January 2024 science fiction & fantasy catalogue

Jan2024 sf&f new releases


Adams, Erin E
Liz Rocher is coming home… reluctantly. As a Black woman, Liz doesn’t exactly have fond memories of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a predominantly white town. But her best friend is getting married, so she braces herself for a weekend of awkward, passive-aggressive reunions. Liz has grown, though; she can handle whatever awaits her. But on the day of the wedding, somewhere between dancing and dessert, the couple’s daughter, Caroline, disappears – and the only thing left behind is a piece of white fabric covered in blood. As a frantic search begins, with the police combing the trees for Caroline, Liz is the only one who notices a pattern: A summer night. A missing girl. A party in the woods. She’s seen this before. Keisha Woodson, the only other Black girl in Liz’s high school, walked into the woods with a mysterious man and was later found with her chest cavity ripped open and her heart removed. Liz shudders at the thought that it could have been her, and now, with Caroline missing, it can’t be a coincidence. As Liz starts to dig through the town’s history, she uncovers a horrifying secret about the place she once called home. Children have been going missing in these woods for years. All of them Black. All of them girls. With the evil in the forest creeping closer, Liz knows what she must do: find Caroline, or be entirely consumed by the darkness.
Horror | TP | $35.99

The Currents of Space (Galactic Empire trilogy 02)
Asimov, Isaac
The fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. High above the planet Florina, the Squires of Sark live in unimaginable wealth and comfort. Down in the eternal spring of its surface, however, the native Florinians labour, ceaselessly, for their Sarkite masters. Rebellion is unthinkable and impossible. But, now, both worlds are hurtling toward a cataclysm, and only one man knows the truth; a man without a memory or a past, unaware of the secret locked inside his own brain… Their world is doomed. A nova-bright adventure and the spectacular precursor to the classic Foundation series by a founding father of science fiction.
Classic sf | PBK | $22.99

The Longest Autumn
Avery, Amy
Tirne is one of four humans rigorously selected to usher the turn of the seasons into the mortal world. Every year, she escorts the taciturn god Autumn between the godly and human realms. Autumn’s seasonal stay among mortals brings cooler weather, changing leaves, and the harvest of apples and gourds, until Winter takes his place. This year, the enchanted Mirror that separates their worlds, shatters after Tirne and Autumn pass through, trapping both of them in the human realm. As the endless autumn stretches on, crops begin to fail and the threat of starvation looms. Away from the magic of the gods’ home, Tirne suffers debilitating headaches that return with a vengeance. Worse, Autumn’s extended stay in the human realm turns him ever more mortal and vulnerable, stirring a new, forbidden attraction to Tirne. While the priesthood scrambles to find a way to reassemble the Mirror, Tirne digs into the temple’s secrets and finds an unlikely ally – or enemy – in the enigmatic sorcerer and master of poisons, Sidriel. Thrown into a world of mystery, betrayal, and espionage as she searches for the truth, might Tirne lose her morals, her hard-earned position, and the illicit spark between her and Autumn?
Myth retold | HC | $65.00

A Fine and Private Place
Beagle, Peter S
Jonathan Rebeck is homeless. Bankrupt. He has dropped out of society and has been living quietly in a local cemetery, under the care of a raven who is quite good at stealing sandwiches. Far from being lonely, however, Jonathan is able to converse with the ghosts around him, and finds himself following two new spirits, Michael and Laura, as they fall in love with each other. He becomes invested in, and part of, their cautious romance. But the circumstances behind Michael’s death are slipping from his memory, and the further from life they drift, the closer the loss of love feels. When a visiting widow stumbles across Jonathan in his graveyard home, will the living world begin to intrude on this fine and private place? Peter S Beagle’s legendary, beautiful debut novel is filled with all his characteristic warmth and humanity. With a new introduction by Neil Gaiman, A Fine and Private Place is a timeless classic from the author of The Last Unicorn.
Fantasy (reissue) | PBK | $22.99

Oakland Dragon Blues and Other Stories (Essential Peter S Beagle 02, illustrated edition)
Beagle, Peter S
A dilapidated dragon, a frustrated cop, and an unapologetic author square off over a dangerously abandoned narrative. The seemingly perfect addition to a weekly card game hides a dark secret from everyone but her teammate. A deeply-respected judge meets his match in Snow Ermine, a gorgeous pickpocket. From heartbreaking to humorous, these carefully curated stories by Peter S Beagle show the depth and power of his incomparable prose and storytelling. Featuring a newly-published story, ‘The Mantichora’, an original introduction from Meg Elison (Find Layla), and gorgeous illustrations from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (Shadowscapes), this elegant collection is a must-have for any fan of classic fantasy. The essential second volume of bestselling author Peter S Beagle’s (The Last Unicorn) short stories, including one previously unpublished and four uncollected stories, shows again that Beagle is one of America’s most influential fantasists. With his celebrated versatility, humour, and grace, Beagle is at home in a dazzling variety of subgenres. Evoking comparison to such iconic authors as Twain, Tolkien, Carroll, L’Engle, and Vonnegut, this career retrospective celebrates Beagle’s mastery of the short-story form.
Fantasy | HC | $52.99

Medusa’s Sisters
Bear, Lauren J A
Even before they were transformed into Gorgons, Medusa and her sisters Stheno and Euryale were unique among immortals. Curious about mortals and their lives, Medusa and her sisters entered the human world in search of a place to belong, yet quickly found themselves at the perilous centre of a dangerous Olympian rivalry and learned – too late – that a god’s love is a violent one. Forgotten by history and diminished by poets, the other two Gorgons have never been more than horrifying hags, damned and doomed. But they were sisters first, and their journey from seaborne origins to the outskirts of the Pantheon is a journey that rests, hidden, underneath their scales. Monsters, but not monstrous, Stheno and Euryale will step into the light for the first time to tell the story of how all three sisters lived and were changed by each other, as they struggle against the inherent conflict between sisterhood and individuality, myth and truth, vengeance, and peace.
Myth retold | PBK | $19.99

Somewhere in the Deep
Berwah, Tanvi
Seventeen-year-old Krescent Dune is buried under the weight of her dead parents’ debt and the ruinous legacy they left behind. The only way she can earn enough money to escape her unforgiving island is by battling monstrous creatures in an underground fighting pit. After a fight goes terribly wrong, she’s banned from the pits. Now hopeless, she is offered a deal: in exchange for the erasure of her debts, she must join and protect a hunting party for a rescue mission deep within the mining caves beneath the island. Krescent is determined to keep her head down and fulfil her role as the dutiful bodyguard, even though she is trapped underground with her childhood enemy and a company of people who would gladly kill her if they knew who her parents were. As they come across creatures she believed only existed in legends, it becomes clear they are in far more danger than she could have imagined. But someone doesn’t want her to make it out alive. And she’ll have to figure out who before she’s left alone… in the dark. An action-packed South Asian inspired fantasy that will have your heart racing at every turn.
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

The Girl in the Mist
Bhagat, Vinaya
When she loses her parents in a car accident in Boston, Diya Mathur’s world collapses around her. As far as she knows, she’s a young woman alone in the world now, her parents having been her only living relatives. Until a mysterious letter arrives from India, claiming to be from her extended family that she’d never heard of. Suddenly, Diya has a chance at being part of a family again. She decides to take time out of school and go to India to meet her newfound family. But soon after Diya arrives, there is a spate of what appear to be animal attacks around her and her family. As bodies and tragedies pile up around her, Diya finds out more about the secrets her family is hiding, including the curse of the Chakwa – a shapeshifting trickster with the feet of a large beast – which legend has it, has been responsible for tragedies in her family for centuries. Diya’s no longer sure that her parents’ car crash was an accident. Will the monster that ruined her parents’ life now destroy her happiness? Or will she manage to defeat it at its own game? With the help of her newly discovered friends and family, Diya must fight not just the monster from her nightmares, but also make sense of a fast-unravelling web of lies that makes up her life.
Horror | TP | $29.99

The Damned Thing (Weird and Ghostly Tales)
Bierce, Ambrose
A bone-chilling collection of uncanny tales from one of the great masters of the ghost story. A murder is relived from three startling perspectives; a hunter is driven out of his mind by an invisible, malevolent entity; a man meets a terrifying end in an abandoned house; a werepanther creeps through a window in the dead of night… Any lover of the dark and unsettling tale will be enthralled by the stories in this collection, all from the pen of the great Ambrose Bierce. Bierce is often seen as the link between Poe and Lovecraft in the American fantastical tradition, and this collection showcases his mastery of the macabre. Contains: The Damned Thing’; ‘The Moonlit Road’; ‘An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge’; ‘The Death of Halpin Frayser’; ‘The Suitable Surroundings’; ‘The Middle Toe of the Right Foot’; ‘Moxon’s Master’; ‘An Adventure at Brownville’; ‘The Eyes of the Panther’; ‘The Spook House’; ‘An Inhabitant of Carcosa’.
Classic ghost stories | HC | $29.99

The Atlas Paradox (Atlas 02)
Blake, Olivie
Six magicians were offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Five are now members of the Society. And two paths lie before them. In this thrilling next instalment, the secret society of Alexandrians is unmasked. Its newest recruits realise the institute is capable of raw, world-changing power. It’s also headed by a man with plans to change life as we know it – and these are already under way. But the cost of this knowledge is as high as the price of power, and each initiate must choose which faction to follow. Yet, as events gather momentum and dangers multiply, which of their alliances will hold? Can friendships hold true and are enemies quite what they seem? Begin the trilogy with The Atlas Six (PBK, $22.99).
Dark academia | PBK | $22.99

The Atlas Complex (Atlas 03)
Blake, Olivie
Only the extraordinary are chosen. Only the cunning survive. In this stunning finale, it’s a race to survive – as the Society recruits are faced with the question of what they’re willing to betray for limitless power – and who will be destroyed, along the way. The much-anticipated final instalment in Olivie Blake’s trilogy that began with the bestselling phenomenon, The Atlas Six (PBK, $22.99).
Dark academia | TP | $34.99

