Crime & Mystery Catalogue: September 2017

All the books in this catalogue are new books due for release in September 2017.

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September 2017 includes new books by: Ann Cleeves, Sue Grafton, Anthony Horowitz, Jorn Lier Horst, John le Carré, Thomas Mullen, Kristina Ohlsson, Louise Penny, Fred Vargas… and many others.

September 2017

The Forgotten Dead
Alsterdal, Tove
Tarifa, Spain. A man’s body washes up on the beach. No one seems to care. Patrick Cornwall is a highly acclaimed investigative journalist. His latest project: to uncover the plight of migrants trying to start new lives in Europe, and expose the corruption that runs to the highest levels of society. Patrick’s wife, Ally, is used to Patrick being out of contact. But she’s just discovered she’s pregnant, and she must track him down. Unable to reach him and starting to worry, she flies across the ocean to get answers.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

The Ninth Grave (Fabian Risk series)
Ahnhem, Stefan
As Stockholm freezes over, Sweden’s Minister for Justice disappears. That same night, a Danish celebrity is hunted in her snowbound home. Police in Stockholm and Copenhagen are closing in on their suspects: a surgeon who dissects his victims and a brutal predator who targets women. But as winter darkens, their investigations begin to unravel… A sequel to Victim Without a Face (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $19.99

Death of a Busybody (British Library Crime Classics)
Bellairs, George
Miss Tither, the village busybody, is not the best-loved resident of Hilary Magna. She has made many enemies: bombarding the villagers with religious tracts, berating drunkards, and informing the spouses of cheating partners. Her murder, however, is still a huge shock to the Reverend Ethelred Claplady and his parish. A second death does little to settle the collective nerves of the village, and as events escalate, a strange tale of hidden identities, repressed resentment, religious fervour and financial scams is uncovered. Life in the picturesque village of Hilary Magna proves to be very far from idyllic.
Classic mystery | TP | $27.95

Philip Trent Novels (Detective Club)
Bentley, E C
Written in reaction to what Bentley perceived as the sterility and artificiality of the detective fiction of his day; Philip Trent is an all-too-human detective, who not only falls in love with the chief suspect, but reaches a brilliant conclusion that is totally wrong. Trent’s Last Case was called, by Agatha Christie, ‘one of the best detective stories ever written’, and delights with its flesh-and-blood characters, its naturalness and easy humour; and its style, which, as Dorothy Sayers has noted, ‘ranges from a vividly coloured rhetoric to a delicate and ironical literary fancy’. All three of Bentley’s Trent novels – Trent’s Last Case, Trent’s Own Case, and Trent Intervenes – are being rereleased this month in the Collins’ Crime series.
Classic mystery | HC | $24.99 each

Dial Meow for Murder (Lucky Paws Pet-Sitting mysteries 02)
Blake, Bethany
Human behaviour remains ever more mysterious, especially when Tinkleston’s owner is murdered on the night of a gala fundraiser for Fur-ever Friends Pet Rescue. Accompanied by her unflappable basset hound, Socrates, Daphne plans to take charge of Tinks the Terror and leave the crime solving to handsome detective Jonathan Black. But while luring the prickly Persian out of hiding, she uncovers clues that might take suspicion off her own mother. To expose the truth, Daphne finds herself donning a deranged clown costume on an autumnal adventure that might just be crazy enough to work – if it doesn’t get her killed.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Bonini, Carlo & de Cataldo, Giancarlo
During the final days of Silvio Berlusconi’s reign, a massive development proposal that will turn Ostia into a gambling paradise, a Las Vegas on the Mediterranean, is winding its way through the Italian legislature thanks to the sponsorship of politicians in the pay of crime syndicates with vested interests. In short, it’s business as usual in the Italian capital. But a vicious gang of local thugs loyal to nobody but themselves is insisting on a bigger cut than agreed upon. They argue their case quite convincingly, but the Mafia and their political puppets aren’t likely to back down without a fight.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Last Stop Tokyo
Buckler, James
Alex thought running away would make everything better. Six thousand miles from the mistakes he’s made and the people he’s hurt, Tokyo seems like the perfect escape. A new life, a new Alex. And when he meets the enigmatic and alluring Naoko, the peace he sought slips ever further from his grasp. After all, trust is just betrayal waiting to happen, and Alex is about to find out that there’s no such thing as rock bottom. There’s always the chance it’ll get worse…
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Pudding Up with Murder (Undercover Dish mysteries 03)
Buckley, Julia
Spring is right around the corner, and with the warmer temperatures come plenty of food requests from Lilah Drake’s covered-dish clients. Lilah pulls out all the stops with a sweet new casserole for the birthday party of Marcus Cantwell, a wealthy curmudgeon who has some angry ex-wives and more than a few enemies. When he’s found, face down, in Lilah’s casserole, it’s anyone’s guess as to who might have wanted the old man dead. A possible new heir to Marcus’s fortune adds some unexpected spice to the investigation, but Lilah fears that the old adage is true, and ‘the proof is in the pudding’.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Walking the Lions
Burgen, Stephen
When New Yorker, Alex Nadal, inherits his aunt’s farm near Barcelona, he is more than intrigued. First, because his aunt appears to have died twice – once at the end of the Spanish Civil War and again sixty years later – and, secondly, because he is curious about his Catalan roots, about which his father has always maintained a stony silence. He asks too many questions which are met with either hostility or silence, until Alex begins to understand that in this sun-baked and ancient land the past is not history, but merely unfinished business.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Reluctant Contact
Burke, Stephen
The Svalbard archipelago, 1977… Norwegian territory, yet closer to the North Pole. Russian engineer Yuri arrives on the last boat to the Soviet mining outpost of Pyramiden, as the Arctic sun disappears for the winter. Yuri still plays by Stalin-era rules: Don’t trust anyone; Keep your head down; Look after number one. Yet when a co-worker is found dead deep in the mine, the circumstances appear strange. Against his better judgement, Yuri breaks his own rules, and decides to investigate. At the same time, he begins a stormy love affair with the volatile, brooding Anya. She has come to Pyramiden to meet someone who has not shown himself in three months, if he exists at all.
Suspense | TP | $32.99

A Summer Revenge (Inspector Akyl Borubaev series)
Callaghan, Tom
Having resigned from Bishkek Murder Squad, Akyl Borubaev is a lone wolf with blood on his hands. Then the Minister of State Security promises Akyl his old life back… if Akyl finds his vanished mistress. The beautiful Natasha Sulonbekova has disappeared in Dubai, with information that could destroy the Minister’s career. But when Borubaev arrives in Dubai – straight into a scene of horrific carnage – he learns that what Natasha is carrying is worth far more than a damaged reputation. Discovering the truth plunges him into a deadly game that means he might never return to Kyrgyzstan… at least, not alive. Following A Killing Winter (PBK, $19.99) and A Spring Betrayal (PBK, $22.99).
Thriller | TP | $32.99

