carwash could help. That’s if she doesn’t get herself killed, first.
Noir | PBK | $24.99

What Happened To Nina?
McTiernan, Dervla
Nina and Simon are the perfect couple. Young, fun, and deeply in love. Until they leave for a weekend at his family’s cabin in Vermont, and only Simon comes home.
What happened to Nina?
Nobody knows. Simon’s explanation about what happened in their last hours together doesn’t add up. Nina’s parents push the police for answers, and Simon’s parents rush to protect him. They hire expensive lawyers and a PR firm that quickly ramps up a vicious, nothing-is-off-limits media campaign.
How far will his family go to keep him safe?
Soon, facts are lost in a swirl of accusation and counter-accusation. Everyone chooses a side, and the story goes viral, fuelled by armchair investigators and wild conspiracy theories and illustrated with pretty pictures taken from Nina’s social media accounts. Journalists descend on their small Vermont town, followed by a few obsessive ‘fans’.
How far will her family go to get to the truth?
Nina’s family is under siege, but they never lose sight of the only thing that really matters – finding their daughter. Out-gunned by Simon’s wealthy, powerful family, Nina’s parents recognise that if playing by the rules won’t get them anywhere, it’s time to break them. ‘Addictive. Propulsive. Dervla McTiernan is a thriller master.’ – Trent Dalton.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Whispering Dead (Cordelia Hemlock series)
Mark, David
Cordelia Hemlock is teetering on the verge of joining MI6, when she meets the enigmatic Walt, a high-ranking member of the Secret Intelligence Service, who tells her:
They won’t want you to do well. They won’t ever trust you. They don’t trust me, and I’m one of them.
She takes this as a challenge, rather than a warning. She wants to protect the nation. Serve Queen and country. Who would turn down such a glorious opportunity? Fourteen years later, Cordelia is deskbound, after finishing an undercover operation, and going quietly mad with boredom. So, when the call comes through on the top-secret Pandora line – so called, after the locked box the telephone is kept in – she answers it. It’s Walt. No longer officially MI6, he still inhabits the murky world of intelligence, where information always comes with a price. He tells her he has a secret to share with her – and only her. And once she knows it, nothing will ever be the same again… A follow-up to the critically acclaimed psychological thriller The Mausoleum (TP, $42.95), this is a twisty, page-turning tale of friendship and divided loyalties set against the dark, forbidding landscape of the rural Borderlands.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $42.95

Point Zero
Matsumoto, Seichō
Tokyo, 1958. Teiko marries Kenichi Uhara, 10 years her senior, an advertising man recommended by a go-between. After a four-day honeymoon, Kenichi vanishes. Teiko travels to the coastal and snowbound city of Kanazawa, where Kenichi was last seen, to investigate his disappearance. When Kenichi’s brother comes to help her, he is murdered, poisoned in his hotel room. Soon, Teiko discovers that her husband’s disappearance is tied up with the so-called ‘pan-pan girls’, women who worked as prostitutes catering to American GIs after the war. Now, 10 years later, as the country is recovering, there are those who are willing to take extreme measures to hide that past. ‘A master crime writer… Seichō Matsumoto’s thrillers dissect Japanese society.’ – The New York Times Book Review.
Historical mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Golden Spoon
Maxwell, Jessa
Six hungry contestants. The nation’s favourite baking show. The secret ingredient? Murder…
For six amateur bakers, competing in Bake Week is a dream come true. When they arrive at Grafton Manor to compete, they’re ready to do whatever it takes to win the ultimate prize: The Golden Spoon. But for the show’s famous host, Betsy Martin, Bake Week is more than just a competition. Grafton Manor is her family’s home and legacy – and Bake Week is her life’s work. It’s imperative that both continue to succeed. But as the competition commences, things begin to go awry. At first, it’s small acts of sabotage. But, when a body is discovered, it’s clear that for someone in the competition, The Golden Spoon is a prize worth killing for…
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

Blacklight Blue (Enzo Files)
May, Peter
A death sentence… Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Enzo Macleod is running out of time to crack the most confounding of unsolved French murders. A death threat… His daughter is nearly killed, Enzo is mugged – and then he is arrested. Someone is trying to destroy his character. Someone is framing him for murder. A deathly enemy… Killers from the past will stop at nothing to halt Enzo, who must use all his forensic skills to solve the case – before they succeed. A reissue.
Mystery/suspense (reissue) | PBK | $24.99

