Media-related & Humour Catalogue: October 2019

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in October 2019.

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Abbreviations used in this catalogue: PBK = ‘A’ or ‘B’ format (standard size) paperback;TP = ‘B+’ or ‘C’ format (oversize) trade paperback;HC = hardcover or cloth binding.

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Alien: 40 Years, 40 Artists

Forty artists, filmmakers, illustrators and fans produce original art for a tribute to the sci-fi horror masterpiece Alien to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the film. An artistic tribute to the sci-fi horror masterpiece Alien. Forty artists, filmmakers, and fans have been invited to contribute a piece of original art to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Alien in 2019. Pieces range from alternative posters to gothic interpretations of key scenes. Sketches, process pieces, and interview text accompany each new and unique nightmare. In addition to cover artist Dane Hallett – an Alien: Covenant concept artist – the contributors include Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve, Sam Hudecki, and Tanya Lapointe; Star Wars concept artist and creature designer Terryl Whitlatch; and Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Robert, and Jon Wilcox.
Alien | HC | $59.99

Be More Lando (Star Wars)

A humorous take on how to get what you want (and how to look good doing it) with the help of Lando Calrissian. Packed with witty career advice for budding entrepreneurs, this Star Wars self-help book is full of brilliant business advice and funny quotes from Lando Calrissian and other Star Wars characters. As the galaxy’s resident wheeler-dealer, Lando has lots of useful advice for the business novice. If you’re setting up a start-up and want to know how to win over investors, when to back away from a deal, or how to gamble away the fastest starship in the galaxy, this is the book for you! With additional tips from other galactic scoundrels, including Han Solo, Jabba the Hutt, Watto, Qi’ra; and even some sound business advice from Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’ll be well and truly equipped to grow your amazing new venture and win at life! The perfect gift for colleagues and friends alike, Star Wars: Be More Lando is a tongue-in-cheek guide to winning over heroes and influencing droids. It features favourite moments from the Star Wars movies alongside hilarious advice and fitting Star Wars quotes.
Star Wars | HC | $14.99

Be More Leia (Star Wars)

A humorous take on how to be yourself and fight the system with the help of Princess Leia. This novelty Star Wars book is full of wise words and sage advice from the galaxy’s leading rebel, Princess Leia, and many other brave, confident and radical characters. Full of Star Wars quotes, witty advice and stills from the iconic films, this book will help with everything from starting a revolution to succeeding at life in a galaxy of mindless stormtroopers. General. Senator. Princess. Rebel. Feminist icon. Leia Organa is a legendary Star Wars symbol of what it means to stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in – no matter the personal cost. As the figurehead of the Rebellion and Resistance, and a prime example of an individual succeeding in a tyrannical workplace, Leia’s name is synonymous with courage, grit and conviction. Whether she is refusing to comply with Darth Vader’s demands, evading the wrathful clutches of the Empire, or rescuing her friends from the Death Star, Leia is not afraid to challenge those in positions of authority and power. Filled with inspiring advice from Leia and other heroes – Rey, Padmé, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Jyn, and many more – this book provides thoughtful and funny reflections on independence, staying true to yourself, and challenging the status quo. The perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, Star Wars: Be More Leia is a humorous guide to rebellion, leadership and activism, featuring iconic moments from the Star Wars movies, alongside key advice for life.
Star Wars | HC | $14.99

Exploding Kittens: Talking Button

Exploding Kittens is a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian roulette that is now a first-of-its-kind talking button. Kit includes: talking button that plays 12 hilarious phrases from the mobile app; a bonus card to add an unfair advantage to the card game; and a 16-page sticker book featuring full-colour illustrations from the game.
Exploding Kittens | SET | $17.99

How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks and Other Galactic Survival Skills (Star Wars)

The Star Wars galaxy is a dangerous place. From ruthless bounty hunters, ferocious beasts, and extreme weather, to hostile landscapes, social minefields, and backstabbing allies – perils and hazards are never far away! How do you flee an exploding Death Star? What’s the best way to source a starship at a spaceport? How would you escape kidnap by Tusken Raiders on Tatooine? Survival means keeping your wits about you. This fun, practical Star Wars book will teach you how to recognise threats and learn what to do to stay alive in a galaxy far, far away. Explore the methods used by your favourite Star Wars movie characters to escape sticky situations, with this handy manual. How Not to Get Eaten by Ewoks will help you to navigate galactic pitfalls; whether you’re learning how to avoid offending aliens of other species, or trying to find food and shelter in emergency situations. From survival kits and disguises, to tips on diplomacy and etiquette, this book’s step-by-step instructions, illuminating graphics, and beautiful illustrations will ensure your survival in a galaxy where anything can happen!
Star Wars | HC | $19.99