The Waking of Angantyr
Brennan, Marie
The bondmaid Hervor is used to dead men whispering in her sleep. They’ve been doing it, for as long as she can remember; it’s the living she has to watch out for. And when a new arrival at her holding triggers her into a berserker fury, she’s forced to flee the contract that enslaves her and into the arms of an uncertain future. Unchained from the living, Hervor goes in search of a way to silence the dead, but it will take much more than grit and determination to make that happen. She’ll need the help of a ruthless Viking, an ailing jarl, a mad witch, and more – for the treachery that killed her ghosts isn’t nearly as dead as they are, and the path to peace must first traverse a river of blood.
Norse fantasy | PBK | $22.99

The Fair Folk
Bristow, Su
It’s 1959. To eight-year-old Felicity – who lives on a dying farm in England – the fairies in the woods have much more to offer than the people in her everyday life. As she becomes more rooted in their world, she learns that their magic is far from safe. Their queen, Elfrida, offers Felicity a gift. But fairy bargains are never what they seem. As an adult, Felicity leaves for university. Unfortunately, books are not her only company at school: Elfrida and Hobb – the queen’s constant companions – wield the ability to appear at any time, causing havoc in her new friendships and love life. Desperate, Felicity finally begins to explore the true nature of the Fair Folk and their magic. Her ally, the folklorist Professor Edgerley, asks, ‘What do they want from you?’ The answer lies in the distant past, and in the secrets of her own family. As the consequences of the ‘gift’ play out, Felicity must draw on her courage to confront Elfrida, and make the right choice.
Historical fantasy | TP | $39.95

Green Rider (Green Rider 01)
Britain, Kristen
It’s a race against time to save her country, but it could cost her life… Karigan G’ladheon always seems to be getting into fights. But as she trudges through the forest, contemplating her inevitable expulsion from school, a horse bursts through the woodland, rider slumped over its neck with two arrows embedded in his back. As the young man lies dying on the road, he tells her of his mission. He is a Green Rider – one of the legendary messengers of the king – and he has a life-or-death message that must reach King Zachary. He makes Karigan swear to deliver it, to keep it secret and, with his last breath, warns her to ‘beware the shadow man…’ Pursued by an unknown assassin, Karigan sets out on her path to become a legendary Green Rider herself. Caught up in a world of deadly danger and complex magic, compelled by forces she cannot understand, her simple promise is about to become a race against time… and a race for her life… Reissued to celebrate Green Rider’s 25th anniversary, this paperback comes with a brand-new cover design. Start a captivating, feminist, fantasy adventure series that will sweep you away…
Fantasy (reissue) | PBK | $22.99

Among the Gray Lords (Indrajit & Fix 03)
Butler, D J
Sometimes, the real enemies are the friends we make along the way. An encounter with an old friend becomes tragically fatal, and Indrajit and Fix set out on a high-stakes, high-adrenaline quest across the ancient city of Kish to bring their friend back to life. At each step, the complications and the enemies alike pile up. The mysterious necromancers, the Vin Dalu priests, bind the heroes on an errand that sends them shuttling from one thieves’ guild to the next, pitting Indrajit and Fix against the deadly House of Knives and embroiling them in a plot by the giant, wasplike Kattak to take dire revenge on Kish, and all its great houses. Can the heroes save their friend? Can Indrajit and Fix survive? Will Kish, itself, fall? The series begins with In the Palace of Shadow and Joy (PBK, $24.95).
Fantasy | HC | $62.95

The Letters of J R R Tolkien (revised and expanded edition)
Carpenter, Humphrey (editor)
J R R Tolkien, creator of the languages and history of Middle-earth as recorded in The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion, was one of the most prolific letter-writers of the 20th century. Over the years, he wrote a mass of letters – to his publishers, to members of his family, to friends, and to ‘fans’ of his books – which often reveal the inner workings of his mind, and which record the history of composition of his works and his reaction to subsequent events. A selection from Tolkien’s correspondence, collected and edited by Tolkien’s official biographer, Humphrey Carpenter, and assisted by Christopher Tolkien, was published in 1981. It presented, in Tolkien’s own words, a highly detailed portrait of the man in his many aspects: storyteller, scholar, Catholic, parent, friend, and observer of the world around him. In this revised and expanded edition of The Letters of J R R Tolkien, it has been possible to go back to the editors’ original typescripts and notes, restoring more than 150 letters that were excised purely to achieve what was then deemed a ‘publishable length’, and present the book as originally intended. Enthusiasts for his writings will find much that is new, for the letters not only include fresh information about Middle-earth, such as Tolkien’s own plot summary of the entirety of the Lord of the Rings and a vision for publishing his ‘Tales of the Three Ages’, but also many insights into the man and his world. In addition, this new selection will entertain anyone who appreciates the art of letter-writing, of which J R R Tolkien was a master.
Tolkien | HC | $49.99

Labyrinth’s Heart (Rook & Rose 03)
Carrick, M A
May you see the face and not the mask. Ren came to Nadežra with a plan. She would pose as the long-lost daughter of the noble house Traementis. She would secure a fortune for herself and her sister. And she would vanish without a backward glance. She ought to have known that in the city of dreams, nothing is ever so simple. Now, she is Ren, con-artist and thief. But she is also Renata, the celebrated Traementis heir. She is Arenza, the mysterious pattern-reader and political rebel. And she is the Black Rose, a vigilante who fights alongside the legendary Rook. Even with the help of Grey Serrado and Derossi Vargo, it is too many masks for one person to wear. And as the dark magic the three of them helped unleash builds to storm that could tear the very fabric of the city apart, it’s only a matter of time before one of the masks slips – and everything comes crashing down around them. The thrilling conclusion to M A Carrick’s Rook & Rose trilogy; in which a con artist, a vigilante, and a crime lord become reluctant allies in the quest to save their city from a dangerous ancient magic. ‘For those who like their revenge plots served with the intrigue of The Goblin Emperor, the colonial conflict of The City of Brass, the panache of Swordspoint, and the richly-detailed settings of Guy Gavriel Kay’ – Booklist (starred review). The series begins with The Mask of Mirrors (PBK, $24.99); and has had a great deal of customer love – here, at Pulp.
Fantasy | PBK | $24.99

Seasparrow (Graceling 05)
Cashore, Kristin
In the immediate aftermath of the events of Winterkeep (PBK, $22.99), Bitterblue and her entourage begin the journey back to Monsea with the only copies of the formulas for the zilphium weapon. Bitterblue must decide what she will do with her world-shaping power. But before they’ve even made it halfway home, storms drive their ship off course and then they wreck in the ice far north of the Royal Continent. The survivors must make a harrowing trek across the ice in order to make it back to Monsea. Seasparrow is told entirely from the point of view of Hava, Bitterblue’s personal spy and secret half-sister. And while Bitterblue grapples with how to carry the responsibility of a weapon of mass destruction, Hava must decide what she will do with herself in the new world Bitterblue will make. The first in this series is Graceling (PBK, $22.99).
Fantasy | PBK | $24.99

My Gothic Heart (Macmillan Collector’s Library)
Castelletti, Charlie (editor)
The word gothic conjures up crumbling castles, passion, and unnerving supernatural events. It’s a powerful genre and a mood that has influenced writers, artists, and designers ever since. This is a gorgeous anthology of extracts from extravagant and dark gothic stories and verse. Editor and writer Charlie Castelletti has selected and introduced the pieces in My Gothic Heart. The collection features tantalising extracts from the famous names of gothic writing such as Ann Radcliffe, Bram Stoker, the Brontë sisters, and John Keats. It then travels forward to the early 20th century, finding gothic resonance in the writing of Virginia Woolf, Oscar Wilde, and Wilfred Owen. Altogether, it’s a powerful mix that cannot fail to stir the emotions.
Classic gothic tales | HC | $24.99

A Feast for Starving Stone (Chefs of the Five Gods 02)
Cato, Beth
Princess Solenn’s marriage into royalty should have unified the continental neighbours of Verdania and Solenn’s homeland of Braiz against a common enemy: the country of Albion. Thanks to Albion’s cunning sabotage, Verdania is now Braiz’s lethal rival. And the dead Braizian sailors, washed ashore near Solenn’s château, are just the beginning. Arriving in the midst of danger, Ada Garland, rogue Chef to the Gods, is desperate to reunite with her daughter, Solenn. Not only has open war begun; it’s become heart-wrenchingly personal. Ada’s long-lost, beloved Braizian musketeer, Captain Erwan Corre, is being held in a Verdanian prison, with execution imminent. And her daughter has been tasked with the near-doomed responsibility of uniting violently adversarial countries in peace. Can Solenn and Ada, coming together, stop their land from descending into all-out war? And what will Solenn become to achieve victory? As ambassador between the human and magical worlds, Solenn must now draw from both to prevent catastrophe, and this time, even the Gods are working against her. The sequel to A Thousand Recipes for Revenge (TP, $37.95).
Fantasy | TP | $37.95

Escape Orbit (Eccentric Orbits 02)
Chiles, Patrick
Five years ago, astronaut Jack Templeton took the spacecraft Magellan to the farthest reaches of our solar system, never to be heard from again. Until now. When the Magellan, suddenly, reappears where an undiscovered planet was suspected to be, it poses more questions than answers. How did Jack survive all this time? Can he make it back to Earth before his life support runs out? And what is the object long thought to be the elusive ‘Planet Nine’? In a race against time, Jack’s former crewmate Traci Keene spearheads a desperate effort to outfit a rescue mission. But she has competition. Agencies of both American and foreign governments have their own agendas, and saving rogue astronauts isn’t among them. And, at the edge of all that is known, a gateway to the unknown awaits. A sequel to Frozen Orbit (PBK, $24.95).
Science fiction | PBK | $26.95