Joy Moody is Out of Time
Mayne, Kerryn
On her twin daughters’ 21st birthday, Joy Moody – proprietor of Bonbeach’s premier laundromat – is found dead. Yet, that is not the strangest thing happening behind the bright pink façade of Joyful Suds. For much of their lives, Joy has been telling Cassie and Andie one big, fat lie: that they are from the future, and that when they turn 21, they will travel back to the year 2050. What started as a colourful tale to explain how the girls came to live with her has, now, become a decade-long deception. Worse still, Joy has started to believe it, herself. The lie is certainly preferable to the truth, she can’t face – about what happened to the girls’ real mother, and how far Joy’s gone to keep them ‘safe’… With the twins’ 21st birthday fast approaching, and with Andie starting to have doubts, time is fast running out for Joy Moody. In more ways than one. The irresistible new crime novel from the author of Lenny Marks Gets Away with Murder (PBK, $22.99).
Mystery | TP | $34.99

The Night She Fell
Merriman, Eileen
‘When I last saw Ashleigh, she was lying in a pool of blood… Her eyes were open, staring sightlessly into the sky. I’d like to think she saw the stars before she died; that in her last moments she flew, soaring on serotonin, dreamy with dopamine. I’d like to think she didn’t suffer…’
A beautiful young law student dies on the concrete below her third-storey window, in chilly Dunedin. It’s clear enough how she died. What isn’t is why – or who’s involved. Plenty of people had a reason to hate Ashleigh, with her straight As and perfect looks. She’s fallen out with her flatmates, and her boyfriend Xander is having second thoughts about their future together. And then there are the weird messages.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder
Miller, C L
Freya, it’s down to you, to finish what I started…
Freya Lockwood has avoided the quaint English village, in which she grew up, for the last 20 years. That is until news arrives that Arthur Crockleford, antiques dealer and Freya’s estranged mentor, has died… and the circumstances seem suspicious.
You will uncover a reservation, I implore you to attend…
But when a letter from Arthur is delivered, sent just days before his death, and an ordinary pine chest concealing Arthur’s journals, including reservations in her name, are revealed, Freya finds herself sucked back into a life she’d sworn to leave behind.
But, beware, trust no one. Your life depends on it…
Joining forces with her eccentric Aunt Carole, Arthur’s staunch best friend, Freya follows both clues and her instincts to an old manor house for an ‘antiques enthusiasts’ weekend’. But not is all as it seems; the antiques are bad reproductions, and the other guests are menacing and secretive. Can Freya and Carole solve the mystery surrounding the weekend, before a killer strikes again?
Mystery | TP | $34.99

Death and Fromage (Follet Valley mysteries)
Moore, Ian
Running a B&B in the Val de Follet means nothing exciting ever happens to Richard, and really that’s the way he likes it. Until scandal erupts in the nearby town of Saint-Sauver, when its famous restaurant is downgraded from three Michelin stars to two. The restaurant is shamed, the town is in shock, and the leading goat cheese supplier drowns himself in one of his own pasteurisation tanks. Or does he? Valérie d’Orçay, who is staying at the B&B, while house-hunting in the area, isn’t convinced that it’s a suicide. Despite his misgivings, Richard is drawn into Valérie’s investigation, and finds himself becoming a major player in solving the crime. After all, the French do take their cheese quite seriously and it’s quite clear there’s nothing gouda happening in the small, close-knit village that Richard calls home.
Mystery | TP | $37.95

Every Man a King (King Oliver series)
Mosley, Walter
Joe King Oliver is entangled in a dangerous case, when he’s asked to investigate whether a white nationalist is being unjustly set up… When friend of the family and multibillionaire Roger Ferris comes to Joe with an assignment, he’s got no choice but to accept, even if the case is a tough one to stomach. White nationalist Alfred Xavier Quiller has been accused of murder and the sale of sensitive information to the Russians. Ferris has reason to believe Quiller’s been set up and he needs King to see if the charges hold. This linear assignment becomes a winding quest to uncover the extent of Quiller’s dealings, to understand Ferris’ skin in the game, and to get to the bottom of who is working for whom. Even with the help of bodyguard and mercenary Oliya Ruez – no regular girl Friday – the machine King’s up against proves relentless and unsparing. As King gets closer to exposing the truth, he and his loved ones barrel towards grave danger. The sequel to the Edgar Award-winner Down the River Unto the Sea (PBK, $24.99).
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