Picard: the Classic Chronicles (Star Trek)

A behind-the-scenes guide to the voyages of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. A deluxe collector’s edition offering a behind-the-scenes guide to Patrick Stewart’s fan-favourite Star Trek character. A selection of interviews with Patrick Stewart and features on Jean-Luc Picard, charting the character’s journey ahead of the brand new Picard-starring series. Also features fantastic classic images. An essential companion to the film and for all fans of Star Trek.
Star Trek | PBK | $39.99

Rogues, Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters (Star Wars Insider)

A new Star Wars Insider collection, featuring content previously printed in the Star Wars Insider magazine. A definitive guide to the denizens of Star Wars’ underworld, with revealing features and interviews. From A New Hope to Solo: A Star Wars Story, via comic books, novels, and videogames, this title includes profiles of the deadly Bounty Hunters, including the iconic Boba Fett and interviews with actors behind the saga’s lovable rogues and scoundrels including Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew). Packed with information and stunning images, it’s a must-have for all fans of the cinema’s best-loved saga.
Star Wars | PBK | $39.99

Ultimate Star Wars (new edition)

This fully updated, comprehensive, and detailed encyclopaedia explores the characters, creatures, locations, vehicles, and technology found throughout the entire Star Wars galaxy. Ultimate Star Wars New Edition is an in-depth visual guide packed full of exhaustive information about Star Wars, including The Last Jedi, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars: Resistance. All the characters are covered, from Darth Vader to Yoda, along with all the popular vehicles, such as the Millennium Falcon, and all the important events that provide the foundations for the exciting Star Wars story. Ultimate Star Wars New Edition is the ideal go-to resource for fans who wish to brush up on their Star Wars knowledge, and for a new generation of fans eager to start their journey into a galaxy far, far away…
Star Wars | HC | $69.99

Double Eagle (Warhammer 40,000: Sabbat Worlds)
Abnett, Dan
When the elite fighter pilots of the Phantine XX arrive on the beleaguered world of Enothis, they know this is a desperate hour. The forces of Chaos are closing in and their final push could well wipe out all human life on the planet. Thousands of refugees flee the dark armies and the infamous Chaos fighter pilot Khrel Kas Obarkon is always hunting the skies for more prey… And, so, it falls to the brave men and women of the Phantine fighter corps. Can they hold up the Chaos advance until reinforcements arrive? In the high-speed white-knuckle terror of aerial combat, can they defeat an enemy possessed by daemons?
Black Library | PBK | $20.00

You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (TV tie-in edition)
Barrett, Robert G
Les Norton has just hit town! You Wouldn’t Be Dead For Quids is a series of adventures involving Les Norton, a big redheaded country boy from Queensland who is forced to move to the big smoke, when things get a little hot for him in his hometown. Working as a bouncer at an illegal casino up at the Cross, Les gets to meet some of the fascinating characters who make up the seamier side of one of the most exciting cities in the world – gamblers, conmen, bookies, bouncers, hookers and hitmen, who ply their respective trades from the golden sands of Bondi to the tainted gutters of King’s Cross… usually on the wrong side of the law. As raw as a greyhound’s dinner, Les is nevertheless a top bloke – fond of a drink, loves a laugh and he’s handy with his fists. And, just quietly, he’s a bit of a ladies’ man too… Les Norton is undoubtedly an Australian cult figure. Now, an ABC television drama starring David Wenham and Rebel Wilson.
Australian crime/mystery | PBK | $19.99

Too Many Tribbles! (a Star Trek Little Golden Book)
Berrios, Frank
Captain Kirk and the crew of the starship Enterprise are ready for almost anything – except tribbles! When these small, furry creatures invade the ship, Captain Kirk and the crew must act quickly, before they are buried in fur balls! Star Trek fans of all ages will love this action-packed Little Golden Book featuring Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, and the rest of the crew, from the classic TV series, in a unique retro art style!
Star Trek | HC | $4.99