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride
Chokshi, Roshani
Do not look. Do not ask. Do not pry. Once upon a time, a man who believed in fairy tales married a beautiful, mysterious woman named Indigo Maxwell-Castenada. He was a scholar of myths. She was heiress to a fortune. They exchanged gifts and stories and believed they would live happily ever after – and in exchange for her love, Indigo extracted a promise: that her bridegroom would never pry into her past. But when Indigo learns that her estranged aunt is dying and the couple is forced to return to her childhood home, the House of Dreams, the bridegroom soon finds himself unable to resist. For within the crumbling manor’s extravagant rooms and musty halls, there lurks the shadow of another girl: Azure, Indigo’s dearest childhood friend, who disappeared without a trace. As the house slowly reveals his wife’s secrets, the bridegroom will be forced to choose between reality and fantasy, even if doing so threatens to destroy their marriage… or their lives. A sumptuous, gothic story about an obsessive female friendship cursed to end in tragedy, a marriage unravelled by dark secrets, and the danger of believing in fairy tales.
Gothic fantasy | PBK | $22.99

The Best Science Fiction of the Year (volume 07)
Clarke, Neil (editor)
From Hugo Award-winning editor Neil Clarke, the best science fiction stories of the year, collected in a single, softcover volume.
Year’s Best | TP | $34.99

Mermaids Never Drown: Tales to Dive For (anthology)
Cordova, Zoraida & Parker, Natalie C (editors)
A Vietnamese mermaid caught between two worlds. A siren who falls for Poseidon’s son. A boy secretly pining for the merboy who saved him, years ago. A storm that brings humans and mermaids together. Generations of family secrets and pain. Welcome to an ocean of hurt, fear, confusion, rage, hope, humour, discovery, and love in its many forms. Fourteen young adult short stories from bestselling and award-winning authors make a splash – exploring mermaids, like we’ve never seen them before!
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Down These Mean Streets
Correia, Larry & Ezell, Kacey (editors)
‘Down these mean streets a man must go, who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid.’ – Raymond Chandler. Humans have always been fascinated by darkness. Especially the darkness of a city at night, when the black sky is made ever more inky, by the pools of illumination dropped under streetlights. We harken to the sound of streetcars in the distance. We are drawn to the garish flash of club signs and marquees. We love the danger of shadowed alleyways, of wealth and poverty living side by side. We love the city. It’s a part of us. Whether the mean streets be in an alternate past charmed with dark magic or the dirty alleyways of futuristic crowded space stations, the city – and its darkened streets – will always fascinate us. Here then, an anthology of all new stories of science fiction and fantasy with a hardboiled noir twist that acknowledge that the city is a living, breathing entity… and it isn’t always on our side. Stories by: Laurell K Hamilton, Larry Correia, Kacey Ezell, Mike Massa, Steve Diamond, Robert E Hampson, Chris Kennedy, Marisa Wolf, Griffin Barber, Robert Buettner, Hinkley Correia, Casey Moores, Patrick M Tracy, and Dan Willis.
Speculative noir | HC | $62.95

Silverweed Road (collection)
Crook, Simon
There’s a new horror behind every door… Welcome to Silverweed Road – a once quiet suburban street where nothing is quite as it seems. In this macabre collection of twisted tales, were-foxes prowl, a swimming pool turns predatory, a haunted urn plots revenge and a darts player makes a deal with the devil, himself. As the residents vanish one by one, a sinister mystery slowly unpeels, lurking in the Woods at the road’s dead end. Creepy, chilling, and witty, by turn, Silverweed Road deals in love, loss, isolation, loneliness, obsession, greed, and revenge.
Horror | PBK | $22.99

What Became of Magic
Crutcher, Paige
Aline Weir, a witch who can talk to ghosts, has kept her talents hidden ever since a disastrous middle school slumber party, choosing to be invisible and use her powers in secret to help lost souls reunite with the keys to send them home. All the while, she finds solace in a bookstore and the three mysterious women who run it… until Aline discovers the book of Mischief, and her powers are enhanced. Living a solitary life, until the age of 30, Aline’s life takes an unexpected turn when the wrong (or, perhaps, right) person witnesses her using her powers and she is invited to a town that doesn’t exist on any map. Arriving in Matchstick, Aline learns of a lost magic that desperately needs to be found and only her unique powers can do it. But what she’s not told is that Magic is a person. One that is dangerous and seductive and has been waiting for a witch with a power like hers, for centuries.
Paranormal romance | TP | $34.99

Bloom (novella)
Dawson, Delilah S
Rosemary meets Ash at the farmers’ market. Ash – precise, pretty, and practically perfect – sells bars of soap in delicate pastel colours, sprinkle-spackled cupcakes stacked on scalloped stands, beeswax candles, jelly jars of honey, and glossy green plants Ro has never felt this way about another woman; with Ash, she wants to be her and have her in equal measure. But as her obsession with Ash consumes her, she may find she’s not the one doing the devouring… Told in lush, delectable prose, this is a deliciously dark tale of passion taking an unsavoury turn… A sweet, sapphic romance takes a deadly dark turn in this sharp-as-a-knife tale. A 208pp novella.
Horror | HC | $29.99

A Fire Born of Exile (Xuya Universe)
de Bodard, Aliette
The Scattered Pearls Belt is a string of habitats under tight military rule… where the powerful have become all too comfortable in their positions, and their corruption. But change is coming, with the arrival of Quynh: the mysterious and enigmatic Alchemist of Streams and Hills. To Minh, daughter of the ruling prefect of the Belt, Quynh represents a chance for escape. To Hoa, a destitute engineer, Quynh has a mysterious link to her own past… and holds a deeper, more sensual appeal. But Quynh has her own secret history, and a plan for the ruling class of the Belt. A plan that will tear open old wounds, shake the heavens, and may well consume her. A beautiful exploration of the power of love, of revenge, and of the wounds of the past, this fast-paced, heart-warming space opera is set against a backdrop of corruption, power, and political scheming in the far reaches of the award-winning Xuya universe.
Space opera | TP | $34.99

Ennes, Hiron
In an isolated chateau, as far north as north goes, the baron’s doctor has died. The Interprovincial Medical Institute sends out a replacement. But when the new physician investigates the cause of death, which appears to be suicide, there’s a mystery to solve. It seems the good doctor was hosting a parasite. Yet, this should have been impossible, as the physician was already possessed – by the Institute. The Institute is here to help humanity, to cure and to cut, to cradle and protect the species from the horrors their ancestors unleashed. For hundreds of years, it has taken root in young minds and shaped them into doctors, replacing every human practitioner of medicine. But now there’s competition. For in the baron’s icebound castle, already a pit of secrets and lies, the parasite is spreading… These two enemies will make war within the battlefield of the body. Whichever wins, will humanity lose again? ‘A wonderful new entry to Gothic science fiction, impeccably clever, and atmospheric. Think Wuthering Heights… with worms!’ – Tamsyn Muir.
Horror | PBK | $22.99

Emily Wilde’s Map of the Otherlands (Emily Wilde 02)
Fawcett, Heather
Emily Wilde is a genius scholar of faerie folklore, and has catalogued many secrets of the Hidden Folk in her encyclopaedia with her infuriatingly charming fellow scholar, Wendell Bambleby, by her side. But Bambleby is more than just a brilliant and unbearably handsome scholar. He’s an exiled faerie king on the run from his murderous mother, in search of a door back to his realm. By lucky happenstance, Emily’s new project, a map of the realms of faerie, will take them on an adventure to the picturesque Austrian Alps, where Emily believes they may find the door to Bambleby’s realm, and the key to freeing him from his family’s dark plans. But with new friendships for the prickly Emily to navigate and dangerous Folk lurking in every forest and hollow, Emily must unravel the mysterious workings of faerie doors, and of her own heart. The sequel to Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries (PBK, $22.99).
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

Dark Whisper (Carpathian 32)
Feehan, Christine
Vasilisa Sidkorolyavolkva is a Lycan of royal blood. She knows what’s expected of her, but all she wants is to be out from under her family’s watchful eyes. There is a fire inside her that is building. A restlessness coupled with a sense of growing dread. Every day she feels the weight of the legacy passed down through generations. The prophecy that says a man will come to claim her as his mate and that she will guard his soul. She knows nothing about him, except that he is hers. But nothing seems real until the night she meets him in the flesh… Afanasiv Belan is a Carpathian, and an ancient one. In all the centuries of his existence, no one has ever affected him like Vasilisa. He can see into her mind and feel what’s in her heart. They are so alike, warriors bound by honour and plagued by secrets. They both know they must reveal the darkest parts of their souls if they hope to survive and protect the ones they love. But if they claim each other as lifemates, it will change them down to the bone. They will become something more – something both of their kinds fear…
Paranormal romance | PBK | $22.99

Feldman, Stephanie
Doors open at seven. The sacrifice is at nine. The dress code is, as usual, black tie. It’s the winter solstice in a Philadelphia that has been eroded by extreme weather, economic collapse, and disease-carrying mosquitoes. The Saturnalia carnival is about to begin, an evening on which reality is suspended, and troubles forgotten. For tarot reader Nina, Saturnalia is simply a cruel reminder of the night that changed everything for her – the night she walked away from the elite Saturn Club, with its genteel debauchery, arcane pecking order, and winking interest in alchemy and the occult. But when she gets a chance call from Max, her last remaining friend from the Saturn Club, Nina will put on a dress of blackest black and attend the Club’s wild solstice masquerade, the biggest party of the year, on a mysterious errand she can’t refuse. Before the night is over, she will become the custodian of a horrifying secret – and prey to a mysterious hunter.
Dark fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Anansi Boys (special illustrated edition)
Gaiman, Neil & Alyssa, Monet (illustrator)
A special hardcover edition of Neil Gaiman’s internationally bestselling novel, with stunning new contemporary artwork by Monet Alyssa. Fat Charlie Nancy never knew his dead dad was a god – Anansi the trickster. He never knew he had a brother, either. Now, brother Spider is on his doorstep, about to make life more interesting… and a lot more dangerous. It’s a meeting that will take Fat Charlie from his London home to Florida, the Caribbean, and the very beginning of the world itself. Or… the end of the world, depending on which way you’re looking. This special edition includes black-and-white chapter artwork, foiled and designed boards, and beautiful full-colour illustrated endpapers by Monet Alyssa. A highly-anticipated television adaptation of Anansi Boys is coming soon to Amazon Prime Video.
Urban fantasy | HC | $75.00