99 Red Balloons
Carpenter, Libby
Eight-year-old Grace is last seen in a sweetshop. Her mother Emma is living a nightmare. But as her loved ones rally around her, cracks begin to emerge. What are the emails sent between her husband and her sister? Why does her mother take so long to join the search? And is there more to the disappearance of her daughter than meets the eye?
Suspense | TP | $29.99

Let the Dead Speak (Maeve Kerrigan series)
Casey, Jane
Eighteen-year-old Chloe Emery returns to her West London home one day to find the house covered in blood and Kate, her mother, gone. There may not be a body, but everything else points to murder. Maeve Kerrigan is young, ambitious and determined to prove she’s up to her new role, as detective sergeant. She suspects Chloe is holding something back, but best friend Bethany Norris won’t let Maeve get close. What exactly is Bethany protecting Chloe from? As the team dig deeper into the residents of Valerian Road, no one is above suspicion. All Maeve needs is one person to talk, but that’s not going to happen. Because even in a case of murder, some secrets are too terrible to share…
Mystery | PBK | $22.99

The Silver Gun (Art Deco mysteries)
Chandlar, L A
It’s been six months, since Lane Sanders was appointed Mayor Fiorello ‘Fio’ La Guardia’s new personal aide, and the twenty-three-year-old is sprinting in her Mary Janes to match her boss’s pace. When Lane gets attacked and threatened by an assailant tied to one of most notorious gangsters in the city, even the mayor can’t promise her safety. The corrupt city officials seem to be using Lane as a pawn against Fio, for disgracing their party in the prior election. But why was the assailant wielding the exact same gun from her nightmares? Balancing a clandestine love affair and a mounting list of suspects, Lane must figure out how the secrets of her past are connected to the city’s underground crime network – before someone pulls the trigger on the most explosive revenge plot in New York history. The first in a series.
Historical mystery | TP | $26.99

The Seagull (Vera Stanhope series)
Cleeves, Ann
When prison inmate and former police officer John Brace says he’s willing to give up information about a long-dead wheeler-dealer, in return for protection for his family, Vera knows that she has to look into his claims. But opening up this cold case strikes much closer to home than Vera anticipates as her investigation takes her back in time to The Seagull, a once decadent and now derelict nightclub where her deceased father and his friends used to congregate. As Vera’s past collides dangerously with the present, she will have to confront her unwanted memories and face the possibility that her father was involved in what happened. The truth is about to come out, but is Vera ready for what it will reveal?
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Winter’s Child (Wind River mysteries 20)
Coel, Margaret
In the midst of a blizzard, Myra and Eldon Little Shield found an abandoned baby on their doorstep and brought her inside. Five years later, no one has come back to claim the little girl now known as Mary Anne Little Shield. But now that she’s old enough to start school, her foster parents fear social services will take her – a white child – away from them. Determined to adopt Mary Anne, the Little Shields hire lawyer Clint Hopkins, who wants Vicky as co-counsel on the case. But before their plans can take shape, a black truck deliberately runs Hopkins down in the street. Enlisting Father John to help investigate who would kill, to stop the child’s adoption, Vicky unravels a connection between the five-year-old girl and a missing alcoholic Arapaho wanted for robbery – only to uncover one of the darkest secrets in Wind River’s history…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Robert B Parker’s Debt to Pay (Jesse Stone series)
Coleman, Reed Farrel
A major Boston crime boss is brutally murdered. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Jesse suspects it’s the work of Mr Peepers, a psychotic assassin who has caused trouble for Jesse, in the past. Peepers has long promised revenge against the mob, Jesse, and Suit for their roles in foiling one of his hits – and against Jenn as well. And though Jesse and Jenn have long parted ways, Jesse still feels responsible for her safety. Jesse and Diana head to Dallas for a wedding and, along with the tycoon’s security team, try to stop Peepers before the bill comes due. With Peepers toying with the authorities as to when and where he’ll strike, Jesse is up against the wall. Still, there’s a debt to pay and blood to be spilled to satisfy it. But whose blood, and just how much?
Hardboiled | PBK | $22.95

The Black Echo (25th anniversary edition)
Connelly, Michael
LAPD detective Hieronymus (AKA Harry) Bosch is a loner and a nighthawk. Called out on a routine drug overdose case, Bosch soon realises that the victim found lying in the Mullholland Dam drainpipe is no accident case. Billy Meadows was a fellow ‘tunnel rat’ in Vietnam and Harry swears to bring the killer to justice. A special edition of the book that introduced the now legendary Harry Bosch to the world; including an extract from the new Bosch novel, Two Kinds of Truth, to be released in November.
Mystery/thriller | PBK | $9.99

Cornwell, Patricia
One summer evening in New England, two young girls stumble upon a body. Forensic pathologist Dr Kay Scarpetta arrives at the scene to find a young woman has been attacked with almost superhuman force. Meanwhile, people close to Scarpetta start receiving suspicious calls. Could they be linked to Scarpetta’s anonymous cyber stalker, Tailend Charlie? A second death shocks Scarpetta to her core. Because analysis of the body shows a material that doesn’t exist on earth. And it’s clear that someone, or something, is coming for her, and is hell-bent on creating chaos…
Scarpetta | PBK | $19.99

Kilt at the Highland Games (Liss MacCrimmon mysteries 09)
Dunnett, Kaitlyn
When a fire ravages the local bookstore, late one evening, Liss immediately fears the worst for owner Angie Hogencamp and the two young children who live above the shop. After the terrible blaze dies down, however, the family is nowhere to be found among the ruins. It’s as if the three just vanished into smoke. Or even stranger – like they never existed at all. Disturbed by Angie’s disappearance and suspecting arson, Liss counts on the weekend-long Western Maine Highland Games – complete with a parade and fireworks display – to offer a temporary distraction from the countless questions filling her head. But when the sound of a gunshot leads Liss to selectman Jason Graye’s dead body on opening day, she’s drawn into a full-blown homicide investigation like a moth to a flame. Is Moosetookalook suffering from a streak of bad luck, or are the two grim incidents connected? Unable to shake the notion that new victims are being targeted around town – and despite her worried husband’s best protests – Liss races to nab the killer. And with her own life on the line, she’ll need to act swiftly. Because when it comes to this kind of game, somebody has to lose…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Durrenmatt, Friedrich
Inspector Barlach pursues a former Nazi doctor by checking into his clinic with the hope of forcing him to reveal himself, but then the tables are turned, and Barlach finds himself helpless in the clutches of his prey.
Mystery | PBK | $9.99