Typhoon (Robert Kirkman’s the Walking Dead)
Chu, Wesley
In the aftermath of a horrifying outbreak, the last remnants of the Chinese government have estimated that one billion walkers (called jiangshi) are currently roaming the country. Across this desolate landscape, large groups of survivors have clustered together for safety in settlements that have been built to protect against the unceasing wave of jiangshi. In one of these settlements, Beacon of Light, scavengers of vastly different backgrounds struggle to provide supplies for the survival of thousands. Before this devastation, Zhu was one of the millions of poor farmers who left their rural roots for the promise of consistent employment in one of China’s booming factory towns. Elena was an American teaching English in China while on a gap year before beginning law school. Hengyen was a grizzled military officer of some renown, and a passionate believer in his nation’s ability to surmount any obstacle. But with the settlement’s 3,000 mouths to feed and the scavengers having to travel further and further in search of food, Zhu ends up at his home village, where he is shocked to find survivors. Does he force them to join the settlement or keep their existence a secret?
Zombies | HC | $45.00

A Ladybird Book about Donald Trump
Hazeley, Jason & Morris, Joel
A charming introduction to the President of the United States, the important jobs he has to do, and the friends he’s made all over the world.
Humour | HC | $19.99

Cadia Stands (Warhammer 40,000)
Hill, Justin D
Under almost constant besiegement by the daemonic hosts pouring from the Eye of Terror, Cadia stands as a bulwark against tyranny and death. Its fortresses and armies have held back the hordes of Chaos for centuries, but that grim defiance is about to reach its end. As Abaddon’s Thirteenth Black Crusade batters Cadia’s defences and the armies of the Imperium flock to reinforce this crucial world, a terrible ritual long in the making comes to fruition, and the delicate balance of this brutal war shifts… From the darkness, a hero rises to lead the beleaguered defenders, Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed, but even with the armoured might of the Astra Militarum and the strength of the Adeptus Astartes at his side, it may not be enough to avert disaster and prevent the fall of Cadia. While Creed lives, there is hope. While there is breath in the body of a single defender, Cadia Stands… but for how much longer?
Black Library | PBK | $20.00

Cadian Honour (Warhammer 40,000)
Hill, Justin D
Sent to the capital world of Potence, Sergeant Minka Lesk and the Cadian 101st discover that though Cadia may have fallen, their duty continues. For ten thousand years, Cadia stood as a bastion against the daemonic tide spewing forth from the Eye of Terror. But now the Fortress World lies in ruins, its armies decimated in the wake of Abaddon the Despoiler and his Thirteenth Black Crusade. Those who survived, though haunted by the loss of their beloved homeworld, remain bloodied and unbarred, fighting ruthlessly in the Emperor’s name. Amongst them is the indomitable Sergeant Minka Lesk. Sent to the capital world of Potence, Lesk and the Cadian 101st company soon discover that a rot runs through the very heart of the seemingly peaceful world. Lesk knows she must excise this taint of Chaos, for it is not only her life and those of her company at stake, but also the honour of Cadia itself.
Black Library | PBK | $20.00

Hung, Drawn and Executed: the Horror Art of Graham Humphreys
Humphreys, Graham
Graham Humphreys’ career as a poster artist looms large over horror cinema. From designing the iconic Evil Dead poster to Nightmare on Elm Street and House of a Thousand Corpses, his work is familiar to everyone. It’s easy to see why his work grabs the attention of horror fans and filmmakers alike; as he continually and systematically sets the bar ever higher, in his quest for sheer terror and pure entertainment. With more than 40 years’ experience, he is one of the few contemporary illustrators using the traditional medium of gouache to paint his images. Includes previously unseen work: paintings, drawings, and colour studies.
Horror films | HC | $59.99

Doctor Sleep (film tie-in edition)
King, Stephen
Following a childhood haunted by terrifying events at the Overlook Hotel, Danny Torrance has been drifting for decades. Finally, he settles into a job at a nursing home, where he draws on his remnant ‘shining’ power to help people pass on. Then he meets Abra Stone, a young girl with the brightest ‘shining’ ever seen. But her gift is attracting a tribe of paranormals. They may look harmless, old and devoted to their Recreational Vehicles, but The True Knot live off the ‘steam’ that children like Abra produce. Now, Dan must confront his old demons as he battles for Abra’s soul and survival… The terrifying, standalone sequel to The Shining is now a major motion picture.
Horror | PBK | $22.99