The Rumor Game
Mullen, Thomas
Reporter Anne Lemire writes the Rumor Clinic, a newspaper column that disproves the many harmful rumours floating around town, some of them spread by Axis spies and others just gossip mixed with fear and ignorance. Tired of chasing silly rumours, she wants to write about something bigger. Special Agent Devon Mulvey, one of the few Catholics at the FBI, spends his weekdays preventing industrial sabotage and his Sundays spying on clerics with suspect loyalties – and he spends his evenings wooing the many lonely women whose husbands are off at war. When Anne’s story about Nazi propaganda intersects with Devon’s investigation into the death of a factory worker, the two are led down a dangerous trail of espionage, organised crime, and domestic fascism – one that implicates their own tangled pasts and threatens to engulf the city in violence. With vibrant historical atmosphere and a riveting mystery that illuminates still-timely issues, of disinformation and power, Thomas Mullen delivers, once more.
Historical mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

Death by Irish Whiskey (Dublin Driver mysteries)
Murphy, Catie
The competition for best whiskey in Ireland will be a publicity bonanza for the winner, and that means there are celebrities involved – like boxer Angus McConal and Megan’s friend Niamh, an up-and-coming actress who’s teamed up with Megan’s uncle, the retired Sligo harbourmaster. But rivalries and revelries turn out to be a bad blend when McConal dies at a whiskey tasting. Megan promised her girlfriend she’d quit her amateur sleuthing, but with Niamh and her uncle as suspects, she’s over a barrel… With her relationship on the rocks, Megan gets in even deeper when a second entrant in the competition is killed – and her investigation starts zeroing in on a suspect. Now she just needs proof…
Mystery | PBK | $24.99

Enchanted Hill
Murphy, Emily Bain
The year is 1930 and Cora McCavanagh is posing as a maid at Hollywood magnate Truman Byrd’s legendary estate. She’s closing in on the damning evidence she needs for a high-profile client. An aspiring PI, Cora was trained by her father, a former prison guard at the notorious Pelican Island, where Cora grew up surrounded by hardened criminals. Which is why she recognises Jack Yates, as soon as he walks through the door. The last time she saw him was on an ill-fated night that changed the course of her life, and still haunts her more than a decade later. Cora never expected to see Jack again – and now a single misstep could cause both their secret identities to come crashing down. They strike a tentative truce to help each other during a week of parties overflowing with champagne and caviar. But there are puzzles hidden in every corner of Truman Byrd’s labyrinthine estate, and if Cora is to finally learn the truth about Jack Yates, she must unravel a sinister history that the rich and powerful will do anything to keep concealed.
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

Knife Skills for Beginners
Murrin, Orlando
A recipe for disaster.
When chef Paul Delamare takes a job teaching at an exclusive residential cookery school in Belgravia, the only thing he expects his students to murder is his taste buds. But, on the first night, the unthinkable happens: someone turns up dead…
The school rests on a knife edge.
The police are convinced Paul is the culprit. After all, he’s good with a blade, was first on the scene – and everyone knows it doesn’t take much to push a chef over the edge. To prove his innocence, he must find the killer. Could it be one of his students? Or the owner of the school – a woman with secrets and a murky past?
It all boils down to murder.
If Paul can’t solve the mystery fast – as well as teach his students how to make a perfect hollandaise sauce – he’ll be next to get the chop.
A locked-room cosy crime novel with a culinary twist, from a MasterChef semi-finalist. Perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Robert Thorogood, and S J Bennett.
Mystery | HC | $37.99

All the Words We Know
Nash, Bruce
In the beginning is the whatsitsname. The woman in the car park. She wears a nightgown and lies on her back, looking up at the sky. The nightgown is white and embroidered at the neck with blue… what do you call them? Forget-me-nots. A small crowd is gathered around her. All in their unicorns. Uniforms. All younger than the woman, much younger. They look at each other. They look up at the sky. They look down at the woman. They whisper.
Rose is in her 80s and has dementia, but she’s not done with life, just yet. Alternately, sharp as a tack and spectacularly forgetful, she spends her days roaming the corridors of her aged-care facility, ruminating on the staff and residents, and enduring visits from her emotionally-distant children and granddaughters. But when her friend is found dead – after an apparent fall from a window – Rose embarks on an eccentric and deeply-personal investigation to discover the truth; and exposes all manner of secrets – even some from her own past. All the Words We Know is a wickedly-funny and genuinely-moving story about loneliness, language, and how we make sense of the world.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