Death by Eggnog (Bookstore Café mysteries 05)
Erickson, Alex
Krissy Hancock is staying in her adopted hometown of Pine Hills, Ohio, for Christmas this year – and she even has a whole week off from her combination bookstore-café. Unfortunately, Krissy’s been roped into filling in for a sick elf in the local holiday musical extravaganza. With a demanding director, backstage gossip, and two men in fierce competition for the starring role, it isn’t all sweetness and Christmas lights. Then a murder puts a stop to the production, and Krissy is faced with a pageant of suspects. Could her ex-boyfriend, a fellow elf, really be the culprit as the police are claiming? Or will the actor playing Santa be trading his red suit for an orange jumpsuit? When her behind-the-scenes investigation starts getting dangerous, the only thing Krissy really wants is to make it to Christmas dinner, alive. But first she’ll have to finish wrapping up this case…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Turbo Twenty-Three
Evanovich, Janet
Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has been on all kinds of crime scenes, but this is definitely a first. Her fleeing target has left behind a truck loaded with ice cream and a dead body – frozen solid and covered in chocolate and chopped pecans. As fate would have it, Stephanie’s mentor and occasional employer, Ranger, needs her to go undercover at the ice cream factory, to find out who’s killing employees and sabotaging the business. It’s going to be hard for Stephanie to keep her hands off all that ice cream; and even harder, for her to keep her hands off Ranger. It’s also going to be hard to explain to Trenton’s hottest cop, Joe Morelli, why she is spending late nights with Ranger… Stephanie Plum has a lot on her plate, but for a girl who claims to have virtually no marketable skills, these are the kinds of sweet assignments she does best.
Stephanie Plum | PBK | $19.99

Summary Justice (Benson & De Vere series)
Fairfax, John
The last time Tess de Vere saw William Benson, she was a law student on work experience. He was a twenty-one-year-old, led from the dock of the Old Bailey to begin a life sentence for murder. He’d said he was innocent. She’d believed him. Sixteen years later, Tess overhears a couple of hacks mocking a newcomer to the London Bar, a no-hoper with a murder conviction, running his own show from an old fishmonger’s in Spitalfields. That night she walks back into Benson’s life. The price of his rehabilitation – and access to the Bar – is an admission of guilt to the killing of Paul Harbeton, whose family have vowed revenge. He’s an outcast. The government wants to shut him down and no solicitor will instruct him. But he’s subsidised by a mystery benefactor and a desperate woman has turned to him for help:
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Mitford Murders
Fellowes, Jessica
It’s 1919, and Louisa Cannon dreams of escaping her life of poverty in London, and most of all her oppressive and dangerous uncle. Louisa’s salvation is a position within the Mitford household at Asthall Manor, in the Oxfordshire countryside. There she will become nurserymaid, chaperone, and confidante to the Mitford sisters, especially sixteen-year-old Nancy – an acerbic, bright young woman in love with stories. But then a nurse – Florence Nightingale Shore, goddaughter of her famous namesake – is killed on a train, in broad daylight, and Louisa and Nancy find themselves entangled in the crimes of a murderer who will do anything to hide their secret… Based on a real unsolved crime and perfect for fans of Agatha Christie and the Mitfords, themselves.
Historical mystery | TP | $29.99

A Beautiful Blue Death (Charles Lenox mysteries)
Finch, Charles
Charles Lenox, Victorian gentleman and armchair explorer, likes nothing more than to relax in his private study with a cup of tea, a roaring fire and a good book. But when his lifelong friend, Lady Jane, asks for his help, Lenox cannot resist the chance to unravel a mystery. Prudence Smith, one of Jane’s former servants, is dead of an apparent suicide. But Lenox suspects something far more sinister: murder, by a rare and deadly poison. The grand house where the girl worked is full of suspects, and though Prue had dabbled with the hearts of more than a few men, Lenox is baffled by the motive for the girl’s death. When another body turns up during the London season’s most fashionable ball, Lenox must untangle a web of loyalties and animosities. Was it jealousy that killed Prudence Smith? Or was it something else, entirely? And can Lenox find the answer before the killer strikes again – this time, disturbingly close to home? This is the first mass-market paperback edition of the beginning of the series. It’s been universally loved by all who try it. Highly recommended!
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.95

Little Deaths
Flint, Emma
It’s the summer of 1965, and the streets of Queens, New York shimmer in a heatwave. One July morning, Ruth Malone wakes to find a bedroom window wide open and her two young children missing. After a desperate search, the police make a horrifying discovery. Sent to cover the case on his first major assignment, is tabloid reporter Pete Wonicke. The longer he spends watching Ruth, the more he learns about the darker workings of the police and the press. Soon, Pete begins to doubt everything he thought he knew…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Order to Kill (Mitch Rapp series)
Flynn, Vince & Mills, Kylie
Forces in Moscow are bent on fomenting even more chaos and turmoil in the Middle East and Rapp must go deep into Russian territory, posing as an American ISIS recruit. There, he uncovers a plan much more dangerous and insidious than he ever expected, one that could have far-reaching and catastrophic consequences.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Ultimatum (Luke Carlton series)
Gardner, Frank
After helping to avert a deadly attack on London, Luke Carlton is sent undercover, into Iran, to ‘turn’ and recruit an officer in that country’s infamous Revolutionary Guard Corps. A sequel to superb Crisis (PBK, $19.99).
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Rowland Sinclair mysteries
Gentill, Sulari
New editions of the whole series, with lovely, art deco covers. The series order is: A Few Right Thinking Men; A Decline in Prophets; Miles Off Course; Paving the New Road; Gentlemen Formerly Dressed; A Murder Unmentioned; and Give the Devil His Due. A new entry in the series, A Dangerous Language, is expected in October.
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99 each

Y is for Yesterday
Grafton, Sue
1979. Four teenage boys from an elite private school sexually assault a fourteen-year-old classmate – and film the attack. Not long after, the tape goes missing; and the suspected thief, a fellow classmate, is murdered. In the investigation that follows, one boy turns in evidence for the state and two of his peers are convicted. But the ringleader escapes without a trace. Now, it’s 1989 and one of the perpetrators, Fritz McCabe, has been released from prison. Moody, unrepentant, and angry, he is a virtual prisoner of his ever-watchful parents – until a copy of the missing tape arrives with a ransom demand. That’s when the McCabes call Kinsey Millhone for help. As she is drawn into their family drama, she keeps a watchful eye on Fritz. But he’s not the only one being haunted by the past. A vicious sociopath with a grudge against Millhone may be leaving traces of himself for her to find…
Kinsey Millhone | TP | $29.99

The Ice Beneath Her
Grebe, Camilla
A young woman is found beheaded, in an infamous business tycoon’s marble-lined hallway. The businessman, scandal-ridden CEO of the retail chain Clothes & More, is missing without a trace. But who is the dead woman? And who is the brutal killer, who wielded the machete? Rewind two months earlier, to meet Emma Bohman, a sales assistant for Clothes & More, whose life is turned upside down by a chance encounter with Jesper Orre. Insisting that their love affair is kept secret, he shakes Emma’s world a second time – when he suddenly leaves her, with no explanation. As frightening things begin to happen to Emma, she suspects Jesper is responsible.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

