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Omicron update

January 2022: As we’re sure you’re all aware, the CBD is kind of deserted at the moment. We assume everyone who can work from home is doing so – and that would seem the sensible course of action given the circumstances.

Given how quiet it is, we’ve decided to shorten our opening hours for the time being.

We’ll still open at 9:30am, Monday to Saturday, but will close up after lunch at 2:00pm each day. We’ll be here as usual during the morning and lunchtimes – and we’d love to see you (it can get lonely in a semi-deserted big city!).

But if you’re not coming into town – which we totally understand! – we’ll be doing daily runs to the GPO to send people their books. So just ask – and we’ll charge, parcel up and post (Australia Post rates apply).

In the meantime we hope you’re all staying safe and well – and if we can’t see you just now because you’re isolating, then hopefully soon when the worst of this is behind us.

Once again, thanks for your continued support.

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October has been added to our Catalogues page.

2021 (full year) has been added to our Bestsellers page.

Just a reminder…

There’s lots of supply chain issues with the book trade – all over the globe! (This twitter thread is specific to the US. The UK is experiencing similar but different issues.)

So we appreciate your patience if books take a little longer than normal to arrive, or release dates get pushed back, etc.

One more reminder – if there are any must-have books by a particular author or in a particular series that you always grab as soon as they’re out – then let us know and put in a standing order for them. That way, we’ll order enough stock and contact you as soon as it’s in. Makes it all very easy. 🙂

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