Menewood (Light of the World (Hild) Sequence 02)
Griffith, Nicola
In the much-anticipated sequel to Hild, Nicola Griffith transports readers back to seventh-century Britain, a land of rival kings and religions poised for epochal change. Hild is no longer the bright child who made a place in Edwin Overking’s court, with her seemingly-supernatural insight. She is 18, honed and tested, the formidable lady of Elmet, now building her personal stronghold in the valley of Menewood. But old alliances are fraying. Younger rivals are snapping at Edwin’s heels. War is brewing – bitter war, winter war. Not knowing whom to trust, Edwin becomes volatile and recalls his young advisor to court. There, Hild begins to understand the true extent of the chaos ahead – and realises she must find a way to navigate the turbulence and fight to protect both the kingdom and her own people. She will face the losses and devastation of total war, and then must summon the determination to forge a radically different path for herself and her people. In the valley, her last redoubt, Hild draws strength from the fierce joy she finds in the natural world; as, slowly, her community takes root. She trains herself and her unexpected allies in new ways of thinking, learning what it means to gather and wield true power. And she prepares for one last wager: risking all on a single throw for a better future. In the last decade, Hild (PBK, $27.99) has become a beloved classic of epic storytelling. Menewood exceeds it, in every way.
Historical fantasy | HC | $59.99

Smoulder (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 29)
Hamilton, Laurell K
My name is Anita Blake, and I’m no stranger to killing monsters. But this time, it’s personal… The wedding of the century is almost here. My wedding – to Jean-Claude, the new vampire king of America. But not everyone wishes us well. Humans think I’m on the side of the monsters. And the vampires fear their king is under the spell of the most powerful necromancer in a 1,000 years – me. When the St Louis police summon me to a brutal murder scene linked a nationwide slaughter of vampires and humans, I know there is more than just a killer to catch. An ancient evil has arrived in town, hell bent on destroying everything – and everyone – I love. Even I cannot face this alone. Jean-Claude and I must embrace our triumvirate to save both vampires and humans, and to prove that love conquers all.
Paranormal romance | PBK | $24.99

The Apology
Han, Jimin
In South Korea, a 105-year-old woman receives a letter. Ten days later, she has been thrust into the afterlife, fighting to head off a curse that will otherwise devastate generations to come. Hak Jeonga has always shouldered the burden of upholding the family name. When she sent her daughter-in-law to America to cover up an illegitimate birth, she was simply doing what was needed to preserve the reputations of her loved ones. How could she have known that decades later, this decision would return to haunt her – threatening to tear apart her bond with her beloved son, her relationship with her infuriatingly insolent sisters, and the future of the family she has worked so hard to protect? Part ghost story and part family epic, The Apology is an incisive tale of sisterhood and diaspora, reaching back to the days of Japanese colonialism and the Korean War, and told through the singular voice of a defiant, funny, and unforgettable centenarian.
Afterlife | HC | $45.00

Weird World War: China (anthology)
Hazlett, Sean Patrick
When the United States and China clash, the world will never be the same, especially when forces beyond reality threaten to intervene. What if the United States went to war with the People’s Republic of China? How would these rivals fight for supremacy on land, sea, air, and across the stochastic streams of time? What wonder weapons would be unleashed? What horrors would emerge from the eradiated sludge of the South China Sea? What heroes would rise and forever change the course of history? Tread into the deepest and darkest dimensions of the multiverse, gaze through a kaleidoscope of fractured realities, and bear witness to the disturbing visions of World War III, from today’s greatest minds in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Stories by: Larry Correia, Steve Diamond, David Drake, Nick Mamatas, Brian Trent, Martin L Shoemaker, Blaine L Pardoe, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Julian Michael Carver, D J Butler, David J West, Sean Patrick Hazlett, Deborah A Wolf, Stephen Lawson, Erica L Satifka, Rob McMonigal, Brenda Clough, Kevin Ikenberry, Brad R Torgersen, T C McCarthy, Nadia Bulkin, Freddy Costello, and Michael Z Williamson.
Military sf | TP | $39.95

Healy, Christy
Rozlyn Ó Conchúir is used to waiting – waiting for the king, her father, to relent and allow her to leave the solitude of her tower; waiting for the dreaded and mysterious Beast of Connacht to at last be defeated; waiting for the arrival of the man destined to win her heart and break the terrible curse placed on her and her land. So, when she meets Jamie – a charming and compelling suitor – she allows herself to hope that her days of solitude and patience are over at long last. But as she finds her trust betrayed – and newer, more sinister threats arising – Rozlyn learns that some curses are better left unbroken… A gender-bent reimagining of the classic tale of a monstrous beast, and the beauty determined to tame it; set against the lush backdrop of Irish mythology and folklore.
Fairy tales retold | TP | $37.95

The Kingdom is a Golden Cage (Red Kingdom 01)
Inkwood, Lilly
Once upon a time there was a princess, locked in a tower, forced to bend to her father’s will… But Celine is no ordinary princess, and she has no intention of being a damsel in distress. Celine has a lover, Hugo, whose cunning plan to rescue her is tied up in his own ambition to reclaim the lands and title that are his birthright. If only they can break the spell that binds him to the body of a cat, they will free the kingdom from the grasp of a cruel witch and live happily ever after… For the plan to succeed, they must rely on Hugo’s cousin, Philippe, to whom Celine must bind herself in marriage until Hugo can be reinstated. It’s a risk to trust him, but it soon becomes clear that this is the least of their problems, because this is a land of shapeshifters, magic, and illusion, where nothing is as it seems, even the truth. This is Puss in Boots, with the intrigue and backstabbing of Game of Thrones. A fairy tale, but not as you know it…
Fairy tales retold | PBK | $22.99

Wild Magic (Magic for Hire 01)
Ivy, Alexandra
There was a time when demons reigned. That was before they were forced to retreat to the shadows. Today, in hidden corners across the globe their evil blood still pools, and the authority of their new rulers – the Vampire Cabal – must never be challenged. Leave it to a Jersey girl to change ancient history… At 16, when Peri Sanguis’ wild magic first appeared, she was forced to flee her Wyoming ranch – and her suddenly murderous family – to save her own life. On the East Coast, tutored by mages who run the Witch’s Brew bookstore-café, Peri’s world seems magically tranquil – until her estranged mother and a coven of witches are slaughtered. Now, to solve the violent mysteries of her past, she must put her trust, body and soul, in a sensual immortal who is every woman’s darkest fantasy… The golden-eyed vampire, Valen, has never wanted more than to claim an untamed female like Peri. Lured into each other’s orbit, and working together against a resurrected evil brings them intimately closer – to danger, blood betrayals, all-consuming passion, and to sacrifices that must be made to save themselves and the world… The first in a series.
Paranormal romance | TP | $32.95

Hex and the City
Johnson, Kate
Things you should know about Poppy: One, she’s a witch. Two, she has magical hair like Rapunzel, from Tangled. Three, she lives with Iris, the head of her coven, in a beautiful, ramshackle house next to Highgate cemetery. Four, she works at Hubble Bubble, a magic shop in Covent Garden. Though, none of it is real magic, as that would be highly irresponsible. Until… Poppy accidentally sells gorgeous celebrity magician Axl Storm, all six-foot-four of him, a cursed pendant. When all hell breaks loose can the guy with fake magic, and the girl with real magic, fix the chaos they’ve caused? Or will sparks fly both in and out of the cauldron?
Paranormal romance | PBK | $22.99

The Pale House Devil (novella)
Kadrey, Richard
Ford and Neuland are paranormal mercenaries – one living, one undead; one of them kills the undead, the other kills the living. When a job goes bad in New York, they head west to wait for the heat to cool down. There, a young woman named Tilda Rosenbloom hires them on behalf of wealthy landowner, Shepherd Mansfield, to track and kill a demon haunting a mansion in remote northern California. As Ford and Neuland investigate the creature they uncover a legacy of blood, sacrifice, and slavery in the house. Forced to confront a powerful creature unlike anything they’ve faced before, they come to learn that the most frightening monster might not be the one they’re hunting… A gripping, snappy creature feature (a 128pp novella) from the master of horror noir, about two detectives – one dead, one living – hired by an embittered old landowner to banish a bloody cosmic monster from his ancestral home, perfect for fans of Cassandra Khaw, Charles Stross, and Lucy A Snyder.
Horror | HC | $24.99

Bradbury Weather (collection)
Kiernan, Caitlín R
Though Caitlín R Kiernan is known primarily as a preeminent author of the weird and the macabre, and is often cited as Lovecraft’s successor, during the three decades of their career they have also been a prolific author of science fiction. Indeed, Kiernan’s first sf tales appeared in print before any of their weird fiction (‘Persephone’ and ‘Between the Flatirons and the Deep Green Sea’, both 1995). And while their science fiction has often been praised by critics, the author has only ever released a single collection, specifically devoted to their SF – A is for Alien (2009). Finally, with the publication of Bradbury Weather, almost all of Kiernan’s science-fiction short stories and novellas have been collected in one volume. A palaeontologist by training, they bring to their sf a deep understanding of science, its methods, and its limits, with their scientific background often informing and lending an authenticity to their tales of deep time, deep space, extraterrestrial life, and things that might be. An 800pp, pricey, limited-edition collection from Subterranean Press – which may be out of print, on release.
Science fiction | HC | $99.95

