Science Fiction & Fantasy Catalogue: December 2019

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in December 2019.

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December 2019 includes new books by: Richard Baker, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Brian McClellan, Brandon Sanderson, Jamie Sawyer, Maria V Snyder, K B Wagers, Matthew Ward, Amélie Wen Zhao… and many others.

SF&F new releases, December 2019

Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Legacy of Orïsha 02)
Adeyemi, Tomi
After battling the impossible, Zélie and Amari have finally succeeded in bringing magic back to the land of Orïsha. But the ritual was more powerful than they imagined, reigniting the powers of not only the maji but also some nobles with magic ancestry. Now, Zélie struggles to unite the maji in an Orïsha – where the enemy is just as strong and magical as they are. When Amari’s mother forms an army of royals with newly awakened powers, Zélie fights to secure Amari’s right to the throne and protect the new maji from the monarchy’s wrath. But with civil war looming on the horizon, Zélie finds herself at a breaking point: she must find a way to bring the kingdom together; or watch, as Orïsha tears itself apart. The sequel to Children of Blood and Bone (PBK, $16.99).
YA fantasy | PBK | $16.99

Pebble in the Sky
Asimov, Isaac
Caught up in an experiment gone wrong, Joseph Schwartz is transported forward in time… from post-war Chicago, to the heyday of the first Galactic Empire. Earth, he soon learns, is a backwater, despised by the other two hundred million planets of the Empire because its people dare to claim it as the original home of man. And Earth is poor, with great areas of radioactivity ruining much of its soil – so poor that everyone is sentenced to death at the age of sixty. And Joseph Schwartz is sixty-two. Asimov’s Galactic Empire novels are among the earliest stories of one of the twentieth century’s greatest visionaries. Filled with ideas and wonders, they are classic adventures from science fiction’s Golden Age.
Classic science fiction (reissue) | PBK | $22.99

The Stars, Like Dust
Asimov, Isaac
Mankind has conquered space and moved toward the starry heart of the galaxy. Earth is a planet of no importance, riddled with radioactivity by long-forgotten wars. When assassins target his rooms and news arrives that, many light-years away, his father has been murdered, student Biron Farrill flees for his life. Stunned, grief-stricken, and outraged, Biron is determined to uncover the reasons behind his father’s death, and finds himself entangled in a web of deep-space rebellion, espionage, and political intrigue. Asimov’s Galactic Empire novels are among the earliest stories of one of the twentieth century’s greatest visionaries. Filled with ideas and wonders, they are classic adventures from science fiction’s Golden Age.
Classic science fiction (reissue) | PBK | $22.99

Walk the Wild with Me
Atwood, Rachel
Orphaned when still a toddler, Nicholas Withybeck knows no other home than Locksley Abbey outside Nottingham, England. He works in the scriptorium embellishing illuminated manuscripts with hidden faces of the Wild Folk and whimsical creatures that he sees every time he ventures into the woods and fields. His curiosity leads him into forbidden nooks and crannies both inside and outside the abbey, and he becomes adept at hiding to stay out of trouble. On one of these forays, Nick slips into the crypt beneath the abbey. There he finds an altar – older than the abbey’s foundations, ancient when the Romans occupied England. Behind the bricks around the altar, he finds a palm-sized silver cup. The cup is embellished with the three figures of Elena, the Celtic goddess of crossroads, sorcery, and cemeteries. He carries the cup with him always, listening as the goddess whispers wisdom in the back of his mind. With Elena’s cup in his pocket, Nick can see that the masked dancers at the May Day celebration in the local village are actually the creatures of the wood: The Green Man – known to mortals as Little John – and Robin Goodfellow, Herne the Huntsman, dryads, trolls, and water sprites. Theirs are the faces he’s seen and drawn into his illuminations. Guided by Elena along secret forest paths, Nick learns that Little John’s love has been kidnapped by Queen Mab of the Faeries. The door to the Faery mound will only open, when the moons of the two realms align. That time is fast approaching. Nick must release Elena so that she can use sorcery to unlock that door, allowing Nick’s band of friends to try to rescue the girl. Will he have the courage to release her as his predecessor did not?
Arthurian fantasy | TP | $33.95

Scornful Stars (Breaker of Empires 03)
Baker, Richard
Now a captain, Sikander Singh North commands the destroyer Decisive, assigned to Zerzura, a haven for piracy and the next playing-board in the Great Game. The Aquilan Commonwealth and the Empire of Dremark vie for the allegiance of local ruler Marid Pasha; a competition with stakes that reach far beyond the sector’s pirate-infested limits… The third in the wonderful Breaker of Empires series, following Valiant Dust and Restless Lightning (PBK, $22.95 each).
Space opera | TP | $29.99