A Flaw in the Design
Oates, Nathan
He’s in your house. He’s in your family. Or is he in your mind?
Gil has been estranged from his sister, ever since her obnoxious son tried to drown his daughter on a family holiday. That’s Gil’s interpretation; his sister thinks Matthew was just playing around. Or did. When she and her husband perish in a car crash, Gil becomes Matthew’s legal guardian. Matthew is now an urbane 17-year-old, raised on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, a planet away from rural Vermont, where Gil lives with his wife and daughters, teaching at the local university. At first, Matthew appears to have changed, but when he joins Gil’s writing class, he submits a story detailing the various ways a character resembling Gil’s youngest daughter might die. While Gil believes he has invited a psychopath to live under his roof, the women in his life are impressed by Matthew’s intelligence and charm. Is Gil losing his mind, or are his family in desperate danger?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Murder Book
Perry, Thomas
When a sudden crime wave hits several small midwestern towns, the US Attorney for the region calls on Harry Duncan to investigate. An ex-cop known for his unorthodox methods, Duncan is reluctant to go up against a widespread criminal organisation – but the attorney in question is Ellen Leicester, the wife who left him 15 years earlier, and to her, he can’t say no. Initially brought in as a consultant to determine if the racketeering is severe enough to require an all-out investigation by the FBI, Duncan quickly finds himself in conflict with a syndicate far more violent than first suspected. As the investigation develops, he begins compiling a ‘murder book’, the notebook in which a detective keeps records, interviews, photos – everything he needs to build his case. But his scrutiny of the gang soon makes Duncan a target. And Ellen, too.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $27.99

A Sinister Revenge (Veronica Speedwell mysteries)
Raybourn, Deanna
Veronica’s natural-historian beau, Stoker, has been away in Bavaria for months, and their relationship is at an impasse. But when Veronica shows up before him with his brother, Tiberius (Lord Templeton-Vane), he is lured back home by an intriguing job offer: preparing an iguanodon for a very special dinner party. Tiberius has received a cryptic message – along with the obituaries of two recently-deceased members of his old group of friends, the Seven Sinners – that he too should get his affairs in order. Realising he is in grave danger, but not knowing why, he plans a reunion party for the remaining Sinners at his family estate – to lure the killer out, while Veronica and Stoker investigate. As the guests arrive and settle in, the evening’s events turn deadly. More clues come to light, leading Veronica, Stoker, and Tiberius to uncover a shared past amongst the Sinners that has led to the fatal present. But the truth might be far more sinister than what they were prepared for.
Historical mystery | TP | $36.99

McKee of Centre Street (American Mystery Classics)
Reilly, Helen
When one of New York’s favourite dancers is killed in a crowded high-tone speakeasy, everyone present becomes a suspect – and those that may have eluded questioning, as well. It’s up to Inspector McKee of the NYPD to sift through the witness statements, separate fact from fiction, and put together a picture of the crime as it happened in order to discover what’s missing from the official narrative. And in the process, he’ll uncover a story that leads back into the past, with blackmail and stolen emeralds lurking in the shadows… As McKee’s case comes into focus, a rich and confounding mystery plot is revealed, which will take all of the inspector’s resources to solve. Along the way, the inner workings of the New York City police department in the 1930s is on full display, including the line ups, the radio room, the morgue, and the fingerprinting office – technologies that were at the cutting edge of the era’s fight against crime.
Reissued for the first time in 80 years, McKee of Centre Street is one of the first police procedurals ever written by a woman. The novel’s realistic New York setting and insightful view of police work was an instant hit with fans and its lead character went on to star in over 30 books.
Classic mystery | TP/HC | $28.95/$49.95

The Scarlet Papers
Richardson, Matthew
A secret that will send shockwaves through the corridors of Westminster…
Vienna, 1946: A brilliant German scientist spirited out of the ruins Nazi Europe in search of a new life.
Moscow, 1964: A rising star of the British diplomatic service whose job is not what it seems.
London, the present day: A once promising academic offered an opportunity to seal his place in history. Their stories, their lives, and the fate of the world, are bound by a single document: The Scarlet Papers. The devastating secrets, contained within, teased by a brief invitation: Tomorrow, 11am. Take a cab and pay in cash. Tell no one.
Historical suspense | PBK | $22.99