Cycle of the Werewolf (graphic novel)
King, Stephen
The classic masterpiece by bestselling author Stephen King, illustrated by the legendary artist Bernie Wrightson. Something inhuman has come to Tarker’s Mills, as unseen as the full moon riding the night sky, high above. The first scream came from the snowbound railwayman who felt the werewolf’s fangs ripping at his throat. The next month there was a scream of ecstatic agony from the woman attacked in her cosy bedroom. Now, scenes of unbelievable horror unfold each time the full moon shines on the isolated Maine town of Tarker’s Mills. No one knows who will be attacked next. But one thing is sure. When the full moon rises, a paralysing fear sweeps through Tarker’s Mills. For snarls that sound like human words can be heard whining through the wind. And all around are the footprints of a monster whose hunger cannot be sated…
Horror (reissue) | PBK | $34.99

Scorpio (Frontlines: Evolution 01)
Kloos, Marko
On a distant Earth colony, an orphaned survivor of an alien invasion discovers that the greatest world-ending dangers aren’t behind her. It’s been eight years, since an alien invasion drove a small surviving group of settlers to seek refuge in an underground shelter. Cut off from the rest of humanity, the ragtag band has maintained a narrowly functioning colony due to communal effort and salvage runs. Alex Archer has her own duties as a dog handler. While this off-world colony may be harsh, Ash, Alex’s black shepherd raised to sense threats, makes living in it a little nicer. But the tenuous hide-and-seek with the monstrous species known as the Lankies is about to come to an end for Alex and her close-knit crew of soldiers, techs, and friends. When a salvage operation goes catastrophically wrong, the Lankies home in on the humans. With hopes of a rescue long faded, all Alex has left is will – and the fear that there’s so much more to lose. The first in a new series.
Military sf | TP | $16.99

After Death
Koontz, Dean
Michael Mace, head of security at a top-secret research facility, opens his eyes in a makeshift morgue 24 hours following an event in which everyone perished – including him and his best friend, Shelby Shrewsberry. Having awakened with an extraordinary ability unlike anything he – or anyone else – has ever imagined, Michael is capable of being as elusive as a ghost. He sets out to honour his late friend by helping Nina Dozier and her son, John, whom Shelby greatly admired. Although what Michael does for Nina is life changing, his actions also evoke the wrath of John’s father, a member of one of the most violent street gangs in Los Angeles. But an even greater threat is descending: the Internal Security Agency’s most vicious assassin, Durand Calaphas. Calaphas will stop at nothing to get his man. If Michael dies twice, he will not live a third time. From the tarnished glamour of Beverly Hills to the streets of South Central to a walled estate in Rancho Santa Fe, only Michael can protect Nina and John – and ensure that light survives in a rapidly darkening world.
SF thriller | TP | $37.95

Valdemar (Founding of Valdemar 03)
Lackey, Mercedes
The refugees from the Empire have established a thriving city called Haven, with the help of the Tayledras and their allies. But the Tayledras have begun a slow withdrawal to the dangerous lands known as the Pelagirs, leaving the humans of Haven to find their own way. But even with Haven settled, the lands around Haven are not without danger. Most of the danger comes in the form of magicians: magicians taking advantage of the abundant magical energy in the lands the Tayledras have cleansed; magicians who have no compunction about allying themselves with dark powers and enslaving magical beasts and the Elementals, themselves. Kordas, his family, and his people will need all the help they can get. But when a prayer to every god he has ever heard of brings Kordas a very specific and unexpected form of help, the new kingdom of Valdemar is set on a path like nothing else the world has ever seen. Perfect for long-time fans of Valdemar, or readers diving into the world for the first time, the Founding of Valdemar trilogy will delight and enchant readers with the origin story of this beloved fantasy realm.
Valdemar | HC | $64.95

The Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team and Other Stories (collection)
Lansdale, Joe R
Find out what sort of game, the Senior Girls Bayonet Drill Team play. Discover haunted toilets, strange beasts, the hungry dead, weird off-trail shops that sell unique hats and twisted dreams. Spend time with a courageous barber, meet a mythological being that may be part of all our myths, and is well-versed in the various games of shooting marbles. Ghostly cars, ghostly hotels, a shrinking world, gorillas in the yard, a brave and industrious mouse, and a less than noble elephant are also here. If that’s not enough, meet a highly intelligent monkey with an email account who is desperate to meet his human kinfolk. There are skull collectors, gun-slinging demons, a Wendigo, a serial killer… and, just to smooth things out, stories of romance. Or failed romance. Certainly, stories of new beginnings. The usual, wicked potpourri of Lansdale tales and story notes. A 456pp, pricey, limited-edition collection from Subterranean Press – which may be out of print, on release.
Fantasy | HC | $99.95

Maeve Fly
Leede, C J
By day, Maeve Fly works at the happiest place in the world as every child’s favourite ice princess. By the neon night glow of the Sunset Strip, Maeve haunts the dive bars with a drink in one hand and a book in the other, imitating her misanthropic literary heroes. But when Gideon Green – her best friend’s brother – moves to town, he awakens something dangerous within her, and the world she knows suddenly shifts beneath her feet. Untethered, Maeve ditches her discontented act and tries on a new persona. A bolder, bloodier one, inspired by the pages of American Psycho. Step aside Patrick Bateman, it’s Maeve’s turn with the knife.
Horror | PBK | $19.99

Her Little Reapers (Night Eaters 02, graphic novel)
Liu, Marjorie
It’s been four months since the night of gore, chaos, and the failed demonic summoning that revealed the Ting twins’ unusual family background. Since then, Milly and Billy have tried to explore their new powers, but their parents, Ipo and Keon, haven’t been much help. Despite the lack of explanations, one thing is abundantly clear: The Ting family is part of a much larger supernatural world and something in that world is very, very wrong. As Ipo and Keon are reluctantly drawn back into the treacherous high society of supernatural elites, their children find that dealings with the spirit world comes at a steep price – when the dead have unfinished business with the living, only blood can balance the scales. To save humanity and themselves, the Tings will have to embrace their inner demons. The second volume in the graphic novel horror trilogy, the Night Eaters, from Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.
Fantasy | PBK | $39.99

The Blue, Beautiful World
Lord, Karen
On a post-apocalyptic Earth, devastated by climate change, the Global Government Project has begun to train a group of young diplomatic representatives in a simulation for First Contact between Earth and extraterrestrials. When the simulation turns true and the concept becomes no longer a hypothetical, but an impending reality, it will change life as they know it. Kanoa, a representative from the Pacific, must ponder the manner of his father’s death, and whether there might also be non-human intelligence in the depths of Earth’s oceans. Meanwhile, Owen, a rock star who once toured the world for his concerts, has a near-superhuman ability to sway both crowds and individuals. Though global stardom has taken a toll on him, he has used his influence to invest in projects that prime him to be one of the foremost figures in this new world. As the idea of a new galactic civilisation sets in, these two and many others must consider how they will navigate this new and strange existence, and what it will mean for the future of the Earth.
Science fiction | TP | $34.99

Black Dove
McAdam, Colin
In a tall and narrow house, on a stained and busy street, live 12-year-old Oliver and his father, a story-loving writer. Haunted by the ghost of his alcoholic mother, Oliver finds comfort in his father’s impromptu tales: the Black Dove, an elusive flower that gives strength; the girl who consumes it as she battles attackers and yearns for happier realms. Stories where lonely souls keep searching despite their losses and grief. Running from a bully one night, Oliver hides in a junk shop owned by an enigmatic man. Soon, instead of hiding in the janitor’s closet after school, Oliver spends afternoons in the shop, a cavernous place full of storied oddities and grubby wonders where creatures rise up from the basement. A snake in the shape of a boy. A hunter named Night, part panther, part hound, who proves to Oliver that the world holds invisible wonder. Wanting to forget his mother, afraid of his own genes, constantly harassed by bullies, Oliver joins the shop owner in experimenting with dangerous forms of genetic editing. Meanwhile, he meets the girl from across the street, and their friendship grows in a neighbourhood where magic is real, where murderers gather, and where the darker consequences of fantasies play out.
Dark fantasy | TP | $39.95

Beyond the Burn Line
McAuley, Paul
What will become of us? In the deep future beyond the burn line of the Anthropocene and the extinction of humanity, the city states of an intelligent species of bear have fallen to a mind-wrecking plague. The bears’ former slaves, a peaceable, industrious and endlessly curious people, believe that they have inherited the bounty and beauty of their beloved Mother Earth. But are they alone? After the death of his master, a famous scholar, Pilgrim Saltmire vows to complete their research into sightings of so-called visitors and their sky craft. To discover if they are a mass delusion created by the stresses of an industrial revolution, or if they are real – a remnant population of bears which survived the plague, or another, unknown intelligent species. Risking his reputation and his life, Pilgrim’s search for the truth takes him from his comfortable home in the shadow of a great library to his tribe’s former home on the chilly coast of the far south, and the gathering of a dangerous cult in the high desert. Whether or not the visitors are real, one thing is certain. Pilgrim’s world and everything he thought he knew about his people’s history will be utterly changed. McAuley’s fabulous far future, impacted by the consequences of global warming, colonisation, and historical injustices, explores and reflects our own challenges, while telling a fast-paced story of discovery and adventure.
Science fiction | PBK | $24.99

Poor Man’s Sky (Rich Man’s Sky 02)
McCarthy, Wil
Who owns the future? Homicide detective Raimy Vaught is a losing contestant on the biggest reality show ever: the colonisation of Mars. Brother Michael is a Benedictine monk who just wants to help the future happen. Andrei Bykhovski is an asteroid miner desperately escaping indentured servitude. Bridget Tobin is a hydroponic farmer studying the greenhouses of Luna. But when a fellow Mars contestant drops dead at a Lunar monastery, these four souls will find themselves on a collision course with forces far beyond the control of trillionaires or nation states. As labour disputes erupt across cislunar space, the actions of individual people will determine whose future will prevail… and whose will perish. The sequel to Rich Man’s Sky (PBK, $24.95).
Science fiction | PBK | $26.95