The Wizard of Oz
Baum, L Frank
A stunningly-beautiful, clothbound hardback edition of one of the most famous magical journeys in the world. Dorothy thinks she is lost, forever – when a terrifying tornado crashes through Kansas and whisks her and her dog, Toto, far away to the magical land of Oz. To get home Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and find the wonderfully mysterious Wizard of Oz. Together with her companions: the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion – whom she meets on the way – Dorothy embarks on a strange and enchanting adventure.
Children’s fantasy | HC | $21.99

Kallocain (Penguin Classics)
Boye, Karin
Leo Kall is a zealous, middle-ranking scientist in the totalitarian World State who has just made a thrilling discovery: a new drug, Kallocain, which will force anyone who takes it to tell the truth. At last, criminality will be dragged out into the open and private thought can finally be outlawed. But can the World State be trusted with Kallocain? For that matter – can Kall himself be trusted? Written as the terrible events of the Second World War were unfolding, Karin Boye’s classic dystopian novel speaks more clearly than ever of the dangers of acquiescence, and the power of resistance, no matter how futile. Reissued as part of the Penguin Classics series.
Dystopia (reissue) | PBK | $22.99

Briggs, Andy
In near-future London, Theo must navigate the darkest corners of Space, to rescue his kidnapped mother. Log in > load world > save her. Life in the near future’s not all bad. We’ve reversed global warming; and fixed the collapsing bee population. We even created Space, a virtual-sensory universe; where average guys, like Theo Wilson, can do almost anything they desire. But almost anything isn’t enough, for some. Every day, normal people are being taken, their emotions harvested – and lives traded – to create death-defying thrills for the rich and twisted. Now, Theo’s mother has disappeared. And as he follows her breadcrumb trail of clues, he’ll come up against the most dangerous… Space has to offer: vPolice, AI Bots, and anarchists – as well as a criminal empire that will kill, to stop him finding her… For fans of Ready Player One and The Martian.
Science fiction | PBK | $22.99

Gwendy’s Magic Feather (Gwendy’s Button Box)
Chizmar, Richard
Something evil has swept into the small Maine town of Castle Rock, on the heels of the latest winter storm. Sheriff Norris Ridgewick and his team are desperately searching for two missing girls, but time is running out to bring them home alive. In Washington DC, 37-year-old Gwendy Peterson couldn’t be more different from the self-conscious teenaged girl who once spent a summer running up Castle Rock’s Suicide Stairs. That same summer, she was entrusted – or some might say cursed – with the extraordinary button box by a mysterious stranger in a black suit. The seductive and powerful box offered Gwendy small gifts in exchange for its care – until the stranger eventually returned, promising Gwendy she’d never see the box, again. Gwendy has never told a soul about the button box – not even her husband. But one day the button box shows up without warning, and without the man in the black suit to explain what she is supposed to do with it. The curious reappearance of the box, along with the troubling disappearances in Castle Rock, leads Gwendy home, again… where she just might be able to help rescue the missing girls and stop a dangerous man – before he does something too terrible to contemplate… The sequel to Gwendy’s Button Box (PBK, $22.99), co-written by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar.
Horror | HC | $32.99

The Red Scrolls of Magic (Eldest Curses 01)
Clare, Cassandra & Chu, Wesley
Now, Magnus and Alec must race across Europe to track down the Crimson Hand and its elusive new leader before the cult can cause any more damage. As if it wasn’t bad enough that their romantic getaway has been side tracked, demons are now dogging their every step, and it is becoming harder to tell friend from foe. As their quest for answers becomes increasingly dire, Magnus and Alec will have to trust each other, more than ever – even if it means revealing the secrets, they’ve both been keeping. The first in a new series, following the Mortal Instruments series – now in paperback.
YA fantasy | TP | $35.00

The Lights Go Out in Lychford (Witches of Lychford 04) (novella)
Cornell, Paul
The borders of Lychford are crumbling. Other realities threaten to seep into the otherwise quiet village, and the resident wise woman is struggling to remain wise. The local magic shop owner and the local priest are having troubles of their own. And a mysterious stranger is on hand to offer a solution to everyone’s problems. No cost, no strings (she says). But as everyone knows, free wishes from strangers rarely come without a price… This 160pp novella continues the series which begins with Witches of Lychford (TP, $29.95).
Urban fantasy | PBK | $24.99

Target Rich Environment, Volume 2 (collection)
Correia, Larry
More hard-hitting stories, from the creator of Monster Hunter International (PBK, $22.95). This second volume collects all of bestselling author Correia’s short stories, novelettes, and novellas.
Short fiction collection | HC | $52.95