What We Buried
Rotenberg, Robert
It’s been years since Daniel Kennicott’s brother, Michael, was shot and killed the night before he was about to depart for Gubbio, Italy. The case, never solved, has haunted Daniel ever since. Long suspecting the killing was tied to Michael’s planned trip but overwhelmed with grief, Daniel has put off going there – until now, the 10th anniversary of the murder. As he’s about to leave, Daniel learns that his two mentors, detectives Ari Greene and Nora Bering, have been more involved in the investigation of Michael’s murder than he ever knew. And they’re concerned about Daniel’s safety. But why? Is Daniel risking his life – and those of others – by trying to uncover the truth? When Daniel arrives in the bucolic Italian hill town, he learns the past has not been put to rest. Residents are still haunted by the brutal Nazi occupation, the brave acts of the local freedom fighters, and the swift savagery of German retribution. And, as Daniel delves into his family’s deadly connection to Gubbio, Ari Greene searches for a killer closer to home.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $39.95

Dark Angel (Letty Davenport series)
Sandford, John
Letty Davenport’s days working a desk job are behind her. Her previous actions at a gunfight in Texas – and her incredible skills with firearms – draw the attention of several branches of the US government; and make her a perfect fit, for even more dangerous work. The Department of Homeland Security and the NSA have tasked her with infiltrating a hacker group, known only as Ordinary People, that is intent on wreaking havoc. Letty and her reluctant partner from the NSA pose as free-spirited programmers for hire and embark on a cross country road trip to the group’s California headquarters. While the two work to make inroads with Ordinary People and uncover their plans, they begin to suspect that the hackers are not their only enemy. Someone within their own circle may have betrayed them, and has ulterior motives that place their mission – and their lives – in grave danger.
Thriller | TP | $42.95

Independence Square (Arkady Renko series)
Smith, Martin Cruz
It’s June 2021, and Arkady knows that Russia is preparing to invade and subsequently annex Ukraine, as it did Crimea in 2014. He is, however, preoccupied with other grievances. His long-time lover, Tatiana Petrovna, has deserted him for her work as an investigative reporter. His corrupt boss has relegated him to a desk job. And he is having trouble with his dexterity and balance. A visit to his doctor reveals that these are symptoms for Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s hasn’t stopped Arkady Renko from his work; rather than dwell on his diagnosis, he throws himself into another case. An acquaintance has asked him to find his daughter, Karina, an anti-Putin activist who has disappeared. In the course of the investigation, Arkady falls for Karina’s roommate, Elena, a Tatar from Ukraine. The search leads them to Kyiv – where rumblings of an armed conflict grow louder. Later, in Crimea, Tatiana re-emerges, to complicate Arkady’s new romance. And as he gets closer to locating Karina, Arkady discovers something that threatens his life, as well as the lives of both Elena and Tatiana.
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

Murder Crossed Her Mind (Pentecost & Parker mysteries)
Spotswood, Stephen
When Vera Bodine, an elderly recluse with an exceptional memory, goes missing, detective duo Lillian Pentecost and her assistant Willowjean ‘Will’ Parker are hired to track her down. But New York City, in 1947, is a dangerous place; and there’s no shortage of people who want to bury the secrets that Bodine has been keeping. As the clock is ticking to find Bodine alive, circumstances conspire to pull both investigators off the case. Will is hot on the trail of a stick-up team who are using her name – and maybe her gun – for their own ends. While Lillian finds herself up against murder-obsessed millionaire Jessup Quincannon, who has discovered a secret from her past that threatens to destroy her. To solve this mystery, and defeat their own personal demons, the pair must go nose to nose, with murderous gangsters, make deals with conniving federal agents, confront Nazi spies, and bend their own ethical rules to the point of breaking – before time runs out for everyone. The first of the Pentecost & Parker mysteries is Fortune Favours the Dead (PBK, $22.99).
Historical mystery | TP | $34.99