Sunset, Water City (Water City Trilogy 03)
McKinney, Chris
Year 2160: It’s been 10 years since the cataclysmic events of Eventide, Water City, where 99.97% of the human population was possessed or obliterated by Akira Kimura, Water City’s renowned scientist and Earth’s former saviour. Our nameless antihero, a synesthete and former detective, and his daughter, Ascalon, navigate through a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by barbaric Zeroes – the permanent residents of the continent’s biggest landfill, the Great Leachate – who cling to the ways of the old world. They live in opposition to Akira’s godlike domination of the planet – she has taken control of the population that viewed her as a god and converted them into her Gardeners, zombie-like humans who plod along to build her vision of a new world. What that world exactly entails, Ascalon is not entirely sure, but intends to find out. Now, 19, she, a synesthete herself, takes over this story while her father succumbs to grief and decades of Akira’s manipulation. Tasked with the impossible, Ascalon must find a way to free what’s left of the human race. In the powerful conclusion to the sf noir Water City trilogy, faith, power, and tech clash when our nameless protagonist passes the responsibility of saving the world to his teenage daughter. For fans of Phillip K Dick and The Last of Us. The series begins with Midnight, Water City (TP, $34.99).
SF noir | HC | $59.99

The House of Whispers
Mazzola, Anna
Rome, 1938. As the world teeters on the brink of war, talented pianist Eva Valenti enters the house of widower Dante Cavallera to become his new wife. On the outside, the forces of fascism are accelerating, but in her new home, Eva fears that something else is at work, whispering in the walls and leaving mysterious marks on Dante’s young daughter. Soon, she starts to wonder whether the house, itself, is trying to give up the secrets of its mysterious past – secrets that Dante seems so determined to keep hidden. However, Eva must also conceal the truth of her own identity, for if she is discovered, she will be in greater danger than she could ever have imagined…
Historical fantasy | PBK | $24.99

From the Forest (Saga of Recluce 23)
Modesitt, L E
In a new story arc, From the Forest follows the early life of a man known by many names depending on who you ask – hero, tyrant, emperor. Alayiakal, who will one day be known by many names – not all of them flattering – has to climb the ranks of Cyador’s Mirror Lancers, fighting against unforeseen weapons and ancient technology. Alayiakal, however, has secrets of his own to protect: his ties to the Great Forest and his magus abilities. He must silently pretend to be a conventional soldier favoured by fate – until that very same fate forces him to choose. We expect to have this edition of From the Forest from its Australian distributors later in the year, at a lower price.
Fantasy | HC | $66.95

Illuminations: Stories (collection)
Moore, Alan
In his first-ever short story collection, which spans 40 years of work and features many never-before-published pieces, international bestselling author and legendary creator of From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and other modern classics, Alan Moore, presents nine stories full of wonder and strangeness, each taking us deeper into the fantastical underside of reality. In ‘A Hypothetical Lizard’, two concubines in a brothel for fantastical specialists fall in love, with tragic ramifications. In ‘Not Even Legend’, a paranormal study group is infiltrated by one of the otherworldly beings they seek to investigate. In ‘Illuminations’, a nostalgic older man decides to visit a seaside resort from his youth and finds the past all too close at hand. And in the monumental novella, What We Can Know About Thunderman, which charts the surreal and Kafkaesque history of the comics industry over the last 75 years through several sometimes-naïve and sometimes-maniacal people rising and falling on its career ladders, Moore reveals the dark, beating heart of the superhero business. From ghosts and otherworldly creatures to theoretical Boltzmann brains fashioning the universe at the big bang, Illuminations is exactly that – a series of bright, startling tales from a contemporary legend that reveal the full power of imagination and magic. Now in paperback. ‘One of the most significant fiction writers in English… Moore’s influence can be felt everywhere – in our literature, on our screens, in our politics’ – Guardian.
Speculative fiction | PBK | $24.99

The Evergreen Heir (Five Crowns of Okrith 04)
Mulford, A K
Neelo Emberspear, heir to the throne and realm, would never leave the library if they could help it. They certainly never asked for a kingdom or a husband to rule it with. But when their mother, the troubled queen, disastrously lights the castle on fire Neelo knows duty can be put off no longer. No matter how charming everyone else finds fae warrior Talhan Catullus, this is not what Neelo chose. Fighting to save their mother’s life and throne, Neelo is astonished when the written word brings them closer than ever to their cavalier new fiancé. But a dark force is rising, which not only threatens their love, but the entire continent. This Australian-authored series begins with The High Mountain Court (PBK, $22.99).
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

The Fractured Dark (Devoured Worlds 02)
O’Keefe, Megan E
Naira and Tarquin have escaped vicious counter-revolutionaries, misprinted monsters and the pull of a dying planet. Now, bound together to find the truth behind the blight that has been killing habitable planets, they need to hunt out the Mercator family secrets. But, when the head of Mercator disappears, taking the universe’s remaining supply of starship fuel with him, chaos breaks loose between the ruling families. Naira’s revolution must be put aside for the sake of humanity’s immediate survival. The second instalment of the Devoured Worlds trilogy, by award-winning author Megan E O’Keefe. The first is The Blighted Stars (PBK, $24.99). Recommended!
Space opera | PBK | $24.99

Forged by Blood (Tainted Blood duology 01)
Okosun, Ehigbor
In the midst of a tyrannical regime and political invasion, Dèmi just wants to survive: to avoid the suspicion of the nonmagical Ajes who occupy her ancestral homeland of Ife; to escape the King’s brutal genocide of her people – the darker skinned, magic wielding Oluso; and to live peacefully with her secretive mother while learning to control the terrifying blood magic that is her birthright. But when Dèmi’s misplaced trust costs her mother’s life, survival gives way to vengeance. She bides her time until the devious Lord Ekwensi grants her the perfect opportunity – kidnap the Aje prince, Jonas, and bargain with his life to save the remaining Oluso. With the help of her reckless childhood friend Colin, Dèmi succeeds, but discovers that she and Jonas share more than deadly secrets; every moment tangles them further into a forbidden, unmistakable attraction, much to Colin’s – and Dèmi’s – distress. The kidnapping is now a joint mission: to return to the King, help get Lord Ekwensi on the council, and bolster the voice of the Oluso in a system designed to silence them. But the way is dangerous, Dèmi’s magic is growing yet uncertain; and it’s not clear, if she can trust the two men at her side. A tale of rebellion and redemption, race and class, love and trust and betrayal – inspired by Nigerian mythology – this is epic fantasy at its finest, from an enthusiastic, emerging voice.
Fantasy | TP | $29.99

Heartless (novella)
Parry, H G
At the age of seven, in a London workhouse, newly-orphaned James meets 10-year-old Peter. Mysterious, mercurial, thoughtless to the point of cruelty, Peter nonetheless takes a liking to James. The two forge a strange friendship, bound together by their shared love of stories – stories of a magical island called Neverland, where they adventure as the pirate James Hook and the child-king Peter Pan. But one fateful night, Peter vanishes from his bed, and, in the morning, James is found lying alone and broken in the courtyard outside. Only James saw Peter fly from the workhouse roof in pursuit of a star, and nobody but James believes that the star was a fairy. Over 20 years later, on the deck of a whaling ship in the frozen wastes of the Arctic, First Mate James Hook sees the same star again. James’ obsession with finding his childhood friend will lead him to mutiny and murder, beyond the edges of the world, and finally to an island that shouldn’t exist. But neither Neverland nor Peter are what they appear. A new story is about to begin, and not all stories have happy endings. A 144pp, pricey, limited-edition novella from Subterranean Press – which may be out of print, on release.
Peter Pan | HC | $89.95

Expect Me Tomorrow
Priest, Christopher
A petty thief, who called himself John Smith, was arrested in 1877, for theft through fraudulent behaviour. He was convicted and sent to prison. In 1852, Adler and Adolf Beck’s father died on a glacier, and their lives separated. One became a respected climate scientist; the other a globally-renowned opera singer, or so he claimed. They remained in touch, to share details of the mysterious voices only they could hear. In 2050, Charles Ramsey also has a twin. Greg is a climate journalist. Charles used to be a police profiler, but his redundancy leads to him being sent home with an experimental chip in his head. His brother urges him to explore a little-known aspect of their family history. All these people are connected, impossibly, inexorably. All their lives will intersect. And the climate of their world will keep on changing.
Cli-fi | PBK | $24.99

The Forest Grimm
Purdie, Kathryn
‘Tell me again, Grandmère, the story of how I die.’ The Midnight Forest. The Fanged Creature. Two fortune-telling cards that spell an untimely death for 17-year-old Clara. Despite the ever-present warning from her fortune-teller grandmother, Clara embarks on a dangerous journey into the deadly Forest Grimm to procure a magical book – Sortes Fortunae, the Book of Fortunes – with the power to reverse the curse on her village and save her mother. Years ago, when the villagers whispered their deepest desires to the book, its pages revealed how to obtain them. All was well until someone used the book for an evil purpose – to kill another person. Afterward, the branches of the Forest Grimm snatched the book away, the well water in Grimm’s Hollow turned rancid, and the crops died from disease. The villagers tried to make amends with the forest, but every time someone crossed its border, they never returned. Now, left with no alternative, Clara and her close friend, Axel – who is fated never to be with her – have set their minds to defying fate and daring to accomplish what no one else has been able to before. But the forest – alive with dark, deadly twists on some of our most well-known fairy tales – has a mind of its own.
YA fantasy | TP | $29.99