Blade Runner 2049 – Interlinked – the Art
Lapointe, Tanya
Film audiences experienced a bold, breathtaking vision of the future in 1982’s ground-breaking Blade Runner. With the critically-acclaimed Blade Runner 2049, director Denis Villeneuve returned to that world, as a young blade runner’s discovery of a long-buried secret leads him to track down former blade runner Rick Deckard, who’s been missing for thirty years. Interlinked offers an unprecedented look into the creative process that went into making Blade Runner 2049, illustrating how director Villeneuve and his team took Scott’s 1982 movie as a starting point and expanded the world by creating a new visual language infused with the original Blade Runner DNA.
Blade Runner | HC | $79.99

Dark Arts Collectible Set (Harry Potter)
Lemke, Donald
Twenty years since its debut, the Wizarding World remains a pop culture phenomenon, keeping fans worldwide spellbound with a continual stream of exciting new experiences. This deluxe kit celebrates the ‘darker side’, in time for Dark Arts’ Month. You don’t have to be a Dark Wizard, Death Eater, or even a Slytherin, to appreciate the Dark Arts! Spotlighting the magical darker side of the Wizarding World, this deluxe kit includes: a Keepsake box with moulded Death Eater mask embedded into the top, and closing latch (mask is not removable); 176-page, flexibound replica of Tom Riddle’s diary. It features Dark Arts quotes, descriptions of the seven Horcruxes, and photos and illustrations, throughout – plus plenty of space for writing. Also includes a reproduction of the messages between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, as seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; a Basilisk fang pen; and metallic-ink Dark Mark stickers.
Harry Potter | SET | $55.00

Hogwarts Christmas Wreath and Wand Set (Harry Potter)
Lemke, Donald
Christmas in the Wizarding World is a magical experience for Harry Potter fans and collectors. Celebrate the holidays with a Hogwarts twist with this mini kit! It includes: three-inch, light-up Christmas wreath with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry crest at centre; four-inch replica of Harry Potter’s wand, which when pointed closely in front of crest activates lights on wreath; and 48-page book on Christmas in the Wizarding World, featuring full-colour photos, throughout. Requires two AAA batteries (not included).
Harry Potter | SET | $17.99

Forking Good: an Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of the Good Place
Lupescu, Valya Dudycz; Segal, Stephen H & Hu, Dingding (illustrator)
With its high concept, exceptional writing, eye-popping set design, stellar cast, meaningful explorations of what it means to be a good person, and clam chowder fountains, The Good Place has captured the hearts and minds of critics and viewers alike. For the first time ever, fans can indulge their cravings for The Good Place with delicious, comforting, original recipes like ‘Macaroni and Socra-cheese’, ‘I Think Therefore I Clam (Chowder)’, ‘I Kant Believe It’s Not Buttermilk Pancakes’, and more. Each recipe title references a philosopher or philosophical concept from the show and uses food analogies to explain those concepts to readers who, like Eleanor, can’t always follow Chidi’s lectures. A refreshing and entertaining twist on cookbooks, Forking Good will help you plan your next viewing party as you re-binge your favourite show.
The Good Place/Cooking | HC | $32.99

Wonder Woman: Magnets, Pin, and Book Set
Manning, Matthew K
This one-of-a-kind collectible, and gifty symbol of empowerment, continues a series of successful Wonder Woman mini kits. Channel the strength and power of Wonder Woman with this collectible! Kit includes: Light-up Lasso of Truth permanently housed in a keepsake box, opposite the words ‘I am Wonder Woman’ (requires one AAA battery (not included)); and a 48-page book following Wonder Woman’s adventures in films, featuring full-colour photography and art, throughout.
Wonder Woman | SET | $17.99

Firefly: the Big Damn Cookbook
Monroe-Cassel, Chelsea
Cook your way across the ’Verse, using over 70 recipes inspired by Joss Whedon’s cult TV show with Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook. Treat your friends, family, and crew… From Simon’s protein birthday cake to River’s problematic ice planet, this collection of recipes will keep you and your fellow Browncoats well fed – even on your longest smuggling runs. Featuring 70 recipes inspired by the cult television show and illustrated with gorgeous full-colour photography, you’ll never have to settle for protein blocks again.
Firefly | HC | $59.99