Seed on the Wind (Hard Case Crime)
Stout, Rex
One woman, four men, countless temptations on the streets of New York. This lost novel from legendary ‘Nero Wolfe’ creator Rex Stout – unpublished for more than 90 years – presents a gripping psychological puzzle, and a heroine you’ll never forget.
Who was the fifth man?
The lawyer, the jeweller, the art critic, and the oil-company man… self-possessed, independent Lora Winter has had a child with each of them. But when one of these men drives up to her house with a fifth man in the car, Lora runs to hide. That’s how this extraordinary novel opens – and by the time it ends, you’ll have pieced together a masterful psychological jigsaw puzzle that is miles from a traditional crime novel, but whose desperate characters nevertheless resort to kidnapping, blackmail and possibly even murder.
Long before he was named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America, before he created the immortal Nero Wolfe, Rex Stout wrote this gripping novel, published in 1930 and then lost for more than 90 years. Hard Case Crime is thrilled to give the book its first publication in nearly a century; and to give today’s readers the chance to discover one of Stout’s richest and most unforgettable stories.
Hardboiled | PBK | $19.99

The Call
Strawhan, Gavin
After surviving a brutal attack, Auckland cop DS Honey Chalmers has returned to her hometown to care for her mother. The remote coastal settlement of Waitutū holds complicated memories for Honey, not least the tragic suicide of her younger sister, Scarlett. Honey is hardest on herself. She let herself get too close to a gang informant. She got sloppy. The Reapers are a 501 gang of Aussie imports, ruthless and organised, and she’s pretty sure the informant, mother-of-three Kloe Kovich, paid the price. But when a couple of gang enforcers turn up in Waitutū, Honey realises they are hoping she will lead them to Kloe. But if Kloe is still alive, can Honey save her, this time around? When Honey catches up with her oldest friend, Marshall, her feelings are complicated. As teenagers they were inseparable, but Marshall was the last person to see Scarlett alive, and there are rumours they were sleeping together, that he broke her heart. Honey fears Marshall is not who she wants him to be. Eventually she learns the awful truth about the events that led her sister to take her own life. When Kloe arrives in town, Honey and Marshall must work together to try and keep the hapless Kloe out of the hands of those who want her – and Honey – silenced. A brilliant debut crime novel centred on a 501 deportee gang, set in a remote coastal New Zealand town.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Deadly Animals
Tierney, Marie
Thirteen-year-old Ava Bonney is unlike other children. Exceptionally bright, she has an obsessive interest in the rate at which dead animals decompose. The motorway she lives by regularly offers up roadkill; and, in the dead of night, Ava likes nothing better than to pull her latest discovery into her roadside den – so, she can study it. But one day, when she arrives, she stumbles across the body of fellow pupil, Mickey Grant. DI Seth Delahaye is given the case, one of the most challenging of his career. But Ava is not the sort of person who will step back and let someone else take charge, when children like her are dying. She uses all her unusual skills and deep local knowledge, to try to track down the serial killer in her community.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

Listen for the Lie
Tintera, Amy
Am I a murderer? You tell me…
You probably already know about me. Lucy Chase, the woman who doesn’t remember murdering her best friend. You probably think I did it, too. That’s okay, I get it. Being found wandering the streets covered in her blood wasn’t a great look. Believe me, I’m as frustrated as you are. I’d love to know if I’m a murderer – it’s the sort of thing you really should know about yourself, isn’t it? And, now, thanks to true-crime podcast Listen for the Lie, I finally have the chance to find out. But will I be able to live with myself, if it turns out it was me? And, if it wasn’t, will digging into the secrets – of the night I forgot – make me the next target of whoever did?
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

The Puzzle Master
Trussoni, Danielle
All the world is a puzzle, and Mike Brink – a celebrated and ingenious puzzle constructor – understands its patterns like no one else. Once a promising Midwestern football star, Brink was transformed by a traumatic brain injury that caused a rare medical condition: acquired savant syndrome. The injury left him with a mental superpower – he can solve puzzles in ways ordinary people can’t. But it also left him deeply isolated, unable to fully connect with other people. Everything changes after Brink meets Jess Price, a woman serving 30 years in prison for murder who hasn’t spoken a word since her arrest, five years before. When Price draws a perplexing puzzle, her psychiatrist believes it will explain her crime and calls Brink to solve it. What begins as a desire to crack an alluring cipher quickly morphs into an obsession with Price herself. She soon reveals that there is something more urgent, and more dangerous, behind her silence, thrusting Brink into a hunt for the truth. The quest takes Brink through a series of interlocking enigmas, but the heart of the mystery is the God Puzzle, a cryptic ancient prayer circle created by the 13th-century Jewish mystic Abraham Abulafia. As Brink navigates a maze of clues, and his emotional entanglement with Price becomes more intense, he realises that there are powerful forces at work that he cannot escape
Historical thriller | TP | $39.95