The Chalk Pit (Ruth Galloway mysteries)
Griffiths, Elly
Norwich is riddled with old chalk-mining tunnels, but no one’s sure how many. When Ruth Galloway is called in to investigate a set of human remains found in one of them, she notices the bones are almost translucent, a sign they were boiled soon after death. Once more, she finds herself at the helm of a murder investigation. Meanwhile, DCI Nelson is hunting for a missing homeless woman who he hears has gone ‘underground’. Could she have disappeared into the labyrinth? And if so, is she connected to the body Ruth found? As Ruth and Nelson investigate the tunnels, they hear rumours of secret societies, cannibalism, and ritual killings. When a dead body is found with a map that appears to depict the Underground, they realise their quest to find the killer has only just begun – and that there may be more bodies underfoot.
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Saboteur
Gross, Andrew
Kurt Nordstrum leaves behind the safety of his life in Oslo to join the Allied troops. When he learns of a top-secret operation to interfere with the Nazis’ plans, it’s everything he’s been looking for, and he immediately steps up to the challenge. What he doesn’t know is that the mission, he has signed up to, is about to become more dangerous than he could ever have imagined…
Thriller | TP | $29.99

The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes
Handler, David
The year is 1992. Hoag, the failed novelist turned successful ghost-writer of celebrity autobiographies, gets embroiled in a case involving the estranged father of his former lover. Novelist Richard Aintree vanished in 1970; now one of his daughters claims to have received a letter from her father. But this is the same daughter who once claimed that Aintree had sexually abused her, and who wrote a best-selling book detailing what happened to her, but who also went on to write books repudiating her own story. So, should Hoag believe her about the letter? When a killer strikes, Hoag realises he’d better make up his mind quickly.
Mystery | TP | $27.99

Yuletide Homicide (Wiccan Wheel mysteries 03)
Hesse, Jennifer David
After years of practising in secret, Keli has come out as a Wiccan to her boyfriend, and she feels like this Yuletide she’s the one who’s being reborn. But the Solstice is the longest night of the year, and Keli is about to stumble on a mystery so dangerous, she’ll be lucky to make it to morning. Paired with her unbearably stuffy colleague Crenshaw Davenport III, Keli goes undercover at a real estate company owned by mayoral candidate Edgar Harrison. An old friend of Keli’s boss, Harrison, is being blackmailed, and it’s up to her to find the culprit. But the morning after the company holiday party, Harrison is found dead… underneath the hotel Christmas tree. The police rule the death an accident, but Keli knows better – and she’ll risk her own rebirth to nab a missing killer.
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

The Silent Girl (Sebastian Bergman series)
Hjorth, Michael & Rosenfeldt, Hans
An idyllic white, two-storey, beautiful house in Sweden. Inside, a family has been brutally murdered – mother, father and two young children all shot in broad daylight. And the killer has got away. Sebastian Bergman has been brought in to solve the crime, but with no credible suspects, he is at a dead end. Until he discovers that there was a witness to the crime. A young girl who saw it all happen, and she has fled, in fear for her life. Bergman has to track the young girl down before it’s too late. But the killer is chasing her, too – and he is determined to finish what he started.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

A Death at Fountains Abbey (Tom Hawkins series)
Hodgson, Antonia
Late spring, 1728, and Thomas Hawkins has left London for the wild beauty of Yorkshire – forced on a mission he can’t refuse. John Aislabie, one of the wealthiest men in England, has been threatened with murder. Blackmailed into investigating, Tom must hunt down those responsible – or lose the woman he loves forever. Arriving at the grand estate of Studley Royal, Tom realises that the threats to Aislabie and his family must be connected to someone in the house itself. Could one of the servants be responsible? And what of the mysterious Mrs Fairwood, the young widow who claims to be Aislabie’s lost daughter? Far from the ragged comforts of home, Tom and his ward, Sam Fleet, enter a world of elegant surfaces and hidden danger. Someone is determined to punish John Aislabie – and anyone who stands in the way. As the violence escalates and shocking truths are revealed, Tom is dragged inexorably towards the darkest night of his life. Inspired by real characters, events and settings, this novel is a gripping, standalone, historical thriller. It also continues the story that began with the award-winning The Devil in the Marshalsea and The Last Confession of Thomas Hawkins (PBK, $19.99 each).
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

The Word Is Murder
Horowitz, Anthony
A wealthy woman strangled, six hours after she’s arranged her own funeral. A very private detective uncovering secrets but hiding his own. A reluctant author drawn into a story he can’t control. What do they have in common? Spread the word. The word is murder.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

The Caveman (William Wisting series)
Horst, Jorn Lier
Only three houses away from the policeman’s home, a man has been sitting dead in front of his television set for four months. There are no indications that anything criminal has taken place. Viggo Hansen was a man nobody ever noticed, even though he lived in the midst of a close-knit community. His death doesn’t hit the headlines, but there is something about the case that catches the attention of William Wisting’s journalist daughter, Line, and she decides to write a newspaper article with a different twist for the festive season: the portrait of a completely anonymous and obscure person whose death goes unremarked and unmourned. The fourth in the superb, award-winning series that begins with Dregs ($19.99).
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

This Side of Murder (Verity Kent mysteries 01)
Huber, Anna Lee
England, 1919. Lured to Umbersea Island, to attend the engagement party of one of Sidney’s fellow officers, Verity mingles among the men her husband once fought beside, and discovers dark secrets – along with a murder clearly meant to conceal them. Relying on little more than a coded letter, the help of a dashing stranger, and her own sharp instincts, Verity comes face to face with the shattering possibility that her husband may not have been the man she thought he was. It’s a truth that could set her free – or draw her ever deeper into his deception…
Historical mystery | TP | $29.95

State Secrets (Bob Skinner series)
Jardine, Quintin
Former Chief Constable Bob Skinner is long out of the police force, but trouble has a habit of following him around. So, it is that he finds himself in the Palace of Westminster, as a shocking act befalls the nation. Hours before the Prime Minster is due to make a controversial statement, she is discovered in her office with a letter opener driven through her skull. Is the act political? Personal? Or even one of terror? Skinner is swiftly enlisted by the Security Service to lead the investigation. Reunited with Met Police Commander Neil McIlhenney, he has 48 hours to crack the case – before the press unleash their wrath. There are many in the tangled web of government with cause to act. But the outcome will be one that not even Skinner himself could predict…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Blood of the Innocents (Vintener trilogy)
Jecks, Michael
France, 1356: Ten years have passed since the battle of Crecy, and the English fighters are still abroad, laying siege to cities, towns and even small villages. Meanwhile the Prince of Wales raids across France to draw King John into a battle for sovereignty. Berenger Fripper, having lost everything to the plague, is now captain of a company of mercenaries, but treachery and deceit dog him, when his travels with the company lead him to Uzerche. And then his path crosses that of Prince Edward and his men as they embark on their latest chevauchee to bring death and disaster to the King of France’s subjects. Enlisted as Vintener, under Sir John de Sully, Berenger finds himself drawn into a new struggle. Can the English defeat the much larger French army, or will they find themselves finally overcome when their weary feet bring them at last to the field of battle near Poitiers…? Concluding the trilogy which began with Fields of Glory and Blood on the Sand (PBK, $19.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