The Andromeda Evolution
Crichton, Michael & Wilson, Daniel H
Half a century ago, a military satellite was knocked out of orbit and fell to Earth in northern Arizona, bringing with it a hostile microbe that nearly wiped out an entire town. The two survivors and the fallen satellite were taken to an underground laboratory code-named Project Wildfire – a top-secret emergency response protocol headed by the nation’s most elite scientists, who quickly isolated an extra-terrestrial organism they dubbed the Andromeda Strain. With its ability to mutate suddenly and adapt to any environment, the organism threatened to annihilate all human life from the planet. And then it disappeared. In the ensuing decades, a group assigned to track and identify any trace of the microbe has seen no sign of Andromeda. But when a bizarre anomaly appears without warning, the team discovers the tell-tale chemical signature of the deadly microparticle. Now, a new generation of Project Wildfire scientists must race to understand the Andromeda Strain and destroy it before it sets off an unprecedented worldwide catastrophe. Fifty years after The Andromeda Strain made Michael Crichton a household name – and spawned a new genre, the techno-thriller – the threat returns…
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

Hex Life: Wicked New Tales of Witchery (anthology)
Deering, Rachel Autumn & Golden, Christopher (editors)
Brand-new stories of witches and witchcraft written by popular female fantasy authors. These are tales of witches, wickedness, evil, and cunning. Stories by: Ania Ahlborn; Kelley Armstrong; Amber Benson; Chesya Burke; Rachel Caine; Kristin Dearborn; Rachel Autumn Deering; Tananarive Due; Theodora Goss; Kat Howard; Alma Katsu; Sherrilyn Kenyon; Sarah Langan; Helen Marshall; Jennifer McMahon; Hillary Monahan; Mary Sangiovanni; Angela Slatter.
Fantasy | HC | $39.99

Gremlins Go Home
Dickson, Gordon R & Bova, Ben
Elves. Leprechauns. Gremlins. Call them what you like. These little dudes may be the stuff of legend, but they’re just as real as you and me. Far from the mythical, magical creatures of rumour, they are actually tiny aliens, marooned for centuries on this miserable mudball, known as Earth. And they want just one thing: Off! Now, human technology may finally make a reality of their dreams to leave this pathetic planet behind. NASA has a new rocket and it’s Mars-bound. All the gremlins need do is hijack it and set a course for their homeworld of Gremla. The only thing lacking is a hapless human accomplice…
Science fiction (reissue) | TP | $33.95

The Captain and the Glory
Eggers, Dave
The grand ship Glory has been skilfully captained for years, but when its well-loved old skipper decides to step down, a new leader thrusts himself forward and a new era begins. The new Captain is vulgar, bumbling and inexplicably confident. With no knowledge of nautical navigation or maritime law – nor even, as he has repeatedly remarked, a particular liking for boats – he solemnly swears to shake things up. Together with his band of petty thieves and confidence men – known as the Upskirt Boys – the Captain enthrals his passengers: writing his dreams and notions on the cafeteria whiteboard, boasting of his exemplary anatomy, devouring cheeseburgers, and tossing anyone who dissatisfies him overboard. Until one day a famous pirate – long feared, by passengers of the Glory; but revered by the Captain, for how phenomenally masculine he looks without a shirt, while riding a horse – appears on the horizon…
Satire | HC | $22.99

The Snow Dragon
Elphinstone, Abi & Woodcock, Fiona (illustrator)
You can be late for many things in life, but you should never keep an adventure waiting… In Griselda Bone’s gloomy orphanage, daydreaming is banned, skipping is forbidden, and Christmas is well and truly cancelled. But for Phoebe and her sausage dog, Herb, is it possible that magic awaits in the swirling, snow-filled air?
Children’s fantasy (picture book) | HC | $24.99

Grimwood, Ken
Jeff Winston’s life is not how he imagined it would be. An unhappy marriage and unrewarding job – and then he died. Aged forty-three. And woke up again, back in his college room, in 1963, aged eighteen. With all his memories intact. If he applies those memories, he can be rich – he can have anything he wants – in this new chance at life. Until he dies at forty-three, and wakes up in his eighteen-year-old body, again… and again, in a continuous twenty-five-year cycle each time – starting from scratch at the age of eighteen to reclaim lost loves, make a fortune or remedy past mistakes. And then, in one replayed life, he meets a woman – who knows all too well what he is experiencing. A paperback reissue of the 1988 World Fantasy Award-winning classic.
Time travel (reissue) | PBK | $19.99

Knight of the Silver Circle (Dragonslayer 02)
Hamilton, Duncan M
Guillot dal Villerauvais once again takes up arms against a sea of troubles. Three dragons wreak havoc, eating livestock, killing humans, and burning entire villages to ash. It was nearly impossible to kill one, using a legendary sword and the magic of the mysterious Cup; to tackle three, Guillot will need help. The mage Solene fears having to kill again; she leaves Gill to gain greater control over her magic. The Prince Bishop still wants Gill dead, but more than that, he wants the Cup, and he’ll do whatever he has to, to get it… even sending his own daughter – a talented thief and assassin – into the dragons’ path. As secrets mount on secrets and betrayals on betrayals, both Guillot and Solene face critical decisions that will settle not only their own fate but that of all Mirabaya. The sequel to Dragonslayer (TP, $26.99).
Fantasy | TP | $26.99