The Werewolf Book: The Encyclopaedia of Shape-Shifters and Lycanthropes
Redfern, Nick & Steiger, Brad
Beware the Full Moon! Take a hair-raising tour of werewolf legends. Meet shape-shifters, dogmen, and all variety of human and lupine mixes in this blood curling story collection from two distinguished paranormal researchers! From today’s lycanthropic creatures found in pop culture such as Dracula, Twilight, and An American Werewolf in London, to the earliest mentions in folklore of the shape-shifting legend, here is an eye-opening tour through the ages of all things werewolf. Along the way, readers land at the doorstep of creatures like serial killer Fritz Haarmann, tiger people and their thirst for human blood, Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome, shapeshifters of all kinds and sizes, and even a spell to repel werewolves. This fascinating tome provides 140,000 years of blood-pounding evidence of strange and obsessional behaviour. It tells of stories of becoming a werewolf and the intricacies of slaying the beast. Noted cryptozoologists and paranormal researchers Nick Redfern and Brad Steiger share personal stories and encounters with werewolves in The Werewolf Book. They take a deep dive into the legends, the history, the pop-culture take on the man-beast. It’s a wild and weird road-trip into the mystery-filled domain of the disturbingly real world of shape-shifters and werewolves!
Werewolves | PBK | $44.99

We Spread
Reid, Iain
Penny, an artist, has lived in the same apartment for decades, surrounded by the artefacts and keepsakes of her long life. She is resigned to the mundane rituals of old age, until things start to slip. Before her long-time partner passed away years earlier, provisions were made for a room in a unique long-term care residence, where Penny finds herself after one too many ‘incidents’. Initially, surrounded by peers, conversing, eating, sleeping, looking out at the beautiful woods that surround the house, all is well. She even begins to paint again. But as the days start to blur together, Penny – with a growing sense of unrest and distrust – starts to lose her grip on the passage of time and on her place in the world. Is she succumbing to the subtly destructive effects of aging or is she an unknowing participant in something more unsettling? At once compassionate and uncanny, told in spare, hypnotic prose, Iain Reid’s ‘exquisite novel of psychological suspense’ (Publishers Weekly, starred review) explores questions of conformity, art, productivity, relationships, and what, ultimately, it means to grow old.
SF thriller | PBK | $22.99

Lost in Time
Riddle, A G
Control the past. Save the future. One morning, Dr Sam Anderson wakes up to find that the woman he loves has been murdered. For Sam, the horror is only beginning. He and his daughter are accused of the crime. The evidence is ironclad. They will be convicted. And so, to ensure his daughter goes free, Sam does what he must: he confesses. But in the future, murderers aren’t sent to prison. Thanks to a machine Sam helped invent, the world’s worst criminals are now sent to the past – approximately 200 million years into the past, to the dawn of the time of the dinosaurs – where they must live out their lives alone, in exile from the human race. Sam accepts his fate. But his daughter doesn’t. Adeline Anderson has already lost her mother to a deadly, unfair disease. She can’t bear to lose her father as well. So, she sets out on a quest to prove him innocent. And to get him back. People around her insist that both are impossible tasks. But Adeline doesn’t give up. She only works harder. She soon learns that impossible tasks are her specialty. And that she is made of tougher stuff than she ever imagined. As she peels back the layers of the mystery that tore her father from this world, Adeline finds more questions than answers. Everyone around her is hiding a secret. But which ones are connected to the murder that exiled her father? That mystery stretches across the past, present, and future – and leads to a revelation that will change everything.
Time travel mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Starless Crown (Moonfall 01)
Rollins, James
A gifted student foretells an apocalypse. Her reward is a sentence of death. Fleeing into the unknown she is drawn into a team of outcasts: A broken soldier, who once again takes up the weapons he’s forbidden to wield and carves a trail back home. A drunken prince, who steps out from his beloved brother’s shadow and claims a purpose of his own. An imprisoned thief, who escapes the crushing dark and discovers a gleaming artefact – one that will ignite a power struggle across the globe. On the run, hunted by enemies old and new, they must learn to trust each other, in order to survive in a world evolved in strange, beautiful, and deadly ways, and uncover ancient secrets that hold the key to their salvation. But with each passing moment, doom draws closer. Who will claim the starless crown? The first in a series.
Fantasy | PBK | $26.95

Time Trials
Rothman, M A & Butler, D J
Marty Cohen was a gifted linguist and student of ancient military strategy who stepped away from academic Egyptology and opened a woodworking shop. Away from the bitter politics and petty rivalries, he’s happy to take care of his people, play the occasional war game, and try to make a good life. Then mysterious visions begin to rob him of sleep. Soon after they start, he gets summoned back to Egypt: an off-the-grid dig funded by an eccentric financier has discovered texts that may be the earliest Egypt has produced, and they’ll pay Marty silly amounts of cash just to fly out and take one little look. Marty turned his back on the academia game, but he’s a small business owner who has to make payroll during a recession, and he can’t say no to the money. But the texts open doors to more visions and to an astonishing journey: the ragtag team of archaeologists finds itself in protohistoric North Africa, a drying land dominated by monsters, where humanity is badly in need of champions. And behind the war against the monster overlords lies a greater struggle: Marty and his team have been chosen to be champions of all Earth and to run a gauntlet on humanity’s behalf. Failure will mean extinction.
Time travel | TP | $39.95

The Navigating Fox (novella)
Rowe, Christopher
Quintus Shu’al, the world’s only navigating fox, is in disgrace after guiding an expedition to its doom, leaving no survivors. One year later, Quintus is offered the chance to redeem himself: he will need to lead a motley, fractious team – both human and animal – all the way, to the gates of Hell. ‘There’s nothing like it; you have to read it.’ – Alix E Harrow. A 160pp, Tor.com novella.
Fantasy | TP | $34.99

Saint, Jennifer
When a daughter is born to the King of Arcadia, she brings only disappointment. Left exposed on a mountainside, the defenceless infant Atalanta, is left to the mercy of a passing mother bear and raised alongside the cubs under the protective eye of the goddess Artemis. Swearing that she will prove her worth alongside the famed heroes of Greece, Atalanta leaves her forest to join Jason’s band of Argonauts. But can she carve out her own place in the legends in a world made for men?
Myth retold | PBK | $22.99

Lolth’s Warrior (Way of the Drow 03)
Salvatore, R A
The epic conclusion to the electrifying trilogy – the Way of the Drow – finds Drizzt Do’Urden coming to understand his role as a friend, a father, and a man caught between the darkness and the light. The drow city of Menzoberranzan has fallen into discontent, sowed by the growing legend of the one who escaped: Drizzt Do’Urden. Now, many of the drow – including the city’s most powerful house, led by the Matron Mother – are questioning the influence of the Spider Queen and the very history of the city’s founding. What secrets lie ahead? The drow are determined to find out, and they’ll stop at nothing to dismantle the very structure they’ve called home. As social tensions rise and the demands for answers boom, a fight erupts between the adherents of Lolth’s chaotic evil and those drow who demand more, demand better. In the Underdark there are only absolutes, and no compromise will be found. With winner taking all, Drizzt Do’Urden cannot and will not remain on the sidelines anymore. This will be an uprising Menzoberranzan will never forget, and the rest of the Forgotten Realms won’t be able to look away. The first in this trilogy is Starlight Enclave (TP, $29.99).
Fantasy | HC | $59.99

Bad Luck Vampire (Argeneau Family Vampires 36)
Sands, Lynsay
Alasdair MacKenzie has never once considered himself unlucky in all the centuries he’s been an immortal rogue enforcer. Not until he meets Sophie. Finding the beautiful, smart, and funny woman who is his life mate is great luck, actually. But meeting her at a wedding full of Argeneaus, not to mention his own busybody uncles determined to ‘help him claim his woman’, is bad luck. And the fact that Sophie is someone else’s date? Well, that’s just the next level of unlucky. From the way her gaze travels over his body like a caress to the electric zing, whenever they innocently touch… he has to have her! He’ll keep his hands off Sophie until her date is over. After that, all bets are off, and he’ll pull out all the stops to win her for eternity. Great plan – until he gets hit by a car. And then he’s poisoned. Is his luck that bad, or is someone out to stop this immortal from claiming Sophie as his life mate?
Paranormal romance | PBK | $22.99

Schaap, Annet
A determined girl gives up on kissing a frog. A fearless heroine comes face-to-face with a not-so Big Bad Wolf. A monstrous princess, held captive on a deserted island, yearns to break free. Within this book are seven famous fairy tales turned into enchanting, inspiring and, sometimes, hair-raising stories for today’s world, about girls with their own dreams and desires. These are no damsels in distress, but real young women of flesh and blood – who certainly don’t need rescuing.
YA fairy tales retold | HC | $24.99

The Undetectables
Smyth, Courtney
Be gay, solve crime, take naps… A magical serial killer is stalking the Occult town of Wrackton. Hypnotic whistling causes victims to chew their own tongues off, leading to the killer being dubbed the Whistler (original, right?). Enter the Undetectables, a detective agency run by three witches and a ghost in a cat costume (don’t ask). They are hired to investigate the murders, but with their only case so far left unsolved, will they be up to the task? Mallory, the forensic science expert, is struggling with pain and fatigue from her recently-diagnosed fibromyalgia. Cornelia is suddenly stirring all sorts of feelings in Mallory. Diana is hitting up all her ex-girlfriends for information. And not forgetting ghostly Theodore: deceased, dramatic… and, also, the agency’s first – unsolved – murder case. With bodies stacking up and the case leading them to mysteries at the very heart of magical society, can the Undetectables find the Whistler, before they become the killer’s next victims? A witty and quirky fantasy murder mystery in a folkloric world of witches, faeries, vampires, trolls, and ghosts, for fans of Magic for Liars (TP, $29.99) by Sarah Gailey and T J Klune’s Under the Whispering Door (PBK, $22.99).
Urban fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Cahokia Jazz
Spufford, Francis
In a city that never was, in an America that never was, on a snowy night at the end of winter, two detectives find a body on the roof of a skyscraper. It’s 1922, and Americans are drinking in speakeasies, dancing to jazz, stepping quickly to the tempo of modern times. Beside the Mississippi, the ancient city of Cahokia lives on – a teeming industrial metropolis, containing every race and creed. Among them, peace holds. Just about. But that body on the roof is about to spark off a week that will spill the city’s secrets, and bring it, against a soundtrack of wailing clarinets and gunfire, either to destruction or rebirth.
Jazz Age fantasy crime | TP | $34.99