Codename Villanelle
Jennings, Luke
She is the perfect assassin. A Russian orphan, saved from the death penalty for the brutal revenge she took on her gangster father’s killers. Ruthlessly trained. Given a new life. New names, new faces – whichever fits. Her paymasters call themselves The Twelve. But she knows nothing of them. She is Villanelle. Without conscience. Without guilt. Without weakness. Eve Polastri is the woman who hunts her. MI5, until one error of judgment costs her everything. Originally published as ebook singles: Codename Villanelle, Hollowpoint, Shanghai, and Odessa; now in one volume.
Thriller | TP | $29.99

An Obvious Fact (Longmire mysteries)
Johnson, Craig
In the midst of the largest motorcycle rally in the world, a young biker is run off the road and ends up in critical condition. When Sheriff Walt Longmire and his good friend Henry Standing Bear are called to Hulett, Wyoming – the nearest town to America’s first national monument, Devils Tower – to investigate, things start getting complicated. As competing biker gangs; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; a military-grade vehicle donated to the tiny local police force by a wealthy entrepreneur; and Lola, the real-life femme fatale and namesake for Henry’s ’59 Thunderbird (and, by extension, Walt’s granddaughter) come into play, it rapidly becomes clear that there is more to get to the bottom of at this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally than a bike accident. After all, in the words of Arthur Conan Doyle, whose Adventures of Sherlock Holmes the Bear won’t stop quoting, ‘There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact’.
Mystery | TP | $31.95

Crimes of the Father
Keneally, Tom
Ex-communicated to Canada, due to his radical preaching on the Vietnam War and other human rights causes, Father Frank Docherty is now a psychologist and monk. He returns to Australia to speak on abuse in the Church, and unwittingly is soon listening to stories from two different people – a young man, via his suicide note, and an ex-nun – who both claim to have been sexually abused by an eminent Sydney cardinal. As a man of character and conscience, Father Docherty finds he must confront each party involved in the abuse and cover up, to try to bring the matter to the attention of the Church itself, and to secular authorities.
Suspense | PBK | $22.99

Girl in Snow
Kukafka, Danya
As morning dawns in a sleepy Colorado suburb, a dusting of snow covers high-school freshman Lucinda Hayes’ dead body on a playground carousel. Accusations spread quickly and Lucinda’s tragic death draws three outsiders from the shadows. Oddball Cameron Whitley loved – still loves – Lucinda. Jade Dixon-Burns hates Lucinda. Officer Russ Fletcher doesn’t know Lucinda, but he knows the kid everyone is talking about, the boy who may have killed her. Cameron Whitley is his ex-partner’s son…
Mystery/suspense | TP | $29.99

The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series)
Lagercrantz, David
The girl with the dragon tattoo is not given to forgiveness. Lisbeth Salander has been forged by a brutal childhood and horrific abuse. And repeated attempts on her life. The ink embedded in her skin is a constant reminder of her pledge to fight against the injustice she finds on every side. Confinement to the secure unit of a women’s prison is intended as a punishment. Instead, Lisbeth finds herself in relative safety. Flodberga is a failing prison, effectively controlled by the inmates, and for a computer hacker of her exceptional gifts there are no boundaries. Mikael Blomkvist makes the long trip to visit every week – and receives a lead to follow for his pains, one that could provide an important expose for Millennium: Salander tells him to check out Leo Mannheimer, a seemingly reputable stockbroker from Stockholm, somehow connected to the long-ago death of a child psychologist – and to the psychiatric unit, where Lisbeth was an involuntary patient as a child. Lisbeth knows she is coming closer to solving the mysteries of her early life, and even within the confines of the prison, she feels the deadly influence exerted by her twin sister. She cannot stand by as racial and religious conflicts run unchecked amongst the community around her, manipulated by criminal forces far beyond the prison walls. Salander will stand up for what she believes in. She will find out the truth. Whatever the cost…
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Good Me Bad Me
Land, Ali
Annie’s mother is a serial killer. The only way she can make it stop is to hand her in to the police. As her mother’s trial looms, the secrets of her past won’t let Annie sleep, even with a new foster family and name – Milly. A fresh start. Now, surely, she can be whoever she wants to be. But Milly’s mother is a serial killer. And blood is thicker than water. Good me, bad me. She is, after all, her mother’s daughter…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Good Friday
La Plante, Lynda
During 1974 and 1975 the IRA subjected London to a terrifying bombing campaign. In one day alone, they planted seven bombs at locations across central London. Some were defused – some were not. Jane Tennison is now a fully-fledged detective. On the way to court one morning, Jane passes through Covent Garden Underground station and is caught up in a bomb blast that leaves several people dead, and many horribly injured. Jane is a key witness, but is adamant that she can’t identify the bomber. When a photograph appears in the newspapers, showing Jane assisting the injured at the scene, it puts her and her family at risk from IRA retaliation. A new entry in the Prime Suspect prequel series.
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Unleashed (Matt Hunter series)
Laws, Peter
Fifteen years ago, 29 Barley Street in Menham, South London, became notorious as the scene of alleged poltergeist activity which led to the death of young Holly Wasson. Matt Hunter, former minister and now professor of sociology, is called in to advise the police on the possible ritualistic elements of the death. And he is forced to ask himself, are forces beyond the grave at work or is a flesh-and-blood killer at large? The sequel to Purged (TP, $29.99).
Suspense | TP | $29.99

The Reykjavik Assignment
Lebor, Adam
Yael Azoulay, covert negotiator for the UN secretary-general, has made a powerful enemy in Clarence Clairborne. Head of the Prometheus Group, a Washington, DC lobbying and security firm, he’s as corrupt as they come, and fixated on revenge. Yael knows she’s being followed, but Clairborne’s operatives are not the only ones tracking her every move. Unexpected visitors from her past have arrived, and she won’t be able to evade them for long. The Reykjavik Assignment follows Yael as she fights the pull of her old life while brokering the triumph of her career: a summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, between the United States and Iran. But when events in Reykjavik take a terrifying turn, the only thing that Yael cares about is preventing a desperate man from taking desperate measures to avenge his own past.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

A Legacy of Spies
Le Carré, John
Peter Guillam, staunch colleague and disciple of George Smiley of the British Secret Service, otherwise known as the Circus, has retired to his family farmstead on the south coast of Brittany when a letter from his old Service summons him to London. The reason? His Cold War past has come back to claim him.
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Escape from Sunset Grove (Lavender Ladies’ Detective Agency series)
Lindgren, Minna
Change is afoot at Sunset Grove retirement home, and its residents aren’t impressed. Under threat from falling masonry, best friends Irma and Siiri are forced out of their home to negotiate twenty-first-century living in the centre of Helsinki. Their new surroundings throw up an endless number of daily challenges, from caring for the ailing Anna-Lisa to the mystery of which of the many remotes controls the TV. As the Lavender Ladies begin to dig a little deeper, they find themselves following a trail of corruption, deceit and intimidation that might just lead them to their own front door…
Mystery | PBK | $19.99