American Midnight: Tales of the Dark (anthology)
Hunt, Laird (editor)
A masquerade ball, cut short by a mysterious plague; a strange nocturnal ritual in the woods; a black bobcat howling in the night: these ten tales are some of the most strange and unsettling in all of American literature, filled with unforgettable imagery and simmering with tension. From Edgar Allan Poe to Shirley Jackson, Nathaniel Hawthorne to Zora Neale Hurston, the authors of these classics of supernatural suspense have inspired generations of writers to explore the dark heart of the land of the free.
Supernatural suspense | PBK | $29.99

The Light of All That Falls (Licanius trilogy 03)
Islington, James
The Boundary is whole, once again, but it may be too late. Banes now stalk Andarra; while, in Ilin Illan, the political machinations of a generation come to a head as Wirr’s newfound ability forces his family’s old enemies into action. Imprisoned and alone in a strange land, Davian is pitted against the remaining Venerate, as they work tirelessly to undo Asha’s sacrifice – even as he struggles with what he has learned about the friend he chose to set free. And Caeden, now facing the consequences of his centuries-old plan, must finally confront its reality – heartbroken at how it began, and devastated by how it must end. Concluding the trilogy, following The Shadow of What was Lost and An Echo of Things to Come (PBK, $22.99 each).
Fantasy | TP | $32.99

James, Steven
Thirty years in the future, when AI is so advanced that humans live side by side with cognisant robots called Artificials, Kestrel Hathaway must come to terms not just with what machines know, but what they believe. Is hope real for them, or merely an illusion? Soon after experiencing a personal tragedy, Kestrel witnesses a terrorist attack and is drawn into a world of conspiracies and lies that she and Jordan, her Artificial, have to untangle. With a second, more brutal attack looming on the horizon, their best chance of stopping it is teaming up with federal counterterrorism agent, Nick Vernon. But the clock is ticking – and, all the while, Jordan is asking questions that Artificials were never meant to ask.
Artificial intelligence | TP | $29.99

Upon the Flight of the Queen (Ring-Sworn trilogy 02)
Jones, Howard Andrew
While the savage Naor clans ready to march on the heart of the Five Realms, Rylin Corimel infiltrates the highest of the enemy ranks to learn their secrets and free hundreds of doomed prisoners. His ailing mentor Varama leads the Altenerai corps in a series of strikes to cripple the Naor. Kyrkenall, Elenai, and the kobalin Ortok ride for the storm-wracked shifting lands to rekindle the alliance with the winged lizards known as ko’aye, the only possible counter to the terrible Naor dragons. Meanwhile, the queen is delving further and deeper into the magic of the mysterious hearthstones, in a frantic attempt to save the realms that just might doom them all. The sequel to For the Killing of Kings (HC, $42.99). Perfect for fans of Zelazny’s Chronicles of Amber and swashbuckling fantasy.
Fantasy | HC | $42.99

Elevation (novella)
King, Stephen
Castle Rock is a small town, where word gets around quickly. That’s why Scott Carey wants to confide only in his friend Dr Bob Ellis about his strange condition: he’s losing weight, without getting thinner, and the scales register the same when he is in his clothes or out of them, however heavy they are. Scott also has new neighbours, who have opened a ‘fine-dining experience’ in town, although it’s an experience being shunned by the locals; Deidre McComb and her wife Missy Donaldson don’t exactly fit in with the community’s expectations. And, now, Scott seems trapped in a feud with the couple over their dogs dropping their business on his lawn. Missy may be friendly, but Deidre is cold as ice. As the town prepares for its annual Thanksgiving 12k run, Scott starts to understand the prejudices his neighbours face and he tries to help. Unlikely alliances form and the mystery of Scott’s affliction brings out the best in people, who have indulged the worst in themselves and others.
Horror | PBK | $22.99

The Case of the Spellbound Child (Elemental Masters 14)
Lackey, Mercedes
While Sherlock is still officially dead, John and Mary Watson and Nan Killian and Sarah Lyon-White are taking up some of his caseload – and some for Lord Alderscroft, the Wizard of London. Lord Alderscroft asks them to go to Dartmoor – to track down a rumour of evil magic brewing, there…
Gaslamp fantasy | HC | $52.95

Accepting the Lance (Liaden Universe 22)
Lee, Sharon & Miller, Steve
The Department of the Interior seeks a fully-reckoned revenge against Clan Korval. Recommended.
Space opera | HC | $52.95