Molecular Magnet Set (IFLScience: Say It with Science!)
Parsons, Paul
With 25 million social media followers, IFLScience is the world’s favourite source of science on the web, loved for its irreverent but celebratory approach to nerdy subject matter. This mini kit offers a smart and fun magnet set for the science-loving masses. Chocolate, coffee, hot sauce, wine, sleep, love – these are a few of our favourite things. And they’re just a few of magnets in this one-of-a-kind set that lets you express yourself with science! Perfect for science lovers, this kit includes: 15 molecular magnets, each highlighting a beloved indulgence (magnet size is 1¾ × 2 inches; and a 32-page book on the science behind the world’s favourite molecules, with full-colour illustrations, throughout.
Science | SET | $14.99

Tiny Planetarium
Perilli, Nick
See the stars! Forget about trekking to a planetarium or fiddling with a telescope… now, you can view your favourite constellations anytime, anywhere, with Tiny Planetarium! Bring the mystery and wonder of the night sky to your office, or home, with the Tiny Planetarium. This kit includes: a miniature star projector, with 12 constellations; and a 48-page illustrated mini book.
Science | SET | $17.99

Rick Baker: Metamorphosis (two volumes)
Rinzler, J W
Rick Baker: Metamorphosis chronicles the career of the legendary special effects and makeup artist, best known for his creature effects and designs. This deluxe, two-volume set, replete with more than 1,600 full-colour images and original sketches, covers the makeup artist’s forty-plus-year journey, from his early days as a young ‘monster maker’, creating body parts in his parents’ kitchen, to his more than seventy film and television credits, which resulted in seven Academy Awards, one Emmy, and three BAFTAs, among numerous others. From the gory zombies of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ and the staggeringly lifelike Bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons to the creative builds in Men in Black and the ground-breaking effects in An American Werewolf in London, Rick Baker’s special effects, makeup, and prosthetics count among some of Hollywood’s most enduring legacies. (Volume 1: 1950–89, Volume 2: 1990–2019.)
Genre films | HC | $390.00

The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Illustrated Handbook (Star Trek)
Robinson, Ben; Riley, Marcus; Hugo, Simon
Captain Kirk’s original Starship Enterprise! Lavishly illustrated with detailed technical information, this volume features Captain James T Kirk’s Enterprise – from both TV series and the first six movies. All the key facts about this iconic starship and technology in the first full-colour volume ever published.
Star Trek | HC | $47.99

Star Trek: the Official Guide to the Animated series
Schepis, Rich
The first and only guide to the beloved and star-studded Star Trek: The Animated Series, the in-canon (mostly) continuation of the iconic Star Trek: Original Series. Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS) was a critical success, airing 22 episodes over two seasons and earning the franchise its first Emmy Award in 1975. The show featured the voices of almost the entire original cast, including William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, along with the original series writers Dorothy Fontana (‘Journey to Babel’), David Gerrold (‘The Trouble with Tribbles’), acclaimed science-fiction author Larry Niven, and many more. Star Trek: The Official Guide to The Animated Series reveals the efforts it took to translate Star Trek: The Original Series into animated form, with a Databank illustrating how the animated series ties into other Star Trek shows. This book provides fans with behind-the-scenes production documents, never-before-seen art, and all-new interviews with the people who produced the Enterprise’s new animated adventures.
Star Trek | HC | $55.00

1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (revised edition)
Schneider, Steven Jay & Smith, Ian Haydn
With more than one and a half million copies sold worldwide, in thirty languages, 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die celebrates the great and ground-breaking, classic and cult, must-see movies of all time, offering a treasure trove of incisive, witty, and revealing insights. Spanning more than a century of extraordinary cinema, this comprehensive volume brings together the most significant movies from every country and all genres, from action to Western, through animation, comedy, documentary, musical, thriller, noir, short, romance, and sci-fi. Completely revised and updated, this definitive edition features a fresh new design, 500 original movie posters, and 200 new movie stills. Fifty previously overlooked or recently discovered masterpieces are reviewed for the first time, taking their place alongside the box-office smashes and critically acclaimed films of movie history. Quotes from movie directors and critics, together with little-known facts complement the incisive reviews and vital statistics of each movie to make this the most fact-filled edition ever. So, whether your passion is rom-com or art house, The Blue Angel or Blue Velvet, this is bound to become the only film book you will ever turn to.
Film history | PBK | $39.99