Dead and Ganache (Chocolate Whisperer mysteries 04)
London, Colette
On a trip to the culinary paradise of France’s Brittany region, Hayden Mundy Moore is all set to reunite with her chocolate-making mentor. The lovable old man is the head of a long-established business that’s about to merge with one of its cacao competitors – united by a marriage between the two rival families. That is, until he’s murdered, during a night-time festival in the picturesque locale… Was it a case of literal corporate backstabbing? Is there some connection to the Paris film crew that’s invaded the victim’s chateau to shoot a music video? It could take forever to find out, considering the relaxed pace of the rural police. But with the unexpected arrival of her financial advisor, Travis, Hayden is determined to investigate, with only occasional breaks for salted butter caramels and Breton buckwheat galettes. It’s time to unwrap a killer – and get to the deep, dark centre of a bitter crime…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Insidious Intent (Hill & Jordan series)
McDermid, Val
In the north of England, single women are beginning to disappear from weddings. A pattern soon becomes clear: Someone is crashing the festivities and luring the women away – only to leave the victims’ bodies in their own burned-out cars in remote locations. Tony and Carol are called upon to investigate – but this may be the toughest case they’ve ever had to face. Meanwhile, Detective Sergeant Paula McIntyre and her partner Elinor must deal with a cruel cyber-blackmailer targeting their teenage ward, Torin.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

The Ross Macdonald Collection (Lew Archer mysteries)
Macdonald, Ross
Ross Macdonald transformed the detective novel into a literary expression of unique psychological depth and drama. Here, for the first time, in a deluxe three-volume Library of America boxed set, are eleven of his classic Lew Archer mysteries.
Four Novels of the 1950s: The Way Some People Die; The Barbarous Coast; The Doomsters; and The Galton Case.
Three Novels of the Early 1960s: The Zebra-Striped Hearse; The Chill; and The Far Side of the Dollar.
Four Later Novels: Black Money; The Instant Enemy; The Goodbye Look; and The Underground Man.
Classic mystery | HC | $175.00

Holiday Murder (Lucy Stone mysteries) (omnibus)
Meier, Leslie
An omnibus collecting Lucy Stone’s first and sixth mysteries: Mistletoe Murder and Christmas Cookie Murder. A cosy recommendation!
Mystery | PBK | $22.95

Where Dead Men Meet
Mills, Mark
Mistaken identity, accident, or design? Paris, 1937. Luke Hamilton – a junior air intelligence officer at the British Embassy – finds himself the target of an assassination attempt. A clear case of mistaken identity, or so it first appears. As Luke is hunted across a continent sliding towards war, he comes to learn that the answers lie deep in a past that predates his abandonment – as a baby – on the steps of an orphanage, twenty-five years ago. Recommended for fans of Philip Kerr, Alan Furst and David Downing.
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Purring Around the Christmas Tree (Pawsitively Organic mysteries 06)
Mugavero, Liz
To the townspeople’s delight, the annual lighting of the tree is a spectacular success. Unfortunately, Santa pulled up in his sleigh, DOA. At first, Stan is sure it’s Seamus, her boyfriend’s uncle, inside the red suit. But the victim turns out to be an employee from the town’s Christmas tree farm. Rumour has it the deceased was a mean drunk with a soft spot for feral cats. Stan has no idea why he was dressed as St Nick – or why he’s dead. Meanwhile, Seamus, a jolly Irishman who comes to America every December to visit his pub-owner nephew, is nowhere to be found. Could he just be off on a Boston bar crawl? Or is something more sinister under the tree? Seamus was supposed to be dressing up and posing for pet pictures with Santa at the shop, but the dogs and cats might have to find another lap to curl up in, if Stan doesn’t solve two mysteries soon. Or murder might be the only thing under the mistletoe this holiday…
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Lightning Men (Darktown series)
Mullen, Thomas
Atlanta, 1950. Crime divides, the fight unites. Officer Denny Rakestraw and ‘Negro Officers’ Lucius Boggs and Tommy Smith face the Klan, gangs and family warfare in a rapidly changing Atlanta. Black families – including Smith’s sister and brother-in-law – are moving into Rake’s formerly all-white neighbourhood, leading his brother-in-law, a proud Klansman, to launch a scheme to ‘save’ their streets. When those efforts leave a man dead, Rake is forced to choose between loyalty to family or the law. Meanwhile, Boggs has outraged his preacher father by courting a domestic, whose dangerous ex-boyfriend is then released from prison. As Boggs, Smith, and their all-black precinct contend with violent drug dealers fighting for turf in new territory, their personal dramas draw them closer to the fires that threaten to consume Atlanta, once again. A follow-up to the fantastic Darktown (PBK, $19.99).
Mystery | TP | 32.99

The Color of Fear (Sharon McCone series)
Muller, Marcia
When a knock on the door in the middle of the night wakes Sharon, she’s wholly unprepared for the horrifying news: her father has been the victim of a vicious, racially-motivated attack. A nationally-recognised Shoshone artist, Elwood had been visiting Sharon for the holidays, browsing for gifts in San Francisco’s exclusive Marina district when he was set upon by a mob of angry young men. Now, he lies in a coma, hovering between life and death. With little progress on the investigation from the overworked, short-handed police, Sharon resolves to track down Elwood’s attackers, herself. But when Sharon begins receiving hate-filled, racist threats from a shadowy group, it becomes clear that her pursuit of justice may be putting her own life in jeopardy…
Mystery | HC | $35.00

Pretty Jane and the Viper of Kidbrooke Lane
Murphy, Paul Thomas
In April 1871, a constable walking a beat near Greenwich found a girl dying in the mud – her face cruelly slashed and her brains protruding from her skull. The girl was Maria Jane Clouson, a maid for the respectable Pook family, and who was pregnant at the time of her death. When the blood-spattered clothes of the 20-year-old Edmund Pook, alleged father of the dead girl’s unborn child, were discovered, the matter seemed open and shut. Yet there followed a remarkable legal odyssey full of unexpected twists, as the police struggled to build a case. Paul Thomas Murphy recreated the drama of an extraordinary murder case and conclusively identifies the killer’s true identity.
True crime | PBK | $19.99