Sherlock Holmes and the Christmas Demon (Cthulhu Casebooks 04)
Lovegrove, James
It is 1890, and in the days before Christmas, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are visited at Baker Street by a new client. Eve Allerthorpe – eldest daughter of a grand, but somewhat eccentric, Yorkshire-based dynasty – is greatly distressed, as she believes she is being haunted by a demonic Christmas spirit. Her late mother told her terrifying tales of the sinister Black Thurrick, and Eve is sure that she has seen the creature from her bedroom window. What is more, she has begun to receive mysterious parcels of birch twigs, the Black Thurrick’s calling card…
Cthulhuiana | HC | $27.99

Blood of Empire (Gods of Blood & Powder 03)
McClellan, Brian
The Dynize have unlocked the Landfall Godstone, and Michel Bravis is tasked with returning to Greenfire Depths to do whatever he can to prevent them from using its power; from sewing dissension among the enemy ranks to rallying the Palo population. Ben Styke’s invasion of Dynize is curtailed when a storm scatters his fleet. Coming ashore with just twenty lancers, he is forced to rely on brains rather than brawn – gaining new allies in a strange land on the cusp of its own internal violence. Bereft of her sorcery and physically and emotionally broken, Lady Vlora Flint now marches on Landfall, at the head of an Adran army seeking vengeance against those who have conspired against her. While allied politicians seek to undo her from within, she faces insurmountable odds and Dynize’s greatest general. The eagerly-awaited conclusion of McClellan’s trilogy, following Sins of Empire and Wrath of Empire (PBK, $22.99 each).
Flintlock fantasy | PBK/HC | $22.99/$57.95

Mamatas, Nick
Hexen Sabbath is plucked from death and certain damnation, by a being claiming to be an angel of the Lord, and finds himself dropped into contemporary Manhattan – with no clothes, no weapons, no resources. The infamous warrior has only one mission – to track down and kill the living personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins, before they bring about Armageddon. With time running out, and his only ally a destitute art gallery owner, Sabbath must fight his way through New York’s elite and challenge the world’s most powerful man, or an eternity of suffering will be his, and our, only reward.
Urban fantasy | HC | $42.99

A Clash of Kings (Song of Ice & Fire 02) (illustrated edition)
Martin, George R R
Continuing the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of George R R Martin’s landmark series, this gorgeously illustrated special edition of A Clash of Kings features over twenty all-new illustrations from Lauren K Cannon – both colour and black and white – and a special foreword by Bernard Cornwell.
Fantasy | HC | $65.00

Low Chicago (Wild Cards: USA Triad 02) (anthology)
Martin, George R R (editor)
In the aftermath of World War II, the Earth’s population was devastated by a terrifying alien virus. Those who survived were changed for ever. Some, known as Jokers, were cursed with bizarre mental and physical deformities; others, granted superhuman abilities, are known as Aces. Wild Cards tells the stories of this world.
Wild Cards | PBK | $19.99

Texas Hold ’Em (Wild Cards: USA Triad 03) (anthology)
Martin, George R R (editor)
San Antonio, home of the Alamo, is also host to the USA’s top high school jazz competition, and the musicians at Xavier Desmond High are excited to outplay their rivals. But they are also Jokers: kids with super-abilities and looks that make them stand out. On top of that, well, they are teenagers – prone to mischief, mishaps, and romantic misunderstandings. Michelle Pond, aka The Amazing Bubbles, thinks that her superhero know-how has prepared her to chaperone the event. But little does she know the true meaning of the saying, ‘Don’t mess with Texas’.
Wild Cards | PBK | $19.99

Moody, David
A series of nuclear strikes has left huge swathes of the country uninhabitable. It’s a level playing field now: both Hater and Unchanged alike have to fight to stay alive. Both have retreated to their camps to regroup, less than twenty miles away from each other. It’s here that the last major battle of the final war will inevitably be fought, but neither side has any idea what’s waiting for them just around the corner. Both armies are ready to fight to the death, each of their leaders hell-bent on victory. Their tactics are uniformly simple: strike first, get the enemy in a chokehold, then strangle the life out of them.
Post-apocalyptic | TP | $26.99

Wicked Hour (Heirs of Chicagoland 02)
Neill, Chloe
Vampires were made, not born, until Elisa Sullivan came along. The only vampire child in existence, she grew up with a heavy legacy, and she thought she could flee her past. But then trouble came for Chicago, and Elisa came home. Alongside shifter Connor Keene, the only son of North American Central Pack Apex Gabriel Keene, she faced down a great evil and accepted her true self. Months after the deadly attacks, while tempers are still cooling, Elisa is surprised, when Connor invites her to a Pack initiation in the north woods of Minnesota, and by the warm welcome she receives from Connor’s family – even though she’s a vampire. But the peace doesn’t last; the initiation celebration turns to chaos, when a mangled body is deposited at the Pack’s home. Elisa and Connor find themselves in the middle of a shifter fight; and the stakes get even higher, when Elisa makes a vampire in the middle of Pack territory. Now, Elisa’s life, the Pack, and its vampire alliance are at risk. The sequel to Wild Hunger (PBK, $19.99).
Paranormal romance | PBK | $19.99