Dooku: Jedi Lost (Star Wars)
Scott, Cavan
Darth Tyranus. Count of Serenno. Leader of the Separatists. A red sabre, unsheathed in the dark. But who was he, before he became the right hand of the Sith? As Dooku courts a new apprentice, the hidden truth of the Sith Lord’s past begins to come to light. Dooku’s life began as one of privilege – born within the stony walls of his family’s estate, orbited by the Funeral Moon where the bones of his ancestors lie interred. But soon, his Jedi abilities are recognised, and he is taken from his home to be trained in the ways of the Force, by the legendary Master Yoda. As he hones his power, Dooku rises through the ranks, befriending fellow Jedi Sifo-Dyas and taking a Padawan of his own, the promising Qui-Gon Jinn – and tries to forget the life that he once led. But he finds himself drawn by a strange fascination with the Jedi Master Lene Kostana, and the mission she undertakes for the Order: finding and studying ancient relics of the Sith, in preparation for the eventual return of the deadliest enemies the Jedi have ever faced. Caught between the world of the Jedi, the ancient responsibilities of his lost home, and the alluring power of the relics, Dooku struggles to stay in the light – even as the darkness begins to fall.
Star Wars | TP | $32.99

Teeny-Tiny Christmas Cactus
Thomas, Mollie
It Lights Up! Showcase your holiday spirit with this prickly twist on the classic light-up ceramic tree, a fun new way to celebrate your favourite season. Feliz Navidad! Your grandmother’s ceramic tree has been given a modern, South-western facelift in the Teeny-Tiny Christmas Cactus. A bulb inside this fun ceramic cactus illuminates the tiny lights and casts a cheerful glow on your desktop, mantle, or any place in need of a festive touch! This adorable mini kit includes: a four-inch ceramic cactus with 20 multicoloured lights; and a 32-page mini book exploring the fun, quirky ways people celebrate the Christmas season across the world.
Christmas | SET | $17.99

On Wings of Blood: an Aeronautica Anthology (Warhammer 40,000)
Thorpe, Gav; Westbrook, Matt; Davies, E J; Stearns, J C; Smith, Matt; Worley, Alec; Alexander, Nicholas;
Haley, Guy; Scott, Cavan; Chambers, Andy; Swallow, James

In the war-torn galaxy of the 41st millennium, battle for the blood-soaked skies is fierce and deadly. Brutal Space Marine gunships and Imperial Navy fighters duel against flying horrors, alien interceptors and Chaos craft of every hellish design, for the supremacy of the air is as vital an objective as any battlefield. Delivering high-octane action from start to finish, this collection of aeronautical short fiction features stories of death-defying pilots and devastating far-future aircraft.
Black Library | PBK | $20.00

Venom: Lethal Protector (Marvel Universe)
Tuck, James R
Venom: Lethal Protector was a six-issue comic book limited series, featuring the Eddie Brock Venom, published by Marvel Comics from February 1993 to July 1993. Before the story begins, Venom makes an agreement with Spider-Man that they will leave each other alone, on the condition that Venom commits no crimes. Venom then moves from New York City to San Francisco; and takes up with a group of Californian mole people. Shortly thereafter, the father of one of Venom’s victims seeks him out with a group of super-powered mercenaries to take revenge. Spider-Man, seeing misleading coverage of Venom on television, heads to San Francisco to confront him and, instead, winds up fighting alongside Venom against five new offspring of the Venom Symbiote: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.
Marvel Universe | PBK | $19.99

Fairy Tales for Millennials: 12 Problematic Stories Retold for the Modern World
Vincent, Bruno
A hilarious retelling of your favourite classic fairy tales with a very modern twist. For the first time here are your favourite Fairy Tales, hilariously retold for a Millennial audience. Inside its pages you’ll find Red Riding hood critiquing the wolf for his cynical appropriation of Granny culture only to be the victim of woodcuttersplaining; Jack being forced to negotiate Beanstexitand the three little pigs explaining that realistically a house of straw is really the only way a first time buyer can get on the housing market.
Humour/Folklore | HC | $19.99

Making Moon: a British Sci-Fi Cult Classic
Ward, Simon
The official 10th anniversary making-of book for the Duncan Jones directed sci-fi film Moon. Directed by Duncan Jones, and written by Nathan Parker from a story by Jones, Moon is a 2009 science fiction drama following Sam Bell, a man who experiences a personal crisis as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint mining helium-3 on the moon. Independently financed and produced on a modest budget, Moon became an instant cult classic. It was well received by critics and audiences alike, and was particularly praised for its scientific plausibility and realism. Making Moon will take an in-depth look back at the film’s production: It features interviews with the film’s key creatives; and includes rare concept and behind-the-scenes images, as well as excerpts from the original shooting script.
Science fiction films | HC | $65.00