Blue Light Yokohama
Obregón, Nicolás
Setagaya ward, Tokyo. Inspector Kosuke Iwata, newly transferred to Tokyo’s homicide department, is assigned a new partner and a second-hand case. Blunt, hard as nails and shunned by her colleagues, Assistant Inspector Noriko Sakai is a partner Iwata decides it would be unwise to cross. A case that’s complicated – a family of four murdered in their own home by a killer who then ate ice cream, surfed the web and painted a hideous black sun on the bedroom ceiling before he left in broad daylight. A case that so haunted the original investigator that he threw himself off the city’s famous Rainbow Bridge. Carrying his own secret torment, Iwata is no stranger to pain. He senses the trauma behind the killer’s brutal actions. Yet his progress is thwarted in the unlikeliest of places. Fearing corruption among his fellow officers, tracking a killer he’s sure is only just beginning and trying to put his own shattered life back together, Iwata knows time is running out, before he’s taken off the case, or there are more killings…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Buried Lies
Ohlsson, Kristina
Five brutal murders in two countries. A woman confesses to the killings, then leaps off a bridge to her death. Her brother insists she was innocent, and wants the case reopened. But how do you vindicate a deceased, self-proclaimed killer?
Thriller | TP | $32.99

Acts of Vanishing (William Sandberg series)
Olsson, Fredrik T
It was ten past four, on the afternoon of the third of December. Everything was darkness and ink, and the snow falling turned to water. Through it ran Sara Sandberg, the girl who was about to die, and somewhere in the cold, lead-grey hell that was Stockholm was a man, who called himself her father. In her rucksack, she had a warning for him. Now, whether he would receive it or not, was all down to her. A sequel to Chain of Events (PBK, $19.99).
Suspense | TP | $32.99

Glass Houses (Inspector Gamache series)
Penny, Louise
One cold November day, a mysterious figure appears on the village green in Three Pines, causing unease, alarm and confusion among everyone who sees it. Chief Superintendent, Armand Gamache knows something is seriously wrong, but all he can do is watch and wait, hoping his worst fears are not realised. But when the figure disappears and a dead body is discovered, it falls to Gamache to investigate. In the early days of the murder inquiry, and months later, as the trial for the accused begins, Gamache must face the consequences of his decisions, and his actions, from which there is no going back… The latest in the great series, which begins with Still Life ($19.99).
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Behind Her Eyes
Pinborough, Sarah
Since her husband walked out, Louise has made her son her world, supporting them both with her part-time job. But all that changes when she meets David. Young, successful and charming – Louise cannot believe a man like him would look at her twice, let alone be attracted to her. But that all comes to a grinding halt when she meets his wife, Adele. Beautiful, elegant and sweet – Louise’s new friend seems perfect in every way. As she becomes obsessed by this flawless couple, entangled in the intricate web of their marriage, they each, in turn, reach out to her. But only when she gets to know them both, does she begin to see the cracks… Is David really the man she thought she knew; and is Adele as vulnerable, as she appears? Just what terrible secrets are they both hiding and how far will they go to keep them?
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

By Gaslight
Price, Steven
London, 1885. In a city of fog and darkness, the notorious thief Edward Shade exists only as a ghost; a fabled con; a thief of other men’s futures – a man of smoke. William Pinkerton is already famous, the son of a brutal detective, when he descends into the underworld of Victorian London in pursuit of a new lead. His father died without ever tracing Shade; William, still reeling from his loss, is determined to drag the thief out of the shadows.
Historical mystery | PBK | $19.99

The White City
Ramqvist, Karolina
Karin knew what she was getting herself into when she fell for John, the high-flying criminal and love of her life. But she never imagined things would turn out like this: John is now gone and the coke-filled parties, seemingly endless flow of money and high social status she previously enjoyed have been replaced by cut telephone lines, cut heat and cut cash. All that remains of Karin’s former life is the big house he bought for her – and his daughter, the child Karin once swore she would never bring into their dangerous world. With the authorities zeroing in on organised crime, John’s shady legacy is catching up with her, and the house is about to be seized…
Thriller | PBK | $19.99

Rebus anniversary box set
Rankin, Ian
A beautifully-designed box set, containing Knots and Crosses, Black and Blue, and Exit Music. Includes exclusive introductions from Jilly Cooper, Peter Robinson, and Mark Lawson.
Rebus | HC | $120.00

Offering to the Storm (Baztan trilogy series)
Redondo, Dolores
When Detective Inspector Amaia Salazar is called in to investigate the death of a baby girl, she finds a suspicious mark across the child’s face – an ominous sign that points to murder. The baby’s father was caught trying to run away with the body, whether from guilt or grief nobody can be sure. And when the girl’s grandmother tells the police that the ‘Inguma’ was responsible – an evil demon of Basque mythology that kills people in their sleep – Amaia is forced to return to the Baztan valley for answers. Back where it all began, in the depths of a blizzard, she comes face to face with a ghost from her past. And, finally, uncovers a devastating truth that has ravaged the valley for years.
Mystery | TP | $29.99

Breaking Cover (Liz Carlyle series)
Rimington, Stella
Recovering from a gruelling terrorist investigation, Liz Carlyle has been posted to MI5’s counter-espionage desk. Her bosses hope the change of scene will give her some breathing space, but they haven’t counted on Putin’s increased aggression towards the West. Soon, Liz is on the hunt for a Russian spy who threatens to plunge Britain back into the fraught days of the Cold War. Meanwhile, MI6 has hired Jasminder Kapoor, a controversial young civil rights lawyer, to explain issues of privacy and security to the public. But in this world of shadowy motives and secret identities, Jasminder must be extra careful about whom she can trust…
Suspense | PBK | $19.99

Secrets in Death
Robb, J D
The chic Manhattan nightspot Du Vin is not the kind of place Eve Dallas would usually patronise, and it’s not the kind of bar where a lot of blood gets spilled. But that’s exactly what happens one cold February evening. The mortally-wounded woman is Larinda Mars, a self-described ‘social information reporter’, or as most people would call it, a professional gossip. As it turns out, she was keeping the most shocking stories quiet, for profitable use in her side business as a blackmailer. Setting her sights on rich, prominent marks, she’d find out what they most wanted to keep hidden and then bleed them dry. Now someone’s done the same to her, literally – with a knife to the brachial artery.Eve didn’t like Larinda Mars. But she likes murder even less. To find justice for this victim, she’ll have to plunge into the dirty little secrets of all the people Larinda Mars victimised herself. But along the way, she may be exposed to some information she really didn’t want to know…
Eve Dallas | TP | $29.99

The Pitards (Penguin Modern Classics)
Simenon, Georges
After many years spent at sea, Captain Lannec finally manages to buy his own vessel, but not without the financial help of his in-laws, the Pitards. In return, his wife insists on accompanying him on the ship’s first voyage and her presence on board makes him feel increasingly uneasy, especially after the threatening anonymous note he received, before setting sail from Rouen. A new translation of Simenon’s haunting, little-known masterpiece.
Suspense | PBK | $26.99

Maigret and the Dead Girl
Simenon, Georges
Maigret and fellow inspector, Lognon, clash in their investigations into the murder of an unknown young woman in Paris. Maigret endeavours to piece together the story of the girl and, in doing so, uncovers details about her past and her character that lead him to the truth behind her tragic demise.
Maigret | PBK | $16.99