Boundary Haunted (Boundary Magic 05)
Olson, Melissa F
Months after her battles in Wyoming, Allison ‘Lex’ Luther is still struggling with the aftereffects of the psychic attack she suffered – and with the new developments in her own magic. Then Lex’s boss, the cardinal vampire of Colorado, passes along a strange request from her counterpart in Atlanta. Hundreds of Civil War spirits have abruptly vanished, in Beau Calhoun’s territory – and he wants Lex to figure out why…
Urban fantasy | TP | $27.99

Blood Communion (Vampire Chronicles 13)
Rice, Anne
Accustomed to welcoming the Undead, from far and wide; one night, Lestat awakes to news of a ruthless attack by a group of maverick vampires. After fleeing to investigate the terror, Lestat learns of several new enemies – who are intent on disrupting the harmony he tries so hard to maintain. But is Lestat strong enough to take on such evil alone, or will sacrifices have to be made?
Prince Lestat | PBK | $19.99

Trail of Lightning (Sixth World 01)
Roanhorse, Rebecca
While most of the world has drowned beneath the sudden rising waters of a climate apocalypse, Dinetah (formerly the Navajo reservation) has been reborn. The gods and heroes of legend walk the land, but so do monsters. Maggie Hoskie is a Dinetah monster hunter, a supernaturally gifted killer. When a small town needs help finding a missing girl, Maggie is their last best hope. But what Maggie uncovers about the monster is much more terrifying than anything she could imagine. Maggie reluctantly enlists the aid of Kai Arviso, an unconventional medicine man, and together they travel the rez, unravelling clues from ancient legends, trading favours with tricksters, and battling dark witchcraft in a patchwork world of deteriorating technology. As Maggie discovers the truth behind the killings, she will have to confront her past if she wants to survive. Welcome to the Sixth World. ‘Fun, terrifying, hilarious, and brilliant.’ – Daniel José Older. Has had some excellent customer feedback – recommended!
Post-apocalyptic | PBK | $22.99

Storm of Locusts (Sixth World 02)
Roanhorse, Rebecca
It’s been four weeks, since the bloody showdown at Black Mesa, and Maggie Hoskie, Diné monster hunter, is trying to make the best of things. Only her latest bounty hunt has gone sideways, she’s lost her only friend, Kai Arviso; and she’s, somehow, found herself responsible for a girl with a strange clan power. Then the Goodacre twins show up at Maggie’s door with the news that Kai and the youngest Goodacre, Caleb, have fallen in with a mysterious cult – led by a figure out of Navajo legend called the White Locust. The Goodacres are convinced that Kai’s a true believer; but Maggie suspects there’s more to Kai’s new faith than meets the eye… The sequel to Trail of Lightning (PBK, $22.99).
Post-apocalyptic | PBK | $22.99

The Rise of Magicks (Chronicles of the One 03)
Roberts, Nora
Fallon has learned to fight, now, she must restore the light and banish the dark forever. The final battle has begun… The sequel to Year One and Of Blood and Bone (PBK, $19.99 each).
Post-apocalyptic | TP | $29.99

Starsight (Skyward 02)
Sanderson, Brandon
All her life, Spensa has dreamed of becoming a pilot. Of proving she’s a hero like her father. She made it to the sky, but the truths she learned about her father were crushing. The rumours of his cowardice are true – he deserted his flight during battle against the Krell. Worse, though, he turned against his team and attacked them. Spensa is sure there’s more to the story. And she’s sure that whatever happened to her father in his starship could happen to her. When she made it outside the protective shell of her planet, she heard the stars – and it was terrifying. What she learned turned her world upside down. Everything Spensa’s been taught is a lie. But Spensa also learned a few things about herself – and she’ll travel to the end of the galaxy to save humankind, if she needs to. The sequel to the hugely-popular Skyward (PBK, $22.99).
Space fantasy | TP | $29.99

Dominion (Eternity War 03)
Sawyer, Jamie
Back in Alliance territory – with new weapons, new armour, and new bodies – the Jackals are given a secret assignment: to investigate the mysterious Aeon, a potential ally in the escalating conflict, and a force that might shift the gears of war in favour of the Alliance. But there are many agencies interested in the Aeon, and too many sides in this war. Jenkins is going to have to trust her squad, the alien Pariah, and her instincts… as she faces the most dangerous decision of her career – one that that will make or break the war, once and for all. The conclusion of the Eternity War trilogy, following Pariah and Exodus (PBK, $22.99 each). We started recommending Sawyer’s books because of the cool spaceships on the covers; but keep recommending them because they’re great, fun reads!
Space opera | PBK | $22.99