To the River
Wakefield, Vikki
The Kelly family has always been trouble. When a fire in a remote caravan community kills nine people, including 17-year-old Sabine Kelly’s mother and sister, Sabine confesses to the murders. Shortly after, she escapes custody and disappears. Recently made redundant from marriage, motherhood and her career, journalist Rachel Weidermann has long suspected Sabine made her way back to the river – now, 12 years after the ‘Caravan Murders’, she has the time and the tenacity to corner a fugitive and land the story of the year. Rachel’s ambition lights the fuse leading to a brutal chain of events, and the web Sabine weaves will force Rachel to question everything she believes. Vikki Wakefield’s compelling psychological thriller is about class, corruption, love, loyalty, and the vindication of truth and justice. And a brave dog, called Blue.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $34.99

A Chateau Under Siege (Bruno, Chief of Police mysteries)
Walker, Martin
The event of the Périgord tourist season is the re-enactment of the liberation of the historic town of Sarlat from the English in 1370. But it all goes wrong when the man playing the part of the victorious French general collapses in a pool of blood. The question for chief of police Bruno is was this an accident – or deliberate? The stakes rise when Bruno learns that the man, Kerquelin, was running Frenchelon, the secret French electronic intelligence base nearby, after being recruited from a brilliant Silicon Valley career. As he investigates, Bruno discovers that Kerquelin’s wound was faked, that he is alive and well and secretly negotiating a massive deal to build a semi-conductor industry in France. But then a whole new and dangerous player emerges, determined to nip the deal in the bud.
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

White Ash Ridge
White, S R
A remote hotel. Five guests. One murder.
During a broiling heatwave, the inner circle of a high-profile charity attend a critical meeting at White Ash Ridge, a small hotel nestled in the Australian wilderness. As the temperature rises, a body is found lying in the thick bush, bludgeoned to death. One of the four remaining guests is a murderer – but who, and why, is a mystery. Detective Dana Russo knows the national spotlight will be sharply focused on the case. The charity was formed when the founders’ teenage son was killed after intervening in a vicious assault – sparking public outrage and a damning verdict on the police investigation. But under huge pressure and with few clues – plus suspects who instinctively distrust the police – how can Dana unravel the truth?
A gripping new Australian crime novel from the international bestseller, perfect for fans of Jane Harper, Chris Hammer, Garry Disher, and Peter Papathanasio.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

City of Dreams (City series)
Winslow, Don
Hollywood. The city where dreams are made.
On the losing side of a bloody East Coast crime war, Danny Ryan is now on the run. The Mafia, the cops, the FBI all want him dead or in prison. With his little boy, his elderly father and the tattered remnants of his loyal crew of soldiers, he makes the classic American migration to California to start a new life. A quiet, peaceful existence. But the Feds track him down and want Danny to do them a favour that could make him a fortune or kill him. And when Hollywood starts shooting a film, based on his former life, Danny demands a piece of the action and begins to rebuild his criminal empire. Then he falls in love. With a beautiful movie star who has a dark past of her own. As their worlds collide in an explosion that could destroy them both, Danny Ryan has to fight for his life, in a city where dreams are born. Or where they go to die. The sequel to City on Fire (PBK, $24.99) from the brilliant author of the Cartel trilogy.
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $24.99

Yuzuki, Asako
There are two things that I can simply not tolerate: feminists and margarine.
Gourmet cook Manako Kajii sits in Tokyo Detention Centre convicted of the serial murders of lonely businessmen, who she is said to have seduced with her delicious home cooking. The case has captured the nation’s imagination but Kajii refuses to speak with the press, entertaining no visitors. That is, until journalist Rika Machida writes a letter asking for her recipe for beef stew, and Kajii can’t resist writing back. Rika, the only woman in her news office, works late each night, rarely cooking more than ramen. As the visits unfold between her and the steely Kajii, they are closer to a masterclass in food than journalistic research. Rika hopes this gastronomic exchange will help her soften Kajii, but it seems that she might be the one changing. With each meal she eats, something is awakening in her body, might she and Kaji have more in common than she once thought?
Inspired by the real case of the convicted con woman and serial killer, ‘The Konkatsu Killer’, Asako Yuzuki’s Butter is a vivid, unsettling exploration of misogyny, obsession, romance, and the transgressive pleasures of food in Japan.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

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