The House of Unexpected Sisters
Smith, Alexander McCall
Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi are approached by their part-time colleague, Mr Polopetsi, with a troubling story: a woman, accused of being rude to a valued customer, has been wrongly dismissed from her job at an office furniture store. Never one to let an act of injustice go unanswered, Mma Ramotswe begins to investigate, but soon discovers unexpected information that causes her to reluctantly change her views about the case. With the generosity and good humour that guide all her endeavours, Mma Ramotswe will untangle these questions for herself and for her loved ones, ultimately bringing to light important truths about friendship and family – both the one you’re born with and the one you choose.
Precious Ramotswe | TP | $29.99

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore
Sullivan, Matthew
A clerk at the Bright Ideas Bookstore, Lydia keeps a meticulously-crafted existence among her beloved books, eccentric colleagues, and the BookFrogs – the lost and lonely regulars. But when Joey Molina – a young, beguiling BookFrog – kills himself in the bookstore, Lydia’s life comes unglued. She has inherited his meagre worldly possessions – trinkets and books; the detritus of a lonely man. But when Lydia flips through his books, she finds them defaced – in ways both disturbing and inexplicable.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

Dead in the Water (Welcome Back to Scumble River mysteries 01)
Swanson, Denise
For school psychologist Skye Denison, there’s certainly no place like home. When a violent tornado devastates her small hometown of Scumble River, she can’t see how the community will ever recover – especially since town councilman Zeke Lyons appears to have perished in the twister. But things get even worse for Skye when her police chief husband, Wally, disappears in the midst of investigating Zeke’s death, and evidence arises pointing to foul play. Did Zeke really die in the storm, or was he murdered? And could Wally be next on the criminal’s hit list?
Mystery | PBK | $19.95

Unforgiveable (DC Will Macready series)
Thomas, Mike
A bomb explodes in a busy souk, causing massive devastation. A gunman walks into a mosque and starts shooting. But this isn’t the Middle East, this is Cardiff… With the city on high alert and all officers being drafted in, to aid the search for the attacker, DC Will MacReady feels sidelined – when he’s asked to investigate a knife attack on a young woman. Still trying to prove himself after the events of the previous year, which left his sergeant injured, and still coming to terms with events in his personal life, MacReady wonders if he’s even cut out for the job… Can he prove to everyone, as well as to himself, that he has what it takes to be a good copper?
Mystery/suspense | PBK | $19.99

A Conspiracy in Belgravia (Lady Sherlock series)
Thomas, Sherry
Being shunned by society gives Charlotte Holmes the time and freedom to put her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. As ‘Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective’, aided by the capable Mrs Watson, she’s had great success helping with all manner of inquiries, but she’s not prepared for the new client who arrives at her Upper Baker Street office. Lady Ingram, wife of Charlotte’s dear friend and benefactor, wants Sherlock Holmes to find her first love, who failed to show up at their annual rendezvous. Matters of loyalty and discretion aside, the case becomes even more personal for Charlotte as the missing man is none other than Myron Finch, her illegitimate half-brother…
Historical mystery | TP | $29.95

Dark Asylum (Jem Flockhart series)
Thomson, E S
1851, Angel Meadow Asylum. Dr Rutherford, principal physician to the insane, is found dead, his head bashed in, his ears cut off, his lips and eyes stitched closed. The police direct their attention towards Angel Meadow’s inmates, but to Jem Flockhart and Will Quartermain the crime is an act of calculated retribution, rather than of madness. To discover the truth, Jem and Will must pursue the story through the darkest corners of the city and soon find themselves caught up in a web of dark secrets and hidden identities. This follows the fantastic Beloved Poison (PBK, $22.99).
Historical mystery | PBK | $22.99

She Be Damned (Heloise Chancey mysteries)
Tjia, M J
London, 1863: Women in Waterloo are turning up dead, their sexual organs mutilated and removed. The police are at a loss and so it falls to courtesan and professional detective, Heloise Chancey, to investigate. With the assistance of her trusty Chinese maid, Amah Li Leen, Heloise inches closer to the truth. But when Amah is implicated in the brutal plot, Heloise must reconsider who she can trust, before the killer strikes again. A debut novel from a new Brisbane-based author.
Historical mystery | TP | $29.99

Nothing Stays Buried (Monkeewrench series)
Tracy, P J
When Minneapolis homicide detectives Leo Magozzi and Gino Rolseth are called to a crime scene in a heavily-wooded city park, everything about the setting is all too familiar. And when they discover a playing card on the victim’s body, their worst fears are confirmed – there’s a serial killer operating in the city for the first time in years. Across town, Grace MacBride and her unconventional partners at Monkeewrench Software find themselves at both personal and career crossroads. Weary of the darker side of their computer work for law enforcement, they agree to take on a private missing-persons case in a small farming community in southwestern Minnesota. As the violence accelerates in Minneapolis, Magozzi and Gino soon realise their killer is planning to complete the deck, and they enlist Monkeewrench to help stop the rampage. As a baffling tangle of evidence accumulates, the cops and Monkeewrench make the unlikely connections among a farmer’s missing daughter, a serial killer, and a decades-old stabbing that brings them face to face with pure evil.
Mystery/suspense | TP | $32.99

The Accordionist (Three Evangelists series)
Vargas, Fred
Louis Kehlweiler returns, along with his beloved pet toad, Bufo. Vauquer Clement, a young accordionist in his thirties has disappeared, believed by police forces from Nevers to Paris to have killed two women, both shockingly violent murders. But Kehlweiler is not so sure he’s guilty. With his team of experts, he must go back and look at all the facts, and see if he can clear Clement’s name before it’s too late. The first in this series is the wonderfully quirky Three Evangelists ($19.99). Recommended.
Mystery | TP | $32.99

The Persian Always Meows Twice (Cat Groomer mysteries 01)
Watkins, Eileen
Professional cat grooming isn’t all fluff – when the fur starts flying, Cassie McGlone, owner of Cassie’s Comfy Cats, handles her feistiest four-legged clients with a caring touch and nerves of steel. While these qualities certainly help keep her business purring, they also come in handy when she makes a house call to her best client, millionaire George DeLeuw, and discovers his murdered body next to his newly-orphaned Persian, Harpo. Someone is desperate to get their paws on Harpo before the feline helps untangle a felony. Are there deadly truths that a cat whisperer like Cassie can coax out? The first in a new series.
Mystery | TP | $24.99

Yap, Felicia
There are two types of people in the world. Those who can only remember yesterday, and those who can also recall the day before. You have just one lifeline to the past: your diary. Each night, you write down the things that matter. Each morning, your diary tells you where you were, who you loved, and what you did. Today, the police are at your door. They say that the body of your husband’s mistress has been found in the River Cam. They think your husband killed her, two days ago. Can you trust the police? Can you trust your husband? Can you trust yourself?
Thriller | TP | $29.99