On the Beach
Shute, Nevil
After the war is over, a radioactive cloud begins to sweep southwards on the winds, gradually poisoning everything in its path. An American submarine captain is among the survivors left sheltering in Australia, preparing with the locals for the inevitable. Despite his memories of his wife, he becomes close to a young woman struggling to accept the harsh realities of their situation. Then a faint Morse code signal is picked up, transmitting from the United States and the submarine must set sail through the bleak ocean to search for signs of life. On the Beach is Nevil Shute’s most powerful novel. Both gripping and intensely moving, its impact is unforgettable.
Post-apocalyptic (reissue) | HC | $24.99

Chasing the Shadows (Sentinels of the Galaxy 02)
Snyder, Maria V
Year 2522. Lyra Daniels is dead. Okay, so I only died for sixty-six seconds. But when I came back to life, I got a brand new name and a snazzy new uniform. Go, me! Seriously, though, it’s very important that Lyra Daniels stays dead; at least, as far as my ex-friend Jarren, the murdering looter, knows. While dying is the scariest thing that’s happened to me, it morphed my worming skills. I can manipulate the Q-net like never before. But Jarren has blocked us from communicating with the rest of the galaxy; now, they believe we’ve gone silent, like Planet Xinji (where silent really means dead). A Protector Class spaceship is coming to our rescue, but we still have to survive almost two years until they arrive – if they arrive, at all. Until then, we have to figure out how to stop an unstoppable alien threat. And it’s only a matter of time, before Jarren learns I’m not dead and returns to finish what he started. There’s no way I’m going to let Jarren win. Instead, I’ll do whatever it takes to save the people I love. But even I’m running out of ideas… The sequel to Navigating the Stars (PBK, $19.99).
YA science fiction | PBK | $19.99

Seven Blades in Black (Grave of Empires 01)
Sykes, Sam
Her magic was stolen. She was left for dead. Betrayed by those she trusts most, and her magic ripped from her, all Sal the Cacophony has left is her name, her story, and the weapon she used to carve both. But she has a will stronger than magic, and knows exactly where to go. The Scar, a land torn between powerful empires, where rogue mages go to disappear, disgraced soldiers go to die and Sal went with a blade, a gun, and a list of seven names. Revenge will be its own reward. The first in a new series.
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Sunset (Legend of the Galactic Heroes 10)
Tanaka, Yoshiki
Having taken his devoted confidant Hildegard von Lohengramm as his empress, Kaiser Reinhard awaits the birth of his heir. Much remains to trouble him, from the ongoing campaign of terror by Church of Terra diehards to the machinations of an erstwhile landesherr, and there are ominous signs that his own condition may be graver than anyone suspects. Nevertheless, it seems that peace has finally come to the New Galactic Empire. Meanwhile, in the Iserlohn Republic, Julian Mintz, successor to Yang the Magician, resolves to begin the first and final battle fought on the republic’s terms – the world-shaking conclusion to the Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
Space opera | PBK | $23.99

Cage of Souls
Tchaikovsky, Adrian
The sun is bloated, diseased, dying perhaps. Beneath its baneful light, Shadrapar, last of all cities, harbours fewer than 100,000 human souls. Built on the ruins of countless civilisations, Shadrapar is a museum, a midden, an asylum, a prison on a world that is ever more alien to humanity. Bearing witness to the desperate struggle for existence between life old and new is Stefan Advani: rebel, outlaw, prisoner, survivor. This is his testament, an account of the journey that took him into the blazing desolation of the western deserts; that transported him east down the river and imprisoned him in the verdant hell of the jungle’s darkest heart; that led him deep into the labyrinths and caverns of the underworld. He will meet with monsters, madman, mutants. The question is, which one of them will inherit this Earth?
Science fiction | PBK | $19.99

Dead Astronauts
VanderMeer, Jeff
Under the watchful eye of The Company, three characters – Grayson, Morse and Chen – shapeshifters, amorphous, part human, part extensions of the landscape, make their way through forces that would consume them. A blue fox, a giant fish, and language stretched to the limit. A messianic blue fox, who slips through warrens of time and space on a mysterious mission. A homeless woman, haunted by a demon, who finds the key to all things in a strange journal. A giant leviathan of a fish, centuries old, who hides a secret, remembering a past that may not be its own. Three ragtag rebels waging an endless war for the fate of the world, against an all-powerful corporation. A raving madman, who wanders the desert lost in the past, haunted by his own creation: an invisible monster - whose name he has forgotten, and whose purpose remains hidden.
Science fiction | TP | $32.99