House of Ash and Shadow (Gilded City 01)
Stone, Leia
Seventeen-year-old Fallon Bane was born with a devastating curse – a single touch from another person will cause her excruciating pain. Thus, she has accepted that she will die without ever being kissed, without even hugging her own father, though it breaks her heart every day. But when her beloved father falls ill, she breaks into the magical Gilded City to find a healer fae that can save him. When handsome healer Ariyon Madden agrees to help, everything she knows about herself and her curse changes. Because, during her father’s healing, Ariyon reaches out and touches her bare skin. She waits for the agony… but it never comes. For the first time in her life, she imagines a new future for herself. However, that fantasy is quickly destroyed, because not only does Ariyon flee from her in disgust when he learns of her curse; he also reveals her existence to powerful fae who want to hurt her. Fallon is then swept away to a magical academy, where she learns the terrifying truth about her family history and her dark magic. Her life and the future of fae everywhere hang in the balance, and all the while Fallon can’t help but wonder if she will get to touch Ariyon Madden, one more time, before she dies… The first in a new series
YA fantasy | PBK | $19.99

Endless Terrors (Fortuna Sworn 05)
Sutton, K J
To protect the ones she loves, Fortuna has left everything behind. She can’t let down her guard. She can’t rest. She can’t stop moving. Not if she doesn’t want her power to be used for a monster’s entrance into the world. Fortuna thought she knew death. She believed herself well acquainted with betrayal. But, now, she stumbles upon one more secret. One more answer to a question she’s been asking for over a decade. One more truth that might shatter her completely. The series begins with Fortuna Sworn (PBK, $22.99).
Romantasy | TP | $32.99

Stations of the Tide
Swanwick, Michael
The ‘Jubilee Tides’ will drown the continents of the planet Miranda beneath the weight of her own oceans. But as the once-in-two-centuries cataclysm approaches, an even greater catastrophe threatens this dark and dangerous planet of tale-spinners, conjurers, and shapechangers. A man from the Bureau of Proscribed Technologies has been sent to investigate. For Gregorian has come, a genius renegade scientist and charismatic bush wizard. With magic and forbidden technology, he plans to remake the rotting dying world in his own evil image – and to force whom or whatever remains on its diminishing surface toward a terrifying, astonishing confrontation with death and transcendence. From author Michael Swanwick – one of the most brilliantly assured and darkly-inventive writers of contemporary fiction – comes the Nebula award-winning masterwork of radically altered realities and world-shattering seductions. This novel of surreal hard sf was widely compared to the fiction of Gene Wolfe when it was first published; and Swanwick has gone on, in the two decades since its first publication, to become recognised as one of the finest living sf and fantasy writers. With a new introduction by John Clute, author of The Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Science fiction (reissue) | TP | $42.95

The Coral Bones
Swift, E J
Three women: divided by time, connected by the ocean. Marine biologist Hana Ishikawa is racing against time to save the coral of the Great Barrier Reef; but struggles to fight for a future, in a world where so much has already been lost. Seventeen-year-old Judith Holliman escapes the monotony of Sydney Town during the 19th century, when her naval captain father lets her accompany him on a voyage, unaware of the wonders and dangers she will soon encounter. Telma Velasco is hunting for a miracle in a world ravaged by global heating: a leafy seadragon, long believed extinct, has been sighted. But as Telma investigates, she finds hope in unexpected places. Past, present, and future collide, in this powerful elegy to a disappearing world – and vision of a more hopeful future.
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

About Time (Time Police 04)
Taylor, Jodi
Twenty-four hours is a long Time, in the Time Police. When a fateful mission to apprehend a minor criminal selling dodgy historical artefacts goes very wrong, Commander Hay faces the longest day of her career. An officer is attacked within TPHQ. A prisoner is murdered. And investigations are about to lead to the one place where no officer can legally tread. Worst of all, trouble is brewing for Luke, Jane, and Matthew as a shocking revelation threatens to tear Team Weird apart for good…
Time travel | PBK | $24.99

Thorne, Jennifer
On the idyllic island of Lute, every seventh summer, seven people die. No more, no less. Lute and its inhabitants are blessed, year after year, with good weather, good health, and good fortune. They live a happy, superior life, untouched by the war that rages all around them. So, it’s only fair that every seven years, on The Day of the tithe, the island’s gift is honoured. Nina Treadway is new to The Day. A Florida girl by birth, she became a Lady through her marriage to Lord Treadway, whose family has long protected the island. Nina’s heard about The Day, of course. Heard about the horrific tragedies, the lives lost, but she doesn’t believe in it. It’s all superstitious nonsense. Stories told to keep newcomers at bay and youngsters in line. Then, The Day begins. And it’s a day of nightmares, of grief, of reckoning. But it is also a day of community. Of survival and strength. Of love, at its most pure and untamed. When The Day ends, Nina – and Lute – will never be the same.
Dark fantasy | TP | $34.99

Wild as a Wolf (Swat 15)
Tyler, Paige
Nothing is more powerful than a werewolf – except, perhaps, a mighty warrior. Nothing surprises SWAT alpha Hale Delaney – he’s seen almost everything, since he became a werewolf. But when he goes head-to-head with Dallas’ newest supernatural villain and is saved by the woman he loved and lost a decade ago, his world is turned upside down. Karissa Bonifay has always been fierce and capable, but now she’s a sword-wielding warrior in her own right. The more time Hale and Karissa spend together, hunting the dangerous supernaturals terrorising the city, the closer they come to the truth about what really came between them, all those years ago…
Paranormal romance | PBK | $19.99

Where Peace Is Lost
Valdes, Valerie
Where peace is lost, may we find it. Five years ago, Kelana Gardavros lost everything in the war against the Pale empire. Now, Kel Garda is just another refugee living on the edge of an isolated star system. No one knows she was once a member of an Order whose military arm was disbanded and scattered across the galaxy. And no one knows that if her enemies found her, they might destroy the entire world to get rid of her.
Where peace is broken, may we mend it. Kel’s past intrudes in the form of a long-dormant Pale war machine, suddenly reactivated. If the massive automaton isn’t stopped, at best it will carve a swath of devastation that displaces thousands of people. At worst, it will kill every sentient creature on the planet.
Where we go, may peace follow. When two strangers offer to deactivate the machine for a price, Kel and a young friend agree to serve as their guides. The journey through swamps infested with predators and bandits is bad enough, but can they survive more nefarious dangers along the way. And will Kel’s fear of revealing her secrets doom the very people she’s trying to protect?
Where we fall, may peace rise.
Space fantasy | TP | $36.99

Mammoths at the Gates (Singing Hills Cycle 04, novella)
Vo, Nghi
The wandering Cleric Chih returns home to the Singing Hills Abbey for the first time in almost three years, to be met with both joy and sorrow. Their mentor, Cleric Thien, has died, and rests among the archivists and storytellers of the storied abbey. But not everyone is prepared to leave them to their rest. Because Cleric Thien was once the patriarch of Coh clan of Northern Bell Pass – and now their granddaughters have arrived on the backs of royal mammoths, demanding their grandfather’s body for burial. Chih must, somehow, balance honouring their mentor’s chosen life while keeping the sisters from the north from storming the gates and destroying the history the clerics have worked so hard to preserve. But as Chih and their neixin Almost Brilliant navigate the looming crisis, Myriad Virtues, Cleric Thien’s own beloved hoopoe companion, grieves her loss as only a being with perfect memory can, and her sorrow may be more powerful than anyone could anticipate… This 128pp, Tor.com novella is the fourth in Nghi Vo’s Singing Hills Cycle. Begin with the excellent The Empress of Salt and Fortune (PBK, $19.99).
Fantasy | HC | $34.99

To Challenge Heaven (Out of the Dark 03)
Weber, David & Kennedy, Chris
We’ve come a long way, in the 40 years since the Shongairi attacked Earth, killed half its people, and then were driven away by an alliance of humans with the other sentient bipeds who inhabit our planet. We took the technology they left behind, and rapidly built ourselves into a starfaring civilisation. Because we haven’t got a moment to lose. Because it’s clear that there are even more powerful, more hostile aliens out there, and Earth needs allies. But it also transpires that the Shongairi expedition that nearly destroyed our home planet… wasn’t an official one. That, indeed, its commander may have been acting as an unwitting cat’s-paw for the Founders, the ancient alliance of very old, very evil aliens who run the Hegemony that dominates our galaxy, and who hold the Shongairi, as they hold most non-Founder species, in not-so-benign contempt. Indeed, it may turn out to be possible to turn the Shongairi into our allies against the Hegemony. There’s just the small matter of the Shongairi honour code, which makes bushido look like a child’s game. We might be able to make them our friends – if we can crush their planetary defences in the greatest battle we, or they, have ever seen… The first in this series is Out of the Dark (PBK, $26.95). We expect to have this edition of To Challenge Heaven from its Australian distributors later in the year, at a lower price.
Space opera | HC | $65.00

Three Eight One
Whiteley, Aliya
In January 2314, Rowena Savalas – a curator of the vast archive of the 21st century’s primitive internet – stumbles upon a story posted in the summer of 2024. She’s quickly drawn into the mystery of the text: Is it autobiography, fantasy, or fraud? What’s the significance of the recurring number 381? In the story, the protagonist Fairly walks the Horned Road – a quest undertaken by youngsters in her village when they come of age. She is followed by the ‘breathing man’, a looming presence, dogging her heels every step of the way. Everything she was taught about her world is overturned. Following Fairly’s quest, Rowena comes to question her own choices, and a predictable life of curation becomes one of exploration, adventure, and love. As both women’s stories draw to a close, she realises it doesn’t matter whether the story is true or not: as with the quest itself, it’s the journey that matters. An astonishing literary crossover novel about the pressures of growing up and the nature of authorship.
Science fiction | HC | $62.95

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