Down Among the Dead (Farian War 02)
Wagers, K B
In a surprise attack that killed many of her dearest subjects, Hail Bristol, empress of Indrana, has been captured by the Shen – the most ruthless and fearsome aliens, humanity has ever encountered. As she plots her escape, the centuries-long war between her captors and the Farians, their mortal enemies and Indrana’s oldest allies, finally comes to a head… If you haven’t tried these, yet (you must not have talked to Ron or Iain, in the last couple of years!), start with Behind the Throne (PBK, $22.99).
Space opera | TP | $35.95

The Dead Girls Club
Walters, Damien Angelica
In 1991, Heather Cole and her friends were members of the Dead Girls Club. Obsessed with the macabre, the girls exchanged stories about serial killers and imaginary monsters, like the Red Lady, the spirit of a vengeful witch killed centuries before. Heather knew the stories were just that, until her best friend Becca began insisting the Red Lady was real – and she could prove it. That belief got Becca killed. It’s been nearly thirty years, but Heather has never told anyone what really happened that night – that Becca was right and the Red Lady was real. She’s done her best to put that fateful summer, Becca, and the Red Lady, behind her. Until a familiar necklace arrives in the mail, a necklace Heather hasn’t seen, since the night Becca died. The night Heather killed her. Now, someone else knows what she did… and they’re determined to make Heather pay.
Supernatural thriller | HC | $52.95

Where Winter Finds You (Black Dagger Brotherhood)
Ward, J R
Therese has come to Caldwell to escape a rift with her bloodline. The revelation that she was adopted, and not born, into her family shakes the foundations of her identity; she is determined to make it on her own. Her attraction to Trez is not what she’s looking for, except the sexy Shadow proves to be undeniable. Has fate provided a grieving widower with a second chance… or is Trez too blinded by the past, to see the present for what it really is?
Paranormal romance | TP | $32.99

Legacy of Ash (Legacy trilogy 01)
Ward, Matthew
A shadow has fallen over the Tressian Republic. Ruling families – once protectors of justice and democracy – now plot against one another with sharp words and sharper knives. Blinded by ambition, they remain heedless of the threat posed by the invading armies of the Hadari Empire. Yet, as Tressia falls, heroes rise. Viktor Akadra is the Republic’s champion. A warrior without equal, he hides a secret that would see him burned as a heretic. Josiri Trelan is Viktor’s sworn enemy. A political prisoner, he dreams of reigniting his mother’s failed rebellion. And, yet, Calenne, Josiri’s sister, seeks only to break free of their tarnished legacy; to escape the expectation and prejudice that haunts the Trelan name. As war spreads across the Republic, these three must set aside their differences in order to save their homeland. However, decades of bad blood are not easily set aside – victory will demand a darker price than any of them could have imagined. The first in a series.
Epic fantasy | TP | $32.99

Where Gods Fear to Go (West of West 03)
Watson, Angus
The tentatively-allied Wootah and Calnians must survive monster attacks, flash floods, and tornados to uncover the secret of The Meadows. And then comes the hard part. To save themselves and everybody else, they will travel west of west, deeper into danger, and do all that they can, to defeat a goddess… who has already killed all the other gods. Follows You Die When You Die and The Land You Never Leave (PBK, $22.99).
Fantasy | PBK | $22.99

Flamebringer (Heartstone 03)
White, Elle Katharine
Monsters, manners, and magic combine in this final volume of the Heartstone trilogy – an exhilarating blend of epic fantasy and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – in which a fearless healer and her dragon-riding husband must stop a reawakened evil from destroying their world. Follows Heartstone (TP, $29.99) and Dragonshadow (TP, $27.99).
Fantasy | TP | $27.99

Resistance (Freehold 09) (anthology)
Williamson, Michael Z (editor)
Resist. Adapt. Emerge victorious. A collection (a novel in story form) of hard-hitting tales, gathered by series creator Michael Z Williamson. Stories by Larry Correia, Michael Z Williamson, Brad R Torgersen, Mike Massa, Kacey Ezell, Robert E Hampson, John F Holmes, Jason Cordova, Christopher L Smith, and more.
Science fiction | TP | $33.95

Blood Heir
Zhao, Amélie Wen
Princess Anastacya Mikhailov of Cyrilia has lived her life in safety, hidden behind palace walls. But when she is framed for her father’s brutal murder, she must leave behind everything she has ever known to find his killer and prove her innocence. And there is only one person corrupt enough to help her – Ramson Quicktongue. A cunning, silver-tongued crime lord of the Cyrilian underworld, Ramson has his own sinister plans – though he might have met his match in Ana. Because in this story, the princess might be the most dangerous player, of them all. The first in a series.
YA fantasy | TP | $29.99